tagBDSMShared Fantasies Ch. 03

Shared Fantasies Ch. 03


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Author's note:

This is a continuation of a multi-part story. It is strongly suggested you read all parts in order. Please take note of the Author's note at the beginning of part 1.



Now on to the story:

"Hurry up, I want to get to the mall before it gets too crowded," she instructed.

I raced to dress as fast as I could. I had to jam my semi-hard cock into my jeans. Jessie was watching and chuckling to herself as I struggled to get comfortable.

In a few minutes we were out the door and headed down the road.

I hate shopping, especially at malls. Jessie knows I hate shopping, especially at malls. I was sure this was some kind of a test. I promised myself to be a good sport and not get grumpy. We stumped from one end of the mall to the other and back, what seemed like a dozen times. We looked at furniture (which we absolutely have more of than we know what to do with already). We looked in every kitchen specialty place there. Admittedly Jessie didn't buy anything; she is a shopper, not a buyer generally. She looked at shoes, tried on a couple of different dresses which she of course had to model for me. I must admit they looked very nice on her.

They actually looked more than 'nice'. She was clearly showing off. She looked incredible in all of them. My cock kept trying to burst out of my jeans. She would flaunt, no other way to describe it, changing from one outfit to another. Stripping down to the 'bare essentials', which was much sexier than getting totally naked, then putting on a real show as she tried the next one.

Then she asked me which one I liked best. Now normally I would make some lame comment and keep from making any kind of commitment one way or the other, which always ticks her off. So, being on my best behavior, (and not stupid!) I told her I like the light blue one best. For me, that was positively effusive, adding that it complemented her eyes and really showed off her figure in a very tasteful way.

I could tell she was actually impressed that I was trying so hard. I was sure it had been another test when she started to put them both back. Then all of a sudden I heard myself saying, "No, it really looks good on you, why don't you get it?" What the Hell was I doing, she was going to put it back and the thing was quite expensive.

She looked at me somewhat quizzically, but then with a huge smile asked, "Are you sure?"

Well, now what could I do, I had no choice, "Of course, you can wear it next week to that dinner we have to go to." I took it from her and headed to the register, digging out the plastic as I went.

As we walked out of the place, I could tell I'd actually scored big time. "Jack, that was really nice of you. I love you!" she said, in a very genuine way. Love was never the issue, we were, and had been, as in love as two people can be.

"I think you are really going to look great in that dress," I said very sincerely.

"Ready to head out?" she asked

"Sure," I said much to eagerly.

"I want to make just one more stop, okay?" she replied, again with a shit-eating grin!

"Of course," I replied, settling in to the role I'd carved out for myself.

It turned out to be Victoria's Secret that she wanted to stop at.

Oh shit! I thought.

She strolled around looking at some very sexy stuff. My cock was straining against my jeans again!

She finally picked out a few very sexy items that were called sleepwear!

She insisted that I come into the changing room and check each of them out.

She stripped down to absolutely nothing and started trying on the various pieces.

Finally she put on one called a 'Short baby doll sleeper'! I damn near came, again!

I'd never seen her look so sexy. I told her so! "That's it, please, PLEASE, buy that one. You look sooo sexy, I can hardly stand it! You can wear it tonight!"

It wasn't a line. I wanted her to wear it while she teased me. It was the biggest turn on I'd ever seen.

She beamed and after stripping it off, handed it to me. My cock hurt, it was so hard inside my jeans. Looking at her completely naked, in my current state was unbelievably difficult to stand.

"Go!" she barked, but with a smile.

I headed out to pay for it, wondering how in the Hell I was going to survive this!

As we drove home, my mind was in a complete twirl. I just couldn't imagine how I was going to get through this. What had I done to myself?

As I drove she reached over and started to gently stroke the inside of my thigh. She stoked lightly up and down, getting as close to my balls as she could without touching them. My cock was uncomfortably swollen inside my jeans.

Finally we pulled into the garage.

As we walked into the house, "I've had a really long week, and I feel like a nap," she told me.

"While I'm resting, would you go to the store and get dinner?" once more, it wasn't a real question.

"Sure, what do you feel like?" I said, knowing that being agreeable was the expectation.

"Surprise me, you know what my favorites are!" she said with a devilishly smile as she headed to the bedroom!

"Uh, okay," eloquent huh?

Anyway, I was about to head back to the car and go to the store when I heard her call from the bedroom "Before you leave, there's something else I want to do."

I quickly headed back to the bedroom. She was already stripped down to her underwear, the way she normally does when she decides to take a nap in the afternoon.

"Come over here and stand in front of me," she said as she sat on the edge of the bed.

I had no idea what was up, but she sure looked sexy!

She didn't say anything, and while I was looking down at her, she wasn't looking up. Her gaze was clearly on my crotch. That fact alone made my cock stiffen even more.

She reached out and started to unbutton my jeans. I'm a Levis 501 kinda guy. You know, the ones with the rivet buttons for the fly. Anyway, she soon had them all undone. I just stood there, not moving. Not even breathing, I don't think. She casually lowered my jeans until they were just sort of hanging from my knees. She laid her palm flat against my jockey shorts so that my cock was trapped between her hand and my stomach and she started to slowly stroke it up and down.

Almost instantly my cock was as erect and rock hard as it can be. At that point she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of my underwear and lowered them to just above my jeans. She took my balls in her hands and rolled them around. The whole while I was looking down at her she just concentrated on my crotch, never looking up at me.

I was having difficulty standing still and I was moaning slightly. Finally she started to slowly stroke my cock. I knew exactly what was going to happen, but it felt so damned good I wanted her to continue anyway. She did!

As I started to get very close Jessie went back to rolling my balls with both hands and slid her mouth over the head of my cock. Slowly she licked and sucked taking more and more of me until she had taken as much as she could handle. My cock was about half engulfed in her warm, wet mouth. I practically lost it right there! Just as slowly she pulled back until once again she had just my bloated cock head in her mouth and was twirling her tongue all around it.

It felt so good I was losing control and definitely not thinking straight. I took her head between my hands and tried to guide her mouth up and down on my shaft.

She immediately did two things. First, of course, she pulled her mouth completely off my cock and her head away from my hands (I hadn't been really holding her, just resting my hands on the side of her head and guiding her). Secondly, she smartly slapped my ass on one cheek.

I was standing there with my cock just bobbing in the air.

"Behave yourself!" she said sharply, looking up at me for the first time since she had started, but with a smile on her face. "Now, put your hands at your side and keep them there!"

I quickly did as she instructed.

After another moment she again sucked my cock inside her mouth and started to swirl her tongue again. She repeated this several more times, pulling almost all the way off then back down again until my balls started to tighten and that familiar feeling was quickly building up inside them. Without even realizing it, I again place my hands along side her face, not even moving them, just resting them against her.

Naturally it was at exactly this point she stopped, removing her mouth from my cock completely.

"Okay Mister, that does it, no more of that for you!" she said looking me straight in the eyes again, but if anything, with an even bigger smile.

The whole while, she was still playing with my balls. I thought I was going to cum from just the ball stimulations, something I'd never been able to do before, but then I was sure I'd never been that turned on and horny before either.

"Since you can't behave, clasp your hands behind your back! And if you let go before I'm done this time, you will REALLY regret it!" she was still smiling, but I could tell she was also dead serious about the consequences of not following her directive.

Once I'd clasped my hands, which caused my cock and balls to be thrust forward toward Jess, she took the four fingers of her right hand on the head of my cock, spread evenly right around the ridge, with her thumb providing pressure over that most sensitive spot right at the cleft. She was still gently massaging my balls with her left.

My cock head was very slippery with a combination of precum and her saliva and she just kept lightly stimulating it as it became increasingly sensitive. She also continued to focus on that ultra sensitive spot with her thumb. The net effect was that I was pushed closer and closer to the point of no return. But in spite of my state, it was happening very slowly because of the extremely light pressure she was exerting.

I was softly groaning without even realizing it. This was the most frustrating thing she'd done so far. I wanted to cum so badly and the tantalizingly slow pace at which she was pushing me forward was maddening. Plus I knew that when she finally did get me right to edge, she was going to stop. I wanted to grab her. I wanted to grab my cock and jerk it as hard and fast as I could. I wanted desperately to cum. But, I knew if I didn't keep my hands clasped there would be some dastardly price to be paid that I was not ready to undergo. So instead, I endured her torture.

Finally the gentleness of her stimulation not withstanding, I was about to cum. My balls started to pull up, my cock started to twitch and she stopped. But only long enough for the explosion to recede the slightest amount, then she caressed my bloated purple mushroom a little bit more. The same thing happened. She repeated this three times and the last, even when my balls sucked clear up inside me and the spasms started she didn't stop. At the last possible instant she released me entirely. My cock spasmed a couple of times and a drop of cum oozed from the tip, but that was all that happened. I groaned loudly as my orgasm finally slipped away.

"Oh God Jess, that felt so good, please don't stop, PLEASE!" I moaned some more. I wasn't even thinking about what I was saying, I was so desperate to cum!

"No, I think that's enough for now. It will allow you to think about what tonight's going to be like while you're at the store," she said softly as she lay back on the bed.

I finally stuffed my cock back in my pants as best I could and slowly headed for the door as Jessie rolled over.

I hadn't quite reached the door when Jess called to me one more time. "Jack, I clearly see what you mean about needing to be tied up because your so horny you wouldn't let me keep teasing you if you could do anything about it. And you know I'm terrible with ropes and knots and such, so you need to figure out how to rig up something simple for me to use to tie you to the bed. And Jack, make sure it's secure enough that you can't get loose by yourself!"

Of course I always knew that was going to be part of it, but the way Jessie said it gave me a chill.

As I drove to the store Jess' comment regarding thinking about tonight wouldn't leave my head. I wouldn't have thought about anything else anyway, but more and more I could see she was taking this very, very seriously and that I was clearly getting in for far more than I had expected. I was truly having second thoughts about going through with it.

What I didn't have to think about was Jessie's request to figure out a restraint system. Unbeknownst to her, part of my fantasy play had been self-bondage. I'd rigged up a system whereby I could be tied spread-eagled on the bed and Jessie would only have to slide some pre-tied knots. Of course since it had been a self-bondage rig, I could get out of it, albeit it wasn't easy. In fact I'd never tightened the final wrist all the way for fear that I couldn't get out of it alone. In any case, I'd always known what I could do to make it impossible for me to get out without being released, just in the event my fantasy ever became reality. At the time I'd never dreamed there was any prospect of that happening. Now that it had, I'd have to make a stop on the way home from the grocery store to pick up the final part of my restraint system. Jessie had made it clear that it had to be foolproof, and I knew there was no way I could con her about this.

Jessie's comment on thinking about tonight was like telling someone not to think about an elephant, except in reverse. I could think of nothing else. I'm sure that would have been he case even if she didn't mention it, but the fact that she did somehow was gnawing at me in a way I couldn't quite put my finger on. I certainly was conscious of how much I already needed to cum, and I kept telling myself she hadn't even started the real teasing yet.

I had a hard time concentrating at the store. Every remotely attractive woman caused a stirring in my crotch and unusually sexual thoughts in my head. Between that and thinking about Jess, I had to cruise through the store three times before I finally had everything I needed to make dinner. Just to be sure, I double checked my list, went through the menu in my head again and made one final cruise up and down the aisle. It was a good thing I did, I finally realized I was about to forget a key ingredient.

Lastly, I bought a single rose again. Hell, it couldn't do any harm.

My final task was to stop at the marine store for the final piece of my restraint system. As I pulled into the garage, I was a completely conflicted mess. I still didn't really know if I really wanted to go through with it or not. I sat in the car for a few minutes, took a deep breath and decided that having gone this far it would be stupid to turn back. Besides, I knew if I didn't do it now, I'd never know. And that would drive me crazy the rest of my life.

Feeling like that decision was now behind me once and for all, somehow helped. I headed for the kitchen to put away the food after I tossed my boat parts on the workbench. Once the food was taken care of, I got the kitchen organized for later and then quietly headed to the bedroom to see if Jessie was still asleep.

As I peeked in I could see her just starting to stir. I went down the hall and relieved myself in the guest bath. By the time I returned she was fully awake.

"Have a good snooze?" I asked.

Stretching, she replied, "I did indeed. Well rested for tonight now," she added, a twinkle in her eye.

"Jack?" she said, a question in her voice.

"What babe?" I replied curiously.

"Like I told you this morning, the anticipation of your fantasy has made me hornier than I'd expected," she said with a smile.

"Yeah, I know what you mean!" was my response.

We both laughed.

She looked at me expectantly. Suddenly the light bulb went on.

"Would you like me to do something about it for you?" I asked rhetorically.

She smiled widely, "Mm hmm," she purred.

I moved to the bed and quickly slid her panties over that luscious ass. I buried my face in her pussy noting again how sopping wet she was before I even started. I used all my best techniques and had her cumming quickly. My cock was uncomfortably trying to burst out of my jeans again.

After Jessie recovered she rolled up on her elbow and glowing in the aftereffect of her orgasm smiled at me.

"Jack, did you get what you needed for me to restrain you to the bed?" she asked, knowing full well I would have already done so.

"Of course, you know I have," I replied feigning being indignant.

Unfazed she continued, "Where is the stuff?"

Now curious I answered normally, "Out in the garage, why?"

"Well, I'm going to go take a shower and get ready for our evening now. While I'm doing that why don't you rig it up," again it wasn't a question.

"Uh, okay I can do that now," I responded.

And she added, as she headed to the bathroom, "Jack, when you get back from getting the stuff out of the garage, undress before you start setting it up."

I was a little surprised and confused over her last comment, but her expectation was clear. I headed out to the garage and gather up my system including the new parts I'd picked up that afternoon.

When I returned to the bedroom I piled my gear on the foot of the bed and as Jessie had instructed I got undressed and put away my clothes. Somehow I didn't expect to need my jeans again until the next day.

My self-bondage system was simple. It consisted of just four pieces of rope each about six feet long. In one end of each piece I'd tied a slipknot that formed an adjustable loop. I'd put a single overhand knot inside each loop to limit how tight it could get; I didn't want it to cut of the circulation over an extended session. I was sure this would be just such a session. It was that simple. All I had to do was tie the other end to each leg of the bed and adjust it to the right length so I was positioned in the middle of the bed. I could make it so I could move just a little so as not to cramp up, but was totally helpless. I only had to slide the sheet locks I'd bought at Marine Center on the two for my hands before I tied them to the bed. You'll see about that part later.

I tied the four of them in place and adjusted them to what seemed like the right length. Then I lay on the bed and spread my arms and legs to see if the loops were in the correct positions. They were close and I only had to shorten one of the arm ropes to make it perfect. I adjusted the one then lay back to be sure it was just right. As I was just spreading myself for the final check the bathroom door swung open and Jessie walked out with a towel around her body and another on her hair.

Her gaze went straight to my crotch, which was when I realized I was sporting a full erection. The realization caused me to blush.

"I see getting this ready has you a little excited," she commented with no small amount of amusement in her voice.

I started to get up.

"No, just lay there for a minute, I want to see what this is going to be like," she said as she came to the side of the bed and surveyed the set up.

Suddenly I realized why she'd had me do this naked. She knew the effect it would have and was counting on it.

"I think that looks perfect, the ropes look good too!" she quipped.

"You're sure that you won't be able to get loose by yourself?" she asked seriously.

"I'm positive. You'll see when you secure me," I said.

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