Shaped by Daddy


Up until my 18th birthday I would have considered myself to be a straight, somewhat dominant male. The story starts with my breakup of the last girlfriend I have had. After we broke up I found a pair of her panties a few weeks later that I had forgotten about.

Being a horny single 18 year old, my temptation got the best of me. I quickly stripped off my boxers and stood looking at the cheetah print thong. "Fuck it" I thought to myself as I leaned over to pull the skimpy thing up. I loved the way it felt between my ass cheeks and oddly the way it constrained my cock. This would be the spark that ignited my future.

The next day I registered online. I only knew of it because a show I watched made a joke about it. I didn't even expect anyone to be in my area. My accounts name at the time was panty boy and had a picture of me with my shirt off.

The first few days drew many conversations, but that was it. I think people wanted to see pictures of a skinny 18 year old kid wearing a tiny thong more than they actually wanted to meet one. A few more days went by when suddenly I got a message from a nameless, pictureless account 15 miles away from me. The message stated "You seem like a very interesting little boy to me, it sounds like you need a daddy." I hadn't heard the term before but I liked it. We chatted for a couple weeks exchanging pictures back and forth before I finally gained the courage to meet Daddy. In those few weeks he opened my eyes to a lot of new things like fully crossdressing. When the time came to go over to his house I had bought a bra and a blonde wig with long hair too. I wanted to surprise daddy with this on our first meeting.

Nervously I drove over to his house, which was in the country about 10 miles out of m town. When I got there I did as he told me and stripped down to just my bra and panties(and wig). Standing there almost naked knocking on his door gave me quite the rush, but when he opened I got an even bigger one.

Daddy looked at me and then at my wig and said "Oh baby girl it is so nice to finally meet you in person!" My mind paused for a second. "Baby girl?" I thought to myself. It caught me off guard but boy did I love the sound of it.

He leaned down and grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and pulled me into him. He kissed me first on the mouth which caught me off guard, I had never kissed another guy before, let alone a grown man. I melted into him though and found our tongues dancing in each others mouths.

Suddenly daddy pulled his tongue out as I looked to his eyes to see what was next. He put one finger on my chin looked intensely at me and gave me a light kiss on the lips again before lifting my head with the finger to get at my neck. I was in heaven as he kissed and sucked on my neck.

"Can we move to the couch Daddy?" I asked him shyly.

Without saying anything he pulled me by the hand over to the couch. He sat first and instinct controlled me at that point as I just sat right on his lap with my barely covered ass and leaned back in to make out more. All of this kissing must have made me horny because I realized that I had been grinding my ass into his groin for some time now. He didn't seem to mind though. I started to feel his bulge rubbing just between my cheeks and the moment I felt that cock rubbing on me was the moment I became his. I moved my hand down and started to rub him through his shorts. While I did that, Daddy wasted no time getting my nipples in his mouth and sucking on them while teasing them with his fingers. For some reason it felt amazing when he grabbed my nipple and gave them a nice tug.

I moved my hand under his shirt to try and get below his shorts to feel that monster in my hand, but he grabbed me first and told me "Just wait baby, my girl will get what she wants in due time." Those words drove me crazy with arousal and curiosity. He suggested we move to the basement and I agreed. When we reached the bottom of the stairs I saw in the middle of the basement there was only one thing. A wooden bench with ropes on the sides and a cabinet full of god knows what.


"Shhh girl" he interrupted as he once again started to kiss my neck.

This was way too easy for him I thought. He could manipulate me through a few kisses. The thought turned me on even more than I already was.

"Close your eyes" He said.

I did without hesitation. I felt something go around my head. "take my hand" He lead me towards the center of the room. I tried looking but Daddy had blindfolded me.

We reached the bench and he had me get on all fours as I felt belts tighten on my arms and legs. I could barely move,

"Say ahh baby" I heard him say and obeyed.

Suddenly my mouth was filled with a new taste, a new smell, and a new feeling. Daddy slowly started moving his cock in and out going deeper each time while I was restrained to the bench. "Mmmm take that dick baby" he moaned out.

I got to the point where his dick was starting to hit the back of my mouth. That didn'y stop him. He kept going deeper and deeper as I started to gag. It wasn't even close to all the way in yet either. He grabbed the back of my head and started to force his cock down my throat while I gagged every time. I think he liked that I couldn't take it but he was forcing me to anyways.

His hands left my head but his cock did not leave my mouth. I was focusing intently on trying to take it in my throat and lick up and down with my tongue. It surprised me when I felt a loud smack across my ass cheeks. I tried to cry out but my mouth was still filled up with Daddys monster cock and I barely made a noise, other than gagging on his dick of course.

He gave me a few more on my ass and each one burned with pleasure. He reached over the table where I felt his hands moving around my ass. Whenever he got close to my hole I felt my entire body tingle. Then I felt a single finger rub the outside of my virgin boy pussy. He pulled the finger back to his mouth spit on it and rubbed the now lubed up finger around until I felt it slide into me. In and out in and out he went for a few minutes when I felt two fingers, and then three inside of me. His cock was still fucking my face while he was doing this. Then there were no fingers anymore.

Suddenly I felt cold slippery metal on my hole and this sent a shiver up my spine. Daddy slowly push the plug into my ass as it opened more and more until finally the plug popped right into my hole. Daddy have the plug a few pats for good measure. He pulled it out... and pushed it back in and I took a deep breath every single time.

One of the times it didn't push back in and I was a little disappointed. Even worse daddy finally took his giant dick out of my throat that I had been worshipping for the last 15 minutes.

I layed there tied down in anticipation when I heard him walk around to the back side of me. His manly hands spread my cheeks and I felt him dive into my asshole with his tongue. I couldn't help but let out a high pitched moan, "Oh Daddy yes make me your bitch!" I realized how feminine I sounded after but I didn't care, this was the best thing I'd ever felt in my life(Not for long).

Tied down I continued to moan and squirm loudly. Then I felt a ball enter my mouth and realized Daddy had put a gag on me. He kept going to town on my hole, fingering and eating it. I was so turned on but realized my cock was completely soft. "weird" I thought to myself. But I didn't have too much time to think as my hole was getting assaulted.

He stopped and leaned up so that his cock was resting on my back. With the gag in I begged him to put it in my hole. He said "How bad do you want this dick baby?"

"Please sir! I will do anything to have you inside of me"


I nodded even though I couldn't see him because I was blindfolded. I heard him chuckle and open the cabinet again. There was a metal ringing noise and he walked back over.

Without warning I felt cold metal on my flaccid dick and was surpised. He told me if I wanted his cock I had to agree to be feminized. The thought scared me but there wasn't anything I wanted more in the world at the moment and agreed. As soon as I said yes he locked the cage.

Soon I felt something big and meaty run through my ass cheeks and then it rubbed directly over my hole. He squeezed a bunch of lube onto my hole and slowly started to press. Slowly he moved farther in until I could feel his big balls against my tiny metal cage. He picked up the pace until he was pounding me hard in my restraints.

After a few minutes he untied me and flipped me onto my back and took the blindfold off. As he did that I pulled in his face for a passionate kiss at the same moment his cock slid into my sissy pussy. I looked down to see gooey liquid dripping out of my cage little dick. Daddy noticed and scooped some up and put the finger in my mouth which I thoroughly cleaned off for him.

Daddy took my cage in his hand while pounding me with his massive dick and said "Wow you had girlfriends before? they must've been disappointed." It humiliated me but for some reason I loved when he made fun of how small my dick is.

"I'm getting close bitch" he exclaimed to me. A few seconds later he had my neck leaned off the edge of the bench and was mercilessly fucking my throat. I thought I was going to pass out when my mouth and throat were flooded with his seed.

After I swallowed all of it he leaned down and kissed me some more while I was still tied down. He fondled my body and gave the tiniest lick to my balls sitting outside the cage and laughed.

"You better learn to cum through your ass bitch!"

I wonder what he meant by that..?

To be continued

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/07/19


Seriously, you are horrible at writing. Find a new hobby

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by robbiesj09/16/18

Very horny story, would like to hear what happens next. Can't wait for more, please!

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by Paddles09/15/18

good story but everything seemed to happen a little too quickly, drag it out a bit more

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