tagBDSMShared Fantasies Ch. 04

Shared Fantasies Ch. 04


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Author's note:

This is a continuation of a multi-part story. It is strongly suggested you read all parts in order. Please take note of the Author's note at the beginning of part 1.



Now on to the story:

I looked back for a minute or so and then closed my eyes, breathing deeply to catch my breath. Soon my heart slowed to near normal and I could feel my cock starting to soften. Not much, but some.

After several minutes I was almost soft. Nowhere near a total flaccid state and definitely still much larger than normal, but soft. I opened my eyes and looked at Jess. She appeared to not have moved. She was still smiling slightly and sipping wine, though I noted that the glass didn't appear much less full than before.

"Now that you have no choice but to behave," she started, setting down the wine "I'm going to show what I wanted to do earlier when you wouldn't hold still!"

With that she got up and moved to the bed. She lay across my thighs looking up at my face for a moment, then cradling my balls in one hand lifted my cock so it was pointing straight up and wrapped her lips around the head.

I gasped involuntarily. My cock was much more sensitive than earlier, or so it seemed at least.

Jess was gently kneading my balls with one hand and sucking on just the head of my cock at the same time. She kept running her tongue over the very sensitive spot just under the glans and sucked like she had a lollypop in her mouth. As you can well imagine my cock was regaining its stiff state quickly.

Before it regained its full length, Jessie took the whole thing in her mouth and made a swallowing action, then slowly pulled her lips from the very base up the shaft until just the head was left in her mouth. She did several of her sucking motions then swallowed the whole thing again.

She was only able to do this twice before I had grown to the size that she could no longer handle the whole thing, or so I thought!

Now that I was fully hard, she started to bob up and down on my cock in a nice steady motion, slow and steady. I was soon racing toward an orgasm that my mind knew would be denied and the rest of my body parts were aching for so badly that they couldn't imagine she was actually going to stop again. Naturally, my mind was right!

Then as I was getting pretty close, she did something that very nearly did put me over the edge. She bobbed up until just my head was in her mouth, and then after adjusting her angle of attack, she slowly, very slowly, lowered herself over my cock until the whole thing disappeared inside her mouth. She did that swallowing motion a couple of times and then slowly lifted off, not stopping until I she had come all the way off my cock this time.

I was stunned. First the sensation was unlike anything I'd ever experience and as I already said, it nearly made me explode. In fact, I'm amazed that I didn't. My cock certainly twitched and spasmed. Second, Jessie had never deep throated me before. I didn't think she was capable of it.

As if reading my mind, "You didn't think I could do that, did you?" she exclaimed, clearly quite proud of herself.

Before I could respond, she did it again.

Then with my cock right on the edge of cumming, throbbing and twitching, she just held it in her mouth sucking on it. I don't mean a normal cock sucking sort of action, she just hollowed her cheeks and created suction in her mouth. The sensation was amazing. It kept me right at the very edge, but wasn't enough to push me over.

Finally she stopped everything, but still had the head of my cock in her mouth. After a couple of minutes the orgasm had receded, but not far. She took about a half a dozen very slow licks right on my most sensitive spot which pushed me right back to the edge again. Then she did her sucking thing and held me there for as long as she could until she knew she had to stop or I'd cum.

She repeated this cycle of pushing me right to the edge then letting the orgasm slip away a bit, then pushing me back up again about five times.

I was thrashing and moaning throughout, but the way I was tied and the way she had put her weight on my legs made it so I couldn't get any leverage to really move, I just squirmed and moaned as I went nearly insane!

Finally she stopped and got up off me.

"There, now don't you wish you'd let me do that earlier today?" she said while looking at me with a wicked smile.

"God Jess, you're driving me insane!" I rasped.

"Oh Jack, we've barely even started. Later I'll drive you insane," she laughed aloud.

Oh God, I was so fucked!

"I think you do need a short rest though," she said as she left the room.

I don't really know for sure how long she was gone, not very long though. Long enough that my erection had again deflated.

When she returned she sat down on the side of the bed and looked at me with that gorgeous smile of hers.

"Jack, I have a confession to make," she started as she began to fondle my balls with one hand, "I never dreamed that having a completely defenseless cock at my total mercy could be such an astounding turn on, but it is. Knowing I can do whatever I want to tease your cock and that you are completely unable to do anything about it is making me so horny and wet that I need to cum again!"

Her words, as well as her actions, both put a knot in my stomach but still caused my cock to begin to harden yet again.

She had progressed to lightly stroking the underside of my cock very slowly from the base to the tip and back with just her index finger.

She kept that up as she asked, "Jack, do you want a chance to do something that would make me more likely to let you cum at the end of this evening?"

"Oh God yes Jess, please anything!" I nearly begged.

She laughed at my eagerness.

"Anything!" she chuckled, "You better be careful what you say I may just put you to the test. But not this time, this is easy. I'm going to crawl up on your face and I want you to make me cum with your tongue, okay?"

This was, I was sure, based on the conversation we'd had about 'what was in it for her' when I thought I was trying to talk her into something. It didn't matter, she was right, this was easy. Naturally I immediately agreed, as if I had any choice.

She moved into position and lowered her very wet cunt onto my awaiting mouth. I began to lick and suck using my very best effort. I wanted to be sure to have whatever positive effect on the evening's outcome that I could. Jessie had obviously not been exaggerating about how turned on she was. Her juices were running down my face immediately and I could tell she was racing toward a powerful climax much more quickly than normal.

I redoubled my efforts.

I wasn't really thinking about it, but thought it a bit odd that she was totally ignoring my cock. It was rock hard of course, but I was a little surprised she wasn't teasing it all the more. I soon found out why.

Just as I started to suck on her clit, knowing that within seconds she would explode, she lifted off me and spun around so quickly that I gasped in surprise. Instantly she grabbed my cock and impaled herself on it. She laid flat on my chest and started to fuck me hard. In a way with her on top that we both love under normal circumstances.

She was really going at it too. I thrust back as hard as I could, given my situation. It was clearly working for both of us, but she'd been so close when we started that she came very quickly. Well before I could.

She continued to fuck me hard as she came loudly and violently. Feeling her cunt convulse around my cock yet not being close enough to cum was perhaps the most maddening thing yet.

Finally she stopped and just lay there. I was trying to continue thrusting, but with her being dead weight and my lack of leverage, I could really just squirm, not thrust at all.

After a minute or two, she started contracting her cunt muscles and squeezing my cock. She did this several times and then started to fuck me very slowly while she continued to kegle me at the same time.

I was getting very close when on one of her thrusts she just kept going up until my cock loudly popped out of her velvety tunnel and slapped down on my belly.

"NO!" I screamed, desperate for more.

She rolled off me and laid her head on my shoulder. Almost instantly she started to lightly rub the most sensitive spots I'd taught her about with the tip of one finger. Driving me even more maddeningly close to cumming.

She finally stopped only at the point that my balls had started to suck up into my body and my cock was twitching so much that she knew I'd cum any second.

I was groaning in frustration and my balls definitely ached more than I could ever remember.

To make the whole situation worse, after Jess calmed down a little, she lightly grabbed my balls and whispered in my ear, "You must not want to cum very badly."

"What!" I screeched, stunned, "What do you mean?"

"Well, you didn't make me cum with your tongue!" she chuckled.

Trying to calm down I spoke more gently and what I hoped was more reasonably, "But Jess, you did cum, and hard too! I would have made you cum with my tongue but you pulled away. You KNOW I would have!"

She started to laugh at my desperation.

Finally I regained my senses, "Jess, I still could make you cum with my tongue, just move back up here!"

"Hmm, now you're starting to sound like you might want to cum yourself after all!" she giggled.

"At least you have something to think about for the rest of the evening," she said rather cryptically.

I was reluctant, but asked anyway "What do you mean?"

"Well, you now experienced a hand job, a blow job and a good hard fucking. You can be thinking about which way you want to cum when the time finally does arrive," was her response.

And without any further conversation, she did in deed crawl back up into position and let me bring her to another orgasm. This one was a lot more work for me and took much longer since she had just cum so hard. But finally I was able to give her another shattering orgasm, at least as powerful as the first.

When she lay down next to me just recovering for a while, my jaw ached and my neck was stiff. I thought my tongue was probably a bit raw too, but I didn't care. I felt like I'd really done something special. It again occurred to me how consumed I was with pleasing her!

As she lay there, my cock finally started to soften, something it most certainly had not done while she was riding my face.

Jessie was still just lying there resting when my cock had finally lost its erection. It wasn't getting flaccid anymore, just soft but staying relatively engorged with blood. Certainly much larger than it's normal 'resting' state.

When it appeared it had reduced in size as much as it was going to for quite some time, Jessie started to stir and got something out of the nightstand drawer that I couldn't see.

A little nervously I asked, "What's that?"

She proceeded to kneel between my legs again and dribbled some kind of liquid on to my cock before setting the bottle she'd taken out back down.

"It's some stuff called Astroglide. It's a personal lubricant and it is suppose to be supper slippery. I figure with what I plan to do to your cock the rest of the night that if I don't use some lubricant you'll be as raw as uncooked hamburger!" she laughed.

Having one's cock compared to raw hamburger is not a pleasant mental image, believe me.

"Now I'm going to REALLY tease your cock and make you ache to cum!" she said with a laugh.

Her words caused that tightness in my chest again, even though I knew it was just part of her act. There was no way she could tease me any worse than she already had. Longer perhaps, but not worse. Or so I thought. I was wrong as I quickly found out.

She started to stroke my cock and immediately I could feel the difference. She'd used baby oil on my cock in the past a few times, but this was completely another sensation. The friction was dramatically reduced. This was the slipperiest stuff I'd ever imagined. She was able to slide her hand over my cock with only the very slightest of contact. And she was stroking me very, very slowly. Much slower than before. On top of that she would rotate her wrist in such a way at the highest point on most strokes that her fist twisted around my corona and most sensitive spots increasing how responsive they already were.

She was moving me much slower toward orgasm, but the sensation and frustration were far more maddening than before. It had only taken a couple of strokes before I regained full hardness, but I could see that the addition of the Astroglide meant she could prolong each cycle substantially, even though I was far more desperate than before.

I started squirming uncontrollably and pulling hard at the restraints I myself had fashioned. I was going mad. When finally I was right at the point of cumming, she did something else differently than ever before. She would do that little twisting thing, then stop her down stroke with her hand at the very base of my cock just holding it. She'd wait a few seconds and do an extremely loose, slow stroke right up and of the head of my cock which would cause my balls to tighten and my cock to spasm, but nothing else. Then after about 15 seconds she'd do it again. It was keeping me closer than I'd ever been without actually cumming and she was able to sustain it for a couple of minutes at least. When she finally stopped and let my cock slap against my stomach I was pulling so hard against the ropes and groaning so loudly that I didn't immediately realize she's stopped.

It took me at least a couple of minutes to even relax my arms and legs. It was without question the most frustrating, maddening experience ever!

When at last I was able to focus she was sitting there just smiling at me.

"You know Jack, I can do that over and over and over for as long as I feel like and there is absolutely nothing you can do but suffer through it. And I feel like doing it a lot!" she giggled.

"OH GOD Jess, please, I can't stand it! Please make me cum now!" I was truly desperate and in severe need.

She just laughed again, "Oh Jack, we're so far away from that you can't imagine!"

And she got up and walked out of the room.

My mind was reeling as her words echoed in my head. The fact was it was completely true; I was helpless to stop her until she chose to stop. What in the Hell had I done!

When she returned, my cock was once more nearly soft. It wasn't long before her intent was obvious. She repeated essentially the same routine as the last time. Adding lube, slowly, oh God so slowly, getting me to the edge and then holding me there for minutes by providing various kinds of stimulation that had my cock twitching and spasming and my balls tightening and beginning contractions, and all the while she kept the stimulation just short of what it took to actually trigger my orgasm even though my cock and balls were trying for all the world to cum. I never even imagined that using pleasure for such torture could be possible.

She'd settled on letting me go soft at the end of each cycle, but starting again as soon as I was. She varied the techniques slightly and every once in a while would manage to come up with something new, but all and all it was just cycle after cycle of the same thing. She went on for God knows how long until I'd long since lost track of time or how many cycles there had been.

Finally I really had reached my breaking point.

"Jess, I'm begging you, PLEASE I really, really can't stand any more. Honest I'm not exaggerating, I can't STAND any more!" I begged and pleaded meaning every word.

She went and got a damp cloth and wiped down my face while gently speaking, "I know Jack. You really are finally at the point where I know you can't stand any more without being allowed to cum."

And with that she poured a little of that vicious liquid into the palm of her hand and began stroking me one more time. This was different though. She was using a faster, firmer grip. She quickly had me racing toward cumming. I could sense how explosive it was going to be. My balls started to tighten and I was straining against the ropes knowing how mind shattering an orgasm like this would feel, when she just stopped.


She didn't speak; she just let me calm down.

"Why Jess, why? You said you knew!" I implored.

She smiled and looked at me with those gentle eyes ablaze and said, "Jack you explained your fantasy as, and I quote you exactly 'And do it over and over until I can't stand any more, then do it some more anyway', So this is the anyway. And when you recover from this one I'm going to do as many more of those REALLY good ones as I want!"

And she again left the room.

I'd created a monster I realized. She was loving this and was going to do what I'd told her about in my fantasy to the letter, knowing it was truly more than I could stand. How could I make her stop, I kept asking myself.

True to her word, when she came back she did one of those 'really good ones' that nearly drove me out of my mind yet again. After that one and two more she let me recover longer than usual before sitting on the edge of the bed. But this time rather than starting to stroke me again she just sat looking at me before speaking.

"You know Jack, I've been thinking. You still have no idea if I'm going to let you cum tonight or not!"

Frankly I'd not really been thinking about that aspect recently, but of course instantly I could think of nothing else, "Oh Jessie, that would be too much. I never expected you do to push me this far in the first place, not to cum now would be intolerable!"

"Probably true, but that's what you asked for, remember, intolerable" she said in and even voice "But that isn't what I was getting at. I could decide not to let you cum tonight or even tomorrow. You don't actually know when I might finally let you cum!"

I couldn't speak I just gasped.

"Guess you hadn't thought of that, huh?" she said rather wickedly.

"Jess, don't do this, please!" I beseeched her.

"Well, like I said, I've been thinking. I really haven't decided when to let you cum, but this is so exciting I'm not very likely to let you tonight, no matter what. But I still might. However, if you begged me to promise you that I won't, you know really convinced me that cumming tomorrow for sure would be more important to you than a slim chance of cumming tonight, or even more importantly the chance that you wouldn't be allowed to cum until AFTER tomorrow, then I'd probably make that promise, see!"

My mind was spinning once more, "Jessie, please!"

"Please what, Darling?" she toyed with me.

"I, I don't understand?" I said genuinely confused. I was pretty sure already that she wasn't going to let me cum tonight, but as intolerable as that was, any chance of not being allowed to cum the next day either was unfathomable.

"I know you're probably having a hard time thinking straight Jack, so let me help. If you beg me not to make you cum tonight, no matter what, then I'll promise not to, simple as that."

I was crazed, but not quite that far gone yet, "But what about cumming tomorrow?"

She laughed, "So you can still think after all I see. Very good. Okay, just ask the me to make the promise so you're satisfied."

I had to think; I was petrified that she had a trick in there somewhere. It would be just like her.

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