tagGroup SexShare, Dare or Bare Ch. 03

Share, Dare or Bare Ch. 03


He stood proudly, his shorts bulging with promise and he pulled her close. Their bodies rocked slowly not dancing but not holding still. She could feel him large and hard against her stomach and she pressed back against him. "God that feels good," she thought. His hands drifted across her back teasing her by alternating between gently pulling the clasp to her bra and drifting down to squeeze and massage her butt cheeks.

He sucked and softly bit her earlobe whispering, "You are one very sexy and very beautiful woman. I dearly want to kiss every inch of your body and make you cum with my tongue a dozen times. Then I want to spoil you by fucking you for hours."

She flushed at the thoughts being implanted in her mind and the lust they were awakening in her body. Remembering that Meg and Mike were watching she broke the kiss and turned to see Mike kissing Meg's breasts. She was stroking his cock furiously and while his hands were deep in her crotch apparently finger fucking her. Apparently their experiment had acquired a life and direction of its own. This was all wrong but still felt so good.

A mindless reflex drew her hand between their bodies. She reached in through the flap of his shorts and withdrew what she found to be a large and very excited cock. She stroked the length while trying to identify any differences between Jules and her husband. She enjoyed the hardness in her hands and judged it to be slightly larger around and possibly a little longer. Regardless of size, it felt wonderful and she gave herself to the moment. She turned to look at him and his lips found hers as their tongues engaged in a sexual wrestling match.

Holding the kiss, Jules sat on the couch behind him and gently pulled her into his lap, guiding her to sit straddling him. She suddenly felt extremely vulnerable as she realized there was only a thin wet piece of cloth protecting her increasingly willing opening from his raging hard-on. His hands went to her waist urging her in closer to his cock. In an effort to hold herself from sliding down onto his hardness, she reached behind to place her hands on the back of the couch. Her head ended up resting in the crook of his neck and her breasts were crushed against his chest.

She turned her head and kissed Jules hard on the lips, and snaked her tongue past his open lips. Jules allowed himself to fall back against the couch as she resisted his attempts at pulling her down with him. She broke the kiss, glancing back to see what the other couple was doing and was not surprised to see Meg with Mike's cock in her mouth. Lauren caught Mike's eyes and he looked at her sleepily, smiled briefly and let his head sink backwards onto the couch, lost in the pleasurable sensations he was receiving from Meg's mouth and tongue.

She turned back to Jules and had no difficulty in resigning herself to her fate. Her lips met his and at first they teased each other but soon their mouths were open and they were alternately sucking at each other's tongue. She still was resisting his attempts to pull her in closer so he slid his right hand up her side and gently cupped her left breast. Lauren made no attempt at stopping him and sighed as he pinched the nipple softly at first and then became more insistent. His mouth moved down her neck and his hand pulled her shoulder strap down, her breast almost tumbling from its lacy confines.

She knew she was trapped but her jumbled logic kept searching for a way out. "I'll make him cum and then that will be the end of all this foolishness." Overcome with lust at the prospect of bringing him to orgasm, she increased the rhythm of her strokes along the length of his fully erect cock.

His hand gently caressed her breast, lifting it out of the bra cup and inserting the excited nipple hungrily into his mouth. The effect from his expert teasing was delicious and she willingly offered up her breast to his insistent loving. His mouth was insistently sucking on her nipple and it seemed to her that the sensations were establishing a direct link with her clit.

He remained unaware of the fury his hungry sucking was inducing in her quivering clit. To her helpless horror, his other hand reached in between their bodies to fondle the wet cloth that barely covered her aching pussy. She couldn't help but tilt her hips, giving his fingers unhampered access, as they slid softly along her well lubricated gap, found and rubbed her very erect and sensitive clit.

On the edge of panic, she increased the handling of his rigid manhood as she eagerly and wildly continued stroking him towards his orgasm and her perceived salvation . "Rub my cock against yourself," said Jules as he freed her other breast from the bra cup, bent his forward and drew the other nipple into his waiting mouth.

She knew she had to make him come soon as her resolve was quickly fading under the unrelenting onslaught of stimulation. She needed to get his fingers away from her pulsing cunt and again she mistakenly figured she could better control the situation and the stimulation if she remained in charge. Bending his rock hard cock forward, she started rubbing the head up and down the length of her barely covered snatch. Quickly, his finger hooked the wet material and pulled it to one side.

The head was now rubbing directly against her clit and then sliding down between her well lubricated lips well past her now uncovered but pulsing opening. She fought her emotions as she resisted the mounting urge to slide forward into his hardness. She knew she was back far enough to prevent him from slipping into her, she was afraid of forgetting herself and letting go. "This is nuts," she thought. "I'm going to end up fucking this man if he doesn't cum soon. Something has to give." As much as she wanted to stop the game, she was reveling in the mixed emotions and didn't mind dragging the game lasting out a little longer.

She lay the swollen head against her clit and felt the unrelenting buildup of desire as it coursed throughout her body. Her nipples were being lovingly assaulted and she loved it. She guided the bloated head of his penis down across her wet gash and hesitated slightly as it settled easily against her yielding opening but before he could push forward, she continued the downward motion passed the danger point.

She continued teasing Jules and herself as she massaged her clit and toyed with the head as it stirred her juices. They were both gasping with desire as she repeatedly rubbed his head across her length, tantalizingly pausing momentarily at her opening, only to move it on, denying them both the much needed entry. The teasing increased their lust and the need for release as they luxuriated in the masochistic pleasures of denial.

In a last ditch effort at finding a reason to stop, Lauren turned again towards the other couple. Meg was stretched on her back with Mike holding her legs up driving his hips hard against her. Lauren could see his hard cock as it withdrew slightly and then ram back into her friend causing her to moan deliciously in time with the thrusts.

The erotic tableau presented by her husband and best friend deeply and passionately entwined startled her, causing her to hesitate a moment longer than she would have wanted with the head of Jules's cock dangerously resting at her opening. In that one moment of indecision, she was unable to offer any opposition and Jules raised his hips pushing the large purple head easily part her well lubricated lips and allowing it to slide just past the entrance.

Her muscles contracted closing tightly around the shaft holding the head of his cock inside. Her mind was a jumble of emotions. "No! This is wrong! We have to stop!" she thought as she fought to maintain control of her body and to resist the growing desire to drive herself down onto the intruding member.

Jules didn't move. His hips were pushed as far forward as possible and he had barely managed to push the head of his cock just passed the opening of her cunt. He was sure his pleasure would be short lived as he kept expecting her to back away and remove him.

She didn't move but held her hips steady with the head precariously intruding into her heated chamber. Jules' hands were on her ass and although he wanted to drive himself into her depths, he wisely resisted the temptation of trying to pull her down onto his cock. He wanted to wait and let her make the decision for herself. He made his cock twitch.

A low moan trumpeted her surrender. Making sure his cock didn't fall out or enter any deeper, she shook her ass sideways, sharply nudging his hands into action. He could hear her softly breathing in his ear and he squeezed both cheeks in response.

In a very conscious motion, she spread her legs and arched her pelvis forward. His hands followed her ass down as she pushed forward against him feeling as the heat from his hardness, having gained unimpeded entry, wasted no time in filling her gaping desire. Jules felt his cock sliding deeper, driving the tender head forward, reaching up to find release. He held her close with his cock fully inserted feeling the glove that was her cunt firmly grip his cock. Neither moved as they luxuriated in the heat of their bodies.

They kissed and thoughts of stopping were abandoned. Holding him deep inside, she gently rocked back and forth allowing herself slow short strokes. Her clit was rubbing on his shaft as she reveled in the sensation of feeling someone other than her husband filling her for the first time in a long time. It felt great.

His hands gripped her hips and he gently pushed her back until the head of his cock almost pulled out. He held her there for a moment and almost panicked when she rolled her hips back slightly forcing his cock to slip out back past the opening. She held it securely resting at the puckered mouth of her wet cunt. Arching forward slightly, she drew him back in past her tender opening. She repeated the in and out motion and he had to fight an urge to drive himself back up. After her third time at teasing them both, his hands increased their pressure and she impaled herself slowly.

His length easily slid back up into her heated sheath. Once again they stopped and held on tight, enjoying the calm before the pending storm they were steadily stirring up. "Oh god, that feels good," she whimpered as their tongues fought each other from her mouth to his and back. They settled into rhythm as they would slowly move apart, almost withdrawing completely and then they would drive together smashing into each other trying to find new depths to their union.

She was tight around his massive member. A low "Huh," escaped her lips each time he drove forward and buried his cock deep in her. As the plaintive abandonment, evident with each moan, rang in his ears, he was encouraged to continue pleasing her. He felt proud being able to bring her such pleasure. He felt strong and confident in his ability as a lover.

Lauren responded to each thrust and found herself rising to a rare plateau. She had no difficulty with orgasms when eaten but to cum while fucking was a little rarer .The buildup of sexual tension leading up to this moment left her no doubt that she was now wantonly writhing her way to a major orgasm. She pressed her tits harder against him and lay her head on his shoulder as their hips slid apart only to slam together again.

Lauren bit his ear lobe and whispered in his ear, "Oooohhhh god that feels good! I knew it would be good with you. You're going to make me cum you big fucker." All that now mattered for her was the warmth and the hardness filling her as she rocked herself on him, fanning her desire and driving herself single mindedly towards satisfaction.

Jules stopped moving and she wondered what if there was a problem. "Turn around," he said as he playfully slapped her softly on the ass. "I want to be able to move when I fuck you."

She flipped around on the couch and quickly offered her ass up to him. He wasted no time in mounting her, held her hips firmly and drove himself hard into her. The strength of his pounding caused her eyes to open and she saw where Meg and Mike were busily engaged in a sixty nine on the other couch . A momentary pang of jealousy flashed through her and she would have lost her concentration had it not been for the hard driving action Jules was inflicting upon her cunt. Her eyes glazed over and her mind was cleared of anything not associated with the action going on between her legs. Her hand reached back hooking itself onto Jules' ass and she pulled herself back onto his hard cock.

She shook with passion as her orgasm started deep inside and worked its way up her spine. It exploded from her in a loud ragged moan with each of his thrusts. "Ooohuuh! Ooohuuh! Yes! Oh! Yes. Cum with me. Cum in me. Oh yes!"

He pushed hard into her forcing himself deep inside as a spasm rocked her body. He pulled back quickly and rammed back into her a few times and stopped deep within her pulsing cunt as she was racked by another orgasm. When her shaking subsided, he allowed her spent body to slip forward onto her stomach and his still hard cock slipped out of her wetness. He hadn't cum yet.

He leaned back against the other end of the couch and surveyed her prone form as Lauren slowly regained her breath. Across the room, Mike was lying on top of Meg and he was slowly pumping into her, her hands firmly gripping his ass and pulling him closer with each stroke. They seemed completely oblivious to anything but each other as they steadily advanced towards their own satisfaction. His attention was called back from the other side of the room when Lauren wrapped her hand around his rigid staff still wet from her juices.

She had turned herself around and was now lying facing him her face inches from his hard cock. She never took her eyes away from his as her mouth descended and the purple head disappeared past her hungry lips. Her hand rubbed the shaft briskly and he fought back his orgasm as she alternately licked the underside and then sucked on the sensitive head urging him to release. His hands cupped her face and pulled it away from his very aroused cock and bent down to kiss her hard on the lips.

"You haven't cum yet. Cum in my mouth, I want to please you like you pleased me," she begged never stopping her caressing. He was tempted.

"I would rather cum in you," he admitted as his hand found hers and prevented it from further manipulation of his cock.

She slid her way up to lie on him and again straddled his hips. She held the head against her cunt and said, "I don't know if there is any fucking left in there. Let's find out." She lowered herself onto him feeling a reawakening of the nerve ends as he slipped once again into her depths.

"Now it's my turn to be in charge you bastard. I'm going to fuck you hard now. I'm going to make you explode and fill me with your desire. I want you to drown me in your cum."

Her hips pumped rapidly holding his cock in her tight canal. Her passion was contagious. His body was as stiff as his cock as she was allowed to plunge herself against him. In no time, his hands gripped her ass and he pulled her down. He felt his balls tighten and knew it was seconds away. "Fuck me Lauren! Fuck me hard! Don't stop now! Fuck me hard! I'm cumming. Ughhh!"

That did it. Her body was rocked again by an orgasm as his cock finally found its release, jerking rhythmically, emptying itself deep inside her as it and was now filling her insides with a searing warmth .

The tension in his body relaxed and his sperm slowly leaked along his softening cock down to his ball sac. They held each other tightly kissing softly basking in the warmth of bodies and their mutual satisfaction.

Her head was laying on his chest and when she opened her eyes, she saw Meg lying under a spent and unmoving Mike, a glazed look to his eyes and a silly smile on his face. She knew that look. Her jealousy was unable to overcome the calmness of the post orgasmic feeling she was savoring and she smiled back at her husband. She was unsure what awaited them in the cold light of day but for now it was still play time.

Lauren laughed, "Time's up! Anyone else have something to share?"

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