tagBDSMShari Shiver Loses Her Stage Fright

Shari Shiver Loses Her Stage Fright


It was a beautiful sunny warm Saturday morning so we decided to take a trip to Seattle and enjoy the summer in a different city. By ten o'clock it was already 75 degrees so we decided to take the '69 Camaro RS/SS convertible and go topless!

Knowing that we probably wouldn't get home until Sunday night, I packed several outfits for Shari to wear. This was my sex-slave weekend, so Shari had to wear what I wanted, act as I wished and obey my every want and desire. She has been an incredible wife of seven years and fulfilled all of my desires and fantasies. She is five foot seven, sexy and curvy in all the right places. Her legs are defined and toned from years of highland dancing. Her full breasts are incredible, particularly after breast feeding two children. Her blond hair and blue-green eyes portray her Swedish ancestry well. She used to be quite shy, until we met and I taught to be proud of her incredible body and not hide it. She is developing an incredible self-esteem and confidence in herself. In fact she has become a bit of an exhibitionist!

Shari hopped into the shower and I quickly laid out her outfit before joining her to soap up. I put out a Wicked Weasel lime green G-string, a plunging sheer summer dress (in greens and black and white) and a pair of Stuart Weitzman heels that really show off her dancer toned legs.

I peeled off my clothes and joined her in the shower. I was just adjusted to the hot water when I felt her hands wrap around my flaccid cock.

"Does my Master wish for me to pleasure him now?" Shari inquired as she pumped my penis to life. Her talented hands already had me almost rock hard and I could feel her start to kneel in front of me.

"Please my sexy-slave; I would enjoy a special tongue bath this morning!" Shari slipped my swelling cock into her mouth and started to suck on me with great enthusiasm. I tipped my head back and enjoyed the heat of her mouth and the heat of the shower massaging my body. Shari gripped my cheeks and pulled me forward, swallowing my full length down her eager throat. She was truly incredible when it came to deep throating my 9 inch cock. Her tongue swirled around my shaft as she cradled and teased my tightening testicles. The pleasure of her mouth and throat were intense, my orgasm was coming, and fast!

I reached for her head and started to fuck her mouth as my testicles unloaded my first load of the day into her accommodating throat. Shari swallowed and gulped as my thick ropes of seed blasted the back of her mouth.

Shari stood up, smiled and kissed me deeply, smiling and grinding her mound into my hip. I kissed her back and turned her around so I could slide my cock into her pussy from behind. I bent her over and she reached back and spread her cheeks, giving me full access to her gaping, swollen lips and hot nether depths. I took my cock by the base and slid it all the way into her tight pussy, making her gasp in pleasure as she pushed back against my thrusts.

With every stroke, my cock came out coated with her milky white honey, keeping everything slippery and intensely hot! I loved watching her pussy ooze that sweet thick nectar when she got even the least bit excited. I loved fucking her from behind, especially after coming, I can fuck her until she comes a number of times. But today, one orgasm was all she had earned so far, so I pounded her pussy until she screamed out in orgasm, sending a gush of her honey down her toned thighs.

It was a good thing she came as quickly because we were running out of hot water! We both rinsed off quickly and got out to dry off.

Thirty minutes later we were on the road! We had the top down and Shari was excited to get out of town.

"It looks like a good day to get some color on those fabulous breasts, Shari!" I commented as we headed south to the border. "When we cross the line, I want you to slip out of the top of your dress and leave those great breasts exposed to the sun and my appreciative eyes (and anyone else we pass by!).

"Of course Master, I'm as excited as you are to offer my breasts for your eye's pleasure and for anyone else you wish to see them."

As we approached the border crossing, Shari slowly slid her dress all the way up her thighs until only her little G-string and pussy were out of sight. I hadn't realized this until I pulled up to the window and the Border Guard was staring at Shari as he asked me the questions. I looked over to notice Shari had one knee bent up towards me and her legs were wide apart, exposing her tiny G-string wedged between her pussy lips to both the guard and myself.

"Nice car, where are you two love birds headed?"

"Thank you, we're headed to Seattle, for the weekend.'

"Do you have anything to declare, liquor or cigarettes?"

"No, we plan on doing some shopping and dining out, that's it."

"You might want to get your wife some panties that cover her better, that pair appears to be far too small!"

Shari casually closed her legs and adjusted her dress, "I like them fitting that way, and I feel really sexy in them!" Shari responded.

"And that you are, Maam, have a fun weekend you two!" and he waved us through.

"Do I do well Master?"

"Yes you did, you have earned $200.00 spending money for teasing him like that, well done!"

"Thank you Master, may I slip down my dress top now, I'm very hot and need to get cooled off before I make a mess on the new custom leather seats! I'm very wet and I need an orgasm, do you mind if I play with my pussy for awhile?"

"Of course not, just grab your travel towel from the backseat and sit on that so you don't soak the seats, please."

Shari leaned over the seat and her dress rode all the way up to her hips as she reached for the towel behind her. The timing was perfect for the semi we were passing; the driver got a great view of her bare cheeks and long legs as she was folded over the back of the seat.

"Oops, I guess I was on display again! I never seem to remember to look before I do that." Shari laughed as she set the recliner on her seat back and slipped the towel under her in preparation for her next show for Master.

The sun was definitely hot, but not as hot as Shari looked half naked laying in our newly restored Camaro convertible as she rubbed sunscreen on her breasts and stomach. Once she was finished, she rolled her G-string down her legs and her dress up around her hips, leaving just a small roll of silk dress around her hips. What an erotic sight!

Shari laid her head back, spread her legs and placed her feet on the dash as she began to stroke her pussy. It was very difficult to keep my eyes on the road with such an incredible sight beside me! She pulled her lips apart and stroked her swollen clit as her hips bucked and shuddered in erotic pleasure. Shari dipped two fingers into her wet depths and then coated her nipples with a glaze of her sweet honey.

"Would Master like to taste my sweet treat for him? I know how much you like to taste me."

"No, you can enjoy those glistening nipples and suck them clean as we pass that semi up ahead."

"Of course Master, as you desire."

"As we pass the truck I want you to put a nipple in your mouth and stroke that pussy with your other hand as we pass it, understood?"

"Yes Master!"

As we pulled up along the semi, I backed off a little on the throttle and we inched past him slowly. He was staring down into the car as Shari spread her legs wide, stroked her swollen clit and sucked on her nipple as she looked up at the trucked. His air horn blasted his pleasure as we inched by him. It seemed to really turn on Shari as she strummed her clit faster and faster. Just as we got past him, she came and came hard! Her nectar gushed from her pussy and covered the towel and the insides of her sun drenched thighs, glistening in the sunshine!

"Oh my Master, I've made a big mess now, what will happen?"

"You will be pleasantly punished with a $500.00 shopping reward and another special sexy punishment later tonight!" I responded as I slid a finger along her quivering thigh and licked it clean. God, she tastes so incredible!

"Thank you Master, I will look forward to my "sexy" punishment later."

"We'll see about that!"

The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful, several truckers got an eyeful, one tour bus of rugby players hooted and hollered as we coasted beside them while Shari played with her breasts and pussy for them.

We arrived in Seattle an hour later, Shari slipped her dress back on and we pulled into the Four Seasons Hotel. As we got out of the car, Shari spread her legs a little too far apart and the valet got a great view of her freshly played with pussy, she forgot to put on her G-string, as Shari says; "Oops!" Another $100.00 to shop with, she knows how to earn her fun money!

"Your suite is ready Sir. Please allow the bellman to show you to your room." We headed up to our room and unpacked and relaxed. At least I thought that was what we were going to do.

Shari had other plans; as soon as the bellman left the room, she was naked and she started to dance in front of the window. Her sexy naked silhouette against the summer day was very erotic. I watched her dance for a few minutes as I stripped and lay down on the bed.

"Come here my little sex-slave! I need to feel your hot mouth on my cock again. You have been a very good slave and done as you are told, so tonight I am taking you to a couple of special places to reward your good behavior. Now please get my aching cock in your talented mouth!"

Shari crawled onto the kink-size bed and kissed the head of my swollen shaft, circled her tongue around it and got it all wet. Then she slowly impaled her mouth on my shaft, swallowing it completely right down to my base! I never could understand how she can swallow all nine inches of a thick cock like mine (fact not fiction). Shari gagged a few times, releasing saliva down my shaft, then she pumped my soaked shaft as she sucked hard on the head. This always works and makes my rosebud clench in pleasure as my orgasm nears!

She knew I was about to come and she climbed over my hips and squatted over my shaft like a baseball catcher at home plate. She slipped my glistening shaft into her slippery pussy and started to pump up and down on my shaft, bottoming out as she slammed against my hips. The sensation was incredible and I blew a massive load into her after less than twenty pumps.

WOW! That was one intense orgasm.

Shari rolled off me, spread her legs wide and looked at me longingly. "Please Master my pussy needs your talented tongue, I really need a hummer right now, please!"

"Well, you are indeed a pushy little slave, for that you will pay later, if you truly want a hummer now. It is up to you, I lick you now, and you pay me later. Now go rinse out your pussy and I'll consider licking that sweet little mound of yours. Is that a deal?"

"Oh yes, Master, anything for that tongue of yours on my swollen little nub, lick me please!" Shari raced off to the bathroom and I heard the shower come to life. Two minutes later she was spread out on the bed and stroking her tuft of hair, eager for my tongue.

"It's a deal then, no backing out later!"

I crawled between her thighs and enjoyed the sight of her gaping pussy, it was already oozing her nectar, and she was obviously very horny and ready! I flicked and licked at her red nub and she shuddered and bucked. I swirled my tongue around her clit and sucked slowly at it with pursed lips, stabbing at it with my tongue. Shari reached down with both hands and peeled her lips apart causing her clit to stand up at attention, ready to be licked and sucked hard!

I settled in and started a steady firm pressure as I licked her hard little nub. I gently eased a finger into her gooey hole and started rubbing her swelling G-spot. Shari moaned in response as I stroked her ribbed spot and swirled my tongue around her erect clit.

Shari was now gushing honey and close to an orgasm, she was rhythmically thrusting her hips against my tongue, fucking it for all she could. I dipped a second finger into her pussy and started fucking her with two fingers, feeling her muscles clench at my thick probing fingers. She was moaning loudly as she fucked my tongue and fingers. I slipped my fingers out and started to tease her rosebud. I circled it softly and poked a finger into her to the first knuckle. Shari shuddered and moaned and pushed down on the finger as she started to come.

"Oh fuck, I'm coming, don't stop, I'm coming, yes, yes, yes!" Shari flew over the edge and started bucking uncontrollably as I licked at her clit and rimmed her dilated rosebud. Her honey was flowing and she came in a massive explosion of swearing and groaning.

"Oh Master, that was fabulous, but please tell me what it cost me?"

I looked up from between her thighs and watched as she caressed her full breasts in post orgasmic pleasure. "You will find out soon enough, but for now you may look in the suitcase and see what you are wearing out tonight."

Shari jumped off the bed, excited and nervous about what she would find. And rightly so! The outfit I had picked was a very short, cowl necked dress in a sheer black and gold material. Because it was black, you couldn't tell how sheer it was, unless you saw it backlit. I picked a pair of great 3 inch heeled sandals in black and a hot pink Wicked Weasel G-string (for contrast). As well, I had a nipple chain that would hang between her breasts with a cut crystal on it. The neckline came all the way down to her belly button so the nipple chain was fully displayed, leaving little doubt about what kind of jewelry it was!

"Oh Master, it is perfect, for your eyes that is! I hope that I will look good in this outfit for you tonight." Shari sashayed over to the bed and stretched out like a big cat that wanted to be stroked.

"I'm sure you will look incredible for my eyes and many others tonight. You will be seen by many and enjoyed by all that see you! After we dine, you will be changing again before we go out to a few special clubs later."

"Clubs, what kind of clubs Master?"

"First we're going to a saloon style bar and then we're going to a Gentlemen's Club"

"Gentlemen's club? Is that a strip club Master?"

"Yes it is, and tonight is amateur night and I expect you to dance for me there!"

"Oh my god, I can't do that!"

"Remember your hummer a few minutes ago and your promise not to back out? Well, this is what you are paying with, end of discussion! Unless...."

"Unless what!"

"Unless you wish to trade numerous evenings of anal pleasure for me and my thick long cock in that sweet tight rosebud of yours!"

"We both know I'm dancing tonight then, don't we Master. Your cock is too big for my tight little rosebud."

"Now that that issue is settled, I think it's time for you to go down and have your nails, make-up and hair done for tonight, it's my treat for my personal dancer!"

"Thank you Master, I think?"

Shari slipped on her silk robe and headed down to the spa/salon in the hotel to get ready for her night out while I did some research or the two or three bars I wanted to go to. I pulled out her second outfit and checked to make sure I had the pieces I needed; one slinky red sequined mini-dress, a tiny sheer bright orange Wicked Weasel G-string and a pair of very sexy Anne Klein sling-back heels (that Shari can dance well in!). Yes I was ready for tonight! I only hoped that Shari would be too!

She returned two hours later and she looked incredibly radiant. Her make-up was hot! Her toenails and finger nails looked perfect and her hair was done as wild as I've ever seen it! It was sort of back combed and then sprayed, looking full and wild in a frizzy sort of way!

"Wow Shari, I love your hair!"

"I had it done for you and the role I am to play for my Master tonight, I'm glad you like it, kind of sexy/slutty but still very well suited to my make-up."


"What would you like me to wear now Master? Perhaps because it is now after five, we could dress and go for a happy hour cocktail somewhere?"

"Great idea, there are your clothes on the bed, I'll get changed and we can leave."

We headed over to the W Bar in the limo I had hired for the night, arriving in style. Shari looked incredibly sexy in the tiny black and gold cowl neck dress and heels. She was completely into her role and gave the doorman a great view of her orange G-string as we got out of the limo. I could tell by the huge smile on his face and the devilish look on Shari's.

I took my time and walked a few steps behind Shari to watch her sexy ass move as she sashayed into the bar and to watch all the men's eyes on her incredible body and sexy dress. Shari turned and smiled at me, knowing full well what I was doing!

"Does Master like what he sees? Am I to display my assets and pleasure every one's eyes as you told me earlier today?"

"Yes, I expect you to maximize your exposure and be friendly with anyone we meet tonight. I have our small digital camera and I want lots of pictures of you with all of your new friends!"

"Will this please Master enough that he might forget about my dancing at the strip club amateur night later this evening? If I am very outgoing here will you consider allowing me to not dance?"

"If you are a very friendly girl and pleasure me with lots of great pictures and poses, then I might consider letting that slide! It's up to you now!"

"Well then, I guess we need to get a drink and meet some nice friendly people. Could we start with...."

"Champagne, I think is in order considering how much you enjoy it and how much I enjoy you when you are drinking champagne! Waiter, a bottle of "Moet et Chandon" please and two flutes. Oh and bring two shots of Cabo Wabo tequila as well, please. We may as well get you started properly Shari!"

"So it seems that Master wishes his slave to be rather wild tonight if he is feeding her tequila on an empty stomach! Can we order some food as well?"

"Cheers to us, here's the menu, please pick out what ever your little tight pussy desires!"

"Oh Master, my pussy desires your thick cock and that won't fill me up for drinking tequila!" Shari laughed and downed her shot. "Mmmm, that tastes so good and so smooth!'

"Doesn't it? There's two more on the way, now let's get the champagne started and order some food, slave. Please sit down on this barstool where I can enjoy the view of your long sexy legs and great breasts."

Shari proceeded to make quite a show of seating herself on the stool. Her dress rode up and when she leaned forward, her breasts were in full view of the bartender as he set up the places for our food. Shari casually slipped her breasts back into her dress and looked up at the bartender, "Do you like my little crystal pendant and nipple chain? It was a present for being a very good girl for my Master, wasn't it Master?"

"Yes, it was and you deserved it."

The bartender leaned over the bar to look closer as Shari held the pendant out for him. Her aureoles were barely covered as she pulled softly on the nipple chain. "See how it pulls my breasts and makes them giggle, pretty sexy isn't it!"

"Yes it is. By the way my name is Enrique and I will be serving you two tonight, so don't hesitate to call me if you need anything at all" Enrique was blushing as he turned to walk away.

The second shots of Tequila arrived with the shrimp cocktails and the stuffed mushroom caps. Shari downed her shot and lifted her flute and took a long drink of champagne, she was off and running now! I stood beside her and fed her shrimp and mushroom caps, she loves being fed. Shari was posed perfectly on her bar stool, her dress was almost up to her little G-string (her knees were at least three inches apart), her chest was exposed all the way down to her navel between her aureoles and the back of her dress didn't even cover her bright orange g-string in the back, in fact the crack of her cheeks was exposed as well! She looked incredibly hot and sexy!

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