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Shared Again


Shared Again, a Continuation of Sharing My Wife for the First Time

This story continues from where the previous story left off ..... where my wife and I had just lived out the fantasy of watching her with another man for the first time. I thoroughly enjoyed watching my sexy wife being ravaged by another man. Seeing her in the heat of passion from a third person point of view was totally exciting. And she thoroughly enjoyed her first time as well, being fucked by another man, being the center of more than one man's attention, and just plain loving showing off what sexy woman she truly is.

So we pick up where we left off after I had just watched her being fucked for the first time by Mark. She and Mark had drifted off to sleep in one bed of our hotel suite, and I had fallen asleep in the other......

I wake in the morning to the feeling of some movement in my bed, only to find that my wife, Teri, has crawled under the covers and into our bed. I notice when looking around the room that Mark was no longer in the room, he must have slipped out and left us alone.

"Hey sexy," I say to her.

"Hey, I just wanted to make sure everything is still cool with what happened last night," she replies.

"Oh yeah, baby, I love you. Sharing you with Mark this evening was fantastic. I really enjoyed watching you. I hope you are okay with what happened still," I say.

"I feel kind of weird saying it, but yes I am definitely okay with it. It was amazing. I hope we can do it again," she replies back.

"Hell yeah, we can do this again. Maybe one of the next times I can join in. I think it would be even hotter to see you take on more than one guy at the same time. Think you could handle that?" I ask Teri.

"Mmmm, hell yeah I could handle that. I would love that too," she says excitingly.

That being said I reach out for Teri under the covers to discover she is still naked from her frolicking before with Mark. I get on top of her looking down into my wife's beautiful eyes.

"I love you," I whisper to her.

"I love you too," Teri replies back as she guides the head of my now stiffening cock to the entrance of her recently used pussy.

"Now I want you to fuck me."

I never needed any further encouragement from her, so I plunged the full length of my cock into her pussy.

Teri moans out as we begin to fuck for the next 20 minutes. All the while telling her of how hot and sexy she is. How much I love her. How much I love watching her with other men. We continued fucking, and resting, and fucking, and resting, and fucking in several positions for the rest of the morning.

After cleaning up and leaving the hotel, our lives returned to their normalcy, although the excitement of our new life sparked a new passion in our love making at home. We spoke often of the experience, looking forward to the next opportunity we would have of sharing her.

Fast forward a couple weeks ahead to the next chance we had an opportunity to have the kids sleep over a friend's house and have a night out with each other with no worries of returning home either early, or alone.

On this night we chose to go to the local avenue where all the shops, restaurants, and bars are. I dressed in my typical jeans, shoes, and Tommy Bahama silk shirt, while Teri wore a pair of skin tight jeans that really showed off her slim legs and sexy ass. Under her jeans she wore a sexy soft lace black Hankie Pankie thong. Along with the jeans she chose her favorite tan pair of CFM 5" heels and see-thru cream colored loose fitting peasant type shirt with a black push up bra underneath. As usual, she looked amazingly sexy. A true MILF.

We started off the night at one of our favorite restaurants. I enjoy watching her turn heads when she walks into places. I love knowing that all the men around her would love to be with her, maybe, just maybe, one of these men might just get the chance this evening. After a great dinner and conversation we walked down the avenue to a very popular bar. Once inside we chose a table in the corner and I went to the bar to get us a few drinks.

The bar was packed and the music was playing load. I got Teri her usual White Zinfandel and I got my usual Guinness. As I made my way back to our table I see that Teri has already attracted the attention of a young man. When I get to the table I hand Teri her drink and she introduces me to her new "friend".

"Hey Honey, this is Greg. He's one of the bouncers here," she says.

I extend my hand to Greg. "Greg, great to meet you, I'm David," I say.

"Great to meet you as well, I'm sorry I didn't know she was here with anyone and she's just so damn good looking I couldn't help but introduce myself. I'm sorry I intruded on your night out," Greg exclaimed.

"No, no worries Greg. You're no intrusion at all," I tell him. "In fact my wife draws a lot of attention while we are out, and we enjoy that."

"I can see why she attracts so much attention David. She is a sexy woman. Anyhow, I have to continue my rounds, maybe I'll check in with you guys a bit later. Nice meeting the two of you," he says as he leaves our table and continues on through the bar.

Teri and I continued to enjoy our night out, sharing several drinks and many laughs. And out of the blue our new "friend" appears again.

"Hey, fancy running into you two again," Greg jokingly says. "Hope you don't mind I thought I would just stop by and check in on the two of you."

"No problem at all," Teri replies. "In fact, have a seat for a bit and talk with us if you can."

"I'd love to," he says as he takes a seat across from Teri. For the next 15 minutes we continue to get to know each other. Talking about where each of us work, our interests and other trivial matters. We find out that Greg works at this bar part time while he attends the local college for business management. He is nearly 20 yrs our junior. After a few more minutes he tells us that he has to make his rounds again, but it isn't 10 minutes later and Greg has returned to our table.

"Greg, if I didn't know any better I would think that you fancy visiting with my wife," I tell him.

"I'm sorry, David, but I have to admit she is lovely to visit with," he replies.

"Oh stop it boys, you are being silly. It's just me," Teri interjects.

"No, you stop it Teri," I tell her. "You know you're a fox and that you just attract this sort of attention from all the men."

"Teri, in my dorm you are what we would call a MILF," Greg says.

"A MILF? Me?" Teri asks.

"I'm sorry, David, if I was out of line, but yes, Teri, a MILF," Greg repeats.

"Hey I have no problems with anyone calling her a MILF. Shit, I would have to agree with that title," I reply.

"Really? I now that a lot of men think I am attractive, but a MILF?" Teri continues to ask.

"Shit yeah," Greg exclaims. "And you know what that means right?"

Teri full well knowing what it means playfully plays stupid with our new friend. "I think I have heard of it before, but what does it mean again?"

"Yeah Greg, I would love to hear you explain the term MILF to my wife," I add.

"Well Teri, a MILF is a Mother I Would Like to .... Well, you know," Greg stops and pauses.

"Would like to what Greg? What would you like to do to someone like me?" Teri asks coyly.

"Fuck. You're a Mother I Would Like to Fuck," Greg says as he stares into my wife's eyes.

"Oh wow Greg you would like to fuck little ole me?" she asks.

"Oh shit yes ... I would LOVE to fuck you, Teri," Greg replies. "That is if your husband here wouldn't mind me fucking you."

Teri looks in my direction across the table, her eyes asking me for permission.

"Well Greg, I, and am sure Teri as well, would have no problem with that," I add. "To bad there is no place nearby where we could make this happen."

"Oh shit if you're serious I know just the place we could use," Greg quickly adds. "Give me 2 minutes and I'll be right back." He then gets up fast from the table and takes off into the crowd.

"So I guess you up for sharing me again?" Teri asks.

"Hell yes, I can tell you are into this guy," I reply.

"Damn right, my pussy is soaking wet just talking with this handsome young man. I just can't believe such a younger man is so interested in me. It's going to be exciting having such a younger man fuck me," Teri says.

"It's going to be even more exciting for me watching you getting a good fucking from a young stud," I excitingly tell her.

Greg appears out of the crowd again at our table once again. "I got someone to cover for me. If you're still interested we can go to one of our back offices and have some private time," he interjects.

"And by private time I sure hope you mean you found somewhere where you can fuck my brains out, right Greg?" she asks.

Greg extends his hand to Teri as she stands to take it. "Oh I am surely going to fuck you," he says as he takes her into his arms.

And at the moment our new friend has my wife in his arms kissing her passionately, his hands roaming from her back to her tight jeans covered ass, their tongues exploring each other's mouths.

They finally broke their kiss. "Well honey, you going to come with us and watch your sexy 41 yr old wife get fucked by this sexy 20 yr old college stud?" she asks looking at me.

"You bet I am!" I exclaim.

With that they turn hand in hand as Greg leads the way through the crowd in the bar. I follow right behind Teri and Greg.

He leads us down a dimly lit hallway around a bend, and to a room marked "Office Employees Only".

"This is it," says Greg while opening the door and leading us in. Once the door is closed Greg turns to lock it.

"We won't be bothered in here at all," he says.

Teri walks confidently up to him with a sexy smile across her face. "So are you sure you want to fuck a 41 yr old mother of two?"

Taking Teri into his arms he pulls her close, sliding his right hand up under her peasant shirt. Grabbing a handful of her bra covered tit in his hand. "Oh I definitely want to fuck you," he boldly says.

"Don't mind me you two I am just going to sit back and enjoy this very awesome show," I add.

Teri and Greg are engaged in a very passionate kiss, their hands are roaming each other's bodies, their tongues exploring each other's mouth. Moans escaping each of their mouths are they are embraced passionately.

Teri breaks the kiss and begins to unbutton Greg's shirt, running her hands along his chest. She is grabbing and squeezing at his pecs as she pushes his shirt off his shoulders. And then she plants kisses along his neck, working her way down to his muscular chest and pushing him back against the wall before finally dropping to her knees.

"Now I got to get this young cock out of these pants Mr. Greg," she says as she begins to undo his belt then unzipping his pants and pulling them open.

With a few quick tugs she has his jeans pulled down and I can see her facial expression as she realizes what a great package he has been hiding in his pants all night.

"Oh shit honey, Greg has been hiding a nice big cock under here all night," she says as she runs her palm along what I can already tell is a larger than "average" cock. Teri then begins to plant soft kisses of the bulge in his underwear, even giving it a playful bite. With that bite I see Greg's head roll back and start to let out some guttural grunts.

"Stop teasing the poor boy baby," I tell her. "Show him how much you love sucking cock."

Teri doesn't need any further encouragement. She begins to pull down his underwear and his pants to his ankles, his semi hard cock falling out in front of her face. Teri begins to stroke his growing cock to what seems like must have been at least a 10" cock with a pretty thick diameter to it after she got him to full attention.

"Oh Greg you have one beautiful big young cock," she says like an excited school girl.

"Glad you approve you sexy little MILF, I can't wait to fuck you with it," Greg replies back.

Teri continues stroking it with an ever so soft of a grip, and then begins to lick with her wet tongue from his balls to its bulbous mushroom like head. You can see the excitement in her eyes like a child on Christmas morning opening up their most favorite gift.

After a few minutes of teasing his cock with her wet licks she begins to take the head of his cock into her mouth and sucking on it, popping it in and out of her wet and warm mouth.

"Oh fuck Teri you're mouth feels so fucking good on my cock. Oh fuck yes, just like that you pretty like slut," he tells her.

Teri begins to take his cock deeper into her mouth, leaving it glistening with her saliva. Her hands now have a firm grip around it stroking it off as she sucks his cock deeper into her mouth, Picking up the pace as she continues bobbing up and down, slurping on his big stiff cock.

"Oh fuck I love this cock in my mouth baby. I never have had a cock this big before. God I fucking love it!" she exclaims as she drops her wet mouth onto his cock again.

Greg's hands move to Teri's head, pushing her onto his cock deeper, driving his cock in and out of her wet mouth like a piston.

I watch in amazement as Greg leans back against the office door as my sexy wife takes his large young cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Every now and then he withdraws it from her mouth with a stream of her spit stretching back to it. I can see she loves his big beautiful young hard cock. Taking his cock out of her mouth to stare at him straight in the eyes, telling him how much she loves his cock. Taking his cock and rubbing it all over her face, on each cheek before taking it back into her hungry mouth, holding it before her open mouth and smacking against her extended tongue.

"Oh fuck!" he exclaims between deep guttural moans, "I am going to fucking cum in that sweet little mouth of yours if you keep doing that."

Hearing that Teri pulls his cock out of her mouth and stands up quickly but keeping a firm grip on his hard cock.

"Well I can't have you doing that just yet honey. I want you to save all that young sweet cum for filling my 41 yr old pussy. Now I want you to fuck me with that cock of yours. And I want you to fuck me hard," she orders him.

Teri then breaks away and Greg replaces her hand with his own onto his cock, giving it long strokes as he watches Teri take a few steps forward.

Teri then grabs the hem of her peasant shirt, pulling it completely overhead and tossing it onto the couch along the wall. Standing before us in just her black bra, tight jeans, and come fuck me heels she then turns around and begins to unbutton her jeans, tugging at them to get them past her hips, and pushing them down her ankles, bending ever so sexily at the waist and sticking out her sexy ass in her black lacey thong as she does it.

Greg then steps up to her, pulling her upright against his tight young naked body, running his hands all over her nearly naked MILF body. Teri turns and cocks her head back to engage him in a passionate French kiss, their tongues dancing with each other's. Teri is moaning into Greg's open mouth. His hands cupping her sexy tits, pulling the cups of her bra aside to expose her now erect nipples taking one into each hand and pulling on them.

Greg then slides one hand down the front of her sexy smooth belly, pushing further towards the top of her lacey damp thong. Pushing his hand under the front and cupping her smooth wet pussy and dipping a finger into her wet slit.

"Oh baby you feel so fucking good playing with my pussy," she says to Greg in a breathy voice. "I want you to fuck me now. Fuck this 41 yr old MILF. Fuck me like the little slutty wife that I am!" she commands.

He needed no further begging. He turns to take one last look over in my direction, seeming to get my final approval. I nod and tell him, "Go ahead, fuck my sexy wife."

With that he pushes her forward towards the desk, bending her over it. Pulling her thong to the side, "Oh fuck I can't wait to get inside your sexy little pussy Teri."

"Oh God yes, get that fucking hard cock in me now!" she exclaims. "I want you to fuck me now baby. I want to feel you in me so bad."

Greg takes aim at Teri's wet slit with his hard cock, pressing his cock head against her warm and wet entrance, sliding it up and down her slit.

"Oh fuck baby you feel so good pressing against me. I can't fucking take it any longer," Teri says as she begins to push back against Greg's cock. I watch in excitement and amazement as my petite horny MILF of a wife begins to take his large cockhead into her pussy for the first time. Her hands grasp firmly to the edges of the desk she is bent over. Moans escape from her mouth as she fits his head into her pussy slowly.

Greg's hand grab onto her sexy bare hips as he begins to enjoy my wife's pussy for the first time. He pulls out just a bit before pushing slowly forward even deeper letting my wife adjust to accommodating his large cock.

"Holy shit you sexy little bitch, you feel so fucking good wrapped around my big cock," Greg excitedly says.

"Oh yes baby. You fucking fill me up so fucking good. Oh fuck yes! Keep sliding that cock deeper into me just like that!" Teri says.

Greg continues pushing further into the depths of my wife's pussy. I keep watching as she continues to beg for his cock deeper into her as she is lost in passion over his big cock.

So there before me is this well hung young man that we had just met about two hours prior now beginning to fuck my sexy wife bent over an office desk with her jeans and thong down at her ankles, her 34B tits hanging out her bra, hands gripping at the edges of the desk holding on as she takes his big fucking cock from behind.

Greg continues pushing in a bit at a time, then withdrawing, before then pushing even deeper until he is fully in her as deep as he can go.

"Oh fuck!" she cries out as he reaches being in her completely, holding still letting, her adjust to being filled completely by his cock.

"You like how my cock fills you up Teri?" he asks.

"Oh God yes, you fucking feel so good right now. Now I want you to really fuck me with that sexy cock of yours. Show me how much you love being in my tight pussy," she orders him with excitement in her voice.

Greg takes that as all the invitation he needs to start giving it to my wife hard. He begins to almost completely withdrawal from her pussy before slamming back in, time after time, beginning to fuck her from behind with a passion of a young man in heat. Her thighs smacking into the desk each time he thrusts into her. Her tits swaying with each pounding her pussy takes. His hands on her hips pushing and pulling her back into him.

Deep sexual grunts coming from my wife as she takes the fucking she wanted from this young man.

"Fuck. Fuck. Oh God baby you feel so good. Fuck yeah. Keep fucking me like that so I can cum all over your cock. Oh God. Oh God baby! Yes. Yes. Yes! Fuck. Yes! Ooooh fuck! Yes! Yes! Yes. Fuck me! Yes I'm cumming! Ohhhh FUCK!" she exclaims over and over loud enough that I know anyone within 10' of that closed door could her her screaming through her orgasm knowing someone was getting a good fucking in that office.

Greg bends over her as she comes down from her orgasm, her head turning and cocking over her shoulder to kiss Greg. Exchanging tongues as she continues panting. Greg's hands wrapping around her grabbing hold of her tits swaying from their passion and tweaking her nipples. The few last pulses of her orgasm slowly subside from her body.

"Fucking A ... I don't think I have ever come that fucking hard. Oh fuck that was awesome!" she exclaims.

"Yeah babe, I got to tell you. You are one awesome fuck," Greg confidently states.

"Yeah, better than your 20 yr old classmates you've been fucking?" she asks.

"Oh fuck yeah baby. And I am not with you yet. Now it's my turn to cum," he says with an excitement in his voice of what lies ahead.

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