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The small Washington D.C. row house was packed with a rowdy crowd of twenty-somethings, and music by 'The Chemical Brothers' blasted from some speakers at top volume. It was loud, and it was hot, and it was crowded, and it was beginning to make Allie's temples throb. She wasn't sure why she let Miranda drag her to this party in the first place, but she needed to leave before she committed assault against one of the dweeb's in her way. As Allie pushed her way through the crowd of inebriated Millennials, she rolled her eyes at the kids who were moving chaotically to the defining music.

"I can't believe they call that dancing," she thought as she went looking for her best friend. She eventually found Miranda tucked into a relatively secluded corner talking to Chris. Chris was Miranda's boyfriend, and he bore no resemblance to the throng of drunken losers she had just waded through.

Chris had broad shoulders that filled out the black leather sports jacket he was wearing almost as nicely as his ass filled out those tight jeans of his. They were no match for his chocolate brown eyes, however, which were making Allie's heart skip a beat as he looked up at her. The broad shoulders, seductive eyes, and nice ass along with his ready smile and easy laugh together meant that he was, in a word, dangerous. Standing there looking at the two of them together, she had to admit that she was just a little jealous.

"Hey, you two," Allie said, as she got close enough to be heard over the music.

"Oh, hey Al," Miranda returned, opting for the casual nickname that she had been using since they first met. Miranda was a fair-haired beauty with eyes the color of a crisp winter sky and skin that would make cream look tanned. Miranda knew that she was attractive but she wore that understanding with grace and without conceit. Allie had always admired Miranda for that quality.

"So, are you two ready to get out of here? This music is starting to give me a headache!" Said Allie.

"Sounds good to me," Miranda said, and Chris nodded his agreement as they stood up and started heading towards the door.

Miranda and Allie had met and become fast friends in high school. Both headed off college after graduation and a summer of pool parties and beach trips, and while Miranda had come back to DC after getting her bachelors degree, Allie went on to grad school to get her MBA. It was during the two years while Allie was at the University of Chicago that Miranda had met and then subsequently moved in with Chris. Allie had all the inside skinny on how that affair had gone, from meeting in a bar, to a passionate fuck fest, to finally settle into what it was now, with Miranda and Chris living together in a swanky condo just across the river from Washington D.C.

After finishing up, her MBA Allie decided not to fall into the millennial trap of moving back into her parent's house. Thankfully Miranda and Chris had plenty of extra room, so they offered to rent her one of the master suites. Miranda knew right off the bat that Allie was going to fall for Chris because in her words "he's delicious" and frankly she was kind of hoping that the three of them would become an item, but every time she hinted at the topic with Chris he got uncomfortable. Likewise, she couldn't find a way to let him know that she and Allie had some sapphic experiences with one another. The fact was that even though they both preferred men sometimes they enjoyed the exotic taste of one another as well.

Less than twenty minutes after leaving the raucous party the three of them were at a trendy little bistro called Charley's, sipping on some very refreshing Mojitos and laughing at each other's jokes. As they left the bistro and walked the two blocks to the condo, Chris wrapped one arm around Miranda's shoulders and the other around Allie's. The two petite beauties made exotic bookends, Allie the raven-haired enchantress on one side and Miranda, the ice princess on the other. Snuggled up against Chris' side Allie smiled and felt a little giddy in anticipation of what was to come.

After taking a leak and brushing his teeth, Chris slipped back into the bedroom he shared with Miranda, only to find her splayed out on the bed snoring loudly.

"Ok, very funny Miranda," he said, convinced that she was trying to play a joke. When she didn't move as he playfully tickled her ribs, he began to think that she was serious.

Chris had made it clear that he was in love with Miranda and ever since Allie had come to stay with them he was even more in love with her if that was possible. There was something fundamental about the way Miranda and Allie related to one another. It was one of those situations where one would finish the sentence of the other, and with a look, they knew exactly what the other was thinking. In certain respects, they were like two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly.

Other than the fact that both of the girls were petite, in appearance they were polar opposites. Miranda had the fresh-faced girl next door vibe with her curly blond hair, cream-colored complexion, and those stunning blue eyes, while Allie was the mysterious one with her long jet black hair, jade green eyes and a smile that said: "I know exactly what your thinking." The truth was that both of them made his head spin and his dick hard as stone.

"Hey, Miranda, you ok sugar?" He asked, but she gave no response other than her loud breathing. He slapped her ass, hard, and still got no response, so he shook her vigorously but she still didn't budge. He knew for sure then that she was out cold.

"Oh fuck me!" He said out loud, aware of the irony in his curse because neither he nor Miranda had been able to 'get any' for over a week and a half while he was away on business. Tonight was supposed to be catch-up sex, and she knew it.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he said out loud again even as he pulled Miranda further up on the bed and slid a pillow under her head. Finally, resigned to his fate but unable to give up the need to release his sexual tension, he fired up the Blu-Ray player and popped in an old standby porn title that was laying around.

Chris flipped off the main bedroom light and pulled out a tube of chocolate flavored lube that was stashed in the nightstand for those times when he and Miranda felt like playing with her assortment of toys. The TV screen flared brightly as the first scene of the video came to life. On screen, a sexy young girl with small upturned tits slowly turned her back to the camera. Then she bent over at the waist and pulled her white cotton panties down over her ass, exposing her pink slit and tight little asshole which made Chris' dick stir in response.

"God damn, that actress looks a lot like Allie," he thought, as she stepped out of her panties and took hold of the enormous cock that was dangling in front of her face.

Miranda had been trying to get him to talk about what he thought about her best friend staying with them now that a month had passed and it took all of his resolve to avoid the conversation. He wasn't going to ruin this relationship by letting Miranda maneuver him into admitting that he found Allie damn attractive especially since it was entirely clear that he was in love with Miranda and found her equally as attractive. "A bird in the hand," he kept reminding himself and had to smile looking down at his own hand wrapped around his stiff cock.

Sighing, Chris found himself lost in the action taking place on the large TV screen attached to the wall opposite the bed, where the girl who resembled Allie was now vigorously sucking on another big cock. Chris slid his hand up and down his rock hard dick beginning to feel his temperature rise and didn't hear the door to the bedroom slowly open.

Allie stood silently in the doorway to Chris' bedroom with the door half open. She could see the colored light from the TV dancing on the wall behind Chris, and she could hear the sounds of a girl gagging on someone's thick cock, but she only had eyes for Chris. He reclined on a pile of pillows with one hand behind his neck and the other stroking his impressive dick. Even in the muted light of the TV, she could make out its large plum sized head and thick veiny shaft. His hand moved slowly up and down its length, and as she watched, she found herself padding towards him almost as though in a trance.

Chris caught some movement out of the corner of his eye, and as he shifted his gaze from the girl on the TV, who was getting her face fucked rather roughly at that point, to the door, he was stunned to see Allie in a sheer teddy, slowly walking towards him. As he stared at the beautiful woman with the cat's eyes, he forgot all about the fact that he had his hand wrapped around his engorged cock. Chris had always considered Allie pretty but seeing her now in the flickering light of the TV wearing next to nothing he was awestruck. She was so much more than just pretty he thought; she was a goddess!

Allie stopped next to the bed, amused at the look on Chris' face as she bent down placing her hand on his. He had stopped stroking his hard-on when he saw her, and now she started moving his hand up and down his slick cock once again. His mouth was slightly open, and his gaze was transfixed on her face. It was as though he was mesmerized, but she didn't care as long as she got some of that gorgeous dick. Tired of the slack look on his face she leaned over and kissed him on the mouth, and that was all it took to break the spell.

"Wha, wha, what are you doing?" Chris stammered as he came back to his senses and held Allie at bay.

"Why, I'm kissing you, silly," she replied with a sheepish grin painted on the porcelain skin of her exquisite face.

"No, no, I mean, W.H.A.T. A.R.E. Y.O.U. D.O.I.N.G?" He said again adding emphasis to each word while looking over at the sleeping form of his girlfriend lying right next to him.

"Oh don't worry about her, she's going to be out cold for at least the next 6 hours," she said as her grin changed from innocent to devilish in an instant.

"Wha, wha, what?" He stammered looking questioningly into Allie's sparkling eyes.

"I said DON'T WORRY ABOU..." she began.

"No, I heard you Allie, but why would you say that? How would you..." he stopped mid-sentence as though the tumblers of a lock had all come into alignment. "Oh, you didn't. Did you?" He questioned.

"Well, I may have slipped a little 'something' into Miranda's Mojito down at Charlie's," she said sheepishly "but trust me it's nothing that will hurt her, and she won't even wake up with a hangover tomorrow." She added, looking for some sign regarding what Chris was going to do next.

"Why Allie, why? I thought that Miranda is your best friend," he said.

"She is Chris, don't doubt that for one second but best friends share things all the time, right?" She said hoping that Chris would get with the program sometime soon. "It's just that I'm kinda jealous that she won't share you. And trust me I've asked her. Hell, I've asked her if we could do a three-way multiple times, but she keeps saying 'no,' so I finally decided to take matters into my own hands."

"Wait, what? You asked her if we could do a three-way without asking me?"

"Well, duh, you're a guy. Would you have said 'NO' if given a choice? Of course not! Look at it this way, we get to have a little fun, and you don't have to tell her. But, if after it's all said and done, you feel all sad and squishy inside we'll tell her together. Ok? Now, that's enough talking I want to taste that cock!"

Before Chris could get another word out Allie bent over and drove her mouth onto his cock.

"Oh My God," is all that Chris could think as Allie's mouth engulfed his dick and began sliding up and down the slick shaft. Her mouth was insanely hot, and at first, he was sure that his dick would melt like butter in an oven. A moan escaped his lips as she worked his cock furiously. First spending time sucking and licking on the sensitive head and the next minute driving it deep into her mouth where her throat would violently contract as she gaged on his girth.

Over and over Allie did this driving him mad with lust until suddenly she pulled her mouth off his stiff pole and turned to face him with a grin "Hey you taste like chocolate. I looooove chocolate!"

"Tha, That's the flavored lube I was using to jack off with when you came in here," he said feeling slightly awkward.

"Well this doesn't taste like chocolate, but I want you to eat it just the same," Allie said, removing her lacy G-string before lifting her leg over his head and straddling his face. "And just so you know Chris, Miranda's told me all about how much you like eating pussy but trust me, she's no match for my cock sucking skills. So here's the deal, let's just see which of us can make the other cum first, and the winner gets to decide what we do next. Alright?"

"I'm game!" Chris said, coming to the realization that this was going to be an epic night.

Allie ground her juicy pussy onto Chris' mouth moaning with delight as he alternated from sucking on her tender little clit and probing her moist interior with his muscular tongue. Miranda had told her that he was the best she had ever known and now Allie was beginning to believe her. She also knew that if she continued to arch her back and fixate on his oral attack, she was going to lose their bet, so she opened her eyes and went back to work on his thickness.

She lowered her head and swallowed his cock whole in one swift motion feeling the length of it push its way deep into her throat. She tried her best to stifle the gag reflex that was causing her throat to convulse while at the same time breathing through her nose and she heard Chris groan in response. With short quick movements, she bobbed her head up and down and forced her mouth all the way to the base of his dick each time. Each time she hit bottom Chris' hips would buck, and he would grunt.

Clearly, she was getting to him. After a couple minutes of this, she pulled her face off of his rigid staff and gasped for air, marveling at the thick strings of spit that draped from her lips to Chris' stiffness.

Allie had without a doubt the most delicious pussy that Chris had ever tasted. He felt like he couldn't get enough and he was obsessed with the taste of her. He loved the way her petals parted when he slid his tongue from her stiff clit to the moist opening of her vagina. He loved the way the entrance to her pussy clenched his tongue as he probed it and the way she coated his mouth with her sticky sweet nectar. He loved the way her hips bucked and shuddered when he took her engorged nub in his mouth and sucked on it. He loved the way she ground her mound on his face hard pressing the delicate flesh of her pink lips against his chin and teeth. He loved everything about this beautiful girl's pussy, and he was lost in the pleasure of consuming it; consuming her.

He knew he was close to winning their bet, so he reached around and probed her clenching hole with his middle finger then he went a little north and gingerly circled her little puckered asshole.

Working his cock feverishly, alternating between swallowing it deeply and attacking the engorged head, she felt Chris' thick finger circling her asshole, and she knew what he was planning. She also knew that she couldn't withstand his onslaught for much longer so while he was driving her crazy with his mouth and planning on probing her ass with his finger, she decided to beat him to the punch. Reaching around his thigh, she stuck her middle finger into her mouth and lubricated it with spit. Then with one swift motion, she thrust it into his ass while at the same time swallowing his cock whole.

It had the desired effect. Chris' hips bucked, and he filled her mouth with his hot sticky seed. She wiggled her finger in Chris' ass and sucked on his pulsating dick for all she was worth, and he cried out like some kind of X rated Tarzan while thrashing around on the bed. It felt like she was riding a bucking horse while he pumped his jizz into her mouth. Throughout it all, she remained firmly latched on to his cock, and he never did get around to sticking that finger into her ass.

"Ha! I won," she declared wiping cum from her chin as the spasms of his orgasm subsided.

"Yeah, but not by much, woman, and you know damn well that if it weren't for the fact that I was trying to be gentle, the outcome would have been different," he replied.

"Well, that's no matter because I still won, so get on your hands and knees while I go get my strap-on," Allie said with a smile.

"Wait, what?" He said as a tentative look of concern crept across his face.

"Yeah, you heard me. That cock of yours ain't going to be of much use for a little while so I might as well teach you what it feels like to get fucked properly."

"Hey now, I didn't say that I was willing to get my ass fucked," he protested with hint panic in his voice.

"Ok, ok, I'm just kidding Mr. He-man, so don't get your panties all tied up in a knot," she said with a giggle forcing a relieved smile on his face.

Instead of running out of Chris' bedroom to get her strap-on, as she told him she was going to do, Allie leaned over the sleeping form of Miranda and pulled something out of her nightstand drawer.

Chris stared as Allie leaned back and began to insert what looked something like a slender lobster claw into her mouth. It took him a couple seconds to realize that it was some kind of oddly shaped dildo or vibrator when Allie pulled it from her mouth and held it up for Chris' inspection.

"I loaned this to your girlfriend over there," Allie said, motioning to the prone form of Miranda sprawled out on the other side of the king sized mattress. It glistened in the flickering light of the TV which was still playing porn in the background. "She almost wore it out while you were gone but I'm taking it back now and you, buddy boy, are going to use it on me until that thick cock of yours comes back to life."

She handed the device, slick with her saliva, to Chris and lifted her right leg over his head so he was staring at her naked sex and once again he was struck by how beautiful her pussy was. He looked at the device more closely as he inched his way towards her slit. It was about eight inches long and curved upward. About three inches from its base a smaller appendage stuck out roughly parallel to the main shaft. There was a thin ring of metal around the base which he assumed turned the vibrator on, but truthfully he was transfixed by the way her dainty lips parted like orchid petals and didn't really think about the device anymore.

Allie laid back with her legs spread wide as Chris leaned in to penetrate her sex with the 'Rabbit' vibrator she had just given him. She was surprised when instead of the stretching she expected to feel as he pressed it into her tight vagina, she felt the tingling of his tongue on her still sensitive clit. The jolts of electricity she felt caused her hips to rise up off the bed, and when she was at the limit of her arch, he drove the vibrator all the way home. The sensation of it pushing into her wetness was sublime, and she cried out her lust.

Chris withdrew the vibrator from her wet pussy, and as her hips came back down to the mattress, he pushed it all the way back in again, driving the breath from her lungs. He did this over and over again pausing a second or two between each thrust as though to give her a chance to catch her breath and after a while, the slow rhythm began taking its toll. She was almost frantic with the need for him to piston it in and out of her faster so she could reach her orgasm, but he kept his pace maddeningly slow.

Chris could tell that pulling the vibrator all the way out of her tight little hole and waiting a couple seconds before plunging it up to the hilt again was taking its toll on Allie. The cocky look on her face was replaced by an almost angelic one as her eyes closed and her head arched back in what he could only assume was ecstasy. He continued to slowly plumb the depths of her snatch over and over again until her head rocked back and forth on the mattress and a constant low moan escaped her lips. Then with the curved device buried snug in her vagina he turned the vibrator on and quietly slipped off the bed to retrieve a long black rubber dildo from his nightstand.

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