If I may I would like to thank LovelyTuz for her wonderful editing skills and for inspiring me to write in this genre. Thank you Milady.

"It's really quite simple Kristen, you can live or you can die. It's your choice." The voice inside her head was calm, almost void of emotion as the dark haired beauty laid there, her body burning up with fever. Her strength all but gone.

The freakish storm continued to rage outside as it had for the past seventy-two hours. The electricity had quit first, the phone following quickly afterwards. With that the outside world gone.

That voice once again speaking, this time in a hushed tone. "You can't feed, even from afar, not without his approval. What if he were driving at that exact moment of your need, his vehicle careening out of control. His death...unexplainable and on your conscience."

Kristen's eyes grew heavy with tears. The thought of such causing her heart more pain than even the prospect of her own demise. The voice inside her head was no stranger. Kristen held the key to her own humanity, a light shining on mankind. The speaker on the other hand welcomed the darkness, embracing it like a long lost lover. The one called Shadow was a creature of that same night, a vampire.

All her life Kristen had kept Shadow's needs at bay. Protecting others from the thoughts which filled her nights with nightmarish visions and her in her bed alone. The "darkness" had been fed, through a means of natural selection. Sometimes reaching out to others. Lately to a man whose words and thoughts had warmed a heart long held dormant, in fear. Her thoughts had not been lost upon her "sister".

"He must be quite worried by now, having no contact from you for this long a period of time." The dark haired beauty's hands shook as she tried to rise only to crumble to the floor. So weak, unable to stand.

"Kristen, you're dying, but you know that, don't you?" She tried crawling but with so little strength, her nails began to tear. Blood began staining the cold hardwood floor, offering no purchase. "All you have to do is set me free. I'm stronger than you. I can get you help."

The woman on the floor began to shiver violently, not so much from the cold but from the picture that was painted of her sibling "helping." A feat which would involve her feeding. "As I said Kristen, you can live or you can die, the choice is yours."

Kristen's voice in reply faltered saying, "If I die, you die too Shadow." Surprisingly the words which followed were almost nonchalant in tome.

"I've lived locked away inside you for my entire life. Being a prisoner of your body is just like being dead. If I die now I will finally be free of this mortal coil and my life can begin." She fell silent for a moment, a dramatic pause as the words flowed, hypnotic in listening.

"You on the other hand, if you die like this there will be one more who will perish alongside you. Your writer is a fragile soul. As the hours grow into days, the days into weeks, the weeks into months what will he think? He will begin to convince himself that he must have said, must have done something horribly wrong. In the end you found him, what was his word? Oh yes, lacking. He will know that this time he not only failed himself but he failed you as well. It would be such a tragic loss, don't you think?"

This time Kristen's eyes could not stem the flow of tears as she lay there. Her voice quivering as she worked up the strength to speak. "Swear to me you will tell him. Swear it."

The only reply was silence but she felt her sibling's consent. With a soft sigh she closed her eyes and with her mind, unlocked the gate. Shadow stepping through.

The figure on the ground slowly rose, moving with an almost elegant ease. She slipped the modest nightgown from her body, her skin almost translucent as she tried out her new found voice saying "Of course dear sister. I'll not only tell him, I'll show him."

She flung her arms wide, her eyes flying open, burning like embers of coal, red in appearance. She reached out and almost two thirds of the way across the country, a man fell to his knees. His head in his hands, the pain excruciating, a voice exploding inside of it.

"Author, your precious Kristen sends her regards. She regrets that she is unable to tell you goodbye but I promised her I would relay the message. Now...die!"

With that his screams echoed, with Kristen's in her mind as she laughed manically. She came to an abrupt half, licking her lips as she sampled the coppery sweet taste of the wordsmith's blood in her throat. With a snarl, she burst through the front door, exploding into the snow filled night. She flew swiftly, her eyes finding the homeless man, the huddled figure with not enough time to draw his final single breath.

It was almost a year later, the dark haired vixen into the club called "Illusions". The bar was well known amongst the fetish crowd, specializing in its draw for those who required a bit of pain to find their own pleasure. Her path cut quite a swath through those in attendance. Eyes turning, whispers exchanged at the brazenly dressed woman in their midst.

Shadow's appearance left little to the imagination as to her own desires, her clothing screaming dominatrix. The black leather vest and pants, the black laced camisole, the highly polished boots with stiletto heels. It was a vision desired by many, envied by others.

The crowd at the club was fluid at best. People constantly coming and going. No one seemingly noticing how the statuesque figure always left with a different individual in tow. The same individual never to appear again. This night her eyes even in the dimly lit atmosphere took in everything. No one escaped her gaze but it was in the very back of the club that she saw that which she required.

A loner, perhaps more voyeur than participant but still certain not to be missed. She walked confidently to where he sat in the dark. His head was down, seemingly unaware of her presence as she allowed her voice, the siren's voice to say. "Perhaps you might wish to buy me a drink good Sir?"

His head did not rise, though he stood. His hand reaching out, almost stabbing at the chair which seemed to elude him for a brief moment but then taking hold. He pulled it out for her to sit. She did so as if it were her right as he receded over yet again, back to the darkness, seeking something as he said softly, "What is your pleasure Milady?"

It was only then that his face came into view and she saw the dark glasses, the cane which he now held in one hand. The question hanging forth as she spoke, "I require wine, a merlot perhaps."

He nodded, the cane reaching out, tapping the floor as his voice once again spoke, barely above a whisper, "As you wish." He set out for the bar, moving slowly but it seemed confidently. For a brief moment she thought perhaps to find another foil, a different victim but instead allowed a smile to play on the corner of her lips. Her thoughts harkening back to something she had read once.

Sensory deprivation was a long used tactic by those in the lifestyle. Common knowledge found in the fact that when one sense is taken away the others work harder to make up for the loss. Perhaps in his case, he would experience pain to a higher degree as her smile widened.

It took him several minutes but he made his way back to the table. His steps measured as he put down the drink before her, then sitting down himself. She took a swallow, her eyes intent on the man next to her. Her senses dulled by the fact the prey would be so easily taken, not even noticing the slightly bitter aftertaste to the red wine.

"So tell me dear Sir. Some come here with a desire to lord their superiority over others. Then there are those who need to experience the other end of the spectrum, to serve in the ways of submission. Tell me, which one of these needs...calls to you?"

It was a subtle gesture but his head did fall, his face once again in shadows as she laughed. The sound almost musical as her hand reached out, the cold touch against his warm skin causing him to shiver. She leaned forward to whisper in his ear, "I understand my pet. I promise you by the time the night is done, I will show you things. Things you never dared dream of, you will find it changing. Now, do you have someplace near where we might play?"

His voice again was as soft as any she had ever heard in reply. "Yes Milady." He stood, his cane once again in hand as she quickly drank the rest of the contents of the glass before joining him. She put her arm through his as they took their leave, once again with jealous stares from many. The man she walked beside seemingly unaware.

The night air beckoned, his steps carrying them further into the darkness, to the corner where they turned. The alleyway dimly lit though of course it mattered not to her or to her companion it seemed. She almost stumbled, shaking her head as if to clear it. His hand holding tight saying, "It is not far I promise." She nodded, her steps a bit unsure and for a brief moment she thought about taking him here. They were still too close to others, his screams would not go unnoticed so she waited.

Finally, he came to a stop. His hand fumbling with a key, the door slowly opening. The darkness awaited as she once again almost fell, her head by now feeling light, his hand holding her up. He reached over, flipping a switch, a single light illuminating the sparse furnishings before her. Releasing her hand, he walked slowly to a table. The sound of his cane against the floor as he stopped, placing it on the surface, his back to her. She tried to close the distance between the two only to once again falter, this time to fall.

She knelt on all fours, her head swimming, the room doing the same as she reached up. Her hand took hold of a chair only to crash to the floor once again. He never turned around, simply standing there as he removed his coat, his hat. His long locks falling in place down past his shoulders. She blinked, trying to clear her vision, to see the figure clearly before her. This time as he reached up he took the dark glasses from his face. He placed them beside the cane. Only then to slowly turn.

It was at that moment, for a brief second, right before the darkness claimed her that she saw him. His falling hair framing his face, his lips pressed in a tight line but it was his eyes, his eyes of blue which burned into hers and she could only gasp, "YOU?" She tried one final time to come to her feet but her eyes rolled back in her head the powerful sedative forcing her to surrender to the darkness.

When she awoke, it was to a single light shining down. Her eyes quickly averting, the fixture slowly swinging back and forth. She made a low noise in her throat, almost a snarl. The sound muffled at best, the gag which filled her mouth insuring that. The sound grew even louder as she tried to arise only to find her path impeded. Manacles claiming her wrists and her ankles. She arched her back, pulling with strength like no human could match but still, the bonds held tight.

It was only then that she saw him from the corner of her eye, watching her as he stood. He moved before stopping in front of her. His eyes still cold, his jaw still set. He saw her struggle, knowing full well what she was doing and calmly spoke. "It does you no good to try and control my mind. You destroyed it with your actions almost a year ago. The only thing there now is a tumor, one which will claim my life soon but not before I have claimed yours...and more."

Once again she began to tear at the chains, her eyes wild. He simply stood there, no fear in his own. No emotion, simply existing as he spoke in that same, soft maddening tone. "I know Kristen lives inside of you. You may have tried to kill us both but we're both stronger than you can ever dare imagine. You will free her. If not this night then the next or the next or not perhaps until madness claims you. You will return her to me, this I swear."

He could see it in her eyes, the pure hatred, the complete disdain she held for him but it mattered not. She was a monster but in her actions, she had created one far more frightening than any she had ever witnessed. The man before her. His eyes remained as cold as his voice. "Well then, shall we begin?"

Her eyes watched him, the venom showing, the hatred brimming. He carried a suitcase over to a table which stood next to the slab she lay on. Opening it, he saw her eyes open wide at the brilliantly shining objects, the various scalpels and other instruments. His hand reaching out to take a needle, nearly six inches in length, it's tip obviously razor sharp.

For a final time she tried to tear her limbs from the restraints only to hear him say, "Save your strength. All of your bonds are made of pure silver. You are as helpless as I was that day you took away the only thing that ever mattered in my life.. You brought me great pain that day. Now...I will return the favor."

With his hand he took the needle, plunging it into his thumb. The wound quickly forming droplets of blood. Allowing his hand to rest directly over her face. Her eyes took in the sight of her own sustenance, the drop gleaming in her eyes. "I've heard that with just the smell that it heightens your senses a thousand fold. I want you to feel every, single bit...of this."

The drops of blood began to fall, splattering on her face, filling her nostrils as she screamed with fury behind the gag. His hand reached down, capturing her breast and without a moment of remorse, he stuck the needle into her nipple. Her head snapped back as he reached down to pick up a silver hoop which he deftly locked in place. As he slipped the needle free he spoke. "I've heard it best to numb the area first but that seems like such a waste of pain. Don't you think Shadow?"

Her eyes filled with exactly that, swimming in the sensations as her body writhed against the slab. "Oh, we're only getting started, there's much more in store, shall we continue?" Her answer was unrequited, the other breast soon featuring a matching hoop. Her body convulsing as he smiled wickedly saying, "I see you require pain to find that which you seek my pet. Well I promise you, you shall not lack for that which you seek."

His hand reached down between her legs, a dollop of her own seed coating his finger. It mixed with the blood which he took to his mouth, his eyes intent upon her. Closing them as he sighed, savoring the taste. As the saying goes, "if looks could kill" but he only laughed. The sound cold as he pulled yet another needle forth, his eyes now coming to rest in her nether regions. She shook her head frantically but to no avail, the barb moving forth. The pattern being set.

Almost an hour later he pulled the silver chain through, the hoops which now adorned the lips of her most private of areas. Now sealed off, the small lock being put in place, the sound of it closing bringing a mournful sound from her lips. He showed her the key which now hung around his neck. "Well, well, don't you look...pretty." Her body had betrayed her time and time again as he had took from her what he required. The pain so delicious but in the past, it had been her to deliver it. The circumstances though having changed.

"We can stop now if you so wish, all you need do is deliver Kristen to me and this will end. Well?" She stared at him, her eyes cold in reply as she mumbled against the gag. Reaching down, he pulled the buckle harshly, a gasp escaping her lips as the ball fell free. As he looked down upon her she spat, directly in his face.

"Go to hell you son of a bitch", the words filled with acid as he calmly took his sleeve, wiping at his face.

His voice now darker than any night. "I promise Shadow, I will see you there." He walked over, picking up another case. This time silently opening it, enjoying the look on her face, the sheer terror as he pulled the instruments free. There would be nothing gentle about it, the oversized objects soon filling her. Her cries going unheeded as they did, one easily, the other not quite so much but soon both were in place.

She could only watch as he attached the electrical leads, each to the silver clips which now adorned her body. Others to the two intruders which even now were causing her to squirm, trying to escape the pain but escape, was impossible. Finally, he stood before her again, his hand on a switch, his voice calm. "I gave you a chance to save yourself. Now you belong to me." The current surged through her body, through her flesh. The scream inhumane in nature but it fell on deaf ears.

Time ceased to exist, her body time and time again betraying her. The pain and pleasure mixing as one until her hands and ankles where scorched with the heat of the metal. The marks would be permanent, no matter who might inherit the body. It was only when he once again stood over her, looking into her eyes that he saw the signs. The way they began to flicker between colors, the red dimming, the natural shade returning.

He flipped the switch off, his voice barely a whisper. "You can either live inside of her or you can die. Perhaps in time you will find your way out but if you are gone, so is your chance. You must choose now, quickly or I turn the switch to overload. You have 10 seconds. Submit to me Shadow."

Her eyes flared, just for an instant, the red glowing bright but as he held his hand up once again. She sighed, closing her eyes, seconds later opening them, her natural color returning.

"Close the gate Kristen, quickly." Her body quivered, her whimpers beginning, her body having been put through its own hell. He reached down, taking the key from his pocket, slipping it into the locks. Freeing her hands and feet.

He picked her up gingerly, almost tenderly as her eyes fluttered. The pain in them evident, the same filling his heart knowing what he had done to her. "I can not beg for your forgiveness but I do ask one thing of you Milady. Never, ever open the gateway for her again. No matter what happens to me, she must spend her own eternity in her own hell, please?"

She nodded, her eyes once again turning cloudy, this time from her sheer exhaustion. He carried her up the stairs, the cool sheets awaiting, the silver adornments she wore shining even in the dim light. He laid her down with tenderness, knowing sleep had already claimed her. He pulled a tablet from his pocket, swallowing it coldly. Sitting down, he took his last watch and prayed for her forgiveness.


I would ask that you please vote and if you so desire comment on my work. I've not written often in this category and your feedback would be greatly appreciated. I do hope you enjoyed.

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