Shari Merry Christmas



Shari woke up the next morning feeling unusually refreshed. She looked over and saw Velma lying beside her. She was already fully awake. For how long exactly was anyone's guess.

"Good morning, Shari berry." She said softly. "Did you sleep okay?"

The blond beauty replied with a silent nod. Velma got out of bed and started getting dressed. Shari jumped up and started dashing for the door. As she was about to unlock the it, the old dyke grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"Whoa, where're you going so fast?"

"The bathroom. I gotta go real bad!"

"Just hold on a minute." Velma went over to the closet and pulled a bathrobe off one of the hangers. She handed it to Shari. "You might want to cover up, honey. It's not that I don't trust anyone...I just don't want you giving any of those other old biddies a heart attack."

Shari wrapped the robe around herself and disappeared down the hall. She returned several minutes later and started getting dressed.

"Jude wanted me to tell you that there's coffee and donuts downstairs. One of the other ladies must've gone out earlier."

"Okay." She replied. "Well, the bed's made."

Shari had just finished putting her dress back on. When she asked Velma to button up the back for her, she noticed something sitting there on the mattress.

"What's that?"

"Looks like Santa might've left you a present." Velma said. "I don't think I have to ask my sweet little angel if she's been good or I?" There on the mattress sat a package, beautifully wrapped and tied with a bow. "Go ahead and open it, Shari berry."

"But it's not Christmas yet..." Shari said. Her voice trailed off as she said this.

"There's no harm in getting something a little early. " Velma replied softly. "Besides, I thought you planned on spending Christmas with your parents."

Shari sat on the edge of the bed next to Velma and tugged the bow apart before carefully tearing away the wrapping paper. Velma explained that she wanted to save them both so she'd have something nice to wrap her sister's gift with. "It's just something my parents taught both of us when we were kids." She said. "You know, we always had to make the most of everything we had...and we didn't have much."

Shari lifted the top away from the box, and suddenly she was overcome with a rush of intense gratitude and emotion. "Oh my's beautiful!" The blond beauty was almost sobbing. "This is exactly what I wanted! I just wasn't able to get it myself...too expensive..."

Now Shari looked over at Velma and their eyes met. "Maybe sometime later you could model it for me. I didn't know what size to get, so the saleswoman just sort of guessed." The towering old dyke reached behind her and handed Shari an envelope. "Don't forget your card, honey."

Now Shari began to feel the painful sting of tears welling up in her eyes. "What's wrong, Shari berry?" Velma asked.

"It's just that...I—uh—didn't get you anything...yet." The girl's cheeks were flushed, and she was trying her best to avoid making eye contact. "I thought after you took me back to my dorm, I'd go shopping before driving to my parents' house. I'm only staying for Christmas Day. I thought maybe after that we know..."

"Oh, honey, I'd love that! Did you remember to pack a suitcase?"

"Yes. I locked it in my trunk yesterday, before you came to pick me up."

Now Shari glanced down at the envelope for a second before opening it. Inside was a beautiful Christmas card with seraphim angels on the front. Shari opened it and read:

Merry Christmas to my beautiful angel. I am so blessed to have won your heart, especially since you have stolen mine. And as I look up at the stars, I remember how the Three Kings were guided towards the manger in Bethlehem where Christ was born. I hope that they will also guide our relationship towards the path to goodness and eternity. Love always, Velma.

Velma gathered Shari in her arms and the two exchanged a tender kiss. "Merry Christmas, Velma. I love you more than anyone else in the whole world!" Shari whispered.

"I love you too, Shari berry. More than you'll ever know." Velma stood up and started gathering the folded wrapping paper along with the bow. She tossed them both back into the box with Shari's sweater. "After we go downstairs and grab a little breakfast, How about going back to my place for a while? I can drive you back to the dorm and you can follow me over in your car."

Shari wrapped her arm around Velma's slender waist. "Sounds good." She whispered. The two of them wandered downstairs together, filled with love for each other and plenty of Christmas spirit.

Thank You for reading.

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