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Shangri-La Ch. 06


WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age, even if depicted or referenced as otherwise in their original source material. I do not own Dynasty Warriors or any of its characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Daqiao(Dynasty Warriors series), Xiaoqiao(Dynasty Warriors series), Dong Zhuo (Dynasty Warriors series)

Dynasty Warriors: Shangri-La – Chapter 6

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MF, MFF, FF, oral, incest.

* * *

Wei's attempt to consolidate power in the Three Kingdoms with an alliance with Dong Zhou had actually backfired. It spurred the fledgling state of Shu and the major thread of Wu to form an alliance – meaning for the foreseeable future Wei still had a war on two fronts to contend with. Zhou's forces continued to keep a hold of the central plains but seemed content with keeping their lands as opposed to the other Dynasties who looked to gain more ground. Rumours had it he was happy keeping the peasants living in fear while he enjoyed a life of luxury and decadence. Even going so far as to call the land he ruled over his Shangri-La – a land of wine, women and song.

However, a mistake was made by Wu in regards to the Prime Minister, assuming he would just sit back and not aid his allies in Wei when an attack was made. A battle too close to his lands sent out his commander, and granddaughter, Dong Bai to the field. Where ever she went, her loyal officer (and much more, some have claimed) Lu Bu was never far behind which sent Wu forces scattering. Amongst the retreat, two Wu prisoners were captured even with fierce resistance from the forces as best they could. Bai was intending to have them executed but after pleading from strategist Chen Gong they were spared. Noting the potential political power over Wu that the Prime Minister would have having two wives of leading members of the Wu family captive. Bai agreed, and personally delivered them both back to her grandfather's capital. After all, they were two women after all. She knew grandfather would find some use for them...

* * *

"Well well... My beloved granddaughter has outdone herself this time!" Dong Zhou grinned, sitting back on his throne in his Imperial Palace. "Delivering the Two Qiaos to me... Today is quite a glorious day for my Shangri-La!"

With a wave of his hand he dismissed the guards who saluted and then left the two prisoners for him to look over. The two beautiful but capable in combat sisters of Wu known as the Two Qiaos. The long dark haired Daqiao clad in a dress like attire with a red sleeved 'jacket' secured with a clasp below the neck. The bottom of the stylish shaded dress finished with white trim, matching her stockings that ran all the way down to her red shows. Red flowers tied with string securing two bunches on the sides of her head.

Beside her the equally stunning Xiaoqiao with her bright hair in a ponytail that almost matched the shade of orange of her top. Her lower clothing a mix of a long trail down the back to her boots, but low cut and the lightest of blues to colour to just hide the shorts underneath. Her boots white and knee high with red and gold trim, matching the design of the gauntlets she wore. Both her and her sister more petite with small but sexy frames with perky breasts compared to the mountains that other female officers of the Three Kingdoms seemed to be blessed with.

"Please... Prime Minister." Daqiao spoke softly but sadly, knowing the danger she was in. "We meant your lands no harm. Our campaign was only against Wei. I ask of you to..."

"Silence woman!" Dong snapped as he stood up. "I will not be lectured by a woman about what I am to do! This is my land! My Shangri-La! And you two will be a part of my court for however long I see fit!"

"Hey! No fair!" Xiaoqiao said, stomping her feet in typical immature fashion. "First you capture us, now we have to serve you? No way! Just wait until my Lord Zhou Yu finds out and rescues me!" She adds, referring to her husband as she pouts with disapproval.

"I must agree with my sister... My Lord Sun Ce would not agree to such a thing." Daqiao added with a nod. "However... I accept that we are prisoners here..." She began to say.

"Prisoners? Now now, that's not true..." Dong said, seeing a chance to catch the women off guard to disarm them mentally. It worked from the curious looks the Two Qiaos then gave him. "In fact... I quite agree. This has all been a big misunderstanding, hasn't it? I think in fact... I'll let you both go if you want!"

"You... You will?? Yay!!" Xiaoqiao smiled and jumped for joy. "You're not that bad after all then!" She very wrongly assumed.

"Sister, wait." Daqiao said, looking to her sister before back to Zhou. "Why bring us all the way here then, if you were only going to let us go?"

"That's because every release deal has to have a price to pay..." Dong said with a chuckle as he looked between the two. "And for you two? The price you'll pay is being with me for the day." He announced, already reaching down to unclip the belt around his waist.

"Being with you? What does that... WHAT?!?" Daqiao exclaimed with wide eyes, while her sister gasped with the same reaction as Zhou shamelessly dropped his pants in front of the sisters. His hardening, thick and long cock sticking out from under his stomach pointing at them as he grinned. "Y-You monster!!" Daqiao managed to snap after starting for a moment. Her eyes narrowed at him. "The rumours are true! You just a sick, disgusting..."

"Oooooooooh! That's big!!" Xiaoqiao gasped again as she skipped forward. Showing her carefree attitude as she dropped down to her knees in front of him, staring with clear wonder at his size. "Way bigger than Lord Zhou Yu!" She openly admitted before looking up at Dong. "Hey! Can I touch it?? See if it does the same as his?"

"Heh... It would be my pleasure..." Dong replied, meaning that in more ways that one as he stared back at the eager brighter haired sibling. "You can even taste it if you want!"

"Sister! No!!" Daqiao called out, clearly seeing the danger here put it was already too late as she rushed towards the scene.

"Yay! Just don't tell Lord Zhou Yu about this!" Xiaoqiao said with a giggle as she put both hands onto the pole and stroked him. Helping herself to a taste as offered when she took the head into her mouth with a groan. Lips stretching to accommodate a size she clearly hasn't been used to before. Staring up almost too casually at this man who she was being held captive by as she started to suck his cock. Not understanding the danger here as she worked her mouth up and down on his rock hard member. Her hands still working over the shaft as her oral hole handled the upper portion of him.

"S-Sister..." Daqiao almost whimpered as she stood beside her sibling. Watching her suck on the cock of a man that most certainly wasn't her husband with already so much eagerness that her ponytail was swaying from the motion of her head. The darker haired beauty biting down on her bottom lip as even though she knew how wrong this was, she couldn't take her eyes off it. Clearly hearing the muffled sounds coming from Xiaoqiao as she bobbed steadily over those fat top inches and the crown. Still her palms sliding back and forth for a perfect double team like she's done this plenty of times before.

"Mmmmm? Mmmmhhhh Hhhhhyyyyhhhh Shhhhsssstrrrrr!" Xiaoqiao tried to speak but her words were more than restricted by the cock deep in her mouth. Making the sight of her blowing even hotter when she in true carefree fashion raised a hand to wave at her sister. Groaning herself from how her mouth was getting filled up by the biggest dick she's even taken yet in her still young life. "Yhhhhhrrr ssshhhhddddd thhhhhhyy ddddsssssss hhhhhrrrrtttt!" She added as she slurped. Getting her saliva applied onto this pole as she kept her head moving up and down in a nicely smooth and timely motion. Even able to smile up as her gaze turned back towards the cruel warlord. Seemingly still clueless to how wrong this situation really is as she sucked on him a little more.

"You there! Don't just stand!" Dong said, taking a hold of Daqiao by the shoulder as he grinned. "Help you sister out to service my cock!" He ordered, before he pushed her downward.

"Wh-What?? B-But!" She tried to protest, but soon Daqiao's eyes were wide again when she was on her knees right up close to her sister sucking off that huge dick.

"Hmmmm??" Xiaoqiao pulled off from him with a gasp, before smiling at her sibling. "Yeah! You help to Sis'! I bet you'll love it!" She said, shifting over as Dong also guided the darker haired stunner towards his member.

"It's... But I... The smell of it!! It's..." She tried to form thoughts in this sudden situation, but was cut off when he helped himself to invade her mouth when it next opened up.

"Mmmmmphhh!!" Daqiao whimpered with half-closed eyes when that member, still with her sister's saliva over it, now pushed deep into her mouth. The look on her face seemingly to change when faced with the reality of things – another man's cock other than her husband's now between her lips. However despite that, she began to lift her head back but at a far slower, more reluctant pace as she now took over sucking on his pole. Groaning with each motion up or down on him to show as well that she's not used to dealing with a dick of this length and thickness.

"See? His cock tastes good, right?" Xiaoqiao giggled almost innocently, if she wasn't still stroking the lower part of the dick her sister was currently blowing. Watching her sibling go to work on him for a moment with a smile as her eyes bounced in time with the movement of the other woman's mouth as she somewhat idly pumped the lower part. "Hey! Mind if I try a taste of these?" She 'asked' but was already moving downward through the jungle of pubic hair he had around his crotch. Reaching his large, heavy balls and flicking her tongue out at them. Moaning herself as she licked across one and then the other. Carefully positioning her head to not interfere with her sister as she pleasured the other part of his manhood while her hand still gripped the shaft.

"Mmmmm! Wonderful! Keep at it my eager beauties!" Zhou encouraged with a moan and a big smiling. Loving the sight of the two stunning sisters working over his cock and balls with their mouths and hands. Clearly seeing the conflict in the darker haired woman's eyes – which just made the sight of her sucking on his tool even dirtier than it already was considering both she, and her sister, were married to other men. "My cock is the best you've had, is it now? Far bigger than anyone else you've had!" He bragged, but knew that answer certainty for the latter question to be very true. Not really caring about who they are married too, but more than happy to taunt these two women who are willingly, to different degrees, servicing him to leave his member nicely slick with saliva. A sight he intended to keep seeing from them both for many days to come now he had them both, whether they both knew it or not.

"Hmmmmm!! Mmmmmm... Mmmmphhh!!" Daqiao groaned again as she closed her eyes from the shame. Still having some wits about her to know how sinful and most of all wrong this was. Both she and her sibling cheating on their husbands with a warlord they should be fighting against. Yet here she was, bobbing away on his cock soon deep that she was almost meeting her sister's hand as it pumped over his base. She knew she could stop at any time, but couldn't bring herself too. Smelling the thick musk of his shaft and finally seeing a cock of a massive size compared to the man she married. Something inside of her she never knew existed was stirring her on to keep blowing him.

Down below, Xiaoqiao was playfully humming to herself as she lapped away at both of his nuts. Leaving them nicely damp from her spit after a more than generous licking on both sides. Shifting back upward as she took her hand off from his pole. Instead moving in beside, closer to her sister but still under as she applied her mouth onto his rod. Slurping onto him with loud sucks and flicks of tongue so now both if the Two Qiaos were pleasuring his fuck-stick with their soothing mouths. Leaving him coating with their combined saliva now so that in short order they've both gone from respected and talented warriors to looking more suited for a life as cock-sucking whores.

Yet, even that stunning sight wasn't enough for this greedy, sex-obsessed man. Grabbing a handful of Daqiao's dark locks and the ponytail of the other, he brought them both upward to his bell-end. The two women working on instinct for that moment as both flicked tongues out at the tip with a groan from each. "Now that you know your place... Show me how much you really care about each other!" He demanded, and didn't give either much of a choice as he pulled his cock back before making their faces come closer. Lips meeting to have the two sisters kiss one another.

Daqiao squealed in shock as the kiss happened. Eyes widening but kept in place by the grip on her hair. However the other Qiao didn't react the same. Her eyes half-closed as she almost purred at the touching of lips. Her carefree nature helping to ignore the incest nature of this moment as she actually deepened the kiss. Lips working against her sister's while her hands moved up to hold the darker haired woman by her hips. The feeling of tongue lapping against her mouth breaking down the more timid sibling's defences as her eyes soon started to close. The Two Qiao's slowly making out as their tongues slapped off of one another to swap sit. Looking quite like two long-time lesbian lovers instead of happily married to men women they are supposed to be as they both began to moan into the smooch.

"That worked better than I had hoped!" Zhou said with a proud and cruel laugh as he let go of their hair. Seizing on the moment he'd just witnessed as he pushed Daqiao down to the ground to make her whine from the surprise. No moment to recover however as she soon found her sister on top of her as Dong put them into position. "You there! Xiaoqiao! Your sister still needs some 'convincing' that my court is where she should serve! You see to that matter, and I'll reward you..." He offered, even though it was clearly an order to her as he moved behind her. Already raising up the long tail of her attire so he would take a look at the under-shorts she had on.

"Right away Lord Dong Zhou!" The brighter haired sister eagerly agreed, looking back with a happy smile for a moment. Throwing away all shame (and reason) as she turned back to push her sibling back a little. Spreading her legs as she dived under the skirt of the dress the other woman had on and hauled down her sister's underwear despite the gasp of protest for the motion. "Just like before we both got married!" She added with a giggle before she moved her face down. Hands gripping her sister's thighs as she applied her mouth onto her exposed pussy for a long kiss that she even moaned into.

"S-Sister!! Y-You can't... N-Not in front of! Mmmmm..." Daqiao tried to protest but was soon cut off by a moan escaping her. Feeling her sister's tongue sliding against her outer folds to give her pleasure despite its incestuous nature. Her legs spreading further as she propped herself up on her shoulders even though with her dress in the way she couldn't actually see the sight of her sister starting to lick her pussy. She could certainly feel it, hence her moans and the deep blush on her face as she bit down on her bottom lip. Squirming slightly from the flicks of her sibling's tongue against her dampening folds, but held in place by the hands on her tights-covered thighs. Getting eaten out while still basically fully clothed in her stylish attire more suited for battle than a sexual encounter.

More than encouraged by the incest he was witnessing between the two stunning sisters, Zhou helped himself to the lighter haired of the Two Qiaos as he pulled down her shorts to similarly leave her almost fully dressed. Pushing his saliva-soaked dick into the tight snatch of the ponytail-haired beauty with an approving groan. Feeling how tight her walls were around his cock as he started pumping in and out of her. A sure sign that her husband was nowhere near close to his size and thickness. He cared little for that or who he was, just happy with a sick smile to be fucking another beautiful woman. Getting off on the fact she's married to someone else but is now taking his dick already like a well trained whore.

"MMMMMHH!! MMMMM..." Xiaoqiao moaned loudly into her sister's pussy as she found her slim and sexy body rocking back against the thrusts entering into her snatch from behind. Making her head push forward so her lips rubbed against the folds of the other half of the sisters of Wu, and that in turn increased the pleasure the other sibling was feeling. Xiaoqiao closed her eyes as she tried her best to focus, but her own snatch was getting wet from taking such a huge dick. Never mind increasingly deep as the pumps ensured more and more of his inches were being stuffed into her when he drove forward. Opting to push her tongue right into her sister's twat to properly lick and taste the other woman. Not appearing (if one could see her from under the covering of the dress her head was hidden by) to look like she was a novice at pussy munching either from the quick licking she applied.

"AHHHH!! Mmmmm... Sis-Sister!! You... You know we sh-shouldn't b-be... MMMM!!" Daqiao once again tried to protest and fight against the onslaught of sin and pleasure that she was witnessing and feeling in front of her. It was a rapidly loosing battle as she groaned out in delight from the tongue lashing being done to the entrance to her love tunnel. Increasingly caring not for the incest nature of it as she slowly reached down. Pulling up the bottom of her dress so she could see the swaying ponytail of her sister as her head was deep between her thighs. Instead of pushing her sibling away as perhaps a right minded person would, she instead grabbed a hold of that ponytail firmly. Groaning as she was 'rewarded' with her sister's tongue pushing deeper into her folds from the clutch.

"Mmmmmm!! Looks like you two whores... Ahhhhh! Have done this before!!" The perverted Prime Minister noted with an approving, wide grin as he pumped away in and out of the lighter haired of the Two Qiaos. His wide gut starting to smack off of Xiaoqiao's backside as he pumped in to fill up her tightness with all of his inches. "MMMM... Then I'll make sure to enjoy both of you as you enjoy one another... Mmmmmm! Many times to come!" He bragged with a loud and shameless laugh. Revelling in that feeling along with witnessing the sister-on-sister lesbian action going on just ahead. The sloppy sound of juices being just heard along with all the moans coming from the three of them as he plunged his cock over and over into the soaking wet box of the woman sandwiched willingly between her new Lord and her own sister.

Moaning again into her sister's twat, Xiaoqiao liked the sounds of that. Lord Dong Zhou's cock felt amazing inside of her pussy – way better than her husband's way smaller dick ever did – and the taste of her own sister's snatch was delicious. Feeling this again and again sounded a lot more fun than being out on the battlefield. For now, she was concentrating on feeling good and making her sibling feel the same. Feeling Daqiao pulling her hair was a sure sign she was getting her more into this now. Pushing her sweating body back she made sure to meet those balls deep thrusts into her pussy, and allowing her to slide her mouth against the other woman's honey pot. Juices coating her lips and around her mouth, with some even dripping down her chin to show how eagerly this incestuous licking has been.

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