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Shari Merry Christmas


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story takes place sometime in the past, shortly after the events in Shari Holds a Torch. This is my entry for the 2017 Winter Holiday Contest. If you enjoyed it, please remember to vote--also, please check out my other stories featuring these two characters. As always, if butch femme pairings and large age differences are not your thing, please skip this story. For everyone else...Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!


The start of Christmas vacation is probably the most magical time of the year for every student and teacher in Thatcher Blake. Winter has officially arrived, bringing blasts of icy wind while downy flakes flutter from the heavens, casting everything it touches in a blanket of glittering white snow. Just about everyone is busy discussing the latest toys and trinkets they hope to find underneath the tree when the big day comes. And every inch of public space in Thatcher Blake is festooned with baubles, garlands, and colorful lights. The sight of such brimming festivity is enough to bring the biggest Scrooge a genuine feeling of goodwill and joy.

But the very best part of Christmas vacation is always the beginning. The last day at Talcott High School was a lot of fun. Some classes had little parties while other teachers decided to show films and allow their students an opportunity to catch up on late assignments before the start of two whole weeks of freedom lasting until the day after New Year's. Velma Blount could hardly wait for the last bell to ring!

Miss Velma Blount has been teaching PE at Talcott for almost 25 years. She is a 47 year old athletic butch woman who towers over her students at 6'2". It was no secret that most of her students are intimidated by her. Truth be told, some of them were actually afraid of her. Maybe it was the somewhat weathered and severe features of her masculine face. Or maybe it was the way her light sandy hair was always cut in that very short pageboy style with blunt bangs. The style actually made her look pretty menacing. In fact, her fitness and stature were known to put the fear of God himself in some of her high-maintenance students.

And speaking of God, Velma was looking forward to the annual Christmas party her women's bible study group was putting on tomorrow night. The group is small and secretive, consisting mainly of teachers from different schools in the area. Occasionally some other women would join the group, but their membership was always short lived. A few years ago, a nice young woman joined their group for a while. She worked at one of the dime stores downtown, and she even brought a few of her friends along that year. That really livened up their group of stuffy middle-aged women!

Every year the Christmas party is held at a different member's house. Regular meetings and services take place in the basement of a modest little church downtown. But when it came to the Christmas parties, things always inevitably got a bit...rowdy. For the second year in a row, the group decided the party would be held at Jude Horst's place. She has this beautiful Queen Anne house on a double lot on the far edge of town just outside Harmony. The place is perfect! Besides, last year's party was such a success; it didn't take much to persuade Jude to host again. She absolutely loved that sort of thing.

Velma's thick brows furrowed as she bitterly recalled last year's party. She stopped by this little bookstore after school one day, and she struck up a conversation with the clerk behind the counter. What was her name? Oh, yeah...Hayley. She wasn't exactly Velma's type, but she was cute and she seemed to like the gym teacher's company. They saw each other two more times before Velma asked Hayley if she'd like to come along to the Christmas party.

But what started out as a fun filled night turned out disastrous. For a short while, Velma had questioned whether she was reading more into the young lady's smiles and moves than she intended. As the night wore on, Velma was feeling a lot of Christmas cheer. Whether this had anything to do with all the beer and punch she'd drunk was up for interpretation. Just the same, the towering old dyke thought that her date was really interested in her. But later on when she took Hayley upstairs and made love to her, the young lady became disgusted when she realized that Velma expected her to reciprocate.

Hayley jumped out of bed, threw on her clothes, and bolted out of the house. Velma never saw her again after that. Several weeks later, Coach Linley asked if she'd drop by the bookstore to pick up an order he'd placed for the school. She cornered one of her colleagues, Mrs. Horton, to do it instead. She thought about asking Miss Lusby, but Velma figured that if Hayley was working that day, it would be less awkward to send Mrs. Horton. After all, married women are mundane and less threatening.

But that was last Christmas. Velma had someone different now; someone sweet and very beautiful. That someone was her ex-student, Shari Keefer, the only student she ever took a genuine liking to. A smile spread across Velma's rugged face anytime she thought about Shari. It seemed like only yesterday when the towering gym teacher began to form a strong bond with the girl. Ah, she was always so wry and winsome...and sweet! She still is.

But when Shari graduated, Velma was devastated even though she did her best not to show it. She was certain that after the graduation ceremony ended, the beautiful 19 year old senior would forget all about her old gym teacher. But to Velma's surprise, the rapport they formed grew and blossomed into an intense intimate relationship. And unlike Hayley, Shari stuck around.

After the final bell, Talcott High quickly resembled a ghost town. Everyone scrambled to their lockers and down the stairwells to freedom. Velma bundled herself up and walked briskly down the 1st floor hall, past the library and main office. A huge Christmas tree was set up inside the library by Student Commission. Velma smiled and waved at the librarian and her two assistants who were busy turning off the lights and gathering their things to leave.

Once she was outside, Velma dashed across the faculty parking lot in search of her car. She reached her car and fumbled with her keys for a minute before shutting herself in. She had an errand to run before going home. This year, each member of the bible study group was asked to bring a gift for the residents of the local Children's Home. They could choose to bring one for a girl or a boy. Velma was feeling pretty generous. She figured she'd bring a gift for both.

A light snow began falling by the time Velma reached the heart of downtown. She passed through the well-lit streets and found an empty parking spot not too far from Woolworth's, her intended destination. The store wasn't too busy when she walked in. She pulled off her mittens and stuffed them into her coat pockets as she headed for the toy department. Damn, Velma thought silently. What should I get? Jude didn't specify an age!

Velma's cold blue eyes scanned the toy shelves for a few minutes. Girls are pretty easy to buy for, she figured...aren't they? She snatched a box from one of the top shelves. It was some sort of doll; the kind that cries and wets itself. Girls like dolls...don't they? A sales clerk came over and showed Velma the new erector sets that just came in. But when she saw the box, she decided against it. Erector sets have too many small pieces that end up getting lost. She handed the doll to the clerk and spotted something much better nearby. A football!

She paid for the toys and stopped at the lunch counter for a cup of coffee and a sandwich before heading back out into the cold. When she got back in her car, Velma paused for a minute or so. She remembered that there was some new store one or two streets over. Shari mentioned it a few times. It was some dress shop, Flanders', or Finnegan's, or...

Velma whistled softly to herself as she pulled out and drove to the next light to turn. Velma and Shari have been seeing each other now for only about 6 months, but it will be their first Christmas together—sort of. On Christmas Eve, the group has planned a day of service. Velma volunteered along with Jude and several other members to serve Christmas dinner at the Children's Home. On Christmas Day, she'd spend some time with her sister, Esther, who lived about 30 miles away. As for Shari, she'd probably spend Christmas with her family.

But tomorrow night, Shari would attend the Christmas party with Velma. She'd already introduced Shari to the group, and from the first day, the others welcomed the shy young girl with open arms. Yes, that's why Velma loved this group. These women didn't judge. In fact, quite a few of them had younger partners. Most of them, like Shari, attended Blake College, but there was nothing wrong with that. Velma loved God and she loved other women—one in particular. There's nothing shameful in that!

But most people wouldn't understand. Velma knew that same sex relations were frowned upon. People think that it is a disease—a mental illness that could only be cured through intense shaming and institutionalization. And Velma was aware of the way her own students looked at her sometimes, afraid she might get too close to them. The parents were even worse. The school grapevine can be cruel, and more than once she'd heard the rumors they'd spread about her sexual predilections. That is why the bible study group was so important. The women dedicated themselves to service, prayer, and protecting each other.

After spotting the store, Velma had to drive around the block a few times before a spot finally opened up to park. Flinders. That's the name of the store. The towering gym teacher watched a woman leaving the store with a loaded shopping bag swinging from her arm. She was dressed to the nines: a gorgeous hat, wool coat, gloves, and natty heels. The woman carried a small clutch purse in her other hand. Velma grimaced as she passed the woman and headed inside. Oh, dear, Velma thought. It's going to be one of those stores!

The place sure looked fancy! In fact, it made Velma feel downright awkward and out of place. The saleswoman behind the counter seemed to sense this too and kept her distance while the masculine giantess browsed the shelves.

What kind of place is this? Velma wondered. She must've looked visibly annoyed because the saleswoman finally approached and asked her if she needed any assistance. Boy did she! The store had no racks! There were only shelves upon shelves of folded items—most of these were behind counters. Velma was just about to give up and walk out of there when she spotted a stately looking mannequin near the back of the store.

"This—ah—sweater...it's lovely! I don't suppose you have any more of these in stock?"

The saleswoman replied with a ladylike chuckle: "Of course we do. It's cashmere...pretty popular style too. Is this for a gift?"

Velma nodded and she felt her cheeks turning bright red. But when the saleswoman asked her what size she wanted, the towering butch confessed that she didn't know.

"If you can tell me her height and approximate weight, I think I might be able to find the size she needs. And if it doesn't fit, she can bring it back for an exchange."

Velma did her best to describe Shari: "She's about 5'5", 112lbs, 20 years old..."

"She sounds lovely, and I just know that this sweater will look amazing on her! I'll just be a few minutes while I get one boxed up for you."

The saleswoman left, and Velma had been standing there for only about a minute or so when she saw the price tag dangling from the sweater arm. She grabbed it, took a look, and made a loud sort of gagging sound. Luckily she was the only customer in the store, and the saleswoman was still in the back. Seventy dollars! Damn, Velma thought. I should've known that before I walked in here!

The saleswoman returned. "Here we are! I thought you might like it wrapped, so I took a little longer. No extra charge."

Wow, the box was gorgeous! The saleswoman even put one of those fancy bows on it too! Damn, Velma thought. I really ought to leave, find something a little less expensive...

The saleswoman produced a card in stiff paper stock. A pair of seraphim angels flanked the front of the card. "Here, the card is included with your purchase. Will this be cash, check, or credit?"

Velma sighed in exasperation as she dug into her pants pocket for her billfold. The things I do for love, she thought.

Several minutes later, Velma left the dress shop with her purchase and she was on her way home. As she drove, her mind began to wander. Every time she thought about Shari, she was positively smitten! And when the saleswoman brought that package into view, beautifully wrapped, she remembered one of the reasons why she felt so drawn to Shari Keefer...


It was the last day of school before Christmas vacation, Shari's senior year. Miss Blount's class met in the auxiliary gym where they played volleyball all hour. Roughly 10 minutes before the end of the period, the girls headed back to the locker room to change. Miss Blount set her clipboard and whistle down, and started to gather up the balls when someone came up from behind and tapped her arm.

It was Irene Olafson. The gym teacher shoved one of the balls into a drawstring bag and turned around to face her student.

"Um...Shari says that she wanted to give you something. She asked me to come tell you, Miss Blount."

Velma looked around. "Where did she go?"

"I think she went with the others."

Of course. Miss Blount told Irene to go on ahead while she finished putting things away. As usual, the girls' locker room was chaotic; loud, smelly, and disorienting. Miss Lusby was shouting at the slower girls to hurry up and finish getting dressed. Mrs. Horton stood beside the hall exit to prevent anyone from trying to escape before the bell. Shari had already changed out of her gymsuit and was sitting on the bench in front of her locker while Irene hastily ran a brush through her chin length dark hair. When she was finished, the girl slammed her locker shut and told Shari she'd see her later.

"Hey there, kid." Miss Blount said. She took a seat beside the girl. "What's up?"

The beautiful blond senior looked a little flustered; like she was trying to avoid eye contact. She dug around inside her book bag and pulled out an envelope. She handed it to her gym teacher.

"Oh—uh—I wanted to...give you this, Miss Blount. That's all."

The girl scurried off, disappearing behind the rows of lockers. Seconds later, the bell rang and the locker room emptied out. Velma went upstairs to the girls' PE office. She sat at the desk, opened the envelope, and pulled out a beautiful Christmas card. In seconds, the butch woman's vision became blurry and her icy blue eyes felt the sting of hot tears.

Merry Christmas to my favorite teacher in the whole world. Your friend, Shari.

Velma closed her eyes for a split second. A shrill, tingling electric feeling warmed the space between her legs, and in mere seconds, her body began to hum. Fortunately she was about a block or so away from home. When she pulled her car into the garage, she took out the gifts she'd purchased and locked them in the trunk. She smiled when she remembered the card that the saleswoman said was included with the sweater. She let herself into the house through the back door, and after taking off her coat and mittens, she sat down at the kitchen table with the card thinking of something to write...


The next evening, Velma was on her way to pick Shari up at Blake College. Blake is the city's namesake college for women. It sits on a sprawling parklike campus dotted with snow covered trees and several charming old buildings. Several of the dormitories at Blake were named after prominent local citizens. Velma parked outside Lofgren Hall, the dorm Shari was living in, and headed for the main entrance.

The towering gym teacher hit the buzzer and waited for someone to let her in. When she reached Shari's room on the third floor, she knocked, and a few seconds later, the door opened.

"Good evening, young lady!" Velma said. Her voice cracked and she suppressed a cough. "You sure look beautiful...like a princess!"

Shari replied with a shy giggle. It was true. Shari was really looking forward to the party so she wanted to wear something nice. She wore a stunning emerald green A-line shift dress that complimented the waves of thick light blond hair that tumbled past her shoulders and the fine, doll-like features of her face. Snow white tights and matching heels completed the girl's ensemble. Velma felt a bit underdressed now. She wore a simple button-down shirt underneath a light colored V-neck sweater and plain dark slacks.

"You sure you don't mind going out with me tonight?" Velma asked.

A dark haired woman wearing an old sweatshirt and jeans passed by. She paused when she saw Velma and an evil sort of grin spread across her face.

"Hot date tonight, Shari?" She asked. "Lucky you!"

"I told you, I'm just going to a Christmas party!" Shari snapped back. "That's all!"

"Yeah, so's Veronica and Sarah...have fun, you two."

When the woman was finally gone, Velma asked: "Who's that?"

"That's just Martha Olsen. She's our house mother and she's very nosy!"

Velma rolled her eyes. "Okay, okay. That's enough. Let's get going, huh? I don't want to be late for the party!"

Shari grabbed her coat, and they were on their way.


When they reached Jude Horst's house, Velma parked on the street and opened the trunk of her car. She took out the two packages from Woolworth's and left the one meant for Shari. She'd get it out tomorrow, after they had their fun. They crunched their way through the snow, up the front walkway, and onto the front porch. Velma didn't even have the chance to knock before the door swung open.

"Good to see you, Vel! Oh, you brought Shari too! Here, let me take your coats."

It was Jude Horst. She is one of the PE teachers over at Kent Junior High. She and Velma Blount have known each other for years like most of the members of their tight knit group. Jude thanked Velma for remembering to bring the gifts for the Children's Home. She told her to place them along with the others underneath the Christmas tree by the fireplace. While Velma did this, Jude led Shari over to the refreshment table in the dining room. The place was already pretty crowded, and more guests were coming in from the cold.

"Help yourself, Shari." Jude said. "Would you like a drink? I know Velma likes her beer, but we have punch, or maybe you'd like a soda instead?"

"Soda would be fine, Miss Horst." Shari said. "Thank you."

"Call me Jude, dear. We're all family here!"

Shari surveyed the goodies laid out on the table while she waited for her soda. She skipped eating lunch today, so she was feeling pretty hungry. And there was plenty here to eat: Sandwiches, chips, and several kinds of Christmas cookies were arranged on pretty porcelain dishes festooned with holly. She watched a couple of women who were helping themselves to punch from a bowl on another table loaded with an assortment of cheese, sausage, and crackers. Shari took a paper plate and reached for a sandwich just as Velma returned by her side.

"Sorry I took so long. I was in the other room talking and I got side tracked. "She said.

The prodigious woman grabbed a couple of cookies and started eating when Jude returned bearing drinks. This time she was accompanied by a girl who looked to be about Shari's age. Her deep chestnut locks were swept up in a long ponytail and she wore a stylish little black cocktail dress and heels.

"I figured you might be thirsty too, Vel, so I brought you a beer." Jude turned to her companion and gently nudged her forward. "And there's someone I want you both to meet. This is Veronica Wilson. We've been seeing each other for a few months now, right?'

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