Shades of Black


My name is Luke, but you can call me Lulu, and my favorite color is black. Most people don't have a favorite color, not really, but I'm not most people, so believe me when I say I have a very strong attachment to black. Just let me take you through a typical day and you'll see what I mean.

I wake up early, while the night sky is still black outside and get myself up with a big mug of strong black coffee. After breakfasting on a slice of toast with blackberry jam, I shower my smooth hairless body and wash my shoulder length wavy black hair in my black tiled bathroom.

In the bedroom, I carefully tuck my skinny little white cock into a pair of black lace boyshort panties and dress my flat hairless chest in a matching black lace bra. Now wearing my sensual lingerie, I had a black lace garter belt and roll my black shear stockings up my smooth legs, thrilling from the feel of the material on my bare skin. Then I dress for work in a black knee length pencil skirt and thin black pinstripe blouse. I do my makeup and lipstick, adding black eyeshadow and mascara to lengthen my black lashes. Slipping my feet into black six inch stilettos, I'm ready to go.

I get the elevator to the ground floor of my apartment building and greet Terrence, the black doorman. It's important to keep on good terms with the people who look after your building, by now me and Terrence understand each other very well. I look after his needs and he can give me just the kind of thing I want.

Before stepping out of the building, then, I step in behind Terrence's desk. He is a respectable black man in his 50s with graying hair, but I know that he has a dirty side as I run my long, thin, pale fingers over the front of his slacks and feel the enormous ebony love muscle within twitch to life.

He knows I'm really a boy underneath, but it doesn't matter to him when he gets a chance to have someone tug on that hard dark meat every day. I unzip his pants and pull out that black eight inch veiny cock, almost as thick as my skinny white wrist, and begin to tug it to life. Pretty soon it's nice and hard and feeling incredible in my hand as my middle aged black doorman goes weak at the knees from the sissy in smart office wear giving him an incredible handjob. Before long he's blowing his load, that huge black dick still capable of covering my hand in plenty of slimy, creamy love juice.

I lick the tasty cream clean from my hand and wish my black doorman goodbye for the day before climbing into my black BMW and driving off for work.

By 9 AM, I am arriving at the offices of Grey & Black, the business which has employed me as personal assistant to the manager, Max Black, ever since my secret sissy side was discovered three years ago. I arrive at the office before everyone else and sit at my desk and begin to work on whatever needs doing around the office.

At 11, my boss, Max Black, calls me into his office to bring him his black coffee. I clip clop into the luxury black wood office in my stiletto heels and Mr Black pulls back from his desk to reveal that his own black wood is already making a bit of a bulge in the slacks of his charcoal colored suit.

I know just what my job is now, I'm a good little worker and the benefits package is impressive. Really impressive. I slide onto my knees and unzip Mr Black's pants and pull out a semi-erect black cock that is an incredible sight. Every time I look at it, which is basically every morning, it makes my mouth water. I start to lap and lick at the swollen purple head and my boss' ebony meat gets bigger and bigger until, when I put it in my mouth, I can barely wrap my lips around it.

Sometimes my boss will make me deepthroat his enormous dark monster until he cums right down his secretary's throat. But on a good day, if the company's finances are in the black, he gets me up just when his quivering veiny black beast is jutting eight inches out from his body and pushes me over his desk. That's when I know things are going well at work.

Mr Black pushes my legs open, my stiletto heels standing wide apart, and shoves my black pencil skirt up around my waist. Bent over the desk, my ass is now sticking right up, the seams on my black shear stockings pointing right up to it, guiding my boss' big black dick to where it needs to go. He doesn't bother taking my black lace panties off, just pushes them aside and shoves his fully erect ebony dick between the pale white cheeks of my ass.

It used to hurt when he did this, but after a while of enjoying this job with the company I can take my boss' monster cock as well as any white secretarial bitch. I simply rise my dirty white ass back to meet every one of my boss' deep hard thrusts. My own tiny little white dick is as hard as it gets, rubbing up against the desk, but I hold off letting myself cum while my big black boss is screwing me, he would not approve of it if I did.

My boss dumps a huge load of sticky seed right up my tight white ass and then zips himself back into his pants and returns to work like nothing's just happened, even with his sissy assistant bent over his desk, pencil skirt around his waist, panties pushed aside, and cum leaking out of his ass. For the rest of the afternoon, I do my work with sticky panties and cum running down my thighs and over my stockings. I can't help but feel a little turned on and wonder whether everybody who comes to meet with Mr Black notices that, or my smeared lipstick from blowing his big black meat.

Then it's time to go home. I return to my apartment and Terrence's shift's over, so I just have to think fondly back to giving my doorman a tug this morning, a thought that gets my sticky panty wearing dick stiff in the elevator as I ride back up to my apartment, get myself cleaned up and get ready for the night.

I switch my sticky panties for a clean black thong, and strip off my cum stained garter belt and stockings. Instead I dress myself for clubbing in a tight black PVC minidress and black thigh high boots with stripper platform heels. I tie my black wavy hair into girlish pigtails and reapply my makeup, giving myself lots of dramatic black eyeliner. Then I'm ready to head back out again and hit the clubs.

I head out to The Black Lounge, my favorite night time venue. It plays all the hip hop and R n B a sissy gurl like me in a tight black dress just loves to grind and twerk to and is always filled with lots of muscular, toned black hunks. Even in the taxi on the way over I can't help but get a little excited at the thought and have to make sure my little white pecker doesn't make a tell-tale outline in my very tight PVC dress.

After a couple of black vodkas I'm feeling suitably buzzed and make my way over to the dance floor. Pretty soon, as I work the room, writhing around in my tight PVC dress and thigh high boots, I'm starting to draw lots of hungry male attention. I focus on the biggest, blackest men I can find and start to rub my body up against them, feeling the massive size of their slightly stiffening manhood's through the tight rubber of my dress.

As I sashay towards the men's bathroom, waving my ass in my tight dress in the direction of all the big black men on the dancefloor, three of them follow me. I go into the empty bathroom and instantly drop to my knees. The three big black studs take this as their cue and know exactly what to do. As my hungry mouth drops open, three zippers open just as instantly and three enormous ebony beasts are whipped out and waved in my face.

I reach out and grab two stiffening black boners in each of my hands and start furiously jacking them off, while I lean in and start licking the head of the third. As the veiny dark meat gets nice and hard I start blowing them, switching my mouth's attention from one to the next as I jack off the other two.

Eventually, the guy with the huge black hardon shoved three inches into my throat can take it no longer. He leaves my face and hands to his two black buddies and moves around behind me. He pulls my ass violently towards him so it's sticking in the air, shoves my tight skirt up and pulls my thong aside to reveal my puckered white ass. Roughly he shoves his fat black finger up inside me, fingering my hole and getting me ready before he shafts me with the whole length of his ebony boner.

As the big black guy behind me screws my tight little white hole with his huge dark snake, I grab at the two cocks in front of me with my hands and mouth, slurping and gasping until the big black stud in my ass dumps his sticky load inside me and one of his buddies takes his place. Now I'm simply being slammed between two enormous black cocks, one in my mouth and one in my ass, on my knees in my thigh high boots in the men's bathroom of my favorite club.

Of course, it's a public bathroom, so it doesn't take long before we're no longer alone, other guys need to use it after all. They come in and watch me on my hands and knees getting double banged by two enormous black dicks. Some of them notice my own tiny white cock poking out of my black underwear and flopping around as my ass gets used, some of them don't and take me for a real slut girl. Some of them try to ignore the fact that a skinny white bitch is getting fucked at each end by black dick right in the middle of the bathroom and go about their business. Some of them, though, like to watch. Some have even seen me here before.

As the guy in my mouth pulls out and starts jacking off, he shoots cum right in my face, a stream of it into my hair and another across my cheek. His place is taken instantly by two more big black studs who have been jacking off watching the show. After all that they've seen, it doesn't take long of me alternating between blowing their black dicks before they reach a climax too. I swallow the cum from one and the other shoots over my chin and dribbles onto my shiny black minidress.

The guy screwing my sticky ass with his black beast is almost ready to explode too. His buddy's cum is already leaking out of me around his big black shaft, running down my thighs and over my boots. He grabs me by my long black pigtails and uses that to lever himself, forcing me to arch my back and take his full eight inches inside me as he cums loads and loads in my already used ass.

As he pulls out and a river of sticky cum leaks out of me, he wipes his cock off on my black PVC dress, already showing sticky signs of semen from the other guys before him. There are now a handful of other big black boys standing around me, all jacking off at the sight of a hungry white whore kneeling on the dirty bathroom floor.

I continue to kneel there and reach for their cocks as the guys shoot their loads. I try and catch them in my mouth but the spunk runs down over my smeared lipstick and dribbles from my chin. It hits me all over the face, in my dark hair, across the chest of my tight sticky, shiny dress. Everywhere. As other guys come in and can't get passed the crowd of black guys jacking off over a white bitch, they've no choice but to come over instead of use the bathroom for its intended purpose. One desperate guy decides just to relieve himself right there and then, pissing on my shiny black dress.

That just opens the floodgates. Now there are never less than four or five black guys around me for the next half hour, all covering me with whatever shoots from their massive monster black dicks. I'm now kneeling in a pool of piss and cum. I've got piss running off my black minidress and cum on my chest. My hair is stiff and sticky with spunk and I'm swallowing everything that hits my mouth. Through it all my dress is pushed up around my waist by the stiffness of my little white erection.

At the end of the night, I've no choice but to walk out of the bathroom looking in a terrible state. As I cross the club all eyes are on me. Even the ones that weren't in the bathroom over the last half hour know what I've been doing and can see my tight dress pushed out of shape, sticky juices running down my thighs and in my hair. The taxi driver that takes me home can look in the rearview mirror up my skirt and see my lace underwear has got so sticky I had to throw it away, can see my little white dick instead and can worry that the pee and spunk on my PVC dress is rubbing off on his car seats.

Back home, I clean myself up once more and slip into a black satin chemise, lie down on the black cotton sheets of my bed and, finally, start to finger my little white dick that is still stiff as a board. Thinking back to everything that's happened that day, my girly cock cums in seconds and cums a monster load. Only then can I lie back and go to sleep and dream of everything black, only to get up the next morning and do it all again!

And that's the life of Lulu, someone who, when they say their favorite color's black, really means it!

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