tagIncest/TabooShagging My Dad

Shagging My Dad


It was a hot August afternoon. Everyone was out of the house doing things except my Dad and me. I was going to start college next month, and dad had just paid all my tuition and let me buy great new fall clothes and bought me a new car to boot! He is such a darling. And still quite virile and sexy too. Mum is so lucky to have him. Dad is 21 years older than me, so he was 39. I thought it would be very kicky to have him off as a show of my gratitude.

I put on my tiniest pair of cut-off jeans, a thin cotton top with ragged sleeves and bare midriff and without any bra. My dark brown nips were showing quite prominently on the tops of my 36C breasts, which jiggled nicely when I moved. I looked at myself in the mirror, fluffed down my rough boy short platinum locks and got a thrill thinking about shagging that hot guy downstairs in the living room who also happened to be me dad.

I walked down the stairs softly and came upon him sitting on the couch watching some sports show.

"Hi, Dad!" I got his instant attention in my getup. He smiled at me looking me up and down admiringly.

I sat on his lap and kissed the side of his face. "Thanks for everything, you are so sweet. I'm so excited about starting university next month. You are so nice to pay for it and my clothes and my new car! Wow, I have the greatest Daddy in the world!" Then I kissed him right on the lips softly. He took a breath when I did that, and I knew he was getting a hard on, I could feel it on his leg. I felt the beautiful smooth muscles in his arms and chest, running my hands up and down on his hot flesh as I continued to sit on his lap. "Wow, you are in great shape, Dad! If you weren't my Dad I think I could fancy you!" He blushed. He is so cute. I kissed him again, this time more slowly and warmly, letting my tongue brush on his lips.

At first his arms started to go around me but then he pulled them back. I just kept kissing him. though He was getting really hot now, his cock was really hard. I swung my legs around and straddled him, sitting on his lap, putting my arms around his neck and looking right in his eyes as I smiled. I gave him another little peck on his cheek and lips.

"Honey, better stop now, you're making your dad quite..."

I just kissed him again, this time like the wanton slut that I am, full mouth on mouth with a lot of tongue. He relented and kissed me back.

"Can't a girl show her Dad how much she loves him and appreciates what he has done for her?"

He just looked at me. I had him going now. I kissed down the side of his face and started to unbutton his shirt. I kissed his chest and his nipples and down to his stomach. I got off the couch and knelt down between his legs. I rubbed my hand up and down the bulge in his pants.

"Oooh, that is so nice!" I smiled at him mischievously while holding his erection tightly through his pants leg.

I kept looking up at him as seductively as I could, with my best innocent little girl expression, rubbing and squeezing his erection slowly, while I started to unbutton his slacks. He just laid back and moaned. He had no other choice. I know what guys like and I was doing a real job on my Daddy. I pulled down his slacks and there was his gorgeous cock already hard for me, popping out of his shorts.

I pulled down his underpants, rubbing and squeezing his gorgeous hard-on. He just looked at me helplessly. I held his cock in my hand and licked it from the bottom to the top, swirling my tongue all around the head.

"I love this, Dad. You are such a virile man! Why should Mum have all the fun? C'mon, wouldn't you enjoy doing your little girl? C'mon, Daddy! I want to please you and give you pleasure!"

I kissed the top of his throbbing cock and sucked it just briefly into my mouth. He moaned in pleasure. I flipped my blouse over my head and pressed my warm soft breasts around his cock. I gave my Daddy my best open mouthed smile while I licked the head of his cock, as I looked up at him, his shaft pressed between my boobies. My nipples were really hard and erect now. He just smiled back at me, putting one hand behind my head and rubbing it in my hair.

"Sweetheart, you are making your Daddy feel so good. Oh, you are such a little angel."

"I love you Daddy, you are the best Daddy ever!" I kept pressing my breasts against his cock as I rubbed them up and down on it. "You have such a big beautiful manly cock, Daddy! I love this cock. It's so hard! Ummmmm..." Then I began to lick and suck it the best way I knew how, the way which made all the boys I had fucked come right away with giant spurts of their come in my face. I gently cradled his big hot balls in my hand. I felt them and moved them around inside his scrotum with my fingers. "Does that feel good, Daddy?" He moaned a big yes.

"Daddy, don't come yet! I want to feel you inside of me! It's alright, I'm using the pill." When I said that the got even more excited and hard. His cock was really throbbing now. "I want to feel this big hot cock inside of my warm wet pussy, Daddy. I want you to fuck me good. I love cock and I love sex and I want you to really shag me, you big beautiful man!"

I stood up and shoved my panties off and lowered my wet slit onto his cock. Oh, that felt sooo good! Then I rose up and down on his stiff, getting more and more excited especially because he was my Dad.

"Oh, Daddy, you are so good. I love feeling you inside of me. Do you like being inside your little girl's pussy? Tell me that you do!"

"Oh, it feels incredible Sweetheart, just incredible!" he moaned back. I kissed him full mouth. He kissed me back.

"Oh, Daddy, hold me, I'm coming!" And I did in record time, my moment arrived really fast. I could feel his cock throbbing and emptying all his spunk inside my pussy. I loved it. I just held him, kissing him, pressing my breasts against his chest and his face..

"Daddy, I loved that! I want to have sex with you all the time. Would you mind? I also have some girlfriends who would really fancy doing an attractive older man like you. Wouldn't you like to have you own harem of young tight pussies for yourself?"

He just gave me the biggest smile ever. I was so happy that I could give him this pleasure. And my girlfriends as promised were happy to be with him as well. All in all my Dad got an excellent return on his generosity towards his little girl. He is such a nice bloke, really. He deserves it.

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