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Shakabootie Too


"Mr. Shumm, Mr. Fox is on the line."


"Yes, he's calling from Tongamundo."

"Marie, I know where he is calling from, why is he calling now? It must be 2:00 am there."

"He said it was an emergency. Something like a revolt or something."

"Revolt, I sent him a small army of security people, along with several hundred technicians. Where is the call?"

"Line two sir, the reception is pretty good."

He picked up the receiver and pressed the button for line two. "George here. What in the blue-winged hell is going on there Fox?"

"Well sir, I'm here in our headquarters building with four of my guys and about five technicians. We are safe now, but appear to be surrounded."

"Surrounded? By who?"

"The... ah... natives sir."

"Natives? There are no natives there. Damn it man, they are contestants, just Survivor contestants. We let them stay, but they aren't natives."

"Well sir, things kind of got out of control."

"Out of control? Albert, just get your guys and take over. I sent you enough men to take a small country, you should be able to handle a few game show contestants."

There was a pause. "Well sir, that's part of the problem. Apparently I underestimated the potency and accessibility of the local narcotics. Some of my crew has joined the natives."

"They aren't natives! How many Albert, how many men?"

"All but the few of us holed up here at headquarters."


"I said..."

"I heard what you said. Exactly how many?"

"It looks like about 76 armed security personnel and two hundred and sixty three technicians. They got Jeff too."

"Jeff? That nit was half-gone when we hired him. How did this happen Albert?"

"Well, it was strange, so strange. When I first got here we established our initial perimeter around the tribe, to keep them in our control. When the technicians and second security force arrived we sealed off the entire island and established a broadcast base. Within a few days, we had a fully operating TV station ready for direct feeds through the network. We continued taping the development of the Shakabootie tribe, while my forces dug in, ready to fend off any media types that might appear."

"Okay Albert, that's all according to plan."

"The tribe was nice, they cooperated in every way imaginable. The leaders granted interviews, we had complete access. Christ, they fed our crews. There is an excellent assortment of fruit here, and apparently, the servant class somehow figured out how to catch the Nohavs."

"I thought they were too fast. We picked that island because the Nohavs were supposed to be to difficult to catch. You should have seen the mail I got from the animal rights folks when they barbecued that wild pig in Australia that time."

"Apparently the pigs here are easy to trap. The natives are eating well. Hell, they were feeding the security and technical teams. Anyway, the tribe treated us with hospitality, the crews just fell in with them. Before we knew it, the tribe had the security and technical teams all lined up as the women moved down the line giving each of the guys a blowjob. The few women we had each had one guy with his face between her legs, while two other guys sucked on her nipples. Hell even the two dykes and three flames got serviced. I tell you it's like a sexual smorgasbord here, any kink you got they can match it with five of their own."

"Can't you get some more men in there?"

"They've got them all, all except the few of us here. And we can't go anywhere. Like I said, we are surrounded. And... sir... they have the broadcasting station."

"You mean..."

"They have the equipment to cut into our satellite linkups. They can broadcast."

"Marie, get me... wait, look Marie, tell no-one about this, at least not until we figure out what to do," George said, motioning her to look out the door and make sure no-one can hear.

"Mr. Shumm, I have a friend in Special Services. With a few phone calls, I think I can get some air support."

"No, damn it man, you want this to get out? I might as well jump out the window here if anyone finds out about this. This goes beyond network Albert, hell we have created a monster here. A drug addicted population that has weapons. No, we keep this hush, hush. Nobody knows, I mean nobody, you got me Albert?"

"Yes sir. I'll hold out here until you figure out what to do."

"How long..."

"Mr. Shumm," Maria said, her face a pale white. "Mr. Shumm, look at the monitor."

George looked up at the screen. "Is that Jeff?"

"Yes sir, that is Jeff."

"And what is that behind him? Is that, that woman's... that woman's..."

"Breasts sir? Yes, that is her breasts."

"Turn up the sound Marie. That woman... ABC doesn't even show that much skin and right here at the family hour."

"... to Tongamundo, our tribe sends you greetings. We are speaking from the headquarters of our newly formed government. I have gathered behind me the tribe council, rulers of Tongamundo, a new, completely independent nation in the South Seas. I would like to introduce the new leaders..."

"Turn it down Marie. Where is that feeding to."

"According to John, this is the network feed."

"This is live? On network?"

Marie nodded.

"Shut it down, black it out. This can't be on."

"Sir, they have tried. They think they can get it, but it will take a while. There is nothing else we can do."

"Damn, damn, damn."

"Do you want me to turn the TV back up?"

"No Marie," George moaned, reaching for his pack of Tums.

Marie watched him toss five or six in his mouth and begin chewing. "Is there anything I can do for you now?"

"No... there's nothing.... Wait, Marie get me Bob Barker on the line. He's got to need a producer, or an assistant, a gaffe man or something. Yeah Marie, give Bob a call for me."

He looked over at his two Daytime Emmy statues. "Yeah, those game shows weren't all that bad. And with the new Gameshow Network, they'll need plenty of experienced people." He looked at the TV Monitor. A bare-breasted woman was talking while several naked men took turns fucking two women right behind her.

"Marie, you got Barker on the line yet?"

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