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Shared Passion


The group, including Lucy and Andy were old school friends. They had known each other for years, and had all been to sixth form together. They were now all at university, and had decided to go on holiday together for a couple of weeks to catch up after their first year of uni. Between them they went to a number of different universities, so it was interesting hearing how everyone was getting on.

When the holiday was planned, it was decided that it should be 'singles only', this made it so much easier to sort out rooming and transport and should also mean less arguments. This was how a group of 6 guys and 2 girls were sharing a 2 bedroom house in the middle of Cornwall for a couple of weeks. It was a little overcrowded, but the numbers kept the price down. They had already had 10 days of their holiday.

The plan had worked perfectly for the first 4 or 5 days. However the combination of lots of alcohol and a number of randy stories about what people had got up to in their university dorms had taken their toll. Chris and Emma had arrived on holiday single, but now it appeared they were very much a couple, or at least fucking regularly. It had started with some pretty mindless flirtation, which was almost to be expected. Soon it progressed to some stolen kisses when they thought no-one was looking. In fact everyone knew what was happening, but seeing on harm in it, let it go on.

However the last 2 nights had been entirely different. Chris and Emma had taken their 'relationship' to the next level and had started screwing. The walls of the house were paper thin, and nothing went unheard.

Not that there was any choice for Lucy on the first night they had fucked. She had been asleep in the room! She had woken up to the sound of heavy breathing, and then had been given a private show. She had tried not to look, but found it impossible to tear her eyes away. She had the perfect view from the dark corner of the room of the proceedings in front of her. She saw Emma push her sexy thong panties to one side and straddle Chris, teasing his raging erection by slowly rubbing the purple head along her shaven slit. She was also watching when Chris could take no more teasing, and he grabbed Emma's firm buttocks and thrust his entire member into Emma's gapping pussy, she let out an audible gasp, but rode him expertly. Chris was grasping at Emma's bra, desperately trying to unhook the clasp and gain full access to her large tits.

Seemingly fed up of Chris's attempts, Emma reached behind her back and undid the clasp herself. She then arched her back allowing the bra to fall to her waist. Christ took her hardened nipple in his mouth, flicking it with his tongue. Emma was now moaning in pleasure, it was clear she was enjoying immense pleasure. Chris took his queue, and started thrusting extra hard. This took Emma over the top, and she experienced a mighty orgasm, panting moaning and screaming all at the same time. Her body was in spasm; she was unable to control herself.

Chris had yet to finish. After Emma had come down form her incredible high, Chris pulled out of Emma's pussy. It was now that Lucy could see how big his dick was; much larger than she had seen before. She could also see that it was dripping with Emma's juices. This reminded Lucy of how wet she was herself. She slowly reached underneath the cover to her breasts and tweaked her nipples. She was not wearing a bra, so she could get to the without any problems. She did not dare to touch herself below; she would be unable to keep her voice down and would get caught. As far as she knew the couple taught she was asleep, so she had to continue this illusion.

Chris grabbed Emma's body and positioned her in the doggy position, himself kneeling behind her. Emma was now directly facing Lucy, she was sure she would get caught. Emma leaned forward and grabbed the headboard of the bed, stretching herself for Chris's pleasure. Chris took hold of his enlarged penis, positioned himself at her pussy and thrust forward. Once again Emma took his huge penis. She thrust against him and soon got into a rhythm. Chris was pumping his body really hard, and he was slapping against Emma's arse. From her viewpoint Lucy could see Emma's tits swinging free and her face showed a picture of absolute pleasure. Emma was biting her tongue trying to suppress the urge to moan and scream, but the sounds were escaping anyway.

Chris was also building to an orgasm. He was grunting and telling Emma how he was going to cum. He suddenly announced to Emma he was going to cum, pulled out and grabbed her body. She let go of the railings and he flipped her onto her back, pulling her closer to him. He took his penis, gave it a couple of pumps with his hand and then spurted the largest load of cum all over Emma's tits and face. His cum shot through the air and made a complete mess of Emma. She didn't seem to mind - she was trying to take his load in her mouth and was licking her lips.

Once he had got his breath back he lowered himself to Emma's body and licked his cum from her tits. He then moved up her body and passionately kissed her. Lucy could see their tongues exploring each other's mouths and his cum being passed between them. That was the end of the show that evening, and all three fell asleep.

In the morning Lucy had woke up early, leaving the room early and said nothing. During the day the other housemates commented upon how noisy it had been, and told them to cut it out. However, that night the room was left for the 2 lovebirds, with all other housemates crammed into one bedroom. The noise had still kept them awake.

Andy woke up as he heard Lucy open the door. He raised himself onto his elbows and saw that she had made everyone a cup of tea. Looking around the room he could see that the rest of the boys were still asleep or like him were just coming to.

Lucy carefully picked her way through the mass of bodies sleeping on the beds and on the floor, trying not to spill tea over people. She put the tray onto the desk and turned back to make her way out of the room. As she got to the door she looked over her shoulder to Andy. She looked him straight in the eye. Good thought Andy, he needed this. He quickly grabbed a pair of jeans from the end of his bed and pulled on a t-shirt. He made his way out of the room. No-one else moved - they were probably still trying to sleep off a hangover.

Andy and Lucy actually went to the same university, Exeter, so saw each other regularly. They both knew what was coming as he followed her through the living room of the house to the bathroom. They would need some privacy. She tried the door, but it was locked. They could hear the sound of the shower running. It must have been Chris washing the sweat and juices from his body. The only other option was the small separate toilet. They both got in and locked the door behind them.

Andy was not sure when it started, defiantly while they were still at school, but had continued through the first year of university. The pair had somehow formed a mutual masturbation club. Neither had ever really had a proper boyfriend or girlfriend, and somehow got together. He thought it might have started on a drunken evening when Lucy had stayed over at his house. They had been playing 'truth or dare' and they had ended up in the situation where they masturbated in front each other. Since that moment they had met up regularly when feeling horny and watched each other get themselves off. Andy found it a real turn on watching Lucy touch herself and the technique she used. He loved watching her when she came, the face she pulled, the sounds she made and watching her squirt her sexual liquids. It did everything for him.

Normally they would be sitting on different chairs, or at opposite ends of the bed, and they would watch each other strip and then masturbate whilst watching the other. It was used as a form of relief for both, a way to let go of the tension in their bodies. They looked forward to it.

The situation was slightly different here, there was barely room to swing a cat, and they knew they had little time. Lucy undid her belt and the clasp of her jeans as she took the step towards the toilet; she sat on the seat and took off her jeans. She was wearing a lacy pair of black boy-shorts, which Andy immediately found arousing. He felt his hard-on spring against his boxers - aching for attention.

They both pulled off their t-shirts. Lucy was wearing a black lacy bra that matched her boy-shorts. Her breasts were heaving against the fabric - her nipples indicating that she was also in a state of heavy arousal. She licked her finger and then rubbed her hot slit through her lacy panties. They were already damp with anticipation - she really needed to cum. The erotic showing she had seen a couple of nights ago was playing on her mind, she needed to let out the frustration. With the other hand she was rubbing her breasts, enjoying the sensation of the soft fabric against her sensitive nipples. Andy had undone his jean flys and had let the jeans fall to the floor, he carefully stepped out of the heap, making sure not to tread on Lucy's feet. He then lifted the elastic of his boxers over his erection and let them fall to the floor. Without the constraint of his boxers, his penis sprung forward. It was almost poking Lucy in the face as she sat.

Lucy raised her body as she wriggled out of her panties. As she did so her breasts brushed against the tip of his penis. This immediately sent a reaction through the rest of his body, he was barely able to control himself. He took his hand to his penis and enclosed his fingers around the shaft. He slowly started moving his hand back and forth watching Lucy's reaction. She could see his foreskin stretched over the bulbous head of his penis. As he moved his hand this would be pulled back revealing the purple head and then would come back in to place, covering it once again. She had never seen this happen so close, and found it terribly exciting.

Now she had fully access to her gaping pussy, her fingers were working in a blur. She expertly rubbed her clit, causing immense pleasure. The combination of her active imagination following the private sex show she experienced from her housemates and the sight of a penis being masturbated in front of her eyes had made her very horny, and she had reacted quicker than she thought she would. It would not take long until he would cum.

Andy leaned forward, propping himself up by leaning one of his arms against the wall behind Lucy. This brought his penis even closer to her hear. It was now so close that he could feel her warm erratic breath against his sensual penis. He had increased the pace of his pumping, and would occasionally brush his hand against Lucy's lips, making him even hotter! At all times his eyes were looking down over Lucy's generous cleavage at her spread legs. He was totally spell bound by her furious masturbation and the feeling of her warm breath on his cock.

With Andy's penis so close, Lucy could smell the must scent of his pre cum. This was all she needed to finish her off. She could feel the orgasm building up from deep inside her and somehow managed to increase further the rate her fingers were working. She could see that Andy was still going, and didn't want to cut short his enjoyment, but there was nothing she could do. Her body felt like it was numb, she had lost all feeling and she let out a huge sigh (she had just about controlled her urge to scream) as wave upon wave of guilty pleasure hit her. She was bucking against her hands frantically, milking the occasion for every last second of bliss.

Watching this, and having the sensation of lots of hot air passing over his sensitive head was enough to send Andy into ecstasy. He felt his buttock clench and all his muscles tighten as a load of thick cum shot out of his penis over the face and shoulders of Lucy. More and more cum was released as Andy thrust his penis through his clenched fist. The cum slowly dribbled down between Lucy's cleavage and over her black lacy bra as both of them caught their breath and contemplated what had just happened.

Andy looked down at Lucy, as she viewed the mess on her chest. She raised her head and moved it toward his. Their lips met in a passionate embrace, this had never happened at any of their other sessions. Andy moved his hand over her bra-covered breast, scooping up some of his own cum. He broke the kiss and brought his fingers to her lips. She took his cum on her tongue and then thrust her lips to his, sending her tongue into his mouth. He accepted and replied with his, the passion between them electric.

Remembering where they were and the situation, Lucy pulled her face away, wishing they had more time and privacy. She brought her finger to her lips to signal the need for silence and reached down to the floor for her panties. The two quietly dressed themselves with difficulty, there was not really enough room for them to both dress at the same time. Once dressed they quickly exchanged another kiss.

Andy opened the door hesitantly, he peered around the room to check the coast was clear, there was no one about so he rushed over to the couch and slumped himself down. Lucy walked over to the kitchen area and started preparing some breakfast. Who-ever had been using the shower had finished but had obviously gone back to bed, but apart from that nothing had changed. They had taken less than 15 minutes. It was another 30 minutes before anyone else ventured out of the bedrooms.

Both knew that what had happened was special. They also knew that the passionate kissing between them was genuine, and perhaps there would be further opportunities to explore these feelings. Lucy was also aware of the need to change her cum stained bra at some stage, but was happy to keep it on for the time being as a secret reminder.

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