Shared Fantasies


Worried that this wasn't going well because of her silence, I told Jessie how I'd read about how men became very attentive to their wives during periods of orgasm denial. How they could be talked into almost anything the wife wanted.

Basically once I started I just kept pouring out everything, trying to convince Jessie I really wanted this and how there could really be a lot in it for her. The longer she was quiet the more I babbled on and on. I guess I was trying to talk her into something that I felt like she wasn't interested in doing.

Finally she spoke, "How long are you thinking that this fantasy of yours is going to last?"

I was confused for a second, but then I realized that as I'd kept talking I'd been describing an ongoing kind of tease. I wasn't at all sure I was ready for that, but decided that since I'd opened up to her so totally, I might as well continue. So I though for a second then responded, "Well, I guess that would be up to you. The point would be that you'd be in control, not me. I'd only be allowed to cum when you felt like letting me, or " I swallowed hard before continuing, "or not at all if that was what you decided."

She reached over and took hold of my rock hard cock. Describing my fantasy had turned me on greatly.

As she slowly stroked me she spoke again, "Well, I see the thought of it does excite you, but I know you Jack, you get incredibly horny and I think the reality would be much less a turn on than your fantasy is."

She had stopped stroking and was just sort of playing with my cock and fondling my balls.

"Besides, what's in it for me? Last night during my fantasy you got to cum several times. This sounds like a lot of work for me," I could tell she was kidding, but there was a little seriousness to her question also.

She has started stroking again, slow and steady, just the way she knows I love. My breathing was getting a little faster.

"Well, you'd probably want me to eat you to orgasm off and on during the night. Certainly at least once before we even started, and then whenever you felt like it, especially if you need to pause so I don't cum" I replied hopefully.

Jessie tells me she like intercourse best, because she feels it's more intimate and loving, BUT, she absolutely loves cumming on my tongue. I must admit I'm pretty damn good at it and she admits for pure sex she cums harder that way than anything else. She's gotten to the point where if it's been a while since I've done that, she'll ask for it. Something she never used to do. I was hoping that her questions meant she was actually going to be willing to try this.

She stopped talking, but kept stroking my cock slow and steady, sliding her fist over the head on each stroke and rubbing my most sensitive spot with her thumb as she did.

"Mmmm," I groaned. She was going slow enough that I had a ways to go still, but it felt damn good. I was involuntarily thrusting my hips a little. All the conversation about fantasy had really revved me up and Jessie was doing a great job of pushing me to a big orgasm.

I was getting there, but not quite to the edge yet, when she just stopped.

I groaned. Then I did something stupid because it just popped out before I could think.

"Oh Baby, don't stop now!"

As soon as the words we out I wanted them back. But it was too late.

"See, I told you the reality of teasing won't work for you. You weren't even that close and your whining. You could never take a serious teasing, I know you," she said evenly as she climbed out of bed.

"Well baby, that would be part of the excitement, not wanting you to stop, but not being able to do anything about . . ." I never got the 'it' out. She had calmly been walking to the bathroom as I spoke. The door swung shut and clicked before I finished.

I'd totally blown it. Ended before it started. I wondered the topic would ever come up again. DAMN!

All day long I kept trying to think what was the best way to broach the subject again, but kept feeling like I'd botched it so badly that I'd better give it a rest for a while.

That night in bed we hugged and kissed and I caressed her lovely body. I was fully hard and wanted to make love, so I started to play with her pussy.

After just a moment she spoke, "Baby, I'm just to worn out and tender after last night. I'm sorry, but we need to give it a rest for a day or two!"

"Okay, I guess last night was pretty rambunctious" I replied. Not wanting to do anything that would give her any regrets.

I drifted off to sleep, horny and still thinking about how to raise the subject of my fantasy again.

Monday morning at work was incredibly slow. I found myself constantly thinking about Jessie and me. I was worried that I was starting to obsess with my fantasy. Right after lunch my problem was solved, however. The boss came in frantic. We had a HUGE project that had to be finished by the end of the day on Wednesday. Within minutes we were all buried in it and I was far too busy to even give any more thought to my sexual fantasies.

I didn't leave the office until nearly seven. Got home, had a quick bite and was off to bed. I was out the door on Tuesday by 6:00, almost two hours earlier than normal. The day was just like the previous afternoon. It was almost seven when I got home, exhausted. A quick dinner and to bed. Wednesday was a replay. We finished just before 5:00, barely in time to get the package off to the client by overnight express.

The boss was so pleased with everyone he insisted on taking us all out for a celebratory drink. I really just wanted to go home, and I suspect that most of the others did too, but he wouldn't take no for an answer. We ended up having a couple of rounds and some hors d'oeuvres. It was nearly 8:00 before we got out of there. I'd called Jessie before leaving work and warned her. I called again in the car on my way home and told her I felt like going straight to bed. It had truly been a grueling two and a half days. She was very understanding and never even mentioned that she'd fixed us both dinner.

Thursday I slept later than normal and felt pretty refreshed by the time I got to the office about half an hour late. I wasn't the only one who didn't show up on time either. The boss came around to everyone and thanked and congratulated us again. Because nothing but the project had been accomplished all week so far, it was a pretty full day catching up on 'normal' work. But again, I wasn't the only one who was out the door before 5:00.

That night I was feeling rather horny since it had now been last Saturday since we'd had any sex, but, as I started to initiate some foreplay with Jessie, she spoke up. "Jack, I'm sorry, I just don't feel very well tonight."

This was something that was very rare for Jessie and since having so recently gotten our sex life back to a more normal state. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it, "Okay babe. Do you think you're getting sick or anything."

"No, I'm just tired and have a headache"

"Oh the old headache routine" I joked.

She reached over and grasped my rock hard cock and gave it a few strokes, "I'll make it up to you this weekend, I promise. Okay?"

"Okay," I moaned, "but I'm holding you to that promise"

And with that she rolled over and went to sleep.

Friday was a pretty slow day, partly because the week had been so frantic there was a bit of letdown by everyone, and partly because I couldn't stop thinking about Jessie's promise for the weekend. The week had conspired against me sex-wise and I was quite horny. I hadn't gone this long without cumming since we'd got our sex life back together.

So when it was quitting time, I was instantly out the door. I stopped on the way home to pick up a nice bottle of wine and while I was at it, just for good measure, I bought a single long stemmed red rose. It was something I did infrequently, but occasionally would for absolutely no reason. Jessie always loved it and it turned out to be the case as usual.

When I came through the door and she saw the rose she broke into a huge smile, "For me?" she asked facetiously.

But to play along, I replied, "Of course for you, beautiful!"

She came over and threw her arms around my neck and gave me a long, deep kiss.

"And that's just the beginning," she said while still beaming "I'm very horny and have plans for you tonight!"

"Good, me too!" I gleefully replied, thinking that things were working out very nicely indeed.

I was eager to head to bed, but had the good sense to be cool. We had a glass of wine and since the week had been so wild, caught up on each other's happenings. When it was time to fix dinner I volunteered to make the salad. I share in the cooking usually, but hate making salad. However, Jessie gets really tired of being the one to do it all the time too, so this was a bit of a treat for her.

"Somebody is trying awfully hard to impress!" she said with a laugh.

"With a sexpot like you around, who wouldn't" I said, feeling like a regular silver-tongued devil after my second glass of wine. If she thought it was incredibly corny, she was kind enough not to say so.

Playing it to the hilt, I poured us each a final glass of wine and told her to go in the living room and put on some music. I said I'd be there in a few minutes after I cleaned up the kitchen.

"Wow, you must have it bad" she chuckled, shaking her head softly, but did as I suggested without hesitation.

I normally am pretty fast at cleaning up the kitchen, but that night I set a world record I'm sure. It wasn't long before I had joined her on the sofa. She'd picked out a Kenny G album that we both love. We sat there without speaking just snuggled up listening to the music and enjoying the last of the wine.

Finally the CD ended, and the wine was gone and Jessie spoke first, "Ready to head to bed?"

"Sure, can't wait!" I said, probably too readily, but after all I at least had waited until she suggested it.

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