tagFetishShaming Carly's Mum

Shaming Carly's Mum


It was nearly three days later when they received another visit. Kelly, by this time, had just started to allow herself the first glimmer of hope. Hope that maybe Smith, having realised what a dangerous game he was playing, had decided to quit while he was ahead and leave them alone. But, she instinctively knew, on hearing that fateful knock at the door, that all such hopes were now dashed.

"Hello again Kelly," said Smith cheerfully, "alright if I come in?" But it was not a question that he required an answer to. "Thank you so much."

As he made his own way through to the kitchen, he heard the scurrying of feet as someone dashed out of an adjacent door and into the back corridor.

"Carly's not here," said Kelly.

"Is that so," replied Smith, a note of sarcasm in his voice.

"Look Mr Smith, we've held up our part of the bargain."

"Not quite yet, I don't think. I really want to see her again. I thought maybe I might take some pictures to remember you both by."

"I don't think so."

"Not even if I promise to put in all the paperwork approving your application this afternoon?"

A moment's pause. "You promise? Really promise this time?"

"Yes I really do promise."

"Look, you don't need involve Carly any more, please. She's really very upset after yesterday. I don't think she could go through that again."

"But you agreed?"

"Well maybe there's something else we can do instead."

"Such as?"

They both looked at each other for a moment while Kelly tried to summon up the courage to make her proposal

"Such as...well...how about me?" Her voice cracked as she spoke the words.

Smith looked at her curiously. "You - naked?"


And what makes you think I want to look at your fat old body?"

She stared at him without blinking, again summoning up the courage to speak the unthinkable. "Well for one thing, I'm pretty hairy too -- and..." she struggled to get the words out, "and I smell -- very strong - I know you like that."

"Yes I do," he said, starting to show some interest. "Where exactly do you smell the most?"

"You know; err around my pussy...and..."

"Yes Mrs hall, and where else?"

"and my ass I suppose."

"Is it all hairy like your daughter's - your asshole I mean?"

Kelly stared back at him a moment.

"Mrs Hall?"

"Err, yes."


"Yes. Well, actually more so."

"Mm, I image it probably is, isn't it? You're starting to get my attention. Tell me more about what all those curly Afro pubes look like between your legs. I assume they are very curly aren't they -- like hundreds of tightly wound, coils of black wire? Am I right? What do you look like naked? Convince me to accept your proposition!"

Kelly looked down for a moment, stealing herself against the incredible embarrassment of putting into words something which very few men - and certainly no white man - had ever seen. She took a deep breath and started.

"OK, I can tell that I'm hairy pretty much everywhere round my private parts; I don't shave at all."

Kelly saw Smith surreptitiously sliding his right hand down inside his trouser pocket.

"And it's not how you imagine. I suppose the hairs are very wiry, but not tight little curls - much bigger, thicker ones. My mound is completely covered..."

"Go on..."

"with a thick bush of black hair," she continued, " and it carries on right up to my tummy, almost, and all around the tops of my legs - right in between - and then up into my bottom..."

Smith was now staring at her groin, transfixed by her words. "So...err, how far?"

"How far?"

"Up into your bottom I mean? How far do the hairs grow up your crack?" he blurted.

Kelly's confidence was growing a little as she realised she now had him under her spell. "Everywhere mister. Like under my arms here." Kelly raised up her left arm to reveal a thick, unruly mass of curly black hairs. The smell of her sweaty pits wafted across Smith's face and his nose instinctively flared in appreciation. "The whole of my ass crack is full of hairs just like this; they even grow out on my ass cheeks a little."

"Go on, where else?"

"You mean in other places?"

"Yep -- do you have any hairs growing in other unusual places?"

"Well...I guess I have lots of tiny hairs all over the place...I have some stubble down my lower legs...and a few hairs on my breasts and even some on my toes."

"Really? You have hairy tits and toes? How disgusting. And you never shave? You must look quite a sight when you're naked."

"No one ever sees me naked. Not even my daughter. I never got naked, even in front of other women in the changing rooms when I was at school."

"So you've never taken your clothes off in front of strangers?"

"No never. Even when my husband was here we only did it the dark mostly."

"So you're embarrassed by your body?"

Kelly nodded. "A little self conscious I guess."

"I'm beginning to understand why Mrs Hall. I mean who would really want to look at such a hairy, smelly woman?"

"Why do you insult me like that?"

"I didn't mean to insult you; but since you act offended, I guess it's only fair to you give the benefit of the doubt."

"And how's that - what do you mean?"

"I mean that maybe I will take up your offer after all."

Kelly looked away. "To do what exactly?" She was dreading the answer.

"I want you to strip totally naked for me Mrs Hall. That was your idea wasn't it?"

Still looking away, she nodded again, very slowly.

"And then I'm going to make you show me all those embarrassing hairy places. You know what that means?"

Another nod.

"What do you think that means Mrs Hall; Tell me?"

"You want to see my pussy?"

"Yes but much more than that. I want you to spread your thick, fat hairy legs for me so I can have a good old sniff of it."

She turned back round to look at him, but this time her eyes were slightly damp.

"And then I'll want you to bend over and pull open your huge flabby buttocks so I can have a good close look at your rancid, hairy asshole. I assume it is pretty rancid isn't it?"

A single tear ran down her face. "Yes. I mean no. I mean please don't make me do that."

"And I suppose we may as well look properly under your arms, and examine your hairy black teats and feet while we're at it. I bet your nipples are all dark and rubbery aren't they?"

She nodded, then put her hands to her face and turned away. "No, I changed my mind!"

"OK, we'll forget it then. I can see you're not really serious about saving your daughter from any further humiliation. I guess we'll just have to call her back down."

"No. No! Please... Ok...I will do it."

"Mm," he said in a mock-disinterested fashion, as if considering other options. "I'm not sure I'm that interested anymore."

"Excuse me," she said indignantly -- and then instantly regretted it.

"OK then, show me what you've got. I suppose it might be worth taking a bit of a look. If I like what I see then maybe I'll think about letting your daughter off."

"That's mighty big of you."

"Your choice; but I suggest you try to impress me. You can start by opening up the front of your dress if you like and letting me have a good sniff right in that big fat crotch of yours." He made some pig like sniffing noises for effect.

Smith leisurely pulled out a chair and sat down in front of her, legs spread slightly apart so that she could see the slight bulge that was already beginning to form in his trousers His head was now at eye level with her tummy.

"Now come a little closer. Stand right here between my knees and undo those buttons."

Kelly took a few steps forward and started fumbling with the lower buttons at the front of her simple cotton dress. Starting at the hem, which hung just above her knees, she began to release each fastening, carefully threading each button through the button-hole with mechanical precision. As she worked higher, she was aware of some further stirrings beneath the fabric at Smith's crotch.

"You're really getting off on this?"

"We'll see shan't we," he said, following her gaze. "You'll be able monitor your success by looking right here!"

She immediately looked away and concentrated back on the dress. By now she had arrived at her tummy. She was by no means fat, but her stomach was not that of twenty year old girl either. Kelly was quite amply proportioned, and the final few buttons were causing some difficulty.

"That's enough. Now open your dress for me."

Without glancing down, Kelly scooped at the hanging folds of her dress and slowly spread the two flaps apart with the palms of her hands. It was like she was opening some secret curtains.

He immediately drew in a breath and leaned forward in his seat to try and sample the first waft of her genital odour as she released the stale air trapped inside her dress. Fish! Kelly Hall's cunt smelled of very ripe haddock!

Smith was now staring straight at Kelly's cream coloured panties, the ample bulge of her mons pubis straining hard against the shear Spandex fabric. He was immediately drawn to a spray of coarse wiry pubes which hung out from the right hand leg hole like some kind of ugly black lichen. His cock twitched involuntarily. As he looked closer, he could see in fact that most of the immediate area around the tops of her thighs was covered in short stubble. The odd random hair still survived, but most had been abraded away by the rubbing together of her thick thighs as she walked. Where the elasticated band of her briefs bit into her skin, the friction had caused a rash of ugly white-headed pimples to break out.

Elsewhere, the multiple creases around her crotch were quite scaly and almost white in colour -- contrasting sharply with the surrounding skin tone of her upper thighs. In fact the inner area of her thighs, normally hidden, was several tones darker than the rest of her legs.

Smith transferred his gaze to the centre of her crotch and tried to make out the shape of her genitalia as they formed up in the thick sagging pouch which disappeared between her legs. Right dead centre, an elongated, crusty, lemon coloured stain, clearly described the entrance to her vagina. It was much darker and slightly damp at the lowest point, fading to a translucent white higher up and around the edges. He bent forward to sniff at it and immediately recoiled from the reek of stale sweat and urine.

"You have one stinky pussy, Mrs Hall! I think maybe it's time we pulled those filthy pants down and had a look to see what's causing all the foul smells."

"I don't think I can."

"I'm afraid you must. We have a deal remember?"

"But...but the smell; you can tell already I'm not that clean!"

"That's what's exciting me the most Kelly. I can call you Kelly can't I? 'Mrs Hall' just sounds so formal, especially when you're about to show me all your private parts."

"Not by choice! Whatever. I don't care. Let's get this over with!"

"Well that's really going to be quite easy for you. Just take off your dress and ease down those embarrassingly stained panties for me and I'll do the rest."

Kelly took a step backwards and gradually unfastened the rest of the buttons. She then opened up her dress completely, unhooked the straps from her shoulders and let it fall silently to the floor.

Smith slumped back in his chair to admire the spectacle with one hand shoved deep in his pocket. Only now was he able to take in the true shape and tone -- or lack of - of Kelly's body. He had already seen a tantalising glimpse of the magnificent tufts of black hair which hung out from her sweaty armpits and he was now very excited at the prospect of seeing just what just other parts of her mysterious, dark body were equally hirsute and smelly.

His eyes darted first to her breasts -- just a perfect handful; then dove into her damp cleavage -- oh how he wanted to sniff it; and then on down to her navel -- a deep dark cave which completely concealed her actual belly button. Random sprigs of black curly hair grew out from around the soft edges of the hole. It was the start of a treasure trail which fanned out across the lower contours her of her tummy and led all the way down to the prominent bulge of her pubic mound. The hairs were coarse and unsightly but served at least to disguise, though only ever so slightly, the mottled brown stretch marks which lay beneath. Just as they disappeared under the waist band of her panties, the density and length of the hairs thickened noticeably. Now she really had his attention. He could only begin to image what must be nestling between her legs.

"Wow, you really are quite hairy aren't you? I can't wait to see in your pants Kelly! Will you pull them down for me -- show me that big black, smelly, hairy cunt of yours."

"I'm too embarrassed."

"I know. That's the whole idea."

"Why do you like humiliating women like this?"

"You really want to know?"

"I suppose it's because you don't get any at home."

"I'm not married."

"Can't imagine why no one would want to marry you!"

"That's none of your business."

"I just want to understand why you're making us do this? It is because we're black?"

"That's not the reason at all -- but it certainly adds to the excitement."

"So why then?"

"I like my own personal show; beats looking at porn videos. Those women get paid for it -- most of them probably enjoy it. Far more exciting to shame a proud women like you that would never in her wildest dreams think of showing her genitals to a total stranger in such a disgusting and explicit manner."

"You got that right you sick pervert."

"It's nothing illegal or immoral. I just want to enjoy what God gave you naturally. I'm particularly intrigued to see what colour and texture the skin is around your vagina Kelly, particularly round the edges of your lips and your anus - and I want to feel in amongst all those course curly pubes."

"That's so degrading."

"I hope it will be."

She looked away.

"So how about we continue this conversation with you standing there with your panties down around your knees - inside out would be nice so I can see what kind of mess you make in the gusset; oh, and maybe you could also pull your bra down for me so that your big flabby tits hang out over the top? I lot of black women have really huge distended areolas -- are you one of those?"

She nodded in defeat.

"Let's see it all then -- your big black tits and your smelly hairy cunt and your filthy asshole. Show me what they all look like."

She hunched over for a minute and reflected on what she was about to agree to. He was right. There was no going back. She'd made a deal and that was that. Certainly there was no way she could let him loose with Carly again. But in displaying herself to him like this, she knew would have no shred dignity left - ever. Girding her strength, and putting renewed conviction into her words, she calmly announced: "OK. I'll do what you ask, but please don't touch me."

"Start with your breasts. Get them out for me."

"OK. I show them to you."

Kelly looked down at her chest for a moment and then carefully inserted two fingers into the top of each of the cups and stretched them down over her breasts. Smith gasped in amazement as the huge brown, spotty circles of her areolas came into view. She wriggled her bra side-to-side for a moment in an effort to work it fully down, causing her nipples to suddenly pop out like two hard, black, cylindrical pencil erasers. He gauged they were about ten millimetres long, thick and rubbery in texture, with deep creases in the ends.

"Wow, they really are very rubbery aren't they?"

As she fumbled with her bra again to make it comfortable, her breasts finally flopped out over the cups - thrusting themselves forward in a very provocative manner and causing her now very erect nipples to point straight at him.

"Lean forward a little so I can see how they hang."

She obediently bent forwards and let her pendulous breasts dangle out in free space right in front of his face.

"They're not breasts, they're more like udders! Would have been fun to have milked them when Carly was little. Sway them about for me."

They hung like long, distended, rubbery brown melons with whitish stretch marks clearly visible where they grew out from her chest. The entire end of each melon transformed into massive spotty areolas. They were not neatly defined circles, but slightly oval in shape with very soft edges where the contracting light and dark brown breast tissues blurred into each other. Examining them closer, he could see that in fact the pattern of spots, which were very big and angry looking close in to her nipples, became finer and more regular towards the outer edges of her areolas. They then continued all the way up and around the contours of her breasts looking almost a rash of dark freckles.

As he continued to focus his gaze, he realised that out of most of the very prominent pimples which appeared randomly around the base of her teats, sprouted an extremely long, wiry black hair. But they were not straight at all; they were oddly kinked at strange angles just like the hairs on an old woman's head.

"Hairy nipples! That's so unattractive; how embarrassing for you," said Smith.

Kelly immediately crossed her arms and covered her breasts with her hands.

"Don't do that, please."

"Stop staring then. I never let anyone see."

"I can see why. Just how long are those hairs anyway do you think?"

"No idea," replied Kelly. "I did shave them off once but they just grew back even thicker."

"Let's measure them shall we, just for fun? Stretch one out as long as it will go."

Smith reached into his jacket pocket and brought out a small, plastic, child's ruler. He repeated his instruction for her to remove her hands and then reached forward as if to do it for her.

"I said no touching! I will do it."

She dropped her hands and then reached back to caress her left nipple, drawing her fingers through the sparse, crinkly hairs until finally grabbing the end of one. She then drew it out full length until the hair follicle was straining at its root, distorting the fat brown pimple it was attached to.

"Here's the ruler."

Kelly took the ruler in her other hand and tried to hold it up steadily alongside the hair.

"How long is it?" asked Smith.

"Just hold on! This isn't easy." She immediately lost the hair and searched out another one before repeating the exercise with the ruler. After peering at the scale for a few seconds she announced: "Its thirty seven millimetres long." She it let it go and rubbed her breast.

"Will be interesting to see how that compares with the hairs round your cunt."

"You're one weird guy."

"True. So how about you show me eh? Pull your panties down now. Let's measure the hairs round your vagina."

Kelly took a deep breath and ever so slowly peeled off her briefs. As the waist band rolled down, Smith feasted his eyes on the sight of her huge black bush as sprang free of her pants, at the same time releasing a flurry of loose curly hairs which floated down to the floor.

"My God!" was all he could say, only this time his mouth stayed open.

His eyes widened as her pants started to turn inside out and he realised she was using a panty liner. This explained the big sagging bulge in her panties. As he got his first glimpse of it - all creased and sodden - he could see that very central ridge was in fact wedged up in inside the slit of her vagina. It was so saturated in her discharge that Kelly was forced to part her legs slightly in order to tug out the damp, swollen mess of material from between her thick thighs.

As her lips finally released their grip on her panty-liner, the whole filthy ensemble dropped down to her knees with a feint plop ; extruding as it fell, a long gluttonous bead of resinous pussy cream. He tracked its decent and stared gleefully into the disgusting pool of goo now fully on display in her panties. Near the front it had the consistency and colour of peach yoghurt, with streaks of dark brown and grey trailing backwards through the bunched up creases to finish in a large grainy circle of orange brown where her anus had had been rubbing against it. The whole disgusting mess was littered with jagged, broken-off pubic hairs and tiny specs of toilet tissue.

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