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Renee and I have been married for ten years now. We have a great sex life and have tried all sorts of kinks. She likes light bondage and dressing me up in her clothes. I like fucking her in the ass and oral sex. But the one thing that gets us both going the most is showing off her body in public places.

Everything from flashing to having sex in public places, it all turns us on.

You see Renee is drop dead gorgeous. She has a face that needs no makeup, it's perfect just the way it is. And her body, at 5'8" 34C-24-34, can cause accidents walking down the street, and has. Top all that with long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail that hangs almost to her waist and she is pretty much every man's dream.

We take turns deciding which fetish to explore mostly by betting. We will bet on almost anything and the winner always gets to decide what we will do all the next day.This is how we discovered our fondness for showing off Renee's assets.

The first time we did it, I had won a bet on a game of cards. I really had no idea of what we were going to do, but one of the things I've always liked is to make her dress sexy when we go out.

I had her put on a short strapless sundress and sandals. That was it. I allowed her no underwear at all.

We went to the mall and did a little shopping. Then we stopped by the food court for a pretzel and a soda. While enjoying our little snack I noticed a kid of about 18 sitting at the table across from us. He couldn't take his eyes off Renee and whenever he thought we weren't looking he'd drop his fork and as he bent to pick it up he'd check out Renee's short skirt under the table.

Renee and I continued talking and I quietly told her "When I tell you too, I want you to spread your legs."

"Why?" she asked obviously unaware of our observer at the next table.

"Because I won the bet." was my only answer, and we went back to the conversation we were having.

Soon enough I saw his fork 'fall' to the floor again. When he bent down I whispered "Now! Spread 'em wide." and my little girl did just as she was told.

Our new friend must have got a look at Renee's pretty pussy because he banged his head on the bottom of the table. Renee's knees snapped shut as she realized what my little game was.

"Adam!" she scolded me "How could you?"

"Come on," I said quietly "he'll be beating off picturing your pussy for months."

Renee looked at our embarrassed friend and the bulge in his pants was obvious even from where we were. Looking at me with a strange lust in her eyes she said "Months? Let's make it years." She reached a finger up to her mouth and licked it as if it was a lollipop. I think I saw beads of sweat forming on our friend.

Renee's hand went under the table and she closed her eyes and I knew she was fingering her pussy. Our friend threw his fork on the floor and bent down to pick it up. He forgot all about his fork as he stared at my wife fingering her pussy directly in his view.

She let him watch for a moment or two, then someone walked between the two tables. Renee quickly removed her hand and straightened her skirt saying "Let's go. Now!"

We got up to leave as our friend sat back up. As Renee walked past him she reached out and rubbed her wet finger below his nose.

As we walked to the car, Renee said "I think he'll play with himself thinking of me for more than a few months."

I said "I believe he'll think of you the rest of his life."

"We need to go somewhere quick." Renee said "That made me so fucking horny."

"Me too." I said "I thought it was so hot watching you."

That's when we knew we found something we both loved. We went to a nearby hotel and fucked for hours.

The next morning we got up and dressed in the same clothes, since we weren't planning an overnight and had nothing else to wear. Renee kissed me deeply before we checked out of the room and said "Are we going back to the food court or should we find some other place to show off my pussy?"

I said we'd find a new spot and off we went.

We got in our car and started to drive, still not having made up our minds where we were going. When we got stopped at a red light beside some kid who looked like he'd just got his license, I got an idea "Flash him a tit." I said pointing at the car next to us.

Renee looked over and when the kid looked back, she pulled down the top of her dress, letting him get a glimpse of her right tit. As his jaw dropped the light turned green and we pulled away. He let his clutch out too fast and stalled his car. That was the last we saw of him.

"That was fun." Renee said "find me another."

The next couple lights were green, then we got stopped beside grandma, but the next light, a teenage boy was in the backseat, with mom and dad up front. I stopped far enough back that the front seat didn't have a good view but the boy in the back looked over at my wife.

Quickly she dropped the top of her dress and teased her nipples for him then pulled her top back up. The kids face was practically pressed to the window as the light turned. Renee blew him a kiss as we pulled off.

Renee said "Another!" and reached a hand under her skirt. I knew she was rubbing her own clit though I could see nothing.

"You're really enjoying this aren't you?" I asked.

"Yes," she said "very much."

Renee continued playing with herself as she flashed a couple teenage boys at one light, two construction guys working in a cross walk at another, and young couple with a baby at yet another.

Then we pulled up to a light and were stopped beside a guy in a jacked up four wheel drive. Renee dropped her top and the guy was as shocked as all the others had been. Noticing the angle he had, I reached over and flipped up her skirt, giving me and the guy in the truck a plain view of Renee rubbing away at her clit.

The guy in the truck said something, but I couldn't hear him as Renee screamed out loud and stiffened in orgasm. As my wife's hot body shuddered, the light turned and I pulled away.

As I drove, I wondered how many people were seeing my wife's cute little titties because she didn't even attempt to cover her tits as she strummed her clit through her orgasm.

As her spasms subsided she tucked her breasts back into her dress, the straightened the skirt of her dress.

She leaned back in her seat and sighed, saying "That was fucking amazing!"

"I know." I said "I practically came in my shorts when that guy saw your pussy."

"Really?" She said, reaching over and rubbing the lump in my pants.

"MMM" I moaned "You better be careful." and reluctantly I removed her hand from my lap.

She looked me with a pouting look on her face, and I said "Relax, I've got an idea."

As I drove she continued to flash people at red lights. I was so turned on I couldn't wait for my next idea.

We pulled in to a ford dealership and after just a few minutes of talking to the salesman, off we drove, test driving a mustang convertible, with the top down.

As soon as we got on the interstate, I undid my fly and pulled out my raging hard-on. Renee needed no prodding she got up on her knees on her seat and bending over took my cock deep into her throat. The wind was lifting the skirt of her dress, and I knew everyone we passed was staring straight at her pussy.

Renee was bobbing her head deep and fast as I caught up to a semi and started to pass. As I got up beside the cab, I matched his speed. When the driver looked over, his mouth gaped then a wide smile crossed his face. I felt my balls tighten as this guy eyed Renee's pussy and watched as she blew me.

The trucker blew his air horn and I blew my load. Deep into her throat I came, barely able to control the car as Renee swallowed every drop. As I shot my last spurt, I accelerated past the truck with a wave to the driver, who blew his horn again.

Renee licked my cock clean. Then she tucked my softening cock back into my pants and zipped me up as I turned and drove back to the dealer.

We bought that mustang that day. As a matter of fact, we still have it and occasionally use it the same way we did that day. Since then we've found a lot of different ways to show off Renee's tits and pussy, and have had a variety of different kinds of sex in public. We love combining fetishes, sometimes I fuck her ass in public, or tie her up in a public place. It's just what we do.

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