tagIncest/TabooShallu Aunty and Me

Shallu Aunty and Me


My name is Ajay I am 25 and it started with my shallu aunty when I was only 20 years old and she was 36. She was such a beautiful lady of her age. She was so sexy looking and smart with a body to be looked by the people whenever she went out of the house.

My parents has passed away in my childhood so I was living with my Aunt Shallu and her husband. They took very good care of me all these years.

Many times I had seen her naked body. A lot of times I had seen her having sex with my uncle. That was my favorite seen to see her sucking my uncle 's cock and then being fucked by him in her pussy or in her ass. Later my uncle left us for some other woman who was working with him at his office who also was much younger then my Shallu Aunty.

After his departure Shallu Aunty got much sad and many days she did not went out of home. Gradually she got control on herself and came to her routine.

One day at about 11 pm I woke up to have a glass of water. I came out of my room and moved to the kitchen. I was only in my shorts. When I passed by my shallu aunty's room I heard some cries from there and her light was also on.

I found that her door was kinda open and when I looked in I was shocked. There was my Shallu Aunty naked on her bed. Though that was not new for me, but the strange and exciting thing was a dildo in her hand and moving in and out of her pussy.

She was fucking her pussy with the large dildo. It was even bigger than my cock.

I got excited and immediately got a hard on. I pulled my shorts down and took my cock in my hand and began to beat it.

I wanted to put my hard cock in that hot pussy of my Shallu Aunty whom I was watching for many days.

Now I want to fuck my shallu aunty myself. I had to push my dick in her cunt to relieve my pressure.

I felt with my shallu aunty's moans that she was about to come. I decided that it is the right time to have her. So I decided to take action.

I took of my shorts and became naked. Then I slowly moved in shallu aunty's room and reached near her bed.

Shallu aunty's eyes were closed and she couldn't know my presence.

I suddenly pulled the dildo from her cunt and took it in my hand.

Immediately she came into senses and looked at me with a shocked look.

She could not expect that her nephew would come to know that she was fucking her own pussy with an artificial cock.

She was more shocked to see me naked also.

For some time she looked at my cock also then back into my eyes. Her dildo was glistening with her pussy juices.

I could not keep my tongue away from that so I licked my shallu aunty's pussy juices from that artificial cock.

I moved onto the bed and said I think you need a real cock aunty like this.

I came in between her legs and put my dick on my shallu aunty's pussy opening.

I slowly pushed my cock in my shallu aunty's pussy and she did not resist. She let out a moan "UUMMMMM... AAAAHHHHHHH"

I took it as a signal and then I buried my full cock in her pussy. Now I started to move my cock in and out of my shallu aunty's pussy.

I started to fuck my shallu aunty with full length of my cock.

I pushed my cock in my shallu aunty's pussy to the end and then pulled it out till the head of my cock was in her pussy then I again pushed it deep into her pussy.

She was enjoying this with pleasure. She was moaning "YESSSS... DON"T STOP... FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT... KEEP IT IN THERE... UUUUMMMMMM"

Then I bent down and placed my lips on her lips and started to kiss her.

She parted her lips and responded to my kiss. I probed her mouth with my tongue and shallu aunty welcomed it and started to suck it.

Slowly her arms came on my shoulders and she pressed me to her.

She mumbled fuck me Mone, yes fuck your shallu aunty with your cock. I want it and I want it all


I was pulling and pushing my cock in and out of my shallu aunty's pussy. She was also enjoying the fuck.


Then she placed her legs around my back and pressed me to her body pulling my cock deeper into her pussy.

My shallu aunty's pussy was so hot that I felt as I had put my cock into some oven.

Her pussy muscles were squeezing my cock to have my cum. I was unable to control myself.

I felt as I would come more quickly as compared to the time I used to take while playing with myself.

It was only because of the thought that I am fucking my shallu aunty. And the more exciting thing was that my shallu aunty was also enjoying it and encouraging it.

Then at last I was about to come.. I cried, "oh shallu aunty... uuuummmm... I am about to come... aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh... Oh I cannot control it now."

She said oh yes come into me don't go out. I let my cum go.

Then I exploded in my shallu aunty. I will never forget that feeling.

I started to release my cum in my own Shallu Aunty's pussy and her pussy was taking it more and more eagerly.

I felt as gallons of cum had been produced today. I never came like this when I played with myself.

After that I fell on my shallu aunty's chest and even could not take my cock out of my shallu aunty's pussy. I lay there and we both fell into deep sleep. No one of us moved or tried to be separate.

In the morning I got up late. When I got up I found myself on my shallu aunty's bed which realized me that it was not a dream. I was alone in the bed and my shallu aunty had gone.

I got up and found my shorts placed on the bed. I wore it and went out of the room after using the toilet.

When I reached the kitchen I found my aunty there. When she saw me she immediately got red.

I sat on the table and she brought the breakfast and both of us started our breakfast silently.

After the silence of some time she said. Mone it was not good what happened last night.

I said "shallu aunty, here is nothing wrong in that as we love each other. We need each other. Here is nothing wrong if we enjoyed it."

Tell me shallu aunty you enjoyed it or not. She bent her head and I said same is for me shallu aunty.

So both of us liked it and so we are to continue it. She said but the people will not like it.

I got mad and shouted "shallu aunty fuck them I don't care them why you care them."

You should care about this. I said and stood up and pulled my cock out of my shorts and waved it infront of my shallu aunty. I still don't know where I got this courage from.

I said "shallu aunty this cock needs your attention so only care about this not the fucking people."

I picked her hand and placed it on my cock. She took it in her fist and started to caress it.

I called shallu aunty it will give you more pleasure if you will take it in your mouth.

She did not move. I placed my hand on the back of her head and pulled it down to my cock and placed my cock head on my shallu aunty's lips.

Shallu aunty kissed my cock and then her tongue came out of her mouth and she started to lick it.

Then I slowly pushed my cock into her mouth with a little force and shallu aunty did not resist and I pushed my cock in shallu aunty's mouth.

She started to suck it. I began to push my cock in and out of my shallu aunty's mouth. I lifted her head a bit and she looked into my eyes.

Her other hand moved up and cupped my balls. She started to play with my balls. Her tongue was moving at the under surface of my cock.

I had seen my shallu aunty sucking my uncle's cock a lot of times but never knew that she is such a good cock sucker.

Then after some time of sucking I took my cock out of her mouth and picked her up to stand and then make her sit on the table.

I pulled her petticoat up and then there was her pussy covered with a nylon panty.

I pulled it down and out of her legs. Now my shallu aunty's beautiful pussy was in front of me.

Though I had fucked my shallu aunty last night but could not see her pussy so closely.

She had a very beautiful pussy. Finely trimmed bush was on her mound.

The most beautiful thing in this world was in front of my eyes. I was fascinated by the look of my shallu aunty's pussy.

I bent down and glued my lips to those wonderful lips of my shallu aunty's pussy.

I kissed my Shallu Aunty's pussy and then parted the lips and pushed my tongue into her hole.

She cried with pleasure "Mone YEAH... KEEP DOING THAT... DON'T STOP... YEEAAHHHH... EAT ME JUST LIKE THAT... UUUUMMMMMMMM... and pushed my head deep into her pubes.

I started to fuck shallu aunty's pussy with my tongue. Shallu aunty's pussy was already wet with her juiced today I tasted the pussy juices of my shallu aunty's pussy.

Then I got up and separated shallu aunty's legs and placed my cock at her pussy hole and in a single thrust I was in my shallu aunty's pussy.


Now I started to fuck my shallu aunty once again. I continued to fuck her for some time.

Then I pulled my cock out of my shallu aunty and she cried no don't take it out.

I said shallu aunty its now your turn to come over me.

I lay down on the carpet and my cock was standing like a pole. She got onto my legs and placed my cock on her pussy opening and slowly sat down taking my cock in her pussy.

Now she started to move up and down on my cock. Now my Shallu Aunty was fucking her pussy with my cock. I also began to push my cock upwards. She said "I've never done this before. I really LOVE this. UMMMMM!!! Make me feel like I'm in control.

We both were enjoying the fuck now I was about to come. I said shallu aunty I am about to come.

Please take my cock in your mouth I was to cum in your mouth. She came down and bent onto my cock and took it in her mouth.

She started to move her hand up and down on my cock. Immediately I started to cum. My cock exploded in my shallu aunty's mouth.

She started to gulp my cum like a pro. She completely drained and then cleaned my cock.

Later she stood up and smiled shyly while looking at me. I also smiled and she went to her bed room.

Now every thing had got open between me and shallu aunty. At lunch we both admitted that we liked it and would like to continue it.

After lunch when shallu aunty was yet in the kitchen I went to her room and lay on her bed naked.

When she came in she smiled. When she saw me naked in her bed with my erect cock in my hand.

She said with a smile, "looks as you had not got enough of me yet."

I said "I want you all the time shallu aunty, its like I'm addicted."

She opened her robe and she was nude under that then she came to bed naked.

She got on the bed and lay between my legs.

She took my erect cock in her hand and started to lick it from its base to its top.

She tried to probe my cock opening with her tongue. She said "Mone you had a very good and long cock."

I looked in her eyes and said "shallu aunty your pussy is also very nice."

Then she came down and pulled my cock up and began to lick my balls with her tongue. She took one of my balls in her mouth and sucked it.

She pushed my legs up and I took hold of them and she came down to my crack and onto my anal opening. She flicked her tongue on the puckered hole of my anus. It gave me such a pleasure that I never had got. She then placed one finger on my anal opening and pushed it deep into my ass.

Then she began to suck my cock while having her finger in my ass. She was sucking my cock and fucking my ass with her finger.

She said "Mon are you enjoying your ass fuck."

I cried with pleasure "its incredible shallu aunty."

She smiled then you need some more pleasure. I got surprised when she picked out her dildo and the KY jet out of her draw. She lubricated the artificial cock with the jel and then again came in between my legs.

Now she placed the head of the dildo on my anus and began to push it into my anal hole. I was so painful but I could not resist shallu aunty.

Gradually she pushed whole the dildo into my anal hole. It was such a great pleasure that I could not imagine.

Now shallu aunty started to pull and push the dildo in and out of my ass. Then she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it also.

It was a new experience to be sucked while being fucked by a dildo. I could not stay longer and came immediately in my shallu aunty's mouth.

She moved up and came to kiss my lips. Then she gave some amount of my cum into my mouth.

It was new thing to me to eat my own cum but I did it. I was going to enjoying these fetish games. She smiled and said like your uncle you also like these fetish games.

Then she gave my cock a new life with her powerful mouth and asked me to fuck her.

Now I took her in doggy position. I placed my cock at her ass hole and pushed my cock in my shallu aunty's ass.

Now I started to fuck her ass. I got her hips in my hands and started to push my cock in and out of her ass.

Then I took my cock out of he ass hole and pushed it into her pussy.

Now I started to fuck my shallu aunty's pussy.

I took the dildo and placed it at her anus and pushed it deep in her ass. Now I started to fuck my shallu aunty with two sides. My shallu aunty was also enjoying it. "THIS IS GOOOOOODDDDDDDDD... FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT... FUCCCCKKKKKKKKKK MMEEEE... DON'T STOP... YEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH... UUUUUUUMMMMMMMM"

She was being fucked from two sides. It was obvious that she was really enjoying it.

Then I came deep in her pussy and collapsed on her back.

We lay there for some time and then moved to the bathroom. I wanted to pee in the toilet but shallu aunty called me back and I was surprised when she asked me to give her my pee.

It was such an exciement for me. I began to pee on her open mouth. The stream of my pee went straight into her mouth and she began to gulp it.

I now begin to wash her whole face with my pee. My pee was coming on her face also.

Then I angled my cock to her breasts and they also got drenched with my pee. It was such a pleasure that I could not explain it.

Our relations with such fetish games continued.

Till today I am fucking my Shallu Aunty. I did not marry but my aunt took the place of my wife. My shallu aunty is now my wife.

She also gave birth to my two children, one elder son and younger daughter. Obviously they are not only my children but my brother and sister also.

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