As the storm raged outside, Shannon drew the duvet closer around her, snuggling down in its warmth. "The only thing better", thought Shannon, "would be if there was someone to wrap his arms around me." As she drifted back off to sleep, Shannon imagined a big bear hug: a warm, hard body behind her, holding her, warming her.

She breathed him in, revelling in his manly scent, lips softly nuzzling at her neck.

Shannon shifted in her sleep, the arms wrapped tightly around her. As she turned and rolled onto her stomach, Shannon felt her arms tingle - as if someone was gently stroking the soft skin. She brought her arms down to her side and shifted her head more comfortably into the pillow. Shannon floated into a deep sleep.


The sun shone gently through the window, and Shannon slowly opened her eyes. She knew she had a little time before her alarm went off, and she closed her eyes again, before turning to find a cool spot on the pillow.

Shannon's eyes shot open.

She couldn't move. Her arms were pulled relatively loosely behind her back, but she couldn't escape the binds. Her legs were spread open, though not uncomfortably so, and her ankles were tied with silks firmly to the corners of the bed. She found she could move her head, and did so, only to be met with a deep kiss. Her eyes involuntarily closed, and before she could react, Shannon felt a blindfold being placed over her eyes.

"Please.... Don't hurt me..." Shannon cried.

Shannon didn't get a reply. Instead she felt her captor straddle her lower back, and kiss the back of her neck softly. Shannon felt chills down her spine.

Suddenly, the tension in her arms dropped as the chain binding her wrists was unclipped. Shannon felt a length of silk wrapping around her wrist, and her arm being brought around and laid to rest above her head. The same was done to the other arm, and the 2 were tied together, much tighter this time.

He kissed her neck again, this time taking his time, licking just below her ear, and almost to her collarbone. He began to nibble gently on her ear lobe, causing Shannon to moan softly.

"How can I be responding to him - he has tied me up and blindfolded me - he might be preparing to kill me - and I am moaning to him!!" Shannon, disgusted with herself, tried to pull her neck away from his almost tender touch, but found herself just baring the other side of her neck to him. He responded to this new flesh by biting firmly at the crease where he neck met her shoulder. Shannon shivered under his weight.

Suddenly, Shannon felt his weight lift off the bed: he was no longer straddling her. She patiently waited for her bounds to be untied, but it didn't come. Shannon pushed her head into the pillow, trying to twist her blindfold off; she told herself it wasn't to see where he had gone, but to see if she was safe.

She soon became distracted, however, by a faint tingle on her lower legs. Trying to decipher what he was doing to her, she wriggled in her ties. She felt the tingles travel up her legs, slowly teasing, prickling her skin. He alternated between her legs, applying more pressure, then less, keeping her guessing. She knew now it was a tiny crop of feathers. Her skin felt on fire, and she moaned softly into the pillow again. Shannon didn't know it, but her captor smiled.

The torture continued, seemingly with no end in sight for Shannon. He began to kiss the back of her legs, combining the light touch of the feather with warm, wet licks and kisses. Shannon began to relax and moaned again into the pillow - knowing where his caresses were leading to, and wanting it. Her captor noticed Shannon trying to open her legs a little more and decided to see how far he could push her.

He placed the feather onto the bed and slowly freed the silk tying one of her legs to the bed frame. Shannon immediately lifted her head to try and work out what he was doing, if he was untying her. He wasn't. He lifted her leg up and stretched it out a little more, pulling her right to the edge of the bed, retying her firmly. He repeated the process on her other leg, so she was spread as wide as she could be for him. Shannon felt a little less comfortable, but assumed he would carry on with his soft ministrations on her; she even raised her ass up to him a little.

Suddenly Shannon felt his weight on the bed again, but this time he didn't straddle her. She felt his whole body on top of hers: his legs stretched out over hers and his arms reach up over her head and grasping her hands. Shannon could feel his bare skin against hers and she lifted her head up to rest into his neck. They lay like this for a while, one of his hands holding onto her wrists, and the other softly stroking the curve of her side. Shannon nuzzled against his neck a little closer and purred softly.

Very slowly he began to move against her, and she could feel his cock hardening between her legs, slipping against the warm wet folds of her. He began again to lightly kiss her neck, and to softly stroke her wrists with his thumbs as he held on to her.

In his mind he willed her to say it. He knew she wanted this, but she had to be say it out loud. She had to say that she wanted him inside her, needed him.

He pressed against her a little more urgently, feeling her arousal and hearing her moan. Her captor sucked on her earlobe, proving his passion, his desire to be with her.

Her hips arched as much as they could against him. She moaned loudly into the pillow, baring her neck even more to him, wanting to feel his touch all over her body.

He brought one of his hands down to her side - stroking up the soft skin from her thigh to her wrist, and back down again, his fingers resting on the side of her ass, squeezing firmly.

"Please..." Shannon said breathlessly.

He pressed himself against her ass and worked his hips slowly up and down. Interlocking their fingers together and pushing himself up slightly on his toes, he bent his head down to her neck once more and bit her shoulder.

"Oh God.... Please....."

Slowly rocking against her body, not wanting to hurt her, but showing his passion, his arousal for her, his rock hard cock slipped inside of her.

"Yes, fuck me, please... fuck me."

That was all he needed. He pushed slowly, but steadily inside her hot cunt, feeling the warmth and wetness coat him. He groaned into her neck. When his full length was buried deep inside her, she turned her head towards him and they kissed passionately, their bodies not moving.

He pulled out of her just as slowly, savouring the feeling of her, and began again. Shannon started to moan softly, loving the feeling of fullness by him. This time he thrust a little quicker into her, and they began to find a slow but firm rhythm. His body so heavy on top of hers made it hard for her to push back against him, but as soon as she lifted her hips off the bed, one of his hands snaked round and flicked her clit. Shannon groaned deeply, her breathing becoming heavier.

"please..." Shannon said breathlessly, "fuck me harder.... I need to feel you fill me...."

He obliged happily, increasing the tempo of their rhythm, teasing her clit more with his finger. Unnoticed by Shannon, he untied the silks binding her wrists, but still held onto them with one hand, keeping her in place. He continued to fuck her, punctuating his hard thrusts by slowly almost pulling out of her, then driving back in.

Soon their bodies were slick with sweat and their breathing shallow. Her cries and moans filled her bedroom as they both neared orgasm. He wanted this to last a little longer, and moved his fingers up from her clit to her breasts, stroking the sides and pulling on her nipples intermittently.

Without once losing contact with her, he suddenly pulled her up by the waist and onto her knees, bending her over so he could slam into her harder. Shannon began to lose control, her whole body shaking, her hips thrusting back onto him, not wanting him to leave her body. He reached around and grabbed her nipples, pulling hard. She screamed as her orgasm began to build up, her head thrashing wildly about, her hips bucking hard against him. Her captor pinched her clit hard with his fingers and she went over the edge. Her cunt clamped down on his thick cock, sending him wild. He thrust hard into her once more and came deep inside her, groaning loudly before falling back down onto the bed.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, his cock pulsing softly inside her as her cunt milked him. He kissed the back of her neck softly. Slowly, their breathing returned to normal, and Shannon soon fell into a light slumber.


Shannon jumped at the sound of her alarm and reached out to turn it off. Suddenly she remembered what happened to her during the night and rolled over to see her captor. He wasn't there. No blindfold. She lifted her arms and sat up to look at her ankles. No ties. She tried to think of an explanation, but couldn't. Did she dream it?

Shannon sat for a few moments in bed trying to analyse herself. It was then that she noticed a long length of silk tied wrapped around one of her bed posts.

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