tagGroup SexShared Wife Ch. 08: Party Girl Eve

Shared Wife Ch. 08: Party Girl Eve


Author's Notes: This is another chapter in my story about Eve. Please read the previous chapters for background on the characters and story plot before reading this chapter.

* * * * *

"You just can't get enough, can you?" Bill joked with me after we had sex for a couple hours on a Monday night. I was fortunate that Bill had learned how to last a long time, but it wasn't always enough.

"Jerry's right. I've become a nymphomaniac. I want more sex, and in more extreme ways." I replied.

"What sort of extreme ways? Maybe I can help." Bill was trying to be supportive.

"I've had several reoccurring dreams or fantasies. Maybe these things separately, or possibly together." I responded.

"Like what?" he asked.

"First, I know we've spoken before about group sex. I've had a threesome and a foursome. And you know I loved it. Now I fantasize about having sex with many men, fucking them one after another until I cannot take anymore. And I don't know what that limit is. It is exciting to think about and it scares me a bit."

"So," Bill responded. "You have a fantasy about fucking many men and you don't know how much you could take before losing it all?

"Yeah, something like that." I agreed. "And there is another thing. Cum dump. At the end of that threesome, which became a foursome, where Brad, Luke, and you coated me in hot cum, I had an incredibly intense, and totally unexpected, feeling of euphoria. I think I want to do this again, with many more men spraying their cum upon me. Is that sick?"

"No, I think that is a perversion shared by others." Bill replied. "Let me think about all this."

- - - - -

I didn't think much about that conversation until a few weeks later. One evening while I was at Jerry's house, he asked if I could help him Friday night. He was having some guys over to watch the big fight, another of those "Fight of the Century" events, and he thought it would be cool if I played the role of the Ring Girl.

"Ring Girl? What does that involve?" I asked.

"Fights have a ring girl." Jerry explained. "She wears a skimpy outfit and between rounds she walks around holding up a card indicating the number of the next round."

"So I would just be eye candy? That's it?"

"Well, yea. Basically that. You could also serve food and drinks." Jerry expanded my role.

"Holding up a card with the round number and serving drinks and food? That's all I would be doing?" I asked Jerry, skeptical that was really all he wanted me to do.

"Well maybe, you might provide some entertainment. Maybe you would dance for them." Jerry replied.

"Dance? " I could see where this might go. "Maybe a striptease?"

"Only if you wanted to do that." Jerry replied as a grin spread across his face.

"Will Bill be there to watch the fight?" I asked.

"Oh, he's already accepted his invitation." Jerry replied.

I wondered if Jerry had hatched this fight watching party idea himself, or if Bill had helped plan it. Either way I thought it would be fun. After all, what sex-crazed nymphomaniac such as myself, didn't want to spend a Friday night with a group of horny men?

"I'll do it, just for you, Jerry." I gave him a hug and a kiss. "What shall I wear?"

"Something skimpy that shows a lot of flesh. I trust your judgment."

I realized it was likely that I may get some sex at this party. I often had sex with Jerry while Bill watched and took photos. But I never had sex with another man, even with Bill, while Jerry watched. I wondered how Jerry might react if that happened. Maybe he wanted to show me off as much as Bill like to show me off. Always a first time.

- - - - -

Friday night came and I was sure I had just the perfect outfit for me to be the ring girl for Jerry's Fight-of-The-Century watch party.

While I got ready that evening at home, my husband Bill watched with great interest. I took my time fixing my hair and putting on my makeup. I may have overdone the heavy eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick. Last I added a touch of perfume.

"Do you think this is too heavy on the makeup?" I asked Bill while I stood totally naked in our bathroom.

"Not at all, Babe. You're looking really hot. I'm sure the guys will love you as our private Ring Girl for this fight." Bill replied with a grin on his face. He paused and then asked. "What are you planning to wear? I assume you're not going naked."

"I have a special new outfit for tonight. Why don't you step into the bedroom and close the door behind you. I'll put on my outfit and then model it for you." I said as I gently shooed him out of the room.

I pulled the small bag out of my closet and removed the three piece set made of shiny silver lamé. First I put on the front-tie halter top. I tied the front tight as that pushed up my breasts and created more cleavage. I knew the guys would love that. The bottom was two pieces, although both were tiny. First I put on the g-string thong which was just a small triangle of silver cloth held in place with a bit of stretchy string. Over that I put on the pleated micro-mini skirt. It was only about 4 inches wide: 1 inch of waist band and 3 inches of pleats. I pulled it way down on my hips so the front barely covered my pussy. It was nowhere close to covering the curve of my ass. I couldn't believe I was going to expose so much to a bunch of guys I likely didn't know. But I trusted Jerry and Bill to keep me safe.

Last I put on my 4" black strappy high heels stilettos, my 'Fuck Me' shoes. I opened the door and stepped out into our bedroom. Bill was waiting eagerly, as I knew he would be.

"HOLY SHIT!" Bill exclaimed. "You look incredibly hot. I hope you're okay with everyone trying to fuck you."

"Wasn't that the idea when I was asked to be the Ring Girl?" I asked. Having sex was never specifically mentioned by either Jerry or Bill, but I felt certain that was the idea. Bill loved to share me with other men, and it appeared that Jerry was willing to share me also.

"I can't speak for Jerry, but if you're wearing that, it will be hard to stop anyone. Are you okay with that?" Bill replied.

"I'm okay with that, as long as they all wear protection." I replied with my sultry voice. "But will Jerry be okay with me having sex with other men, in his house, possibly while he is watching? He's never watched me have sex with another man, as you have done."

"Jerry and I actually discussed that when we were planning this watch party." Bill replied. "I convinced Jerry that it is incredibly hot watching you fuck other men. No jealousy for me. He thinks he will have the same reaction. But we will see. As for protection, I took our basket of condoms over to Jerry's earlier today."

'So he was planning on me having sex with the guys', I thought. My pussy tingled at the possibilities.

"I can't wear this to walk over to Jerry's house, even if he lives next door. Someone else might see me, and we can't have that." I told Bill as I began to remove the halter top, the pleated skirt, and the high heels. I decided to take these in the small bag. To make the short walk to Jerry's, I put on tight T-top, my sexy jeans, and wedge sandals.

"I'm ready to go." I announced as I took Bill's arm and we left for the Fight Watching Party.

- - - - -

As planned, Bill and I arrived at Jerry's before the other guests. Jerry was still making preparations for the party. He had already arranged two leather sofas and four leather side chairs in two rows in his living room facing his large screen TV. And when we arrived, he was in the kitchen with the food and drinks. It was our custom to just let ourselves in, as we were almost as close as family.

"Hey Jerry!" I announced our arrival. It appeared he hadn't heard us enter the house.

Jerry looked up at me. Initially he smiled, then he looked puzzled.

"Don't get me wrong, Eve." Jerry said. "You do look really hot with your hair and makeup done. But I expected for you to be wearing something sexier. You know, skimpier, showing more flesh."

"Are you okay with sharing my body with your friends?" I asked.

"Bill has told me many times how hot it is to watch other men have sex with you. I guess I may find out for myself tonight." He replied.

I leaned forward and gave Jerry a kiss, trying to not smudge my lipstick. I held up the small bag in my hand for Jerry to see.

"My outfit for tonight is in here." I said with my sultry voice. "I think you will be very pleased."

"Inside that small bag?" Jerry asked incredulously.

"Including my shoes." I replied.

"You're going to love her outfit." Bill added. "I got a preview earlier and had to resist fucking her right there and then."

"Oh really?" Jerry was pleasantly surprised.

"I assume I can change into my outfit in your bedroom. When do you want me to make my entrance?" I asked.

"Yeah, change in the bedroom. Bill and I will serve the food and drinks before the fight starts." Jerry answered. "I had some cards printed with the round number. Those are in the bedroom. You can walk out with one of them before each round. I'll give you your cue before the first round."

The doorbell rang as the first guests began to arrive. I hurried back to the bedroom so I wouldn't be seen, at least not yet.

I was very familiar with Jerry's bedroom. He and I had fucked there many times, and sometimes Bill was there to take photos. I shouldn't have been surprised that Jerry had prepared the room differently for tonight. He had removed the bedspread and top sheet, leaving only a fitted sheet and pillows on the bed. I could feel that there was a protective mattress cover underneath the sheet, as he had prepared for things to get messy on his bed. And on the dresser, near the door, was the basket of condoms that Bill had brought over earlier.

A stack of 12 legal-sized cards were next to the condoms. Each card was black, with a large white circle around a large white number. 'Simple enough.' I thought. 'Twelve rounds. How long does that take? Then I suppose I will be the main event.'

My body tingled in the anticipation of a lot of sex. I had wanted sex with several men, and tonight it could all happen. I quickly stripped off my top, jeans, and wedge sandals all of which I placed on the floor inside Jerry's closet. Wearing only the tiny thong, I took the silver lamé halter top, the matching micro-mini skirt, and my stiletto shoes into the master bath so I could dress in front of the full length mirror. As I had done earlier for Bill, I tied the halter top to maximize my cleavage. Next I put on the tiny skirt and pulled it down so that it barely covered my pussy. I could feel a slight draft on my mostly exposed ass. I put on my high heels, and I tussled my hair one more time. Looking at myself in the mirror, I knew I looked extremely fuckable. I was excited, and I was ready.

"Looking really hot!" I heard Bill say.

I turned to see Bill in the bathroom doorway with two beers in his hands. He handed me one as he took a sip of the other.

"I figured you could use something to drink." He said with a warm loving smile on his face.

"Thanks. I am getting excited." I replied. "How many guys are there?"

I realized that I had no idea what I may be dealing with this evening. I took a big drink from my beer.

"Eight altogether, including Jerry and me." Bill answered. "We hope that is a good number. Almost everyone is here. It is quite a fun group. They're really good guys."

"Thanks, Bill. I know you and Jerry planned this for me, almost as much as for the guys watching the fight. I know you have my back." I said.

"Love you babe." Bill said as he kissed me on the cheek. "By the way, the safe word is 'PINEAPPLES'. If things get out of hand, or you just need to stop, just yell 'PINEAPPLES' and Jerry and I will rescue you.

"Oh, okay." I replied. I hadn't thought about needing a safe word, but it was comforting that Bill had.

As Bill headed back to the party, I could hear the guys in the kitchen and living room talking while they drank their beers and ate the snacks that Jerry prepared. They sounded pumped about watching the Fight of the Century. I suspected that none of the guests knew that I was an added attraction.

My body tingled even more and my pussy twitched. God, I was ready to strut my stuff. And I was ready to get fucked.

- - - - -

"Hey guys!" I heard Jerry speak with a loud voice. "The fight's about to start. You may want to grab one more beer and take a seat."

I could hear the commotion as the guys got beers, more to eat, and gathered in the living room. I picked up the first card, with the number 1.

A few moments later, Jerry walked down the hallway to where I waited.

"It's time." he told me and then turned to walk back to the living room. I waited a few seconds, took a deep breath of air. I held the card up above my head and proudly walked with my best slut strut into the midst of the guys.

"Oh Yeah!" one yelled.

At least two guys whistled at me.

"Hot babe!" yelled another as he slapped his thigh.

The cat-calls continued as I strutted about. I stopped in front of the TV, held the sign high, and slowly turned for everyone to see. I think I could have held up the wrong round numbered card and no one would have noticed. I could feel all their eyes on me. And that is exactly what I wanted.

"Fucking hot!" another said.

"I want a piece of that." said another. My pussy tingled even more.

I walked through the group, passing in front of the first row of chairs and a sofa, and then in front of the second row. The fight may have started, but I didn't care. And from their reactions, I'm not sure if they cared if I was blocking their view of the TV.

Having finished my Ring Girl duty for the first round I went back to the bedroom. I took a couple of drinks of my beer. Then I picked up the card for round two. Slowly I walked to the living room and waited in the back corner, so as to not distract anyone while they watched the fight. All the guys were intently watching the TV and yelling for a fighter to do this, or to do that. The guys teased each other about which fighter would win. They were all totally engrossed in the fight.

Before the round was over, Jerry moved over beside me. He reached behind me and his hand grabbed my mostly bare ass. It felt really good. He often grabbed my ass when we fucked. So my body reacted to that. I felt my pussy get damp.

"Great job. It couldn't have gone better." He said. "During your next pass, for round two, you may want to offer to fetch beers for anyone that wants one."

Round one ended. All the guys yelled and then sat back in their seats. I lifted the round 2 card and did my strut in front of the guys. I was received with great excitement and more cat-calls and whistles.

I stopped in front of the TV again. While holding up the card, I spoke.

"Can I offer anything to anyone?" I said most politely. I immediately knew I had said the wrong thing.

"You can show us your titties." yelled more than one.

"Show us that cute ass." yelled another.

"I want a piece of your pussy!" said yet another.

Jerry quickly stepped forward. "Not yet guys. Not yet." He said in a commanding voice as he held up his hands for the guys to back down. "She's just offering beer right now."

I quickly passed through the group still holding the round card overhead. Several guys grabbed my ass as I went by. It was thrilling, exciting, and a bit scary. I wondered what would happen later. And might things get out of control.

I also noted that Jerry said "Not yet." Had the guys already made plans for me later?

I went to the kitchen where I found Bill preparing a bucket of cold beers.

"Enjoying yourself?" my husband asked me.

"I'm having a great time." I answered. "But I have to be careful what I say."

"Everything will be just fine." Bill tried to reassure me. Then as he handed me the bucket of beers he said, "Take these to the guys."

I left my round card on the counter and carried the bucket with a half dozen cold beers back into the living room. I handed them out. Several of the guys wanted another beer. And they gave me any empty bottles to carry back to the kitchen. Most of the guys also took the opportunity to grab my ass again.

So much testosterone in the room. So many hands. And I suspected that soon there would be so many hard cocks, all for me.

The second round of the fight had started, so I quickly returned a bucket of empty beer bottles to the kitchen and took my round two card back to the bedroom. I finished my beer and sat for a moment to collect myself. I could tell my pulse was up. I was aroused, and this was exciting. I could hear the cheers from the guys. The fight was obviously very exciting.

I now knew the rounds were not very long. Not at all like a quarter of a football game, or an inning of baseball. It would soon be time for me again. I picked up the round three card and walked towards the living room. I timed it perfectly. The round had just ended and the guys sat back down in their chairs. It appeared that most were caught up in the action and had been standing and cheering during the second round.

The moment I appeared they all started cheering for me. I tried to play it cool and just parade in front of them with the round 3 card. Obviously they didn't care about the card. Some were chanting "Pussy! Pussy! Pussy!".

Then came a chant of "Strip! Strip! Strip!".

It was thrilling as I knew all these guys wanted me.

As I stopped in front of the TV to do my turn around for them, a guy in front grabbed his crotch and said "I bet you want this, don't you?" (I later learned this was Ryan.)

I felt a bit embarrassed as indeed I did want him.

The guy next to him, pulled down his shorts and held his semi-hard cock, waving it at me. "No, You want some of THIS!" (This was Carlos.)

I had turned so may back was to the guys. I had my feet spread apart. I looked over my shoulder at all the horny men.

"What you all want is this." I said emphatically as I slowly bent over exposing my ass to them. The string of my thong covered so very little, and the short skirt rose up and covered none of my ass. I felt certain they could also see my damp, puffy, swollen pussy lips.

They guys all exploded in a round of loud cheers, applause, and cat-calls. Judging by their energy, I felt certain I was going to be fucked very well later that evening.

So as to not be grabbed and fucked right then, I quickly waved and made my exit. Round three of the fight was just beginning.

Upon entering the bedroom, my heart was pounding. There were so many horny men out there. Could I handle all of them? Did I want to be fucked by six to eight men? I wasn't sure if Bill and Jerry would join in now, or want to have me by themselves later.

There was a loud roar in the living room. Something different had happened.

Jerry appeared quickly. "You're up." He said hurriedly.

I wondered how the round had ended so soon. I reached for the round four card.

"No need for that." he said. "The fight is over."

What do I do?" I asked. I wasn't at all sure how things would go after the fight. Somehow I just expected men to be fucking me.

"You wanted to dance for them, didn't you?" Jerry said, more of a statement than a question.

"You have some music?" I asked.

"All ready for you." he said as he raced back to the living room.

"Okay guys. Take your seats. We have some more entertainment for you." Jerry announced. He started the dance music and I strutted back into the room to another round of cheers. The guys had been disappointed that the fight ended so prematurely, but my appearance changed their outlook immediately.

I went straight in front of the TV, now turned off, and started dancing to the music. I felt every eye locked on me. I could tell that they all had indecent thoughts about what they wanted to do with me. Many told me precisely what they wanted to do. Some wanted to kiss me. Some wanted to grab me, or kiss me. And others said they wanted to fuck me.

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