tagGroup SexShades of Desire Ch. 1

Shades of Desire Ch. 1


I watched her cross the hotel bar towards our table with great desire and more than a small bit of insecurity. She moved with a regal grace that drew every eye in the room, and I was no exception, admiring her long legs and slender figure. I felt a moment of panic, fearful that I could never measure up to her simmering sensuality.

My insecurity peaked when Sam rose and greeted her with a kiss. But any trepidation melted away when she turned her face to me and smiled. She had mocha skin and beautiful shining almond eyes. Her teeth shined brilliant white between her full glistening lips, and I knew that I would soon be kissing those lips and in that moment there was nothing I desired more.

Sam made the introductions. "Caroline, this is my friend Sherita, Sherita, Caroline"

I said hello, but felt shy and tongue tied. Sam ordered a round of drinks and the two of them chatted about mutual friends while I sat quietly. Sam seemed unaware of how distant I felt from them, with their shared background and community, but Sherita sensed my discomfort and reached across the table, squeezing my hand and reassuring me with a glance.

Sam gulped down his beer and started to get up.

"Hold it a minute, don't be in such a rush" Sherita chided him. She slid her chair next to mine and leaned in close so that only I could hear her.

"Caroline, are you sure you are OK with this? 'Cause if you ain't into it, it ain't gonna happen."

I looked into her eyes, then up at Sam, who stood there fidgeting, nervously wondering what we might be saying to each other.

"I want to do it" I told her, "I really do."

She beamed at me and touched her hand to my hair "Good," she laughed.

"'Cause I love blondes"

We giggled and Sam cleared his throat.

"Keep your pants on brother, at least for a little while more." She winked at me and I laughed and felt my uneasiness melt away.

We crossed the lobby to the elevators. While we waited for one to descend Sherita and I cast flirtatious glances at each other and grinned. Sam was bouncing on his feet in excited anticipation.

The doors slid open and we stepped into the empty elevator. I turned to face forward, and found Sherita mere inches from me. She stepped forward and leaned her body into mine, our breasts pressing together. She ran her long nails up my arms and took my face in her hands. I could see Sam looming over her shoulder, kissing the side of her neck.

"Oh Sam, she is beautiful. You have good taste, baby."

I blushed and stammered "No, you" I said , "You are beautiful."

The elevator bumped to a stop and the doors opened. Sherita took my hand and we followed Sam down the hall.

I had prepared the room earlier, with scented candles scattered about and soft music tuned in on the radio. A bottle of champagne chilled in a bucket of ice. I lit the candles and poured three glasses.

Sherita touched my shoulder and kissed me just beneath my ear. Her hands slid around from behind and gently cupped my breasts. I drew a sharp breath and leaned back against her.

"You make me feel honored, baby" she whispered. "To let me be your first woman, that is so special, I want you to know that."

Her hands caressed my body, down across my tummy and along the sides of my hips. She gently turned me to face her and I looked into her eyes and then dropped my gaze down to her moist inviting mouth and time just stopped. It did not seem as if either of us moved and yet our lips touched. Her mouth was soft and yielding in a way no man's ever was. Our lips parted slightly and our tongues found each other, lightly, just a flicker in passing, before her lips closed again on mine, suckling softly. I pressed forward, wanting more. She drew my tongue into her mouth, dancing her own against it. Her mouth tasted of spice and flowers.

My hands rode up her back to her shoulders, while hers slid low and cupped my ass. I felt her firm thigh press between mine and my passion swelled. I kissed her harder, too hard, and she gently backed me off, planting little kisses on my cheeks and eyes. I reddened and turned my head, but she lifted my face back to hers. She draped her arms over my shoulders, touched her mouth to mine and purred. It brought a smile to my face and calmed my nerves.

I picked up two glasses of champagne and handed her one. She took a sip and looked over her shoulder. Sam was sitting on the bed, leaning against the headboard and grinning from ear to ear.

"You best not think you're just here to watch" Sherita laughed.

I took a glass to Sam and he pulled me down on the bed next to him. I snuggled against him and sipped my champagne while Sherita began to do a slow striptease in time to the music. I was enthralled by how different her body was from mine, taller and more angular, firm where I am soft, and dark as I am pale.

Sam's hands roamed over me as we watched, slipping under my blouse and caressing my breasts. My own hand stroked his thigh, and found the budge of his crotch.

"Oh yeah, baby" Sherita cooed "Let that big thing out for me to see."

I set my glass aside and turned to Sam, pulling loose his belt and working his zipper down. Sherita kneeled on the bed and crawled up towards us. I fumbled in Sam's pants until I got a good grip on his cock and pulled it free. It stiffened in my hand as Sherita lowered her face to it and slowly ran her tongue up and down it's length. She circled the head while looking up at me, and then sank down on it, engulfing it deep into her mouth. I felt a twinge of jealousy when he shuddered with pleasure, but it was almost as if Sherita was reading my mind. She lifted her head and looked up at me.

"Come on, girlfriend, it's all about the sharing"

I wrapped my mouth around the head of Sam's beautiful black cock as Sherita stroked her tongue along the shaft. Her hands petted my hair as my head bobbed up and down. As I came up from a long suck, our lips met and we kissed over the tip of Sam's cock, playing with each other and with him. He groaned so loudly we both burst out laughing.

"How come I'm the only one naked around here?" Sherita asked, grabbing at my blouse and pulling it over my head. I fell across Sam's legs and rolled over on my back as she tugged at my bra. I lifted my hips and tugged my pants down to my thighs. Sam had jumped up and quickly disrobed. He stood beside the bed and grabbed at my pants, pulling them off of me. He grasped me by the ankles and flipped me over, and I found my face between Sherita's small firm breasts.

She took my head in her hands and guided my mouth to one of her nipples. I suckled it between my lips and flicked at it with my tongue. I could feel Sam's strong hands on my hips. He lifted me to my knees, yanked my panties to the side, and with one smooth long motion, buried his cock deep inside my pussy. I arched up, pushing back against him. Sherita's mouth found mine and this time our kisses were deep and natural and uninhibited. Her breasts pressed into me and when her nipple grazed across mine I felt an electric charge surge through my whole body.

She pushed my face back to her breasts and I kissed all over them and around them, in a near frenzy of passion. Sam was fucking me with long slow strokes, grinding his hips into me at the end of each plunge.

Sherita shifted back, and my mouth trailed down her tummy, kissing her tawny flesh again and again. I hesitated when my lips brushed the edge of her tightly curled bush. She entwined her fingers in my hair and cooed "That's OK baby, go ahead. It'll be good."

I lowered my head as she spread her legs wide. I could smell her womanly scent and at that moment there was nothing in the world I wanted more than I wanted to taste her.

My tongue tentatively explored the edges of her labia and drew down along the inner crease of her thighs. She softly but insistently pushed my face into her, and my tongue slipped between her lips. Her taste was sharp and slightly salty and I felt a rush of excitement at the thought that my long secreted desire was at last becoming fulfilled.

I lapped at her inner lips and almost by accident, my tongue found her clit. I played it with my tongue and thrilled to the instant response of her body, the muscles in her thighs constricting around me. I took it between my lips and sucked it in and out. She bucked hard against my face and emitted a long low moan.

As if in direct response Sam wrapped his arms around my hips and slammed into me hard enough to lift my knees off the bed.

Sherita grasped fistfuls of my hair and ground her pussy into my gasping mouth. I sucked and licked and shook my head in wild abandon. Sam growled and I felt his orgasm, splashing hot deep inside me. His weight sagged down across my back, pressing me even tighter between Sherita's thighs, and I quivered and panted for breath as her fluids flooded my mouth and coated my cheeks and chin.

Sam rolled onto the bed and we both rolled with him, so that I was sandwiched between their two dark sweaty bodies. The three of us laid there together, stoking each other and kissing for a while. Eventually, Sherita raised up on one elbow and looked over at Sam, and then down at me.

"Now girlfriend" she said, "You know I got to get some of your man's big dick."

I could feel Sam stiffening against my hip. I sat up and kissed Sherita, and nodded. I looked over at Sam and smiled. "You ready for some more fun, big boy?"

"Oh, hell yes!" he laughed, stroking his cock back to full hardness.

I stood up off the bed and watched as Sherita mounted him. She moved like a dancer on top of him, and I was envious of her easy grace, I kneeled beside her and ran my hands up and down her back, barely touching her with the tips of my fingers. She leaned her head into my shoulder and snaked her hand down to my pussy. I kissed the back of her neck and ran my tongue around the edge of her ear as she slipped her fingers between my lips. She probed inside me and my clit was trapped between her fingers. My body shook as she made me cum and I nearly fell over backwards. Sherita took my arm and guided me down on to the bed. She slid off of Sam and stretched her long body over mine, spreading my legs apart and rubbing her face against my pussy. Sam rose up and kneeled above my head. I stretched my head upwards and kissed the underside of his cock as he pulled Sherita's hips toward him. My face was only inches below her pussy as he slid inside it. I watched with fascination as he fucked her with increasing fervor.

I felt Sherita's mouth on my pussy, probing and slurping. She gripped my ass hard in her hands, pulling me tight against her face. I wrapped my arms around her hips and raised my own mouth to her, sucking her clit, and feeling the shaft of Sam's cock rubbing my face as he fucked her.

A wave of orgasms rolled over me, taking my breath away. I lay back, panting, and watched as Sam pulled himself into her as deeply as he could and haunched his hips in the distinctive motion of his orgasm. He pulled out and a long strand of his cum dribbled onto my lips and chin. I kissed the end of his drooping cock, and then raised my face to kiss Sherita's dripping pussy.

Sherita turned and lay beside me, taking me in her arms. Sam snuggled close on the other side, his big arms draped over us both. We stayed like that, contented for a long time. After a while Sherita asked me how I felt. All I could do in response was purr.

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