tagBDSMShadows Pt. 03

Shadows Pt. 03


Note: The original slave's name is Slave Candy, and master's name is Master Strong.


Continuing to wait patiently but getting antsy, the slut continues to adjust her kneeling position. She is so anxious to be fucked. She has been conditioned to only cum at her master's command, but that doesn't mean she hasn't failed before. She hears her master preparing the room for her torment.

As she impatiently waits, her mind flashes back to when she failed the very first time. She was hogtied, her head pulled back by an anal hook, and her legs spread apart by a spreader bar. In between her soaking wet cunt was a Hitachi Wand on medium speed. Her moans gradually increase in sound and intensity as time goes by. Her master lifts up her chin to make her look into his deep blue eyes. She moans. He leans down and kisses her passionately reminding her that she better be a good girl or else she will be punished severely. Sneakily, he sets the wand on full intensity. As he flips the switch he grips her hair forcefully and forces his thick, big cock down her throat.

As his cock throbs down her throat, she feels her hot cum squirting from her cunt forming a puddle around her knees. Her master constantly reminds her not to cum as she screams trying to hold back her body's need and want to cum. Her eyes water and moans grow constantly louder, her body convolutes, and soon is exhausted. She has no idea that she has cummed without her master's permission, until she sees his furious yet lusty expression. A pool of her cum forms around her. She attempts to speak, but her mouth is quickly filled with her master's thick, long, big cock. Her master drives his cock down her throat until he feels satisfied. She gasps for air in attempts to plead for mercy for cumming without permission but is denied. Her eyes quickly open to look up at her master, who now is holding his cock deep in her throat not allowing her a break at pleasing his cock. He held it there until his slut passed out.

During this time, her master ties her spread-eagle to the bed, attaches nipple clamps, and begins to arouse the slave by tracing her body with ice cubes, concentrating on her nipples, inner thighs, and exposed clit. The frozen ice cubes melt on her body, leaving her skin a bright illuminating color from the water. Goose bumps soon form as her master controls her temperature. She opens her eyes trying to figure out where she is and what is happening. Once she understood what was happening, her master took hold of her chin making her mouth open slightly. He spits in her face like the pathetic little cunt she is. Her master reminds her that she came without permission and that she was in some deep shit. She curses her easily horny and wet cunt at this moment because she has disappointed her master greatly, but she knows that she has brought some pleasure to her master. Just then, her mind flashes back to reality. (In relation to the flashback, her master did much more to her than face fuck when she came without permission, but that's for another story).

Her master enters the room again, his presence is immediately noticed by his scent of cologne and sudden cock in her face. She licks her lips and gets to work on his cock.

"Suck my fucking cock, you bitch" master whispers to his slut.

She moans opening her throat, welcoming her master's cock deep in her throat. Her master lets her take control of his cock but does not face fuck her. She bobs her head up and down his shaft, her tongue tracing it up and down. Saliva drips down her chin as she gazes up at her master with lust-filled yet loving eyes. He grabs her hair pulling her off his cock. His slave is then dragged by her hair to his favorite chair. He sits down, and nods his head allowing her to continue her job. His mind wonders what she will think of the next surprise up his sleeve.

As she slurps on his balls, allowing his hard, long, thick cock to rest on her face, another dom, named Master Hunter, and his slave enter quietly. He quietly takes a seat in the room, his slave at his side. He pats her head as a signal for her next task. She slowly crawls over to the other slave and starts to eat her cunt. The original slut squeals in surprise but does not let the distraction impede her skills at sucking her master's cock.

"Good to see you still know your place, even when a bitch is sucking your clit. Please meet Cindy, Master Hunter's slut." Master says as she pushes his cock deep in her throat. He takes a fist full of her hair and forces his cock all the way down her throat, causing her to stick her ass in the air and burry her nose in his balls. She gags and attempts to moan as Slave Cindy buries her nose in Slave Candy's warm, wet, cunt.

Slave Candy's tongue explores her master's cock more than ever but decides to explore another part of his body. She knows that her master's pleasure comes before hers.

"Master, will you please lay on the bed in a comfortable position?" slave Candy says respectfully with hungry eyes.

"Mmmm no. I have another idea slut." Master Strong stands and moves a chair towards the window. He invites Master Hunter to sit next to him Master Hunter agrees and sits next to Master Strong.

"Would you like a cigar and bourbon? The firework show is supposed to be spectacular. Oh, and our sluts are here as well for us." Master Strong says as he snaps his fingers for Master Candy to kneel in front of him, mouth open.

"Your slave pays attention very well. I wish mine was as diligent. I'm still trying to work with her," Master Hunter says as he shocks Slave Cindy's nipple to get her attention.

"You see, Slave Candy has been trained to think of any need that I may have. I have trained her that my pleasure comes before hers and if she forgets that, let's just say she will not be able to sit comfortably or cum for some time. Isn't that right Candy?" he digs his boot into his wet cunt pressing on her clit making her squirm. He sips his drink and smokes the cigar nonchalantly.

"Yes Master. Your pleasure comes before everything." She says humbly with pleading eyes for his cock in all her holes.

The firework show begins as Master Strong pours two glasses of fine bourbon and lights up a cigar. He looks down at Slave Candy's pleading eyes and gives a nod. She jumps at his cock, hungrily slurping at his balls before pushing his cock down her throat making herself gag. She knows he loves to see her struggle under his power and at the same time she loves being under his power. He knows it makes her cunt wet. He knows she loves to work to earn her pleasure if he feels like giving it to her.

Slave Cindy sucks her master's cock, but it seems as though Slave Cindy is not pleasing Master Hunter as good as Slave Candy. Slave Candy learned to suck on cock from sucking on dildos and much face fucking on her master's cock. She learned how to gag to perfection and how to give a nice, sloppy, and messy blow job that accentuates her slutiness.

"Up and on the bed whore. I'm ready to pound your cunt until it is red, swollen, and completely sensitive. I am going to fuck you." He says as he takes hold of her collar leading her to the bed.

Master Strong redirects his attention towards Master Hunter, "You and your slave are welcome to stay. It seems like your slave needs to learn how to be a proper slut."

"Thank you. We may just stay. Please, pretend like we aren't here." Master Hunter says.

"Now whore, it seems like we have an audience. If you disobey me or displease me in anyway, you will edge three times a day with no cumming for a month, and you will receive a pussy or ass whipping once a week. Is that clear?" Master Strong says as he grips Slave Candy's chin tight.

Slave Candy nods, "Yes daddy. I understand. Please fuck my dirty desperate cunt 'till I can't walk normal."

Master Strong grabs his slave by the shoulders and picks her up slightly as their lips lock for a long passionate kiss. Slave Candy wraps her arms around his neck as they continue kissing. She rubs her soaked cunt on his hard and thick cock. He reaches down, grabs her ass cheeks and picks her up by her ass. She wraps her thighs around his hips, feeling her sopping cunt drip down as he does. She feels the warm tip of Master Strong's wide long cock at the entrance of her desperate cunt.

"Please may I feel your cock inside me, please." She whimpers as he quickly lowers her on his cock. She moans and screams in pleasure, surprise, and ecstasy. Her wet, tight, warm pussy squeezes his cock as she is roughly bounced up and down on his cock. Her moans increase in loudness through every thrust. Master Strong feels her fingers squeeze on his back and her hot breath from her moans on his neck. He walks over to the bed with her and throws her down. She sits up, opens her mouth, and he quickly pushes his cock deeply down her throat burying her nose in his balls. She tastes her master's cock and the taste of her pussy. The smell of her desperate cunt is sniffed up by her nose from her master's balls.

Noises can be heard in the background from Master Hunter. His slave, Slave Cindy is working hard on his cock. But the show is yet to begin.

Master Strong pulls his slave off his cock and slaps her cheek. He takes her nipples in between his thumb and pointer finger, squeezes hard, pulling her nipples out. He lets go of one, grabs his stinging crop, and slaps the hardened nipple. He knows just how to get his slave's nipples hard, especially that pesky right nipple. He repeatedly moderately slaps his cunt's clit causing her to whimper from its sting. It drives him wild to see her squirm under his control.

"Slut I need to piss. Mouth open now." Master Strong says. She opens his mouth and closes her lips. She feels his warm, stream fill her mouth and drain down her throat. She sucks his cock after he is finished using her as her toilet. Her tongue traces every ridge and vein of his cock. She concentrates her tongue on towards the ridge between the shaft and the head and flicks her tongue. Her fingers explore his balls and slowly traces around his asshole. After hardening his cock, she kisses his inner thighs, and her soft, hot tongue slowly makes his way to his asshole. Her tongue traces each sensitive spot. Her hands gently work at his cock to keep it hard. As she eats his ass her breath can be gently felt on his ass cheeks.

She feels a gentle yet stern pulling sensation on her head. Her master is ready to fuck her cunt hard. She slowly works her way up and sits on her knees. Her hungry eyes meet his. Master Strong roughly pushes her down on the bed and flips her over. Slave Candy pushes her ass out and spreads her legs. She feels her master's fingers trace her pussy lips and pinch her sensitive hard clit making her squirm. The tip of his cock teases her pussy entrance.

"Who do you belong to, whore?" Master Strong says slowly pushing his cock deep inside her wet cunt.

"To you Daddy" she says feeling his cock inside her warm pussy.

"You better not cum until I allow you to, bitch." He says as he starts thrusting all the way in and out of her pussy.

The scent of blended sex fills the room as he pounds her cunt. Her pussy juices gleam in the dim light. He tactically aims his cock in her G-spot a place he knows will make her scream at the top of her lungs. His balls slap her ass as he fucks the whore. He traces his nails from her upper back down to her ass making goose bumps form all over her body. He feels his slut shiver under his power. Master Strong grabs onto her hips, lifts her just a bit, and fucks his slave fast and hard. She moans and screams feeling her pleasure come to the brink.

"Please Master may I cum please oh fuck please." She screams out in between thrust.

"No, you may not cunt." He was roughly as he fucks her. The slave is gently lowered without missing a beat of fucking. He quickly takes removes his cock from the slut's pussy, flips her on her back, and plunges his cock deep into her cunt fast. He loves to see his slut's facial expressions during a good fucking. Master Strong's hand finds her throat and slightly chokes his sub as he fucks her hard. The only noises are his paced breathing, her slight moans through her allowed breaths, and the wet slapping her a master's cock against his slave's ass. Master Strong's moans can be heard if the slave shuts up. Also, in the background, Master Hunter is face fucking his slave, but this story concentrates on Master Strong and Slave Candy.

Master Strong's thumb rubs hard and fast on Slave Candy's clit. Her legs stretch out and lock as she gets edges. Master Strong's cock feels his slave's cunt tighten on his cock. He moans and grunts out in pleasure. The slut screams at the top of lungs and her master gives a sneak smile. He fucks her deeply, hard, and quick.

"Oh fuck please please please Master please." Slave Candy says in a high pitch voice while her master edges her. Her cunt tightens even more around her master's thick cock. He grunts in indulgence and pounds faster and rubs her clit harder.

"I will slap your tits five times. After that, I will determine if you have earned the right to cum. Count!" He yells at her and spits in her face. He slaps her right tit hard as he pounds her.

"One, daddy!" slut yells. Another slap soon follows on her left.

"Two!! Oh!" slut whimpers and feels a surprise slap to her clit and squeals. She feels another stinging sensation on her left and right tit.

"Three! Four! Master pleaseee!! Oh please!! I want your cum in my pathetic cunt." Slave Candy begs. She feels one last hard slap from her master's heavy hand.

"Five!" she screams at the top of her lungs. "Daddy please please please may I fucking cum! Fuck!!" she whimpers and begs.

"Hmmmm I don't know if your loud enough slut. Beg," Master Strong slaps her face.

"Daddy please may this slut cum. She will squirt all over your big thick cock. This whore is owned by you and will do what pleases you. She will only cum if you allow her to. Please Master may this slut feel pleasure. Please Sir this slut craves your cum." She says in one breath as she struggles to hold in her orgasm.

A period of silence except the sounds of sex occurs. The balls of a handsome master slapping the fine ass of a sexy sub. The juices of a slutty slut lubing-up her master's cock and giving him pleasure. Grunts and moans heard from both parties. Suddenly, the slut screams at the top of her lungs as Master Strong quickens his pace on her clit.

"Cum my beautiful and sexy whore." He declares before he shoots his cum inside the slut. The slut screams as she squirts her hot pussy juices all over his cock. The smell of sex and exhaustion fills the room. Master Strong holds onto his spent slave, his cock still in her sensitive, warm, soaked cunt. They spoon in the large soft bed enjoying each other's company, body temperature, and listening to each other's heart beat slowly decrease from their session. Master Hunter and Slave Cindy slowly slip out. They leave a bottle of Master Strong's favorite bourbon and a bottle of white wine for Slave Candy. Master Strong and Slave Candy slowly fall asleep in each other's arms.

That is the story of what happens in the shadows of a top hotel room.

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