tagBDSMShadows Pt. 01

Shadows Pt. 01


Shadows are images of darkness made by light not being able to shine past an object. The object or objects is then displayed for all to see and admire. Now, what is displaying is up to the mind of the beholder. So please close your eyes, imagine the scene, and enjoy the story.

Thank you to my master for inspiring this story.

Note: all parties are consensually agreeing to each other.


In the shadows lurks a naked, desperately horny, beautiful tan intelligent girl who by day is an independent young lady, but by night and when her master wants it, is a desperate slut who desires to be fucked in all her holes by her master or by those who her master allows. A single bring light accentuates her curves, her long black hair glistens in a neat braid, and her body which is covered in goosebumps awaiting her master to grant her his handsome presence. She sits on her knees in the corner, hands neatly folded in her lap, and her mind completely blank of the real world outside of the house. The only thing on her mind is her concentration on obedience to her master, curiosity of what he has in store for his property, and excitement to please her master by using some new cock-sucking techniques she independently learned. She has a black leather collar on with her master's initials. Her collar is attached to a leash and the leash is tied to a hook on the wall where she was kneeling. Tight enough for force her posture proper and head held high, but not tight enough to hurt the beautiful slave. Time passes, and the slut's body starts to sweat. The light illuminating the sweat. She breathes in deeply, closes her eyes, and relaxes and she breathes out the deep sigh of submission. The slut has entered in sub-space mentality.

Relaxing in the back of the room in the chair that only master is allowed to sit in, with a perfect view of his slut, is the slut's master. Now her master is like no other man. He's a true handsome gentleman, caring, intelligent, and hilarious in the vanilla world. When he has the desire to use his slut, he becomes calm, sincere, even more authoritative, and hungry for obedience and use of his slut. He sits in his chair sipping 35-year-old bourbon watching his whore's demeanor change from brilliant young woman, to a dependent slut. He loves being able to control such a woman.

Some time goes by, the amount only known by her master, until her master stands. The slut hears him stand and walk slowly towards her. Click, click, click echoes the room as he strides confidently and authoritatively across the room. He kneels down behind his slut, not saying a single word. She feels his hot breath against her ear as he leans down to kiss her neck and kiss her cheek. She smiles slightly, trying to keep her trained composure.

"Are you ready, my beautiful slut?" he whispers in her ear.

"Yes, master. I am ready to please you." She says with a huge grin on her face.

He stands and unties her from the hook on the wall. She immediately gets on all fours ready to crawl exactly two paces behind her master as she was trained. Master begins to walk towards the middle of the room. He turns on the light so that shadows cast in the middle of the room. Now this room is different. It is a sound proof in a 5-star hotel. It is custom built for master and his slut to use and stay in when they desire. It is also different because the play room is towards the back of the suite, with windows open to it. It is on the very top floor of the hotel so if the right light was cast correctly and a person was looking up at the correct floor and managed to see the room, the on looker would see the slut being trained/and or used.

The slut stands in the middle of the room, hands behind her back, standing straight, chest out, and eyes cast down. Her master walks around the room inspecting her. He parts her already soaking wet pussy lips and pinches her clit making her squeal. He parts her ass cheeks, lubes her asshole, and inserts a trainer vibrating butt-plug.

"Who does this body belong to?" Master says in a deep voice.

"You master." Slut says meekly. She feels a hard slap to her tit.

"Are you not proud to be mine slut? Do I not treat you well? Say it with the pride I know you have to be mine." Master says as he cups her face with his hand. "Open your mouth bitch."

She opens her mouth and he spits in it. She swallows obediently. Anything that he places in her mouth must be swallowed.

"This pretty little mouth of yours belongs to me. These tits are mine to pinch, pull, and slap. Your cunt, my cunt, is to be fucked by only me. You are mine. Your ass is mine to slap, pinch, and your asshole is for me to penetrate with my cock, any toy I choose, or by any other cock I say so." He growls as he turns on the vibrating butt-plug.

Her legs go limp as the sensation travels throughout her body. But she holds her position and attempts her best to get used to the sensation.

Now, to those who are looking from the outside, a strong manly silhouette walks around the tiny figure of the horny girl. If they look closely enough at the shadows, they can see the poor girl shaking. They wonder why is she shaking; nerves, fears, excitement. The real reason she is shaking is for pleasure. What kind of pleasure? She knows that her master's pleasure always comes first and that he gets pleasure from using her. But her master knows her more than any other person she knows. He knows how to make her squirt. He knows how to make her beg to cum and to scream in pleasure. He knows how to tell if she's horny during a normal conversation due to the moments of silence in the conversation. Her master earned her respect and authority, and she learned quickly to obey. He knows how to tell if something is bothering her and will reach out to console. He knows her: inside and out.

Master traces every single curve of his slut's sexy, curvy, sensual body with a single finger. He does not lift the finger as he once again explores the body of his property. He ends his trace at her chin and lifts it, allowing her gaze to meet his. They share a long, hard, passionate, genuine kiss. A kiss that can last a century but is needed every day.

"Please use me, Daddy." Says the slut as she gazes into his eyes lovingly and with lust.

"What do you want me to do to you bitch?" he picks up a cattle prod and shocks her nipple. The slut squirms as the electricity reaches her nipples.

"So many things, Master. I want to feel your cock in all my holes. I want my mouth to worship you huge, thick cock. I want my tongue to learn every vein and texture of your cock. I want you to fuck my face, like the slut that I am. I want you to fuck my pussy, pounding hard so I feel your balls slap my ass. I want you to fuck my asshole with either your cock or one of the many toys that you so generously gave me, sir. I want you to kiss me deeply and I want to feel your tongue dance around my mouth. I want you to pinch and slap my tits. Master, I want you to do what you wish." The slut bravely looks up at her master and they match each other's gaze.

"Mmmmmm...yes my wonderful, beautiful slut. Let's begin." Master growls.

To be continued...

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