Shari Merry Christmas


Veronica replied with a shy nod. Shari set her plate down and took the bottle of 7UP Jude brought. "Hi, I'm Shari Keefer."

"I know." Veronica said. "I think we both go to Blake. And that's Velma Blount. I've met her once before at church. I've seen you around campus, but we don't have any classes together."

This must be one of the girls Martha was talking about before they got here, Shari thought.

Jude said: "I think she's a year or two ahead of you, Shari. Veronica is going to teach grade school, aren't you, honey?" Veronica nodded and smiled politely.

"Well, good for you!" Velma replied between mouthfuls. "It takes a lot of patience to deal with the little ones. Patience of a saint...something I don't have. Besides that, you have to deal with all those different subjects. I couldn't do it myself."

The four of them stood around for a while, talking and eating and drinking. By now, the party was in full swing, and Velma was starting on her third beer. The sound of lively Christmas music rose above the din of chatter and drunken gossip. Veronica excused herself to use the bathroom. Velma and Jude were deep in conversation with Birgitta Larsson, one of the gym teachers from North Haskell High.

For a minute or so, Shari stood there just watching the party. It was so strange to see a large party like this! There wasn't a single man in sight even though there were plenty of women here who could easily be mistaken for one. There were pairs of women talking and a few of them could be seen exchanging kisses and copping discreet feels.

Someone in the other room swapped the record that was playing for one with slow instrumentals; one clearly meant for couples. Shari took a couple steps away from the refreshment table and peered into the large living room. Some of the guests began to drift towards the middle of the floor, holding each other and drunkenly swaying to the music. One couple drifted a little too close to the Christmas tree and stumbled, almost falling to the floor. This triggered a ripple of inebriated chuckles across the room.

Shari turned around and saw that Veronica had returned from the bathroom. Jude wrapped her arms around the girl's small shoulders and said something to Velma that she couldn't make out before walking away. Velma finished the rest of her beer and gestured for Shari to come over.

"Since you're all dressed up, Shari berry, would you like to dance? I gotta warn you though...I've got two left feet!"

Shari nodded. "Um, sure...but I've never danced with anyone before. Won't they laugh at us?"

"Ah—I wouldn't worry about that." Velma said. "I bet half of 'em are three sheets to the wind already! Doubt anyone will care."

Velma led the blond beauty through the crowded room and stopped when they were standing by the record player. The towering old dyke exchanged a few boisterous greetings with a nearby couple, and then she wrapped her arms possessively around her beautiful young lover. After a few seconds, Shari began to relax and the two of them began slowly swaying their bodies to the music.

"See? This isn't so bad, is it?" Velma quipped.

Shari was staring at Velma's decidedly flat chest, trying to avoid making eye contact with her former teacher. She was starting to feel pretty self-conscious now. They continued dancing for another minute or so, and then the skin around Shari's ears prickled when Velma whispered:

"You know, I think I've got the prettiest girl at the party tonight!"

Shari felt her cheeks turning red. "Uh, thanks...I guess." She said. The blond beauty moved her hands from Velma's sides to her taut waist. The area where they stood felt so hot; like a crowded blast furnace. Velma's hands began to wander, gently stroking the girl's hair and rubbing her back. She could feel Shari's heart pounding inside her. The sexual tension was palpable. It was quickly building up and threatening to boil over any second.

"Mind if I tell you something, Shari berry?"

The beautiful blond issued no reply. It was obvious that the girl was aware of the mounting tension, struggling to keep her feelings at bay. As she tried to look away, Velma noticed how flushed her cheeks were. She looked bewildered and a little embarrassed.

"We've been seeing each other for a little while now. I was so happy when you said you'd come to the party with me tonight." Velma paused and sucked in a ragged breath. "You know for years I've been alone. But when I'm with you, all the loneliness just sort of...melts away. I can't imagine not having you in my life, honey. I—I love you, Shari. I'm in love with you, and I have been for a very long time."

Velma reached up and brushed at her face with a visibly shaking hand. She drew Shari close to her now, and palmed the back of the girl's head like a basketball. They continued to sway in each other's arms for a few more minutes, and then Shari replied: "I love you too, Velma. I can't imagine not having you in my life either."

Now Velma drew Shari in closer to her, and she lowered her face a little and brushed her lips against her young lover's. Shari could feel the old dyke's breath on her face. It was hot and smelled strongly of beer, just like the first time they kissed. The girl smiled hesitantly, and then she closed her eyes and parted her lips slightly. Shari felt her skin prickling the second their lips met, and they erupted with a chorus of involuntary moans while their tongues caressed each other. When they finally broke the kiss, Velma said: "Jude offered to let us stay upstairs in one of the spare bedrooms...unless you'd rather come back to my place."

Shari shook her head. "I'd rather just go upstairs if Jude says it's okay. I think you've had a little too much to drink."

Velma led Shari through the crowd of drunken revelers towards the staircase. The blond beauty tried to see if she could find Jude, but she and Veronica were nowhere to be found. Velma said they were probably upstairs already.

"Don't worry," Velma said. "The ladies here are a pretty good group. We look out for each other. Jude will probably come down for a while after Veronica wears her out."

Jude's house is quite large—too large for just a single woman. She inherited the house from her parents nearly a decade ago. There were four bedrooms total, one being the master bedroom. Normally these parties were unable to accommodate so many guests. Most of them either had to be content to stay in the common areas like the living room or the basement rec room (if there was one). Otherwise they had to settle for leaving the party and find someplace else for privacy.

They found the bathroom right away, and they took turns using it before Velma opened the door to one of the spare bedrooms. Velma closed the door behind them and used the skeleton key that was sticking in the keyhole to lock themselves in. Now the strapping butch woman went over to the bedside lamp and switched it on before turning her full attention to Shari. She approached the girl, taking her lithe little body into her arms before planting a soft kiss on her brow. She kissed the girl once more, savoring the soft fullness of her lips while she stroked her thick blond locks.

Shari knew perfectly well that they were alone, but she was still nervous. Velma made love to her a handful of times before, but she was still very inexperienced and a little fearful. She was shaking like a leaf while Velma held her. She drew a ragged breath, overwhelmed by a throbbing aching sensation between her legs. Suddenly the girl's knees buckled and her legs turned to jelly. Velma grasped her lover's arms and brought her over to the bed.

"Easy, honey. Let's have a seat. How about I give you a nice backrub?"

Velma slowly and deliberately began to massage Shari's shoulders while the girl closed her eyes and sighed in appreciation. After a minute or so, Velma took her hands off Shari, and stood up. She pulled off her sweater and kicked her shoes off. With fumbling hands, she unbuttoned her shirt and tossed it onto the floor along with her slacks, panties, bra, and socks.

For a woman who was quickly approaching the wrong side of 50, Velma Blount was in amazingly good shape. Although she was quite tall, she was remarkably slender and well-proportioned. Her body boasted the lean toned lines of a professional runner; the result of decades spent teaching PE and playing various sports.

But the gym teacher's svelte body couldn't quite compensate for the severe, alarmingly rugged features of her face or the fact that she was practically flat chested. Shari stared in silent fixation at the small swell of her lover's breasts, bathed in soft golden lamplight. The light brown areolas were small, capped with nubs of flesh that were fiercely erect. The blond beauty's eyes traveled down over Velma's washboard stomach. There was a thin, but obvious trail of hair extending from the older woman's navel to the thick, untrimmed bush of pubic hair hiding her private parts from the girl's wide staring eyes.

Shari felt the mattress sink beneath her as Velma sat back down beside her. The old dyke resumed the massage, and after a minute or so, she gathered Shari's gorgeous blond locks aside. The girl sat perfectly still as she felt the buttons on the back of her dress coming apart.

"Hmmm...God, you're so beautiful, honey."

Shari gasped the moment she felt her former gym teacher leaning in to kiss the exposed flesh on her back. In seconds, Velma managed to pull the dress off. She tossed it onto the growing pile of discarded clothes.

"I don't know how I got so lucky...but damn, I'm sure glad I did!"

Velma sank to her knees on the floor in front of Shari. She gently grasped the blond beauty's chin, and their mouths came together. This time the kiss was deep and insistent. Velma reached around Shari's back now in a tender embrace, and in seconds, she managed to unhook the girl's bra.

"God made you in his image, Shari. He doesn't make mistakes...with anyone. Relax, honey. Don't cover up."

The strapping butch woman took hold of the girl's slender wrists as she clumsily tried to hide her breasts from the butch woman's lustful gaze. Velma's gruff voice continued to reassure and comfort the girl as she insistently tugged the bra away from her body. Next the old dyke commanded the girl to stand up while she removed what was left of her clothes.

Shari was lying across the bed now, completely naked and vulnerable. Velma slowly lowered herself onto the mattress. She took Shari in her arms, kissing her deeply. Shari wrapped her arms around the butch woman's shoulders, delighting in the feeling of skin against skin.

"Oh, God...hold me, Velma." Shari moaned.

The two lovers exchanged another deep lingering kiss. After a minute or so, Velma pulled away and started dragging her thin lips across the girl's youthful bare flesh. She kissed her way down Shari's neck and over her collarbone while her large mannish hands stroked the sides of the blond beauty's breasts, pushing them inward. She leaned in and allowed her tongue to flutter across Shari's right nipple. In seconds, the old dyke's lips closed over it and she began to gently suck.

Her hand wandered over to the girl's left breast, caressing and rubbing the slight swell of flesh as she continued to manipulate the hardened little nipple in her mouth. Velma switched to the other nipple now, rubbing it and gently pinching the hardened pebble of flesh until Shari's breaths became ragged and sharp. The blond beauty's head rested against one of the pillows as her eyes stared up at the ceiling above.

Velma allowed the slight swell of her own breasts to press firmly against Shari's body as she continued to suckle. She stuck her tongue out, trailing the tip of it across the girl's breasts, over her ribs, and down towards her flattened belly. The towering old butch circled her young lover's navel several times before easing down towards her pussy. The enormous palms of her hands slid down the sides of Shari's slender hips, stroking and caressing her as she shifted her body down the mattress until she was resting between the girl's thighs.

For a second or two, Velma gazed at the soft bush of blond pubic hair covering Shari's pussy. The old dyke caressed the insides of Shari's trembling thighs, rubbing upwards until her fingers were finally brushing against that moist hairy cleft. She pressed her fingers against the girl's swollen outer labia and gently peeled her open like a flower. At last the gleaming wet object of her desire was fully on display, ready to be taken. Velma's tongue emerged again as she leaned in and began to gently lick her young lover's pussy.

Shari gasped in shocked pleasure as the old dyke's tongue slithered up and down her inner labia. The tip of Velma's tongue found the girl's clitoris and Shari responded with a thin, high pitched moan. The oral assault continued for several minutes until the girl began to feel the signs of imminent climax building in the depths of her stomach. Her chest was heaving and she sucked in short little gusts of breath as he back began to arch upwards.

This is it, Shari thought. The moment she wondered so much about in her deepest, darkest thoughts, and she was about to experience it all again. Memories of high school began flooding her mind. She used to steal glimpses of Miss Blount whenever she thought the gym teacher wasn't looking. She'd heard things about Miss Blount, and she often wondered if any of it was true. A low, sultry moan escaped the blond beauty's mouth. Oh, yes, she thought. She was about to find out...

And then suddenly a towering wave of erotic pleasure roared over her, dragging her in its deep, all-encompassing ecstasy. Shari cried out in glorious pleasure as her back arched and her little body began to spasm. In the middle of it all, she became increasingly aware of a similar painful sensation she experienced the first time they made love. As Velma continued to lick Shari's pussy, she slowly eased one, and then two fingers inside her. She began to gently pump her fingers in and out, emulating the thrusts of sexual intercourse. In seconds, the blond beauty's cries became louder. Her body shuddered and trembled as she was blasted with another powerful orgasm.

Velma slowly eased her fingers out and delivered a few more gentle licks. She felt the painful prickling of goosebumps as the blond beauty sank back against the mattress. The expression on Shari's face was a mixture of embarrassment and desire. Velma smiled reassuringly as she slid back up the mattress next to her. The gym teacher palmed the back of her young lover's head, drawing her in for another kiss. Shari could smell herself on the old dyke's face as their tongues caressed each other. Velma stroked the girl's body, letting the large, slightly calloused palms of her hands to caress her feverish flesh. When they finally broke the kiss, Velma brought her arm around Shari's body and rolled back, pulling the girl on top of her.

Shari gazed down at her former gym teacher. She swallowed hard and her cheeks felt like they were on fire. She was anxious because she knew what she was expected to do. She wasn't unwilling. In fact, she was very turned on by the excitement of what they were doing. But she was afraid of her inexperience, of being awkward and not good enough.

Shari was still breathing heavily as she moved her hands across Velma's bare flesh. She gazed down at the slight swell of the older woman's breast as her hand tried to close over it. Until she and Velma became lovers, she'd never touched another woman's breasts. Velma's body fascinated Shari. Her breasts were so small, barely a handful. The light brown areolas were small, like Shari's, and extremely sensitive. The blond beauty began to kiss Velma's right breast before closing her mouth over her lover's hardened nipple.

The gorgeous blond squeezed her lover's breasts as she licked and suckled on first one, then the other. She gently took the nipples between her forefinger and thumb, pinching them as Velma whimpered in response. But Velma was too hot to just lay there through a long session of breast play. Licking and sucking Shari to orgasm had her excited to a fever pitch. The towering old dyke wanted more. She snatched Shari's hand and brought it down against the dense patch of untrimmed pubic hair between her legs, applying pressure in hopes that her young lover would get the idea.

"Oh, Jesus, Shari!" She gasped. "Oh, honey...yes, like that!"

Shari rubbed Velma's hairy dampened snatch as she watched and felt the old dyke's body quivering with pleasure. She knew her lover was close. She gazed at the rugged features of Velma's face as she began to spasm and moan in passionate release. Shari continued to gently rub against her lover's mound, masturbating her while she snuck a hand down between her own legs to do the same.

"Oh, God, Shari." Velma moaned. "Lick it, honey...please!"

Shari slid onto her belly and rested between her lover's legs until she was gazing directly at the gym teacher's pussy. She pulled the turgid flesh of Velma's hairy outer labia apart and licked her lips nervously as the flesh underneath was revealed. The familiar strong musk of female arousal invaded Shari's nostrils. The exposed inner flesh was very pink and swollen; glistening with wetness. Shari had no doubt that her lover was experiencing the same painful throbbing of desire she experienced minutes earlier.

As if driven by impulse, Shari dove in and began to run her tongue up and down the slickened inner labia and fluttered against the older woman's clitoris with the tip. She felt the white hot stab of lust as she began to slide a finger into her lover's vagina. In an instant, she could feel the intense pressure as Velma clamped down against the intrusion. The space they shared was filled with moans and sharp gasps of pleasure. The butch woman's narrow hips began to grind against Shari's face, bucking against the mattress.

And then an idea suddenly occurred to Shari: She remembered one time when she'd gone over to Irene Olafson's house and they found one of her dad's stag magazines. There was a photo set of two women, one lying on top of the other in a 69 position. The blond beauty shifted her body around until she was straddling the old dyke's face. But when she started to ease back down to resume licking, she realized that Velma's height might present a bit of a problem.

Her concern was unfounded, however. Shari let loose with a loud sigh of contented pleasure as she felt Velma grasping her ass cheeks. In seconds she felt the old dyke's tongue hungrily licking the sopping wet flesh between her slender thighs. The gorgeous blond rubbed her face against the dense thicket of Velma's bush, burying her tongue between the outer labia as she greedily licked. A few minutes later, her body was rocked with another intense orgasm. And Velma was not far behind. The old dyke's body suddenly tensed up and a strangled sounding cry escaped her as she rode out the waves of her intense orgasm. When it finally subsided, Shari pulled away and collapsed onto the mattress beside her older lover. Velma looked exhausted and strangely content. A thin layer or sweat glistened on the older woman's jutting collarbone.

"Gracious!" She said. Her normal clipped voice sounded weary and thin.

Velma turned and gathered the blond beauty in her arms. For the longest time the two lovers cuddled with each other. They caressed each other's bodies and exchanged deep lingering kisses until they both drifted off to sleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night, Velma woke up. She threw her clothes back on, got dressed, and stopped to use the bathroom before heading out to her car. At this time of night, the entire downstairs resembled a teenage sleepover. Pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags were scattered everywhere, each containing a sleeper. As Velma reached the bottom of the stairs, she did her best to navigate through the dark without disturbing anyone. She needed to get out, just for a few minutes. She was on a mission. When the first blast of sub-zero air hit her face, the old dyke prayed that Shari wouldn't wake up and discover that she'd gone missing.

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