tagLoving WivesShanghai Surprise Ch. 02

Shanghai Surprise Ch. 02


"Learn something about Chinese culture," my husband had said before he left Shanghai for Nanking this morning.

I entered hotel room and chuckled. "Harry if you only knew what I learned about Chinese culture today."

My interpreter, Xin and I had been all over Shanghai today sight-seeing and shopping. I ordered a room service supper of shrimps and onion braised noodles. I was proud of myself for having mastered the use of chopsticks in our short time in China. Smiling, I thought about some of other aspects of Chinese culture I had learned.

Since leaving the room this morning, I had toured a sex museum, where I had learned about the six positions of Heavenly Earth sex. I had purchased and used several sex toys based on the ancient artifacts displayed at the museum. After taking a public bath I had been given a massage where my Chinese translator had not only stripped my cunt of all its hair but had given me a High Tide Orgasm (female ejaculation) by stimulating my Lotus Root (G-spot) by engaging in lesbian sex with me. Followed by a shopping spree where I purchased some of the most erotic clothing I had ever owned. And last, but certainly not least, I had masturbated just feet away from a couple engaged in anal sex while I received tutorial on the ancient "bedroom arts" of fang shù. It had been a most eventful day indeed.

After I finished eating I went into the bathroom and stripped. I blushed at my nude image in the mirror. I had been such a naughty girl today. When Xin had told me about the 'bedroom arts" I thought I might learn something to sexually please my husband but in the end I learned I wanted to get as much pleasure from sex as he did.

The Manchurian Hotel was a luxury hotel by Chinese standards and provided each guest room with its own bath room. But, only the most expensive suites had actual bathtubs. The rest of the rooms, like ours, were furnished with simple but eloquent show stalls. I turned the water of the shower on full blast and cranked the knob all the way over to hot.

While the water heated up, I located the silk string of the two colorful Ben-Wa Balls just inside my labia. They had been inside me all afternoon. My cunt muscles were strengthened by clutching them. Each ball had a tiny cymbal inside that vibrated when I moved and kept my pussy in a heighten state of arousal. I hissed with delight as my cunt muscles clamped down to retain the pleasurable spheres inside me as I pulled them slowly from my pussy. After the balls cleared my cunt I sighed. I washed them in the sink and patted them dry before lovingly placing them in velvet-lined teak wood box.

A cloud of steam engulfed the bathroom when I opened the shower stall door. I hastily cranked the faucet to a more bearable temperature. The hot water felt good on my weary body. I lathered up with the locally produced hand-made soap the hotel provided. The suds produced a smell of olive, coconut and jasmine. I found it intoxicating.

After washing my shoulder length honey brown hair I noticed the shower nozzle was actually one of those hand-held models with multiple settings. A wicked grin painted my face. I didn't usually masturbate in the shower. Heck, I rarely masturbated at all but today seemed to be a day for firsts. I adjusted the water temperature so it wouldn't scald my private parts. My pussy was still quite sore from being waxed earlier in the day.

I took the shower head and let the water spray over my body. The tingling sensations felt good as the water sprayed over my breasts. I closed my eyes and imagined the feelings were being created by the hands of my husband. I sprayed where I wanted to feel his touch. Slowly, I made my way down my trembling torso to my private area. My body trembled with a slight shudder. I gushed, "That feels so-o-o good."

Spreading my legs, I let the water reach up the insides of my thighs. When the stream of water made direct contact with my clit I was so overpowered by the stimulation I lost my balance and slipped almost falling. Resentful of the interruption I seethed, "Damn it."

The showerhead clanged with a metallic racket as it hit the tiled wall. I had released it when I groped for a hand hold. Catching the towel bar I breathed a sigh of relief. The last place I wanted to go was to a Chinese emergency room for the treatment of a broken arm due to a masturbation mishap. I chuckled at the international implications of such an incident.

Spotting the plastic wastebasket under the sink I popped out of the shower and retrieved it. I overturned the wastebasket and sat on it. I reclaimed the shower nozzle and once again sprayed the pulsating water over my breasts and down my torso, picking up where I had left off. I spread my legs and advanced the jet of water up towards my pussy. By moving the stream back and forth between my thighs I brought the showerhead ever closer to my exposed clit. After several minutes of tantalizing myself I finally rested the showerhead right against my clit. I tugged on my nipples with my free hand like they were part of a pinball machine. The surging water buffeted my clit and my orgasm built.

I felt my face flush crimson and a current of pleasure rushed from my cunt to my core. Soon, I was writhing in ecstasy on the wastebasket. My eyes rolled back in my head as I exploded with orgasmic delight. My climax had reached its crescendo, blood pounded in my ears and white light raced across my closed eyelids. I plunged into the abyss of pleasure and howled my release, "Oh, ooh, oooh."

As my climax subsided I found myself on the shower floor. I had fallen off the overturned wastebasket during the throes of my orgasm. I took a couple of deep breathes to clear my head then rose on unsteady legs. My fingers trembled as I turned the water off and grabbed a towel.

I stepped out of the shower and quickly patted myself dry. My body was sated and calm so I said out loud, "Not quite High Tide but still a pleasurable wave."

After I'm dried off I wrapped my head with a towel and opened a jar of white cream that Xin had given me. It was called Small Lotus Cream. The pungent smelling mixture was made from various herbal extracts that would tighten my labia, rid my mound of any blemishes, like razor rash and best of all it stimulated my clitoris.

I rubbed my hands together with vigor to warm them. Then I dipped my fingers into the cool cream. I mulled over what Xin had said about a hairless snatch, how it increased the sensitivity of the vulva which increased the pleasure. I applied the cream to my reddened pussy. My clit throbbed begging for attention as I worked the cream into the crevices of my cunt. My belly warmed with wanton desire. I scolded myself, "You're becoming insatiable."

My large breasts heaved with excitement. I cupped each one and gave them a playful squeeze like they were ripe melons. My nipples stood rigid. I felt as though I could cut the mirror with them. I tweaked each nipple then gave each a gentle twist. I moaned, "That feels so good."

My clit peaked from its hood and throbbed for attention. I inserted two fingers into my sopping snatch. My pussy lips glistened with the promise of wet wonderful pleasure. The aromatic scent of my sex made my nostrils flare. I huffed, "I'm so wet. I can' believe how excited I am."

I rocketed my fingers in and out of my hot hole while pressing the palm of my hand down on my clit. I stuttered, "I'm close....so close...Harry...Harry I...I wish you...you were here."

Taking a nipple between the forefinger and thump of my free hand I gently but firmly applied pressure until I squealed with unmitigated delight. My eyes were glazed with passion. My mouth formed a perfect circle as a deep moan erupted from my core. My eyes rolled over and my entire body quaked as my quim convulsed around my digits. I clutched the vanity to keep from falling and puffed, "Cum...pussy...cum."

With a satisfied sigh I recovered from my orgasm. I finished drying my hair and left the bathroom. I started to put on a pair of panties but decided against it. Then with an impish grin I slipped on one of Harry's oxford shirts. As I buttoned it I picked up his scent. I held the collar to my nose and inhaled. My pussy started to drool. I was ready to mate and ached because I couldn't.

I crawled into bed and waited for Harry to call from Nanking. While I waited, I studied the book I had purchased at the Sex Culture Museum. It was about the Heavenly Earth sex positions. My computer on the desk chimed. It was Harry. I sat down at the desk and engaged the video call program.

"Hello, Lover," I said with a husky voice as his headshot came into view. "Can you see me?"

Harry's timbre revealed his surprise I usually wasn't that amorous. He answered, "Okay, yes I see you now. Huh, I just got checked into the hotel. We spent all day at the factory. I didn't wake you, did I?"

"No Lover, I was just reading a book and thinking of you." I showed him the cover of the book.

Harry squinted but couldn't make out the title. He asked, "What's the book called?"

"The Art of Heavenly Earth, it's about ancient oriental sex positions. I can't wait to try them with you."

"Sex positions? Raquel what's gotten into you?"

"Well let's see my fingers, Xin's tongue, Ben-Wa Balls and in few minutes this monster." I held up the plastic Flying Horse dildo to the web camera. "It's an exact replica of a very large 1,000 year-old dildo."

Harry's brow wrinkled and his voice broke with confusion, "What the fuck, Raquel?"

"Don't get upset Harry. You're the one who told me to learn something about Chinese culture. And, Lover I have. I've learn all about fang shù."

"Fang shù?"

I nodded, "Yeah, Xin has schooled me in the ancient "bedroom arts" of fang shù. I can't wait to show you what I've learned."

Harry sounded calmer as he asked, "What have you learned?"

"Are you alone?"

"Yes, why? Hey, is that my shirt?"

"It is," I answered and unbuttoned the shirt revealing my breasts. I closed my eyes and cupped one before I squeezed it. I moaned. My nipples were hard. Hissing I tugged on each nipple in turn. I felt the familiar warmth deep in my belly. Excitement flooded my pussy. Hearing Harry gasp I gave him an impish grin. I cooed, "I'm soooo horny, Harry."

"I can see that," he huffed.

Holding up the replica dildo for Harry to see again my voice quivered with excitement. "This is an exact replica of the Flying Horse dildo. The original is carved from a single piece of jade. The Flying horse part is approximately six inches the remaining ten inches is carved to resemble an erect penis. This is just solid plastic and lacks the detail of the original. Did you know the ancient Chinese called the penis the Jade Wand? I bet that's what the artist was thinking when he carved it. What do you think?"

Harry remained silent but transfixed. His Adam's apple bobbed a couple of times. His throat was dry with excitement. Finally he rasped, "Yeah, sure."

I giggled as Harry fidgeted in his chair 185 miles away. I heard him moan as I kissed the head of the plastic penis. I was giddy and flashed him a naughty grin then with a pouty voice I said, "I miss your cock, Lover."

"Awww!" gasped Harry as I turned to give him a side view.

I closed my eyes and took the dildo into my mouth. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked hard on it. I stroked the majority of the shaft that would fit into my mouth just like it was a real cock. I spit out the dildo and teased Harry. "I can't wait to suck your cock like that tomorrow."

"Me either," choked Harry. "I can't remember the last time you sucked my cock."

I felt like I'd been slapped. I stopped my teasing manipulation and looked straight into the web camera. A tear tracked down my cheek, "I know, Harry. I'm so sorry I've been a terrible wife."

"Raquel, you've been a great wife," Harry replied.

I wiped the tear from my face. "No, I haven't. I thought I have been but I'm really not. You've be a great husband. You've done your part to provide us with tashi."

"Hold on, what's tashi?"

"Tashi is an auspiciousness lifestyle. You've demonstrated your worthiness as a provider and your devotion to our marriage has been displayed by your achievement. Harry, I'm so proud of you and I love you so much."

"Honey, I love you too. Sure I've provided a nice house back in Connecticut but you make it a home. You and the kids make all I do worthwhile. I don't understand what this all about."

My face cracked with a weak grin. "Do you understand Yin and Yang?"

Harry nodded and said, "Yeah, sort of, the Chinese believe everything has Yin and Yang elements."

"That's right everything has Yin and Yang including marriage. I'm the Yin and you're Yang."

"So women are Yin and men are Yang."

I nodded. "Exactly, in our marriage my Yin and your Yang are two halves that make the whole."


"And, for our marriage to be harmonious the Yin and Yang must balance each other."

Harry's face was set in a frown. "I think we balance each other just fine."

"You're sweet but, we both know that's not true. Sure I do all the domestic stuff but I haven't kept myself desirable..."

"You're desirable."

"Is that right? When we had sex last night, were you making love to me or were you using my pussy while you fantasied about fucking the waitress from the restaurant."

The blood rushed from Harry's face as he stuttered," Uh...uh....what waitress?"

"Don't Harry. Don't pretend you didn't notice the young waitress slinging her ass at you at the restaurant. It's okay. Really, I understand. She was presentable..."


"Yeah, presentable, she made herself desirable. It was more than her outfit, it was the way she carried herself, the way she exuded her sexuality."

"I see," said Harry still perplexed.

"That's going to change, Harry from here on out I'm going to do my part to keep our relationship in balance and our marriage in harmony." I pushed my chair back so the web camera could get a good shot of my entire body. I flipped the shirt open so Harry could see my nudity. "From now on my loving husband, I'm going to make myself desirable."

Harry's face flushed as he caught sight of my bald beaver. Finally he choked, "Raquel you shaved your pussy."

"Waxed it actually, do you like it?" I asked as I ran my forefinger up and down my slick slit. "Do you find it desirable?"

Red-faced Harry just nodded.

"I'm so wet, Lover," I huffed. I spread my legs wide by placing a foot on each side of my laptop. My husband gasped as the image of my pussy filled his video screen. I was sure he saw everything from my puffy pussy glistening with excitement to my clitoris peeking from its hood seeking attention. I groaned, "I can't wait for you to get here."

"Me either," he croaked.

I had needs that couldn't wait to be satisfied. Blushing at the computer screen, I liberally applied lubricate to the thick shaft of my replica dildo. Satisfied that the dildo was ready for use I began to prepare myself to receive it. With familiarity my digits traced their way around my puffy pussy lips as I explored my pussy. It felt so good I whimpered, "Ah, ah, ah."

Taking up the dildo I allowed the head of it to slowly travel the most responsive parts of body, first my breasts then down my belly to my inner thighs, finally my labia. I applied various pressures to my body. My arousal built. I relished the powerful surging sensations.

"Oh, wow," muttered my husband.

Glancing at Harry with glassy eyes I watched as he took his cock from his trousers. Smiling at him I slipped the tip of dildo slowly inside my pussy. I heard his throaty groan of gratification as I simulated sexual intercourse by sliding the dildo in and out of my slick snatch.

"That's it, that's it," I panted and puffed breathily, "Oh, that's it."

"Fuck yourself, Baby, fuck yourself," Harry encouraged.

I located my G-spot with the head of the sex toy and growled. I continued to saw the dildo in and out of my cunt with ever increasing speed. I diddled my clit with enthusiastic exertion until I was on the verge of a toe-curling orgasm. I huffed, "I'm...I'm...going...going...to...to...cum."

"Cum Baby, cum for me." Harry was practically shouting to be heard above the wet smacking sounds of my manual manipulation and the skin-on-skin slapping noise of his own self-abuse.

My orgasm exploded in the pleasure center of my mind as my cunt contorted and contracted around the apparatus imbedded within me. I screamed with agonized release, "Yeessssss!"

After I returned from my climatic summit shuddering I pulled the dildo from my still shuddering snatch with an audible pop. I noticed Harry's image on the computer screen. He was standing above his electronic-tablet with his hard cock in his hand. A white string of cum dripped from it.

"Are you still with me, Lover?"

Harry flopped back down in his chair. His face was flushed and he wore a grin from ear to ear. He wheezed, "Yeah, Baby, that was fan-fucking-tastic. I got to clean up my E-tablet before this cum dries on it. I can't wait to see you tomorrow. I love you"

My grin was just as wide as my husband's. "I love you, too. Get your rest, you're going to need it."

As I shut the laptop I reflected on what we had just done. We had never engaged in any type of phone sex before let alone mutual masturbation. It had felt so naughty yet so natural. I didn't know if our marriage was returning to balance but I sure felt harmonious as I climbed into bed and drifted off to sleep.

The feeling of bliss didn't last long. Soon my mind whirled with troubled thoughts about my relationship with Harry. After a while I found myself captive in a strange dream in my home back in Connecticut. I heard splashing and laughter coming from the master bathroom.

Harry and Xin were getting into the huge cast iron bath tub that filled much of the room. The freestanding claw foot tub was so tall that Xin had to get up on her tip toes to climb into it. The pink of her bald pussy was fully displayed as she swung her leg over its side. Both of them were settling in for a long luxurious soak.

Xin added coconut milk to the hot running water then scattered rose petals to the steaming cloudy water. She said, "The scents of rose and coconut are essential for sexual harmony."

"What the fuck is going on!" I shouted. My voice roared above the splashing water.

Xin turned off the water and smirked at me, "I told you that I'm a White Tigress. I could sense that your man is still out of balance. I have come to America to bring him into balance."

"You've come all the way from China to fuck my husband? I thought you were my friend." Before she could reply I turned my outrage on my husband. "Harry, how could you?"

"I need correct sex, Raquel. I'm tired of being the provider and having my devotion to our marriage rewarded with incorrect sex."

"But I waxed my pussy for you," I whined.

"It will take more than a bald cunt to restore balance to our relationship, Raquel. You have to use you pussy not just lay there while I fuck you. That's incorrect sex and not very satisfying for me. All of nature seeks a harmonious balance including me."

Xin snapped her fingers at me and commanded, "You watch and learn."

With an aching heart I stifled my tears with a whimper. I stood in silence and watched.

The soothing scents of coconut and rose filled the room. Xin's smallish boobs bobbed in the water like ripe apples. Shooting me a naughty grin she scooted towards Harry. She draped her wet arms around his neck and kissed him. Darting her tongue into his mouth she moaned, "Hmmm."

Harry's cock hardened and rose through the cloudy water like a submarine periscope. His hands busily fondled Xin's breasts as she continued kissing him. It was his turn to moan when her hand found his cock underneath the water and began stroking it.

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