Shade's Destiny Ch. 10


We had all been some sort of naked, so the kisses and hugs after everyone had dressed were no big deal. The women thanked Shade for their checks and me for ... whatever. It varied. A very subdued Tasha was among the last to leave.

Flanked by Honey and Kim she whispered, "Thank you Shade, thank you Destiny for a fabulous evening." Kim poked her in the ribs. "Thank you Honey; it was my pleasure. Thank you Kim; I'll see you and Honey tomorrow." You what? I looked at Kim, who winked. Honey wore a sly little smirk. Well now, it seems things have taken a turn for someone!

Honey took Tasha by the elbow and led her to the door. I said to Kim, "What on earth happened there?"

The door closed; I heard Honey's laugh. Kim said, "Bitch tried to get over on my honey. I shook her up, set her straight, and told her to be at the sorority tomorrow morning at eight. And she better not be late!" She looked at Honey and said, "I think we have us a new house bitch." She and Honey fist bumped. Shade and I exchanged shocked looks.

Kim reached up and grabbed the last of the mistletoe from Shade's hair. Grinning, she said, "You never figured it out did you?" What could Shade do but laugh?

Honey chimed in, "It was hysterical as they all took turns kissing and groping you Shade. We could see you getting more turned on, more flustered as you tried to figure out what was up."

Shade looked at me. "You! This was your idea wasn't it?"

I was Miss Innocent Eyes. "Moi? I am your intended, your beloved. Why would I do such a thing to you, pet?"

Kim and Honey laughed. Shade blushed. Kim said, "Shade, I put your hair in pigtails and mistletoe in the scrunchies." She stopped there. Kim, you rock!! Shade shook her head, knowing she'd probably never be told the truth.

After we all dressed hugs and kisses were exchanged. Honey's eyes blazed, her kiss left no doubt what she wanted. This needs to be discussed with both Shade and Kim. She's gorgeous and she and Kim are in a relationship. I'm not going to mess with her any more than I would Connie. Sigh.

Connie saw us coming, turned and walked away. Shade and I said our goodnights to Melanie.

"Shade, I should be thanking you for having so many of your office functions here. The gatherings may be smaller than some of our others but we're so grateful for your continued support." Her hug lasted just that little bit too long. There was no reason for me to wonder about Shade. Whatever may have been was in the past. I sighed as grey eyes smiled.

Shade and I were in bed, her head on my shoulder. It was whatever time it was; we had finally had a chance to make love after a long, wonderful, erotic night. Her lips teasing my neck she said, "We have to talk about Honey, honey."

I giggled. "I know! I'm sure you saw what I did. That chick wants me so bad it hurts her gums."

Shade laughed. "So tell me what you want." I smiled.

I turned, put my leg between hers, ran my fingertips the length of her jaw and chin and said, "The very naked, lovely woman I'm cuddling with is everything I want babe." I kissed her nose. "I had it out with Connie earlier." Dark eyes clouded with anger. "No, it's okay. I told her what's what; she didn't like it much but seemed to accept it."

"Oh! Okay, well that's good. So what about Honey?"

"Uh, well, it seems Kim turned her little dominant self loose on Tasha tonight. Honey?" I paused for a moment. I let things collect and settle in my mind before saying, "I'm not clear just how submissive she is. I think she's remarkably confident." I shrugged. "She also seems to be very much in love with Kim."

That was the part I'd hesitated about. Shade surprised me by nodding without hesitation. "I completely agree. I'm not sure just when it changed with them but you're right. They're definitely a couple. No interest then?"

I shook my head. "Come on Shade. You see how she looks at me. If I were a piece of candy I'd be devoured in two bites." Shade laughed at my analogy. "Every time she looks at me her eyes nearly set me on fire." She smiled. "Is she tempting? I can't lie -- yes of course!" She kissed me. "Will I?" It was the moment of truth.

I looked at her and said, "Only because you asked! There's Stacy, Connie, Kelly, then Honey. And the only reason Dorothy's not on the list is ..." The rest was lost as Shade laughed; we both did. Took a while to settle down and when it did, I said, "The only one you ever had to worry about is with her family in New Jersey." Shade nodded. "I'm interested in Connie, think Kelly is an absolute doll and wonder about Honey. But wonder isn't going to ruin us lover."

My Shade's smile filled the room. She kissed me, pulled me to her breast and sighed contentedly. That's how we fell asleep after a very long, exciting, erotic and intimate night!

It was very late morning, nearly noon, when we finally woke. Neither of us seemed in a big hurry to get the day started. We lay in a warm embrace, tangled limbs in a twisted mess of sheets and blankets. It was serene, intimate and fabulous.

We decided it was time to get up. We knew we had the place to ourselves so we'd have to scrounge for breakfast. I made coffee while Shade put bagels in the toaster. Shade went to the living room while the bagels toasted. I put cream cheese on both, found napkins, and carried the whole mess to Shade. She took her cup. I put the plate on the coffee table, took a bagel and sat. God the coffee was good!! Shade had the remote and clicked it on. I was busy with my bagel when I heard familiar voices. I looked at the TV and froze in shock. I turned to Shade.

"Just so you know Stacy has this DVD, Destiny. But it's so beautiful watching the two of you make love I kept a copy. I waited for just a moment like this so we could watch it together." I still wasn't happy but I turned my eyes to the screen.

Yeah, there she was ... my Stacy. I couldn't help myself; my eyes filled. I felt Shade's eyes on me. I didn't want to upset her but something told me this was some kind of a 'gift.' She moved even closer, took my hand in hers, and set her head on my shoulder. I watched us together. I thought of that incredible night in her home; of the surprise Shade had given us. If you watched us you could feel that it was so much more than sex. It ended all too soon. Shade moved to straddle me, smiled, kissed me, and held me as I cried. I hated how much I missed her; I was so happy with Shade. I knew Stacy was at peace with her decision. And my god how I missed her!!

It's funny. So much planning went into last night and today felt sort of empty, kind of like 'is that all there is.' Shade chuckled when I told her how I felt. "I'm glad you feel that way. I do too!"

"Is there anything you can think of that we have to do today?" Shade thought for a moment and shook her head. "Okay, well, is there anything you might want to do? Anything?"

The first thing I noticed was her eyes immediately slid away. Her blush was a deep crimson. Hmm, interesting. I had to wonder what she was thinking. I lifted her chin; held her eyes with mine, and lifted an eyebrow.

"Destiny, I know this club that caters to alternative lifestyles. Could we dress up? Can I take you there? Would you let me be your collared, leashed sub?" Her eyes burned with heat. "I want to play. And I want you to let anyone who shows any interest in me to have me ... however they want me." Those gorgeous browns pleaded. I need Kim! I don't want to put Shade in jeopardy. I will never let her be abused. I have no clue about the kind of clubs she's talking about. But the intensity in her eyes and voice ... hard to deny the woman I love what it seems she craves.

"Honey, can we call Kim? This is way out of my ... I simply have no way of knowing what I'm getting you into."

Shade grinned, leaned in and kissed me. "We need to get you something appropriate to wear. I know just the place." Her eyes glistened with excitement. "Put the collar on me lover ... and the leash." She giggled. "It'll cause quite a scene when they see me that way." I was completely out of my element. But my honey was nearly bursting with excitement.

"Take off my collar and hand it to me." She did. "Turn around." I put the collar around her neck and fastened it. "Get your leash pet." She got off the couch and took a step. "Pet, did I give you permission to walk?"

Shade sighed, shook her head, and crawled to get the leash. She put it in her teeth and brought it back to me, dropping it in my hand. She never took her eyes off me the whole way back. I knew I surprised her by having her crawl. Her eyes were bright with lust. I couldn't help myself; I was nearly dripping. I dipped a finger into the silky wetness, gave it to her eager mouth and said, "The fire in your eyes did this to me. You never said a word; didn't have to."

I lifted a leg over the edge of the couch. "Watch me lover. Watch me as I pleasure myself thinking about how much you love your submissive side." My fingers were already busy. Shade moaned as she watched. Every now and then I would offer her one or two very wet, scented fingers which she gratefully and hungrily cleaned. To change things up I said, "No lover. Close your mouth and let me put the juices you gave me on your lips." She moved a little closer; I gave her a full coating of what my pussy was producing. Her groan of frustration was magnificent. One hand was busy with my clit, the other sawing ever deeper into my soaked depths.

My voice raspy I said, "Come closer lover." She was so close I felt her warm breath. I knew it had to be killing her not to extend her tongue or use her fingers. "Almost there," I whispered. "Would you like to finish me off?"

"Please miss." Her eyes begged.

I nodded. "Come taste your Destiny pet. Come feast on your pussy." She dove forward, her cry of joy her thanks. Her tongue was a demon, my fingers were fevered. "Cum for me Shade! Now!" She screamed; the vibration was so fabulous it was torture. I pulled her head to me but she didn't need any help. She fucked me with her tongue, her breaths short, her body shaking. Her fingers held my hips as I ground with and bucked against her. When my hand fell limply to my side she dove for my now sensitive pearl and hugged it with her lips. I groaned but she was so eager to please me I didn't have the heart to push her away. She suckled me gently, then lapped and cleaned kitty when I finally stopped shivering.

I slid to the floor; we lay together in a tangle, kissing, hands soothing, caressing.

"You were such a good pet Shade. I could see it was killing you not to make love with me. But you waited until I gave you permission." She giggled and smiled.

Suddenly, she kissed me and bounced to her feet, pulling me with her. "Come on lover, we have some shopping to do!"

In the car, on the way home from the store, she bubbled with enthusiasm. "Destiny, that outfit is super hot. It's so snug, form fitting, and fabulously short. Even though it's black PVC the fact that there are no sleeves will keep you cool. Plus, you have garter belts to fasten the PVC stockings that should come to just above the hem of the dress. Your black patent leather shoes will work perfectly. Oh my god, I'm so excited."

"You said in the store you have a very similar dress, only with a zipper that runs the whole length of the front?"

"Yup; it's cut differently than yours, not as snug a fit as yours. Like yours, it's sleeveless and short. But I'll wear a black thong. It'll be perfect." I smiled. Shade looked out the window and said, "I think I'll wear my boots." That woman of mine probably decided to go to this club just to get another chance to wear those damn boots. And she lives in a dream world if she thinks she's going to be allowed to wear a thong!!

I had driven so Shade could call Kim and arrange for tonight. In the end, it was decided she and Honey would bring Tasha to the condo. Honey would keep Tasha 'company' while Kim accompanied us. I was so grateful for Kim's help. Shade had to 'be' the submissive ... have no say at all in how the night went. Kim could be a huge help to me there.

It was also decided that they would arrive about ten. So, Shade had something to eat after we showered, then we both had dinner. I'm sorry; that was cheap and tawdry. But someone out there laughed!! Fact is she begged me to let her start and finish what we'd done earlier. Her little girl voice and her persistent kisses 'won' me over. I know; I'm easy!

We were in bed relaxing. There had been something floating around in the recesses but I couldn't 'grab' it. When it finally surfaced I actually yelped. Shade jumped. "What? You scared me." I laughed and kissed her.

"Sorry babe; I've had this flick of thought and it finally popped. Do any of your companies offer ... I don't know what it's called ... intern programs for college seniors who think they might want to pursue a career in sales?"

Shade pursed her lips and crinkled her brow as she thought. She nodded, saying, "Yeah, actually I think there are. I've never paid much attention as those I've brought on have had experience. What do you have in ... wait, are you thinking about Honey?" I nodded. "Oh my god Destiny, that's a fabulous idea. I hadn't thought of it but she certainly has the right personality for the work if she has the interest."

I shrugged. "Well, we'd have to ask. I have no idea how this stuff works; you'd have to figure it out. But I think it might be worth considering."

"Damn, woman, you're a wealth of amazing ideas. I'll have to talk with her some time and see when we can chat. I'll nose around a little and see who offers what." She looked at me and grinned. "Thank you honey." You can probably figure out how that kiss ended. We barely had finished dressing and primping when the knock on the door came.

Oh my!! Kim looked totally hot! She wore a red PVC mini skirt and white silk blouse with sleeves several inches above the elbow. The button-less shirt had a knot tied above the midriff - her breasts were barely hidden. The fabric's cut and the knot formed a deep V that left little to the imagination and showed off her slender, curvy figure fabulously.

Tasha never made eye contact with us. She wore a white half cup bra and a white thong. Yup, that was it. I'm not sure if someone could be pale and flushed with embarrassment at the same time but Tasha sure looked the part. Honey kissed Kim, jerked the leash and, after kissing us, led Tasha to Kim's bedroom. She turned her head and winked.

I looked at Kim and said, "You didn't!"

She smiled serenely and said, "I sure did!"

"You mean from the car to the elevator all the way up here and to the door ... you really did?"

"Sure did!" Kim turned to Shade. "Where's that vibrating, twisting toy?" Shade headed to the bedroom and came back with it. "Take it to Honey." Shade stared at her sister, looked at me (no help there) and knocked on the door. She came back looking rather pale. I looked at Kim. "Attitude adjustment continues tonight. Shall we?"

A night of partying meant we took a cab. Shade sat between us. Before we left the condo Kim had handed me a crop and whispered, "It's only for show but don't let Shade know." Shade saw the crop; her eyes showed fear ... absolute, abject fear. I hate crops. I despise all of it. I would never hit my lover. I would never inflict pain on anyone ... well, all right. There would be no reason for rules if not for exceptions. If someone I care about was in danger all bets are off!!

Maybe it was the crop; maybe it was her anticipation and excitement about the night ahead. Shade was quiet as a church mouse in the cab. Kim had a tight smile when my eye caught hers. I think we're on the same wavelength. Shade was going to get all she wanted and more. I had a few tricks up the sleeves I didn't have. Wink!

Whatever creature was at the door was wide-eyed when Shade presented herself in collar and leash. She paid the cover and we headed inside. There was music -- loud but not overwhelming. A gigantic dance floor was filled. The bar, on our left, was long and the seats were filled. We got lucky and found a table just as a group was leaving.

After our drink orders were taken I leaned over to Shade, kissed her, tugged at the zipper and said, "Pet, each time someone asks you to dance, the zipper gets lowered another inch or so." I heard Kim snicker. "And, IF it that zipper is undone -- you'll be naked the rest of the night." Kim turned her head, biting her lip. Shade, wide eyed, paled. "Enjoy your night lover!" I led her by the leash to the dance floor. I used the leash to twirl her, hold her arms to her sides, and otherwise tease her. My hands roamed, her eyes gleamed, our hips ground. As the dance ended I felt a tap. I unclipped the leash, smiled at the cute brunette, and headed to our table.

When Shade came back, chest heaving, Kim unzipped the dress perfectly. Shade took way too big a gulp from her drink. My eyes darted to Kim, who nodded. We couldn't have Shade getting loaded, dressed like she is, and out on the dance floor. Kim kissed me and headed away from the table - as we had talked about while Shade was dancing.

The night and Shade's dance invites continued. When she had a chance to sit for a bit I said, "Are you having fun lover?"

Breathing heavily, she looked at me, smiled and said, "I'm not sure I've ever felt so free, so alive, and so sexy in my entire life." Her eyes suddenly clear she said, "You are a miracle! Do you know that?" I had no idea. "I forced you to do something you didn't want to do. You endured, persevered - every damn bit of every last thing you had to do. And, you kept you. You never wavered, never gave in. What was frustrating became ..." she shook her head "it became intriguing. You had something none of the others had -- backbone." She kissed me. "You, who I tried so hard to break, broke me and, in doing so, set me free." I saw tears; she blinked them away. Another tap on the shoulder meant another dance request. She smiled over her shoulder as she headed away.

I was thinking about what Shade had said when I heard a commotion. Instinct led me toward the mass of humanity. I saw Shade, Kim and some dude. Kim stood in front of Shade. Furious, I elbowed and shoved my way to my girl. The idiot looked at me, laughed, and made a move toward Kim. I grabbed his shirt, spun him toward me and hissed, "What part of lesbian don't you get, man thing?"

"You fucking dykes. What you need is a good, hard dick to fix what's wrong with you."

A sneer on my face, I leaned in and spat, "Any time I need a dick, my woman can fuck me with a strappie. There is not a single thing you have that we want or need. Now move it or ..." I eyed his crotch, 'lose it." A bouncer appeared, smiled at me, grabbed the idiot by his shirt collar and belt buckle and carried him away. No, I'm not kidding!

Back at our table, I giggled and said, "Ya know, when the bouncer dude picked up that asshole the way he did, I had a moment thinking what it might be like have him on top of me." The stunned sisters gawked. "Ha! Gotcha!!"

Shade's dress was tantalizingly close to being completely unzipped. I winked at Kim and breathed, "One more dance oughta do it Shade." I took the crop and slid it over bare hills and valleys. Shade blinked, not believing what she heard or what I was doing. A gorgeous redhead whispered in Kim's ear. She pointed at me. I lifted an eyebrow. Kim nodded. Shade grabbed my hand, eyes pleading. I smiled at her. I crooked a finger; the young beauty came to me. I whispered in her ear; she nodded and kissed me. She turned to Shade, slid her hands inside the dress as they kissed, smiled and walked away. Damn. Look at those hips! I looked at Kim, who smirked. I motioned with my head; she nodded.

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