tagIncest/TabooShame On Me

Shame On Me


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* * * * *

"Jack, where are we going?" I asked. "You said if I went to the movies with you tonight you would bring me straight home. This isn't the way home."

"This will just take a few minutes," Jack laughed. "You'll love this. I haven't visited this place in years."

"Jack, I have to work tomorrow. Unlike you, I work for a living."

"Hey, don't get personal bitch. I work. When I have a job I work. Anyway, we're here."

The car turned up a winding dirt lane ending in a wide opening overlooking the city. Four or five cars occupied the self made parking area.

"Jack, this is a make out spot for teenagers. Why the hell would you want to come here? Let's go...I have to get home."

Jack found a space and turned off the motor.

"Put out or get out baby," he smirked.

"Wow, real juvenile Jack. Put our or get out? Real funny. Now take me home."

"I'm serious Kelly. We've been going out for a month and you've put off every advance I've made. I'm getting a blow job tonight or you can walk out of here. I don't give a damn. One or the other. What's it going to be?"

"Tell you what Jack," I said as I opened the door. "Don't call me any more, don't drop by any more. Everyone told me you were a loser. I should have listened to them. Your contemptible... no, your beyond contempt."

I slammed the door and walked over to the nearest parked car. Without thinking I jerked open the passenger side door and was met with a loud scream.

"I'm sorry," I said apologetically. "I'm so, so sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you...I really hate to interfere...."

"What the hell are you doing?" the young girl screamed. "You scared the hell out of us."

"I'm really sorry," I continued to apologize. "It's just that my friend sort of dumped me and I need a ride away from here. I'll gladly pay you to drive me to an all night restaurant or gas station, somewhere I can call a cab."

The girl glanced over at the driver as she hurriedly buttoned up her blouse. I couldn't help but notice her difficulty, her ample breast filling it to capacity. Apparently the driver assented because the young girl pulled her seat forward to give me access to the back seat of the car.

"Get in," she said. "It's chilly out there."

That's when I noticed. Half way into the back seat I noticed...the driver...having the same difficulty as the passenger. A perfect set of firm, round breast being stuffed into an all to small blouse...they were both girls! And so young!

I'm not a prude. I'm also not a woman of the world either. I'd never seen two girls together before. I was stunned and intrigued at the same time. The girl's voice startled me out of my trance.

"How far do you live from here?" She asked. "Maybe we can give you a ride all the way to your home if it's not to far away."

"I don't know, maybe five miles. Twenty minutes are so I would think. No more than twenty minutes."

"We can give her a ride home can't we Jenny," she said to the driver. "There's no reason for her to take a cab. Twenty minutes is not too far away."

"Okay, okay," Jenny replied. I could tell by the tone in her voice she wasn't exactly happy with my interference of her evening.

"I'll pay you," I reiterated. "You don't know how much I appreciate this."

Jenny started the car. As we pulled out of the parking area Jack was still sitting in his car, a look of disbelief on his face.

"Was that your boyfriend we just passed?" the girl asked. "He looked mad."

"No, he's not my boyfriend. Just an idiot I went out with a few times. He decided it was put out or get out. I surprised him and got out."

"The girl's giggled at my candor.

"My name is Heather," the girl on the passenger side said. "And this is my friend Jennifer. Sorry I yelled at you when you opened our door. You just scared me for a moment. I usually keep my door locked when we're up here if you know what I mean."

"Which way do I go," Jennifer interrupted. North or South on the freeway?"

"North," I said. "And get off at the Oak Street exit. I hope I'm not taking you too far away from your home."

"Oh no, like we only live a few miles from here. We're like, you know, your neighbor."

"Do you girls go to school around here?" I asked nervously...I thought I needed to make conversation.

"I'm a senior at Riverside High," Heather said. "Jennifer's a freshman at a Community College near hear."

"My daughter's a senior at Riverside High!" I exclaimed. "And I teach at Belmont High."

I knew the minute I opened my mouth I'd volunteered personal information that could have best gone unsaid. They didn't need to know about me...and certainly not about my daughter. Well it was too late now, I felt so damn dumb.

"Oh yeah, is that right? Your daughter's a senior at my school? Like what's her name?"

Well, it would really be rude to clam up now, I thought to myself. Besides, I haven't done anything wrong...embarrassing maybe, but not wrong. So I answered her.

"Sarah, Sarah Callahan. You probably don't know her. You have about five hundred Seniors in that school don't you?"

"We do have a big class," Heather said. "Like our school is...like the biggest in the state I think. Three thousand students. So your daughter's name is Sarah Callahan, huh. I don't think I know her. Does she like play sports or anything?"

"She plays Soccer." I knew I had said enough. I wasn't going to volunteer any more information about Sarah. I still had this lingering feeling in my gut I shouldn't have said anything in the first place.

"So you teach at Belmont, huh. They're like our biggest rival in football you know. We kicked your butt two weeks ago."

"I know," I said. "Excuse me Heather...Jennifer, there's the exit. As soon as you get off the ramp make a right at the first street. I live about six blocks down that street."

Within minutes we were at the my house. As I squeezed out of the back seat I thanked them again for being good samaritans. They refused to take any money. They waved as they drove away.

* * * * *

Sarah was already in bed when I entered the house. She usually waited up for me but she knew I was with Jack...she didn't like Jack.

As I lay in bed I thought about the two girls, especially Heather. The girl goes to high school in my school district, gets caught in a sexual situation by me, and when she learns I'm a teacher, acted totally unconcerned about it. Granted, I didn't teach at her school, but we were still in the same school district. Very confident girl, I thought to myself.

Next day, out of curiosity, and some concern, I called a teacher friend at Riverside High. I just wanted to give myself some peace of mind and make sure Heather wasn't one of those "Bad Girls" that might spread rumors thru the school about my previous nights dilemma. I didn't want my daughter to be embarrassed about something that was caused by me.

When I finally made contact with Betty she laughed when I asked about a girl named Heather.

"My god Kelly, do you know how many Heather's are in our Senior Class? And you don't know her last name? What does she look like?"

"She was about five foot, six inches tall," I said. Long blonde hair, very pretty and extremely shapely...oh, and well endowed. She also talked rather mature for her age."

The only Heather that Betty could think of that fit my description was Heather Barrinton, a grade "A" student, a former cheerleader who participated her sophomore and junior years, but dropped off the squad this year. She also was heavily involved in her drama class.

"By the way," Betty said, "I saw your daughter in the hallway the other day. I haven't seen her since last school year. She getting to be a absolute knockout...she must be fighting the boys off this year. She sure is a cute kid."

I laughed. "Kid," I said, "She turned eighteen four months ago. And you're right. Our phone rings off the hook every night. I might have to get her her own extension."

It was nice talking to Betty again. We were roommates in college but seldom saw each other any more, especially since my divorce. My ex and her husband were best friends...still are as far as I know...and it became extremely awkward for us to get together socially.

I felt a little better with the information she gave me, enough that I pretty much put the whole incident out of my mind...except the two girls kissing, that was going to be hard to forget.

When I arrive home that night Sarah was waiting for me.

"What happened last night mother that you had to get a ride home with Heather Barrington."

"How do you know something happened?' I asked. I felt distraught that my daughter had found out.

"Heather Barrington approached me in the hallway today and said she met you last night. She wanted to tell me how much she admired you for what you did...walking out on that guy. That's all she would tell me. Was it Jack? What did he do to you?"

I broke down and told Sarah the whole story. I knew I was going to hear "I told you so" from her. She despised Jack. I guess she was right about him. She was ecstatic that he wouldn't be coming around any more.

Sarah left the bomb shell for last. She didn't know it was a bomb shell but it was nevertheless.

"I never met Heather before," she said. "I've seen her in a couple of plays the drama class has put on though. Anyway, after she introduced herself we talked for a long time. She's really a nice girl. In fact, she invited me to a movie with her and a friend this Friday night."

* * * * *

I could feel the air rush out of my lungs. I was at a total loss of what to say to her. I couldn't refuse to allow her to go. That wasn't the kind of relationship we had. We operated on trust and she never give me any reason not to trust her.

I certainly wasn't in a position to tell her of Heather's sexual inclinations either. I wouldn't know how to broach the subject anyway. We seldom...no, we never talked about sex because...because I put her off so many times she finally stopped asking. I knew I was just going to have to trust her good judgement...and worry.

Friday night I waited up for her. She had a midnight curfew...she was home by eleven thirty.

"So, did you have a good time tonight?" I asked nervously. "Was it a good movie?"

"I had a great time," she said. "Heather and Jennifer, that's her friend, were a blast. I asked them to come in when they dropped me off but they said they had to get home. I'm sure glad I met her. I couldn't have done it without you Mother." She laughed,

I knew she was chiding me. And it was true, if it wasn't for that goddamn Jack I wouldn't be going through the stress of her new found social life.

She appeared to be so happy...maybe Heather and Jennifer were typical teenagers, nice girls who were just experimenting the night I met them. Anyway, she was home and everything seemed to be alright.

* * * * *

The following week Sarah would mention Heather almost everyday. They had become extremely chummy at school. I still didn't know how to handle it...so I did nothing. I was growing tired of the nagging worry...nothing had happened to make me worry...nothing I knew about anyway.

I was still concerned. But what was I concerned about? That she would find out that Heather had flirted with a perverted form of sexual behavior...or she was bisexual, or gay!

Would Heather try to seduce her? Would my daughter succumb to Heather's advances if Heather did hit on her? And why wouldn't Heather try...my daughter was beautiful...and sexy too, although I've tried subtly to monitor her clothing purchases. But her personality, the way she carried herself...she was sexy, extremely innocent, but sexy.

Friday she went out with Heather and Jennifer again. Heather had tickets to a dinner playhouse in the city. Heather must have surely talked Sarah into going because she had never shown any interest in the arts before. At least that was one positive thing in their relationship I could cling to.

I met with friends myself that night...dinner and drinks, and didn't get home till past midnight.

Sarah was already fast asleep when I looked in on her. I don't know what possessed me...looking for confirmation that everything was all right I guess, but I went into her bathroom and opened the clothes hamper. I wish I had left well enough alone.

There, right on top, were Sarah's panties. The minute I picked them up my heart sank. They were soaking wet. I put the crotch to my nose, it was definitely a sexual discharge.

I lay in bed fighting my emotions. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't think of anything else. I still had the panties in my hand. For the life of me...I have no explanation... I sniffed her panties!

What I did next was...was sick. I began fingered myself...fingered myself until I shuddered in pleasure from an overwhelming orgasm. And then I cried myself to sleep.

* * * * *

The nights sleep didn't help much. I felt so ashamed, so terrible for my actions. I didn't know how I could have done such a thing. I have never had sexual feelings towards women, especially my own daughter! I realized it had been a very long time since I had sex...but that wasn't an excuse for my behavior. I finally convinced myself that my fantasy during this weak moment was Heather and Jennifer...not my daughter. But the panties...

At breakfast Sarah informed me her two new friends were coming over to the house that night. They were going to buy a couple of pizza's and watch video's. I was welcome to join if I wanted.

About seven Heather and Jennifer arrived. There was a sudden change of plans for some reason. They decided to go out for pizza instead and I was invited to go along.

I immediately accepted their invitation...at least nothing would happen with me along. I felt like I had to atone for my actions...and after a day of shame and guilt, I knew I had to get a grip on my emotions.

Surprisingly, we had a wonderful time at the pizza place. I felt like a young school girl again and I couldn't remember the last time I laughed so much. The four glasses of wine they insisted I drink went a long way in relaxing my inhibitions. I even convinced myself that my actions the night before was an aberration and would never happen again.

When we left the pizza place Heather and Sarah immediately crawled into the back seat leaving me to ride up front with Jennifer. I didn't pay any attention where we were going, the wine had given me quite a buzz. Then I noticed the familiar dirt lane...where my nightmare started...the teenage lovers lane!

"What are we doing here?" I demanded of Jennifer. Her eyes lifted to the rear view mirror, her way of hinting to me to look in the back seat. Heather and my daughter...I could hardly breath...they were in full embrace, their tongues intertwined in a wet, sensual kiss.

I couldn't speak. It was all so surreal. I felt an arm go around my neck and pull me gently. I turned my head and a soft pair of lips adhered to mine. I thought I was trying to pull away but...but my sexual instincts accepted the long, wet tongue into my mouth. I groaned as Jennifer pushed me back on the seat, her left hand resting on my knee.

"Nooo, noooo, please don't do this...Jenny, please stop. Take us home...NOW. Sarah, you stop it back there young lady...what do you think your doing, and in front of your mother...YOU STOP IT RIGHT NOW. DO YOU HEAR ME!"

I twisted in my seat, my eyes were met by an ignoring daughter.

"Please...oh Sarah, you don't know what your doing. HEATHER, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY SARAH?"

My head was spinning...my heart pounding...the effect of the wine was beginning to immobilize my thought process. I suddenly became engrossed with the perverted sight being played out in the back seat of the car. My daughter, my beautiful Sarah, her breast exposed, Heather's lips locked on to her long, hard nipple. Sarah's moans of pleasure was...was vulgar...and, god forgive me, like an aphrodisiac, a key to a depraved side I didn't know I had, or understood.

I closed my eyes and gave way to Jennifer's advances. It was so wrong, sooo wrong, sooo good.

My daughter continued to moan from the back seat. "Oh God, yes Heather, yesssssssssss."

I slowly sank down in my seat, my legs spreading my thighs submissively. Jennifer's fingers, stroking my pussy, my panties leaving little doubt to my state of mind, sooo soaked from this long awaited sexual contact.

Jennifer slipped her fingers beneath my panties, my soaking slit sucked them in. I knew this wasn't like any foreplay I had ever experienced, this was real...plucking me like a stringed instrument, skilled beyond her years. And I was letting it happen because...because I liked it.

The moaning in the back seat grew louder, the very idea that one of them was my daughter seemed to urge me on, to bring me closer to ecstasy from the depths of this insane depravity. But I hadn't reached bottom yet.

Jenny brought me to the brink and stopped. My first words in this altered state..."pleaseee, don't...don't stop. So close, sooo close."

She raised her hand to my face...brushing my lips, the smell of my own cunt...cunt, I never used that word before, the odor from her fingers was intoxicating and I sucked them, sucked the juices from them like...like....

Jenny pulled away from me, planting her back against the driver's door, her right leg thrown over the top of the seat. As her tanned thighs parted, the wickedness of her exhibition sent a shudder of perverse pleasure coursing thru my body.

The urge to please her was overwhelming, so much so I lowered my head between her outstretched legs without knowing what to do.

As my lips touched her slit I breathed in deeply, inhaling her scent...kissing her pussy lips sloppily as my tongue snaked thru the labyrinth of her thick patch of hair, sticky from a steady stream of flowing juices...tasty juices...

I lapped her till my tongue felt swollen, her groans were my cue...repeating what she liked...doing my best to please her. Her eruption was sudden, cum oozing from her profusely, and it coated my tongue like a tart, hot syrup...its own unique flavor.

I wanted to cum...needed to...to feel that delicious feeling when your body entertains itself...when it steals that moment of control away from you and puts you in the throes of ecstasy, that uncontrolled pleasure.

She pulled me by the hair until my face was buried in her breast, her lovely, firm teenage breast. I slobbered over her nipples, covering them with her own cum, licking it up again, while she caressed the nape of my neck...and sighed, seemingly sated for the moment.

My own sexual needs gnawed at me, my submissive behavior leaving me uncertain...should I ask, beg, or would she recognize my unquenched need. GOD, I NEED TO CUMMM........my silent scream.

"You're such an obedient slut Sarah," I heard Heather say to my daughter. "You lick pussy like you were born to it. How about her slut mom up there Jenny? She must have really got you off, you were grunting like a pig."

"Oh yea," Jenny replied. "She was sooo good, and it's like, you know, her first time. Maybe cunt sucking runs in the family."

Their words were like daggers, tears of shame welling up in my eyes...and as low, as debased as I felt, I still wanted...no, god no, I NEEDED to cum.

Like a child I began to plead, whispering in Jenny's ear. I didn't want Sarah to hear.

"Fuck my pussy Jenny. Pleaseee, will you fuck my pussy...pleaseee. God, I need it so bad.

"Did you hear that Heather," Jenny muttered. "The teacher wants to cum. What do you think Sarah? Ever think you would hear your mother beg one of your friends to fuck her?'

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