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Shangri-La Ch. 05


WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age, even if depicted or referenced as otherwise in their original source material. I do not own Dynasty Warriors or any of its characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Cai Wenji(Dynasty Warriors series), Dong Zhuo (Dynasty Warriors series)

Dynasty Warriors: Shangri-La -- Chapter 5

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MF, oral.

* * *

The Three Kingdoms were somewhat established now. Wu to the South-east. Wei to the North. Now Shu had secured a small but noticeable foothold in the far West. However, there was also a fourth player in this power struggle. The land ruled by the Prime Minister, the cruel and sexist Dong Zhou who controlled the Central Plains. He commanded great respect from those of the previous Han dynasty for dealing with the two Yuan siblings and suppressing their 'rebellion' and attempt to call themselves Emperor.

Developments had changed. Cao Cao had rescued the true Emperor of the land and had him secured in his own capital. With that, seeking to assemble a force of superior troop number and talented officers in order to unify the land under the Wei banner. However, while the threat of Shu and Wu were serious, Cao Cao could not ignore the unlikely, considering his 'Kingdom' as surrounded on near every side, force that Dong Zhou had become. The Emperor personally calling for unity as a show of respect for the deeds the Prime Minister had done as of late to suppress rebellion. Despite the outcry from court ministers and the talk that the land Zhou preceded over was now one of inequality and unbalance, particular for women compared to men.

For Cao Cao's part, he believed that it was wise to leave Dong Zhou be for the moment. His latest victories of the Yuan family had gotten him not just more land, wealth and ground, but a handful of talented officers to. Adding them to Lu Bu who was an officer directly of Dong Bai, the Prime Minister's granddaughter? A war against them was not advisable at the moment. Word had it that Zhou had personally appointed Zhenji, a former wife of Yuan Shao's son, as a minister of justice who excelled in cruel punishments. Even for the most minor or petty of crimes. Rumours even spoke that Zhenji had been taken as one of Zhou's personal and private harem of the finest women of the land. Women that were said to already include Lu Bu's own daughter as well as his rumoured lover Diaochan.

Knowing that for the moment peace, if not an alliance of sorts with Dong Zhou was in order, Cao Cao decided to capitalise on those rumours and the known truth that Zhou had a strong weakness for beautiful women. Even if it meant betraying a friend for the sake of what he believed would be a greater good in the future for the land...

* * *

"Your Lordship... Lady Cai Wenji, representing Cao Cao of Wei." The court minister introduced before stepping aside.

With delicate steps the beautiful poet and talented musician Cai Wenji stepped forward with a golden harp in hand. The stunning female, and not to be underestimated warrior, was clad in the signature blue of those of the Wei dynasty. A long, flowing dress that was off the shoulders with gold design and trim that went down to high heeled shoes. A front belt that was large around her waist securing the garment in place while tee through cloth had been expertly tied and secured with claps to be like sleeves on the arms. The petite woman with a generously sized chest somewhere between perky and large, but with wider hips. Her long, dark brown hair styled in two large and long twin-tails that were held in pace with several hair clasps and finished with hoops at each end. All topped off with a crown headpiece resting on the top of her head.

"Cao Cao eh?" Dong Zhou chuckled as he sat on his lavish throne. Clad in his usual Ministerial attire as his bell bulged to show off the front belt with the designs of curvaceous women on it. "He's the one hiding away the Emperor at his castle, isn't he? It's rich him coming to me to demand something!"

Cai stopped in front of the steps leading up to his seat. Respectfully bowing before looking up. "Lord Cao Cao has sent me with an offer of unity." She said with a small, friendly smile. "Between yourself Lord Dong Zhou and Lord Cao Cao. Between your kingdom and of the Emperor and Wei."

"Ha! That dog demands I work with him?" Zhou questioned with a laugh. "He's stolen the Emperor some say! I have my own matters to attend to with these lands!" He added dismissively.

"You misunderstand, my Lord." Wenji said. Remaining polite despite his insults towards Cao. "What Lord Cao seeks is not a military alliance yet. Instead, one of peace. A truce if you will."

"A truce you say?" Zhou questioned, but with a slight tone of interest.

"Indeed..." Cai continued. "Wei will not attack your forces, and you must not attack Wei. That will allow both our forces to focus on, as you said, the issues with our own lands. Especially with the rise of forces such as Wei and Wu."

"Bah! I could wipe both those packs of mongrels out in a single battle!" Dong claimed. "What will I get out of this deal anyway? I should go and take back the Emperor myself and properly save this land!"

"Well my Lord, aside from the promise of my Lord's aid should your lands come under attack, and you returning the favour? I am here to offer myself to your court." Wenji said with a brief bow. "I have heard your court is lacking of a poet and musician from Cao Cao. He said that I would perhaps be 'perfect' for your needs, my Lord." She said. Having no idea of the trouble she was being put into, or in fact the betrayal by Wei in this.

"You offer yourself to serve me?" Dong started to grin, loving the sounds of that. "... I will admit after these recent wars a time of some peace to recover would not go amiss..." He admitted as he stroked a hand through his messy beard, thinking things over for a moment before he pointed to the Court Minister standing by the door. "You there! Send a messenger to Cao Cao at once. Inform him and the Emperor that I agree to his terms! The Prime Minister and the Emperor stand united once again for the good of the land!"

"At once Lord Dong Zhou!" The Minister said, quickly rushing from the Court.

"Thank you my Lord." Cai said with a smile as she bowed again. "It is such a relief to hear you accept Lord Cao Cao's offer. My service to you will be a small price to pay if it ends the terrible chaos in the land."

"I'm sure that Cao Cao will be of some use to me perhaps... But enough about him for now." Zhou said, dismissing the 'deal' already as he moved off the throne, walking down the steps. "Since you are now serving me... I believe it's time you and I got to know each other... Cai Wenji, was it?"

"Indeed my Lord." She relied with a nod. "As you can see, with my harp here I am a musician. I also enjoy composing works such as poetry..." Wenji started to explain.

"Music eh?" Zhou chuckled as he placed a hand on her shoulder. "You fit in better than I thought to my court already!"

"Oh? How so, may I ask my Lord?" Cai inquired, a little taken aback by the sudden invasion of her personal space.

"Follow me..." He said but with a tone of an order, made clear by him using the hold on her shoulder to turn her towards the doorway. "Allow me to tell you my desire of my own Shangri-La... A land of wine, women and song..."

* * *

"L-Lord Dong Zhou!! That's... You're! Oh! Mmmmm..."

Only a few minutes later Cai Wenji was discovering exactly what her new Lord did with women of her high quality in his service. The beauty completely naked with her stunning body on full display, and only her crown staying on her head. Legs spread apart as she sat on the edge of Zhou's lavish, wide bed while that cruel warlord was kneeling between her thighs. Also nude himself and already helping himself to a feast of her tight looking and carefully shaved pussy as he flicked his tongue across her outer folds. His fingers spreading her lower lips so he could work across her with quick, hungry licks that were already getting her wet. A big smirk on his face at how willingly this beauty already was obeying his orders. He certainly had no plans on just using her to make poems or play songs, and action like this would only be the start of his use of her.

"Ooooooooh! Mmmmm... M-My Lord! That feels so... Ahhhhh..." She moaned as she stared down with wide eyes. Part of her not believing the situation she's agreed to be in, and certainly not imagining that serving her new Lord would result in her getting her pussy eaten out. Yet here she is groaning with approval as she kept her legs spread eagle for the ugly, obese man kneeling in front of her. Gasping from his experienced technique as he used his fingers to brush against her outer folds as he held them apart. Running his tongue up and down her slit a couple of times in a slow, savouring way as he sampled the growing nectar forming from her box.

Zhou was grinning as he lapped at his newest prize's twat. His other hand holding her thigh as he put his mouth closer onto her folds. A loud and lewd slurp to drink down more of her juices before he invited himself in. Shoving his tongue into her pussy like she already just another one of his living fuck-toys to use as he saw fit. Hearing her moans from his oral skills just keeping the smile on him, seeing how easy it was going to be to break in this poetic beauty to being a part of his growing harem of whores of the Three Kingdoms. For now, focusing on giving her pleasure obviously unlike anything she's experienced before as he worked his tongue deep around and inside her tasty snatch.

"Ahhhhhh!! MMMMM!! Oooooooh... That's... MMMM!! So good, my Lord!" Wenji moaned out as she leaned back, arms behind her to arch off the bed so she could continue staring down at the rather hideous face buried between her legs. Her rounded chest sticking out, topped off with already rock hard nipples to further show how good Dong's work on her snatch has been. "Mmmmm!! It's... Oh! Amazing!! I never knew... Ahhhhh... Intercourse could feel like this!" She added between her moans. The pleasure making her forget how wrong this all is -- the man she's supposed to be serving in the court of abusing his new power over her to offer up her precious hole in such a dirty way. Her pussy wet now from that tongue licking and lapping away at her and doing nothing to resist or stop him. Biting down on her bottom lip as she watched on as her new Lord and Master munched away at her love tunnel's entrance.

Zhou had plenty of tricks however to make sure the women he wanted were loyal, to the point of addiction, to him and his sinful desires. Lifting his face away briefly, showing off the juices that were staining onto his haggard beard as he licked his lips, he moved upward while sliding his hand downward. A finger pushed into her snatch to make her moan as he started to pump it firmly in and out of her well licked pussy. Meanwhile with a smirk he flicked his tongue out at her clit with a single motion. That enough to make her gasp as she fell back onto the bed with a moan. That reaction just making him attack that sensitive nub some more as he started to swirl the tongue around it. Keeping his digit plunging into her to the knuckle at the same time for a skilled double team assault on the poet.

"AAAAAHHH! AHHHHH Mmmmmmm!! Lord Zh-Zhou!! MMMM!!" She loudly moaned out as her hands reached back, grabbing the sheets as she called out in delight. Whether she had been inexperienced or not in sex, she'd certainly never been treated before to an onslaught like this. Her pussy being fingered while this perverted man carefully worked over her clit at the same time. Her snatch easily coating his finger and parts of his hand as he slid in and out of her at a quick pace. Even daring to capture her clit between his lips for a shameless slurp that sent her into another cry of pleasure. Almost arching off the bed as he easily dominated her with his superior sexual ability.

"It appears you're enjoying yourself Cai!" Dong said with a bragging smile as he lifted away. Pulling his finger out of her snatch as well as he stood up.

"Yes... Yes I am my L-Lord..." Cai replied, sounding breathless already as she pushed herself up with her arms again. Her eyes drawn to the sight of his long, fat cock sticking out from under his heaving belly. "Th-That's... That's a cock?!?" She gasped. Clearly showing that she'd never seen one the size of his before in her life.

"Very observant of you!" Zhou said mockingly as he stepped forward. Lining his shaft up with her freshly licked hole. "Now let's see what use you will really be in my court!" He bluntly said as he pushed forward into his newest whore.

"AHHHHHH!!" She moaned out loudly with wide eyes. Not just falling back onto the bed, but arching fully off it as she felt her insides being stuffed full with cock unlike anything she'd felt or taken before. If not for her Lord's grip on her thighs she might have jolted straight back off of him from the sensations. Instead she was made to rock backward as he began to pump himself into her. "AHHHHH!! Lord Zhou!! Y-Your cock!! It.. It's!! AHHHHH!!" She tried to form words as she took this fucking. Her twin-tail hair sprawled out to the sides and her arms similarly stretched out with hands gripping the bedsheets. Her legs kept spread wide so this huge dick could invade her snatch as the Prime Minister she now had to serve took full advantage of this willing beauty.

"Mmmmm... What's that Lady Wenji? My cock?" Zhou continued to taunt the woman he was stuffing with his member. Knowing full well that she was already getting addicted to his cock but even that not enough to satisfy his desires. Staring down and watching her nicely sized breasts bouncing as her body shifted back into the bed each time he thrust into her wet box. "Mmmmm! Is it big? Mighty? The best... Ahhhh... You've ever taken?" His tone demanded an answer from her as he worked that pole in and out of her slickness. Very much enjoying the tightness of her walls all around his rod -- another sure sign she'd never taken anything like his size before into her stunning body.

"UHHHHH!! Y-Yes my Lord!! You're... AHHHH!! The b-biggest I've ever had!!" The musician admitted between her moans as she stared up at his ugly, grinning face. A part of her unable to believe such a man could make her feel this way, but unable to deny the pleasure he was making her feel. Drops of sweat starting to form across her gorgeous facial features as his fuck-stick plunged in and out of her snatch at this commanding, steady pace. "AHHHHH... So big!! So... MMMM!! Amazing!" She added with an erotic groan the likes of which would have never escaped from her prior to today. Her eyes now gazing down to between her legs. Watching that dick vanish into her snatch before reappearing to repeat the motion. Not even caring about the contrast of her sexy, slim frame compared to his repulse, fat gut that was starting to brush against her as he worked his dick deeper into her.

Zhou just let out a loud, proud laugh at her words. The sexual battle already long won but wanting to savour his prize some more until he was properly satisfied. Thrusting away into the beautiful woman once saved from bandits by Cao Cao, but now just another set of holes for him to use. Still gripping her legs to keep them apart for that ease of access. His crotch now connecting off her pussy as he pumped in. Stuffing her full to the limit and causing her jolts backward on him to be more profound. Licking his lips for a moment as he again stared at her bouncing tits. Not even giving the decency of looking her in the eyes as he took her and moaned out with approval at how her pussy still remained snug around his tool.

"MMMM!! L-Lord Zhou!! I... I feel... MMMMM!! I'm going to... To!! AHHHHHH!!" She moaned out, attempting to warn but only getting more and more pumps balls deep into her snatch in response. The unrelenting motion easily driving her into the most powerful orgasm she's had yet as that lovely, curved body arched off the bed once more. Juices coating his cock, resulting in a sinful squelching sound being just heard along with their groans as he continued to piston in and out of her. "AHHHHHH!! Ahhhhhhhh!! MMMMM..." She sighed when she fell back to the sheets but soon groaned again when his pumps did not stop firing in and out of her. Her sexual peak barely subsiding before she was feeling more pleasure again from that fat and long cock. Her hands finding her long twin-tails to grab them by the hoop ends. Tugging on them for just something to hold onto as she grunted with gritted teeth in quite unladylike fashion from the sensations her pussy was feeling from his pumps.

"Mmmmm! I think you understand the way of things... Ahhhhh! In my court, do you not?" Dong said with a chuckle as he pulled out of her snatch. Noting the groan she let out at the empty feeling from her dripping hole.

"Yes... Yes my Lord..." Cai said with almost a purr. Her head lifting up to gaze across at him with a newfound desire. "I understand completely... Lord Dong Zhou."

"Oh? Then let's see how well you really do understand!" He decided for her, reaching down to pull her off the bed. Making her gasp as he stood her up. Before moving onto the bed himself to make it creak from his vast weight. "On top! Let's see you service me with that delightful hole of yours!" He ordered with a twisted, toothy grin.

"L-Like this, my Lord?" She asked as she obediently, but cautiously, climbed back onto the bed and then on top of him to mount his lap. One hand resting on his gut as the other reached down, guiding his cock towards her snatch as she moved down. "I'm... Mmmmm! N-Not experienced with this way of doing this..." She admitted with a blush despite the sin she's already been a part of. Moaning as his bell-end entered past her folds as she sank downward.

"Then train yourself! Bounce!" He instructed. Still smiling as he groaned from her grinding slightly as she adjusted herself on his rod.

"Yes! At once Lord Zhou!" She said with a nod as she started doing just that. Both her hands resting on his bloated stomach as she worked her hips upward. Only the crown and a couple inches inside of her wet pussy before she dropped downward. Making herself gasp out with wide eyes as she ended up taking almost all his size with the first motion. "AHHHHHH!! Ooooooooh MMMM!!" Another long groan escaping her as she raised herself back upward. Her head bowed as she tried to see his cock being taken into herself but seeing only his gut, so relying on the feeling alone to get into the rhythm. Soon enough doing as she'd been told to as she began bouncing on the dick of her new Master.

"MMMM... That's more like it! We'll see that... AHHHHH... You get all the training you need... MMMM! To properly serve me!" The cruel Prime Minister said in a very back-handed way as he watched the stunning poet ride his fat and long manhood. Knowing full well his intentions for her require no musical or writing talent at all. Only that she can pleasure his cock in whatever way and position he demands, and with whatever hole he wants to use. "Like that Wenji! MMMM!! More! Show me your worth!" He grinned still as he watched her move. Her breasts bouncing away in time with the shifts up and down her body was doing. Her long twin-tails swaying away behind her from the motion to just add to the erotic sight. If not for the tiara she still wore on her head she'd completely resemble a sinful whore rather than the warrior of the Three Kingdoms she was until today.

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