tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShari Shiver Shimmies on the Green

Shari Shiver Shimmies on the Green


Shari leaned into the mirror and adjusted her false eyelashes before the glue set. There! They were perfect, now for the eyeliner and mascara and she was ready to get dressed.

Her stomach was full of butterflies because she had no idea what Terry had planned for tonight or even what she was to be wearing. The answers lay on the bed just outside the bathroom door. Shari knew there would be a note explaining what was expected of her tonight and her clothing would be laid out on the bed. Shari knew there would not be any kind of substitutions allowed, unless she desired a sexually based punishment of some kind from her Master, Terry.

Shari loved the games of sex-slave and Master; the excitement of never knowing what would be in store for her when they went out in their role-playing characters and tonight was no exception.

"It's perfect!" Shari stated as she admired her sensual looking make-up in the mirror. She applied her heavenly scented body cream all over her body, focusing on her inner thighs and full breasts. Terry loved the scent of her body moisturizer, particularly when he was licking her sensitive pussy and caressing her full breasts.

"Now, to get dressed!" Shari's stomach was fluttering with excitement as she looked over her outfit that was laid out on the bed: a tiny sheer hot pink G-string, pink suede sling-back shoes with four inch heels, a hot pink and silver animal print patterned cowl necked dress that barely covered the bottom of her ass cheeks and plunged all the way past her belly button in front and a nipple chain with a one carat diamond solitaire on it! WOW, what a stone, I better be a great slave tonight if I want to keep that rock! I thought it was his birthday and I got this little present just to be a good obedient sex-slave?

Shari could feel her pussy start to ooze honey as she pulled on the Wicked Weasel thong. She applied some glitter gel to her breasts and cleavage to show off the nipple chain and draw all eyes to her new diamond pendant. She slipped the halter neck over her head and adjusted her full breasts into the top of the revealing dress. Shari shook her breasts and realized it was very easy to "accidently" have one or both of breasts slip out of the top. This could be fun; Shari mused as she played with her moves and danced in front of the full length mirror like she was an exotic dancer.

Her pussy was already moist in anticipation of the fun and games she was most certainly going to experience tonight.

Shari was now ready; she opened the note and read her instructions:

Hi Sariblossom, this is your outfit and now I want you to put yourself in this role for me. The little pendant is an expression of my gratitude (in advance) of your uninhibited participation in my fantasy night birthday desire. You will be my newest adult actor recruit; your name will be Shari Shiver. I am taking you out on a date tonight to get to know you. We are going to have a couple of drinks at a bar and then go play some pool in an Eastside pool hall in Vancouver. The pool hall and bar are both frequented by men mostly, so you will definitely be the center of attention in both places.

"Happy Birthday to Me; from you!"

Shari felt her nipples harden and her pussy quiver and gush, knowing how she was dressed and where she was now going! They had talked about "playing pool and showing her off" but now it was really happening.

"Now put on your jean jacket and come downstairs, we're ready to go!" Shari folded the note up and headed downstairs to begin her evening's adventure.

As Shari ascended the stairs a camera flashed several times; Terry was capturing her look for his erotic pleasures. Shari loved to pose for the camera and it really turned her on to flash and pose sexily for Terry anywhere, anytime! Shari slowly slid the front hem of the dress up her toned smooth thighs until her G-string popped into view. The camera flashed continuously as she danced her way across the hall into the living room. Shari slowly turned and bent over allowing the dress to ride up over her cheeks and display her now moist G-string to the camera lens! She gyrated her hips to the music playing in the living room as she played with her pussy from between her legs. The camera captured every move of her frosted pink finger nails as they teased her freshly shave pussy through the sheer fabric of her tiny G-string. A crease of honey soaked through her G-string along the seam of the almost transparent fabric.

"That's enough for now Shari, or we'll never get out of the house tonight!"

"Okay Master, but I'm very horny now after my little show in the hallway and I need to relieve my ache down there! May I do that on the way to the bar, please Master?"

"You may pleasure yourself and share a taste of your sweet honey with me, once you have properly coated your fingers."

"Then let's get in the car and go get a much needed drink, Master", Shari slid down in the back seat of their chauffeured long wheel base Rolls Royce (yes life is good for some!) and spread her legs apart, slipped her G-string to the side and slid two fingers deep into her slippery wet pussy. "Oh God Master, that feels so good! I hope I can stop long enough to let you savour my honey. Look how swollen my clit is Master, it craves your talented tongue on it."

Shari strummed her swollen clit until it was bright red and fully erect. Her hips bucked against her talented fingers as she neared an intense orgasm.

"That's enough Shari; now give me those fingers to suck clean. And after I've sucked them clean, you may not touch your pussy again until I allow you to, understood?"

Shari pouted as she leaned over and slid her glistening fingers into Terry's waiting mouth. Terry sucked them clean and smiled as Shari adjusted her G-string and closed her quivering thighs, begrudgingly. Shari was so close to coming; she kept squeezing her thighs together to pleasure her swollen clit as Terry sucked on her fingers.

"That's a good girl; you just earned a prize when we get home." Terry patted her thigh as they drove into the parking lot of the roadhouse bar.

"Is this where we're having a drink Master?"

"Yes, and I want you to go in and pick out seats at the bar, I'll be in to join you, in five minutes. Make sure you get lots of attention and order yourself a Crantini while you wait for me."

"Yes Master, should I do anything special to get the attention you want me to receive?"

"You could enjoy the high barstools and forget to keep your knees together. I'm sure every guy, with-in eyesight, will enjoy the views of your pink G-string and smooth sexy legs!"

"Would it be a problem if my breasts accidently slip out of my dress too?"

"Of course not, you might even earn more prizes for that! Now get into the bar and turn up the heat, I'll be in shortly!"

Shari got out of the Rolls and sashayed into the bar, her sexy ass wiggled as she walked away. Terry leaned forward and opened the privacy panel to tell their chauffeur what their plans were. Just as she opened the door, she pulled up her dress and flashed Terry her naked cheeks, letting the door close behind her before pulling down her dress.

"Well done Shari, you listen to your Master well!" Terry thought as he sat back in the car and waited for the scene in the bar to develop.

Shari's eyes adjusted slowly to the dark room as she walked across the floor to the bar. There were five chairs available so Shari picked the chair in the middle. She could feel eyes from all sides of her; lock onto her as she walked to the bar. She sat up onto the tall bar stool and spread her legs wide apart as she slipped up onto the smooth seat. She left her knees apart for an extra long moment, giving two guys at the table across from her a great view of her very wet G-string and smooth inner thighs. She smiled at them warmly as she slowly closed her knees and crossed her legs. Terry would be pleased with the way she had their attention in control.

Nothing worked better than "Pussy Power".

"What can I get you gorgeous?" the bartender inquired as he gazed down Shari's gaping dress top. "Lovely pendant, if I may say so!"

"Yes it is and I'll have a Cosmo please." Shari responded as she adjusted her dress, giving the bartender a great view of her full breasts and hard nipples that held her new jewellery in place.

"Wow, so that's how your pendant is fastened, very sexy! Your first drink is on me and it's a double!"

"Thank you; what does a woman have to do to drink free all night here?" Shari joked as she toyed with the wide-eyed bartender.

"You're well on your way with displays of your hot body like that. Whatever you did when you arrived has already earned a couple of drinks from those two guys over there, if you desire their attention? Just say the word when you are ready and I'll keep pouring drinks from them. But I'm sure they'll want to join you here at the bar."

"That's fine with me, but my "Date" will be here shortly, so they won't have me to themselves, if that's what they expect for a few free drinks, sorry but you should let them know right now."

"Cheers enjoy your drink while I let them know."

Shari hadn't been there ten minutes and she had free drinks for the night and three men all over her, hungry for her sexy body and smouldering looks.

The two guys wandered over and introduced themselves to Shari. "Hi I'm Bill and this is Wes".

"I'm Shari, nice to meet you and thanks for the offer of drinks for the night. That's pretty bold and presumptuous of you, if I say so myself" Shari responded as she uncrossed and re-crossed her legs, giving them another good flash of her G-string.

"With those great legs and that hot little dress, it's our pleasure just to hang around and enjoy looking at you, if that's not too forward?"

"That's very honest and thanks for the compliments, I'd enjoy your company until my date gets here. Then if its okay with him we could hang out together until it's time for us to leave, deal?"

"Deal, but before he arrives can we get a picture of you with us?"

"I love to have my picture taken, sure guys. But who will take the picture?"

"The bartender will be happy to, I'm sure he won't mind!" Both guys laughed out loud at the thought of asking him to. Before Shari could respond, their camera was out and the bartender was on his way around the bar to comply with their request!

Shari swung around on her bar stool and the two guys stood on either side of her and put their arms around her. She could already feel the first drink and the feeling of two guys holding, her unsatisfied orgasm and a camera pointed at her really made Shari feel uninhibited and even hornier! As the bartender raised the camera and composed the picture, Shari slowly spread her knees apart exposing her now gooey G-string.

"Say orgasm; and look at the camera guys! Stop staring at her breasts and look at the camera!"

Shari slid her hands over her full breasts slowly and sensually as the camera flashed several times. She opened her thighs wider and slid forward to the edge of her barstool causing her G-string to slide up between her smooth nether lips and disappear from sight. Then she slipped the top of her dress to the side and exposed both of her breasts for the camera. Shari was now posing with her pussy lips and breasts completely exposed to a stranger's camera and three men, not to mention anyone else in the bar that was paying attention! The camera continued to flash and now Shari was really getting into posing and flashing. She took each guys hand and placed them on her breasts and continued to open her thighs wider. She was now spread completely open and her pussy lips were definitely engorged with excitement as she played with her nether lips for the camera. The camera flashed numerous times. Then as quickly as it started, Shari ended it. She stood up and casually covered herself.

"I'd like a bottle of their best champagne now please; I believe I've earned at least that, guys!"

"Done! Now what would you like to do for an encore Shari?"

"Well first I'd like to introduce my date; Terry to you both. Then he'll let you know what I'll do for an encore, understood?" Terry was smiling as he walked across the bar towards her; it was obvious he had an idea of what was going on with Shari and her entourage!

"Hi Terry, I'd like to introduce you to Bill and Wes. They have been keeping me company while I waited for you to arrive. I hope you don't mind, but I posed for some pictures with them."

"Great, do they want any more? I'm happy to take a couple of you three together if they want."

"No, but thanks for the offer, we got a lot more pictures than we expected with Shari. By the way Shari, do you mind if I ask you what you do for work?" Bill was almost beet red with excitement as he asked Shari the question.

"Well, I'm getting into a new line of work; erotic entertainment and movies Bill." Shari was so matter of fact that even Terry was impressed with her response!


"Meaning I am an actor in adult entertainment videos and magazines Bill! That's why I enjoyed posing like I did for you guys, its great practise for me!" Everyone laughed (some nervously) when they heard her response. "So Terry, what do you have planned for us tonight?"

"We're going out to lay some pool and have some fun! Maybe your new friends want to join us?"

"Well I'm okay with that, but you know I'm not a good pool player Terry. Do you guys want to join us at the pool hall? We could play teams or have a round robin tournament?"

"We're in, but first let's get that champagne you ordered and a round of tequilas for us all to get this night started right! Terry do you want a beer as well?"

"Sure, I'll have one, thanks Bill."

"So Terry what do you do for work?" Wes asked.

"I'm a talent agent and film producer in the Adult Industry and Shari is one of my signed actors and about to star in her first feature role." Terry smiled widely as he hugged Shari and kissed her cheek.

"So guys, just so you know, Terry is actually going to be taking a lot of pictures of me tonight as we play pool etc., so if you are not comfortable with that then maybe we should part company after we finish these drinks." Shari watched the guys carefully to see who would run and who would stay.

They both looked at each other and nodded; "We're in, we're both single and we don't care if we're in any kind of pictures Terry will take tonight."

"Cheers!" They all drank their tequila shooters and chased them with beer or Champagne, in Shari's case.

This was going to be a wild night, Shari could feel it!

The music seemed to get louder as they all had second tequilas and Bill whisked Shari off onto the dance floor. Country music blared from the speakers and every guy's eyes were on Shari as Bill spun her around on the dance floor sending her dress up high enough to expose her cheeks. The twirls also made her breasts swing out of her dress and after a number of attempts to put them back in her dress, Shari just gave up and left them exposed for all in the bar to see.

Next it was Wes' turn to dance and Shari was enjoying all the attention. The champagne and tequila were taking their effect on her and she was laughing and having a great time, in spite of her fully exposed breasts as she danced with countless men in the bar.

The champagne was finished and they had all had at least five tequilas, it was time to leave and play pool!

Terry called the chauffeur and told him to bring the car to the door. "Let's go then guys, the car is waiting!"

They all followed Shari as she sashayed out the door and got into the back of the Rolls. Four bodies in the backseat of a Rolls Royce meant that someone had to sit on a lap. The solution was obvious to three of them! Shari looked at Terry and he simply nodded back to her. Shari sprawled across the three men and lay down across them with her head in Terry's lap. Her dress had ridden up and her breasts had spilled out of her dress and she simply didn't care.

"Keep your hands off my pussy, but you can enjoy the rest of my body while we drive to the pool hall, guys. By the way Terry, how far is the pool hall from here?"

"It's about a ten minute drive Shari, why?"

"I just want to know how long I have to behave and not return all the fondling that you three are giving me!"

By now Shari's dress was all the way up over her hips, fully exposing the little band of G-string that was wedged between her smooth bare lips. Terry had slipped her halter top over her head and pulled her dress down to her waist. Her dress was simply a band of fabric around her waist. Wes leaned over and started to suck on her erect nipples and play with her nipple nooses as he sucked on her hard erect nips. Bill was stroking her spread thighs and smooth belly as Shari's hips thrust in erotic pleasure in response to the three pairs of hands all over her body. Shari started rubbing her aching pussy as Wes sucked on her nipple and caressed her other breast. Bill now was rubbing her ass cheeks as Shari had drawn back her knees to allow her fingers access to her oozing aching pussy. She thrust her fingers in deep as her other hand strummed her swollen clit. Shari came hard as she lay on top of the three men, screaming in pleasure as she fucked her hands.

"Wow, she sure knows how to enjoy herself, she be great as an actor on camera. That was no fake, that's for sure!" Bill panted as he watched Shari recover.

"We're here, sports fans!" Terry called out as Shari sat up and re-arranged her dress. She casually put her glazed fingers into Wes' mouth and let him suck them clean.

"Don't worry guys, if you're all good and behave and follow my orders, you all will get to taste my honey tonight! Now let's go play some pool and drink some tequila!"

They climbed out of the Rolls and walked into the pool hall, this was going to be an interesting pool game Shari thought as she walked into the washroom to freshen up.

The rock and roll music was loud; the pool hall was dimly lit; only the tables were lit from about ten feet above by hot white spot lights. This gave the appearance of islands of green felt floating in a large dark room. People's arms and faces popped in and out of the spotlights to line up shots and make them. It was a very surreal sight!

Shari emerged from the bathroom, her throbbing pussy and aching breasts were hungry for attention, any kind of attention. Shari knew that Terry had always fantasized about this night and so far it seemed to be picture perfect! She was played with by two strange men while Terry watched and participated, she was photographed in sexy poses with strange men with all of her assets exposed for all to see, she had an orgasm while she was being fondled by men and what an orgasm it was. She squirted a lot of honey all over her thighs and Wes' lap when she came.

Now to play some pool and give Terry the poses and pictures he has fantasized about for more than a year!

"Okay guys, its Terry and I against you two. We'll play eight ball and scratch on eight ball is a dare and a shot of tequila for the losing team that has to be fulfilled. A loss of game is a shot of tequila. Agreed? Now being the only woman, I get to break!"

Shari leaned over the table and grabbed the cue ball, allowing her dress to ride up over her smooth cheeks and expose her wet G-string and puffy lips to the three guys as they watched with mouths gaping! She took her shot and sunk two striped balls off the break. She circled the table looking for her next shot and once she found it she leaned over the table towards the guys, allowing her breasts to spill out of her dress as she sunk her next ball. The camera flashed and Shari smiled at Terry as he took a couple more pictures. Shari sunk two more balls leaving Terry only two balls to win the game on eight ball.

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