tagBDSMShame and Consequences

Shame and Consequences


David is a person of very regular habit. He would always tell Margaret when he would be home and if plans ever changed, he would telephone. This was as much to ensure that she was ready to receive him with a fresh meal and the close attention that he demanded as it was for her peace of mind, but it did mean that he was very predictable. So it was an action entirely out of character when on that Thursday morning he realised that he had forgotten to pick up some vital documents when he left for work and returned to the house less than half an hour after he left. He parked the car outside the house and walked up the drive selecting the front door key. With a shock he saw that the living room curtains were closed.

The curtains were automatically opened on a timer and closed with a light sensitive switch and they had been open when he left for work. The only way that they could now be closed was if Margaret, or somebody else, had overridden them. Why would that be? She would not want or need the curtains to be closed for anything she would be doing. It was too early for the children to be taking a nap. What could be going on? Slowing his step and moving very quietly, he eased the front door silently open. As soon as he entered the hall, he heard moaning from the curtained room. A feeling mixing shock and anger struck him. He moved with as much stealth as possible. Holding his breath, David eased open the door to see the room brightly lit and his naked wife on her knees lying over the pouffe with their, also naked, maid vigorously licking her arse.


He barked. Both women froze and Margaret let out out a little squeal. David removed his belt and without a word grabbed the maid by the hair pulling her alongside his wife. With all his strength he thrashed the buttocks of both women for more than five minutes. They writhed and screamed as their arses became livid and welted from the flailing leather. Their legs flew and tears dropped freely to the carpet, but neither woman attempted to escape the onslaught or protect themselves from the instant punishment. Dripping with sweat and his arm tired, David replaced the belt around his trousers. Taking Margaret by the hair he dragged her, rubber legged and sobbing, up the stairs to their bedroom. He tied her face down and spreadeagled onto the bed before taking a large butt plug and pushing it fully into the flaming red arse that had been so well spit moistened before its beating.

Returning to the living room where the maid remained exactly as he had left her, he commanded her to get up and kneel before him.

"Sorry Master."

She quivered.

"I only serve Madam just as I serve you. Please forgive me. Please let me serve you now Master. Please!"

"How often do you do this to her?"

"Every day Madam has her shower Master."

"Did she tell you to do it?"

After I watch Madam do it for you Master and I dry her after shower, I get my face near her bottom and I kiss just a bit. She say yes do that and it start."

"What else do you do?"

"Nothing Master. Just help Madam with shower."

"Does she lick you?"

"No Master. That not right. I serve."

"OK. So your duties just extended."

David took his rock hard prick from his trousers, grabbed her by the hair and thrust himself roughly into her mouth. At first Su tried enthusiastically to suck him, but the aggression of the face fuck was too great for her to handle. She was only a small woman and the prick seemed huge as he forced himself down her throat. She gagged and coughed, then David shot a very large load into her. Su desperately tried to keep it in her mouth and swallow, but she could not help choking and cum dribbled out of her nose and mouth.

"Clean yourself up. You look after the children and get my food ready this evening. The bitch stays where she is. Don't speak to her. Don't even go into her room."

David returned to work and came home at his usual time. He was interested, amused and rather pleased to find Su kneeling naked in the hall to meet him when he walked in the front door. She had her hands clasped behind her back and her eyes cast to the floor.

"Get up. Is my dinner ready?"

"Yes Master."

"Get me a whisky and go and serve the food."

As she scuttled away to the drinks cabinet David looked with some satisfaction at her heavily bruised and welted buttocks. He sat in his favourite armchair and when Su came with the drink, he grabbed her damaged flesh hard and squeezed. She let out a little whimper, but said nothing.

"You understand that I should throw you and her out of my house don't you?"

"Sorry Master. I didn't understand. I just want make Madam happy. I want make you happy too Master. Please don't send me away."

"I wont send you away, but you are going to do a lot more for me in the future. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master. Thank you Master. I do anything. Anything at all. Thank you Master."

"OK. Go and get the food.."

David took his whisky and went to the bedroom. Margaret was as he left her except that her face was now in a tear stained pillow. Her livid arse shone out from her pink body.

Without saying anything he took his cane and gave her three hard strokes on her damaged buttocks. Downstairs Su heard Margaret scream as she put the food on the table and she trembled. Although she hadn't eaten or drunk all day Margaret's bladder had not been emptied either and when the third blow of the cane struck her she let go, soaking the bedding with hot piss. David untied her, removed the butt plug to reveal a gaping arsehole and then told her to clean up herself and the bed. Before leaving to eat his meal, he told her to present herself in the bedroom at 9pm.

David took a leisurely dinner, savouring the food and the anxious ministrations of Su who frequently topped up his glass and scuttled about removing spent crockery and ensuring that David had all he wanted and the food was to his satisfaction. When he was finally finished and he had instructed Su to briefly put on a dressing gown and ensure that the children were asleep, he told her also to go to the bedroom and present herself.

David went to the bathroom and took off his clothing. At precisely nine-o-clock he went into the bedroom where the two women were kneeling naked to receive his judgement on their actions. The stimulation created by satisfaction at his authority and the overwhelming desirability of his errant women mingled in his mind with the erotic images of the petite maid tonguing his beautiful wife. Until this time he had dominated and disciplined the maid, but he had not had her sexually. That had been part of the deal with Margaret. Everything was different now.

He could not have controlled it if he wanted, but he was not interested in doing so anyway, David's prick stood rigidly to attention. He took a leather paddle and slapping it into the palm of his hand he approached the kneeling figures. Both were shaking and had their eyes cast to the floor. Placing his hand under his wife's chin he raised her face. As she looked up at him he took Su's hair and pulled her onto his throbbing dick. She opened her mouth instantly to take him and he thrust hard into her throat.

"A wife."

He said, as Su struggled to take the throat fucking and make it as pleasurable for him as she possibly could.

"Can have her function replaced. And a servant serves her Master. Nobody else."

He pulled Su's drooling mouth off him. He picked up a tube of KY and threw it to Margaret.

"Lube her arse."

He instructed.

Margaret hastened to open the tube and Su obediently went onto her hands and knees to assist. David knelt down behind her and told his wife to guide his prick into the maid's arsehole. He fucked her hard with his full length while she wriggled and squealed, then, holding Margaret tightly by the hair, he withdrew and shoved his soiled dick into her mouth. She sucked and licked frantically hoping to pleasure him although the taste and thought repelled her. After a few seconds he pulled her face away and thrust again into the waiting arse of his maid. He continued to switch between his servant's arse and his wife's mouth until he shot his load down Margaret's throat.

When Margaret had cleaned him fully and he had gone soft, he told both women to face him on their knees with hands clasped behind their backs. Almost idly he slapped their tits with the paddle as he explained that for the next three nights there would be sessions of discipline and service as a consequence of their misbehaviour.

Each evening after dinner both of them were to present themselves in the bedroom at nine. Every night Su would cast two dice. Whatever the score on the dice would be the number of strokes that Margaret would receive in punishment for having misused her maid and betrayed her husband's trust. On the first night her cunt would be punished, on the second her tits and on the third, there would be a return to her beaten arse. For each of these three nights Su would sleep with David and Margaret would have the maid's quarters. From now onward, David would use Su sexually in whatever way he chose.

There was no sign of assent or rebellion on the faces of either woman. Each just winced as she received a further stroke of the leather strap onto her burning tits.

David returned the paddle to its hook. He told Margaret to clear the dinner things and wash up. Su was instructed to fetch him a drink and join him in the bedroom.

David slept well that night. He was sated with drink and the earlier exertions so he did not engage in any vigorous fucking. He enjoyed the unfamiliar feel of the small lithe body next to him. He had her lick his arse for at least twenty minutes and then slipped his prick in her mouth before drifting off to sleep.

Margaret fretted alone in the single bed that felt so small and unwelcoming. She was sore, humiliated and frightened at whether she had lost her husband. She thought too of the cunt whipping that she was going to get tomorrow. How many strokes would it be and what would he use? That was very worrying, but she knew that she could get through the beating. It was maintaining the love of David that really troubled her.


In the morning Margaret was awake very early,but she did not leave the servant room. After he got up, David went to her. He ordered her to her knees beside the bed, put his limp prick in her mouth and emptied the night contents of his bladder into her. Margaret managed to take it all without spill. Before leaving for work he instructed Margaret to remain unclothed and to do everything that she was instructed by Su. He had already told the maid that she would be in charge of the house for the day. The only constraint was that Margaret was to be kept out of sight of the children who would in any case be going to their nursery school.

When David returned that evening he ate his meal and then put down a plate of leftovers on the floor for Margaret. She'd had nothing all day except a belly full of piss and she lapped up the food remnants eagerly.

Having finished eating, David took himself a drink and relaxed in his favourite armchair until he was ready to go and deal with the women who were naked and ready for him in the bedroom. He picked up his dice and went to them,

"Su take the dice and throw them onto the table."

She threw the dice and they fell as five and four.

"Very well then, nine strokes on the cunt for the cunt."

He smiled as he spoke to Margaret. She didn't see love in the smile. Her cunt had been beaten before and she knew that it hurt terribly. She also knew that this time there was a greater feeling in the punishment than there had been previously and nine was a lot of strokes. The smile had a look of cruelty in it and she wondered what David would use to beat her. She did not have to wait.

"For variety I think I will give this thrashing with three different tools."

He took a flexible leather paddle from the rack. It was eighteen inches long, two inches wide and made of thick cowhide. A pattern was cut into the surface which went through into complete holes in places and elsewhere was just indented. The implement was stitched all round the edge with a thick thread. When used on the buttocks it left complex marks that changed as the colours developed. On cunt lips it would not be so likely to show the patterns. It would surely bring misery and tears streaked down Margaret's cheeks.

He picked up the dice and strapped her down to the coffee table that was really a whipping bench. She was on her back. Head hanging down over one end and her cunt level with the other end. Her wrists were loosely cuffed together under the table and her ankles were secured to the legs beneath her arse.

To finish off, he fixed a spreader between her knees. Picking up the paddle again, he pressed it to her face for her to kiss. David removed his clothes stood astride the immobilised body of his wife and brought down the paddle in a long, strong arc. The crack of the leather on the hairless cunt lips was followed immediately by a sharp scream before a trembling voice said

"One Master."

David looked at the brilliant red flesh where his paddle had fallen perfectly. He raised his arm and brought it down again even harder than the first time. She screamed again and only just managed to call out the count for the second stroke. Now the labia were very swollen and beginning to go purple. The third stroke, just as hard again caused spasms to run through Margaret as she sobbed and struggled to say the 'Three Master' that was required.

David replaced the paddle on its rack, but rather than taking another implement he instructed Su to lie down over Margaret with her face to Margaret's burning cunt. He pushed two lube covered fingers into Su's arse and then fucked her anally just above Margaret's tear stained face. After about ten minutes of pumping the pretty little arse to his full depth, David withdrew and pushed his prick into Margaret's mouth. Vile though it was to take his prick straight from the arse of another woman, and her servant, the familiar presence of his prick in her throat gave Margaret a comfort that nobody else could know. She sucked and licked for all she was able, but before he came he withdrew.

Su was instructed to get off and David returned to the rack where he took a riding crop. The next three strokes were delivered with the same force and accuracy as the first three. The crop fell just a little lighter than the paddle, but the pain was exquisite nonetheless. Each cut of the crop bit into the inflamed flesh. The leather flap at the end of the crop stamped a further flush on the livid skin.

These three complete, David returned the crop to its rack and sent Su to collect him a drink and to bring two plugs of root ginger from the fridge. While she was away he stuck his rock hard prick into Margaret's scorching cunt and poked her a few times. He then went to her head and put his arse to her mouth for her to lick while he waited. Usually when Margaret licked his arse, he was fresh from the shower and tasting as clean as any other part of his body. Today he had been at work and now he had exerted himself so the hairy hole was sweaty. She nestled her nose in and pushed her tongue to his sphincter.

When Su returned David pushed a large fig of the root ginger into Margaret's cunt and arse. She gasped at the intrusion and the terrible tenderness. He took two clamps from the tool rack and attached them to her swollen labia. Margaret bit her lip with pain as the clamps dug unto her flesh. The cords attached to the clamps he tied off on the knee cuffs of her spreader bar so that her cunt was gaping wide open showing its soft, pink interior and the yellow end of the ginger stuffed right inside. Next he took down a medium weight cane. With careful aim he caned her hard on the left cunt lip right where the clamp was fixed. The labia was pulled from the jaws of the clamp and it flew free to hang limp beneath her leg. Margaret's scream of pain was so intense that it made Su jump, but still she had enough composure to be able to say.

"Seven Master."

As soon as she was able.

The next stroke of the cane with the skill and accuracy of much practice did the same to the right cunt lip as the previous had done to the left. When the stroke was called he positioned himself across her body again for the final blow. Right hand raised high he brought the cane down to inflict an angled welt from the top of her right labia to the bottom of the left. All three cane strokes had struck exactly as he intended onto the fleshy sensitive parts of his wif'e's cunt without risking damage to the clitoris and avoiding the heavy bruising that comes from a hard caning onto the pubic bone. With tears streaming and through deep sobs, Margaret managed to call the last stroke when her scream finally subsided.

The terrible pain from her beating mixed strangely with the indescribable sensations of the ginger in her insides and she writhed in her bonds. David instructed Su to release her. As he left the room he gave Su permission to lick Margaret's cunt if she so wished, but the ginger was to stay in for thirty minutes when he would return.

When David came back Margaret was still lying on the table. Su had been soothing her punished cunt with her tongue amid muttering apologies for having thrown such a high number although they both knew this was no fault of hers. Still Margaret lacked the strength to get up and any way she had not been told that she could. David simply told Su to kneel before him and fucked her face until he came a huge load in her mouth. He told her to show it to Margaret and him before swallowing it. He then sat Margaret up on the table and emptied his bladder into her mouth for the second time that day. Finally he allowed Su to help Margaret to bed in the same place as the previous night.


On the second night of punishment, Margaret only managed to walk into the bedroom slowly and painfully. She stood with her legs apart until it was time for her to kneel to receive David. Her day had been very similar to the previous one. First thing in the morning her husband had come to her and pissed the whole night's contents of his bladder into her mouth. He left the house in the control of Su and Margaret did little during the day. She was not fed.

Su had slept with David and he used her much as he would have done his wife. He fucked her a little in the cunt or arse, but mostly he required her to lick his arse or take him in her mouth. He always came in her mouth or throat.

Now they waited expectantly as Su threw the dice again. A three and a two. Margaret quietly allowed herself a small sigh of relief. She had taken many beatings on the tits and often there were more than five strokes. She could take it, but what would it be done with? David had her kneel. He secured her wrists firmly behind her and then tied her hair to her cuffs so the her head was tilted back. He took two strong elastic circles from the rack and forced one onto each tit so that they stood out very firmly and they immediately began to darken in colour.

From the rack he selected a heavy leather flogger. It had a handle in the shape of a large dildo and about twenty thin leather bootlaces fixed in it. Each was around two feet long with a small silver tip on each one and a single knot at various distances from the end of the thong. He slipped the dildo handle into her mouth to let her know what she was about to receive and before starting the thrashing he pushed it down her throat and held it there for a few moments. Margaret gasped as the flogger was removed and already there were tears filling the corners of her eyes. David stepped back, raised his arm and brought it down hard on her right tit. The breast leapt wildly at the impact of the flogger and the purple flesh was immediately streaked with welts. The bruised flesh was covered in livid blotches caused by the silver tips and knots.

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