Shari Takes the Cake


Diane and Jude started plating food and getting out the drinks while Velma blew out her candles. "The gift is from all of us!" Shari said excitedly. Velma opened the small package with shaking hands. It was a new Speedmaster sports watch from Kolburg Jewelers, something she wanted for months.

"It's beautiful, honey." Velma said. "Just what I wanted!"

"I bet you're pretty hungry by now." Jude said. There was a musical little trill to her otherwise deep voice. "Diane called about an hour ago and said you haven't eaten anything since you two left the motel."

The food was amazing! There was lasagna, soft breadsticks, and a light salad to go with the birthday cake that Reverend Kling made. The cake itself was a sight to behold. It was a moist and decadent two-layered creation topped with buttercream frosting that was light and fluffy and not too sweet. The words, Happy Birthday, Velma were carefully piped in colored icing on the top. A modest bouquet of icing flowers completed the decoration.

The five of them spent the next couple of hours eating and talking. At one point, Velma tried on her new watch, and Diane saw the time. "I'd love to stay longer, ladies, but I've really got to head home." She said.

Jude agreed. "I suppose Nel and I ought to get going too." She said. "We're working together on the topic for Saturday's meeting." She was referring to the ladies' bible study group that they all belonged to. The group meets every Saturday evening in the basement of a modest little church downtown.

Velma and Shari walked their guests to the door and said their goodbyes. Reverend Kling went over to the black car parked in the driveway and opened the drivers' side door while Jude got in and sat beside her. Huh, Velma thought. It was a Lincoln Continental, older model, but well-kept. Should've figured it was the type a preacher would drive. The Reverend waved. "See you both in church on Saturday!" She said. Then she backed the car out and headed down the road.


Now that their friends were gone, Shari went into the kitchen to put away the leftover food while Velma went into the living room. She didn't stay there long. The towering gym teacher got up from the sofa, switched off the TV, and joined her wife back in the kitchen.

Shari stood at the kitchen counter and reached for the rest of Velma's birthday cake. She glanced over her shoulder when she heard the butch woman approach from behind. "Want another piece?" She asked. Velma shook her head no.

"That was more food than I can handle." She said. "Gonna have to run a few extra miles in the morning to work all this off!" She patted her otherwise rigid, flat stomach. Shari chuckled softly.

"Look, I know we already said so, but I'm real sorry about what we did." Shari took a small slice of cake and put it on a saucer before placing the rest into a container for later. "It never dawned on me that you might've thought something was wrong!"

Shari brought her cake and a glass of milk over to the small kitchen table and sat down. Velma grabbed a chair and sat close beside her.

"That's okay, honey." She replied. "I'm just so relieved that everything's all right. Besides...I love surprises."

Shari was about to bite into her cake when Velma firmly took her wrist. "Maybe I'll have just one more bite." She said.

The old dyke slowly took a bite from the piece of cake Shari held between her thumb and forefingers. The blond beauty looked positively shocked when her wife took a second bite. The older woman's tongue grazed Shari's thumb, and instantly her cheeks became flush. "I don't usually have dessert," Velma said softly. The old dyke gazed at her gorgeous young wife. Raw lust burned in her otherwise glacial blue eyes. "But I think tonight I'll make an exception..."

Velma was still holding Shari's wrist. "Aren't you going to have any?" She asked, glancing at the half-eaten piece of cake.

A few awkward seconds passed before the girl leaned in to take a bite. That was when Velma pulled off a bit from the mangled piece. The old dyke released Shari's wrist and fed a small bite of the cake to her wife. "That's it, baby...get it all." Velma whispered as Shari's tongue caressed her fingers. She fed the girl a second, and then a third piece before drawing her closer. In seconds, Shari gasped as their mouths came together to exchange a tender, heartfelt kiss.

It was obvious that Shari was stunned. She quickly tried to pull away, but Velma held her tight. "Where do you think you're going, Keefer?" She asked. Her voice had that familiar gruff intonation; the voice Shari remembered when she was Velma's student. "Birthday party's just getting started." She firmly took the gorgeous 28 year old by the arm and steered her out of the kitchen. "Come on, let's go." She said.

Velma led Shari down the hall to the bedroom they both shared. She went over to the bedside lamp and switched it on. In seconds, everything was cast in a soothing warm glow. The strapping butch woman turned her attention back to Shari. She approached the blond beauty, taking her lithe little body in her arms before planting another soft kiss on her brow. Velma was about to kiss Shari again when she leaned in and whispered: "Come over here. Have a seat."

The towering old dyke went over to the bed, and sat on the edge. In a matter of seconds, she and her young wife were locked in a passionate embrace. Velma felt Shari's hands caressing the rugged features of her face, and then their mouths slowly met. This time, the kiss was deep and insistent. The old dyke relaxed a little as she accepted the girl's tongue in her mouth.

After a several minutes of this, they broke the kiss, and suddenly Velma became aware of an intense shrill sort of throbbing sensation between her legs. The feeling traveled upward to the pit of her stomach. It felt like she was in a sort of sudden freefall. Velma closed her eyes and her breath caught in her throat when she felt Shari's lips pressing against her neck.

For a minute or so, Shari brushed her lips against Velma's neck, noting the tendons visible beneath her lover's pale skin. The blond beauty parted her lips now, and began kissing upward towards the older woman's ear. "I love you, Velma." She whispered. "I missed you so much!"

They exchanged another deep kiss, and then Velma whispered: "Undress me, honey."

Shari looked stunned for a second. "Are you sure?" She asked. Velma replied with a silent nod. Years ago, when she was still in high school, she sometimes feared Miss Blount. But more often than not, her fear was outweighed by her growing infatuation with the butch gym teacher. And the more she got to know Velma Blount, the more she felt drawn to her.

Truth be told, Shari was a little obsessed with her gym teacher. Miss Blount's unwavering confidence, the pitch and inflection of her voice, and even her alarming butch appearance was incredibly attractive to Shari. She thoroughly enjoyed being Velma Blount's wife, her submissive lover. Velma was a hard woman with little patience for weakness and histrionics, but she was fair and professional. She loved her job and her students very much, but most of all, she loved Shari Keefer.

Shari stood up and reached over to pull up her wife's shirt. With a little help, she managed to get it off as Velma drew her in for another embrace. The gorgeous blond gasped when she felt the old dyke's hands sliding underneath her dress, tracing the very damp panty covered groove between her slender legs.

"Been thinking about you all day, Shari berry..." Velma murmured. "I'm the luckiest woman in the world!" In seconds, Shari felt her panties sliding down over her hips. She slipped her feet out of her shoes before taking her dress off.

They came together for another deep, lingering kiss before Shari pulled away. The girl kneeled on the mattress behind Velma, fumbling with the clasp of her plain white bra. After a few seconds, the bra came apart, exposing the gym teacher's small breasts. Velma Blount was proud of her body which was remarkably lean, toned, and well-proportioned—the result of so many decades spent playing sports and teaching gym classes.

Velma Blount looked incredible! Shari remembered seeing gym teachers in the past who were flabby and out of shape; some had beer guts while others were stocky with pasty skin and pancake tits. One thing they all had in common was their remarkable ability to bark orders at students while possessing the inability to do much besides stand around and drink coffee.

Although Velma consumed her fair share of coffee, no one could ever accuse her of just standing around. Velma was firm believer in setting a good example for her students to follow. She dedicated her entire life to being fit and active. Her breasts were quite small; the sort of small swells of flesh you'd normally expect to see on a teenage girl. The light brown areolas were equally small, and the nipples were already as hard as little pebbles. From Shari's perspective, those pale little swells of flesh made perfect little handfuls even though they sagged a little.

On the other hand, Shari Keefer possessed a classic, innocent sort of beauty. Her creamy white skin was completely flawless, complementing the soft, feminine curves of her taut little body. There was a sort of shyness to her that Velma found irresistible. As she gazed at her butch wife, the girl tried crossing her arms to cover her small breasts. "Come here, Shari berry." Velma whispered. She held the girl and they kissed while the old dyke's large, mannish hands caressed her nude body.

After a minute or so, Velma released the girl before standing up. Shari fumbled with the waistband of her wife's shorts for a few seconds. She was about to pull them down when Velma stopped her. "Hold on a second, honey." The butch woman muttered. Velma reached into her pocket and pulled out her billfold and a wad of tissue. She set these on top of the dresser, already cluttered with several sports trophies she'd won decades ago as a student. Shari pulled the shorts down and tossed them near the closet. A demure little smile spread across her lips. She loved those shorts. They really suited Velma! They were blue plaid, meant to go with a polo shirt. Velma was always wearing polo shirts...unless she was going for a run or doing yardwork.

Underneath the shorts, Velma wore plain cotton panties. The girl pressed her lips against her lover's washboard abdomen, and in seconds, her tongue emerged to trace downward along the faint trail of light sandy colored hair that extended from Velma's navel to the waistband of her panties. As she eased the panties down over her lover's narrow hips, the familiar odor of female arousal invaded her nostrils, making her giddy. The smell was earthy, strong, and unmistakable.

A dense thicket of untrimmed pubic hair hid Velma's pussy from view. Slowly, the blond beauty sank to her knees and caressed the old dyke's lean powerful thighs before deliberately pressing her face into that damp hairy snatch to deliver a kiss. Drawn by the intoxicating scent of Velma's musk, Shari's tongue emerged once more, but suddenly she felt Velma push her gently away.

"Shoes and socks too, honey..." She whispered.

Velma sat back down on the edge of the bed, and Shari reached for her feet. The girl quickly untied her wife's shoes and pulled them off along with her socks. Shari gazed at Velma's feet. They were large and incredibly bony like her hands. The exposed skin looked as white as a fresh sheet of paper, almost translucent. The blond beauty's eyes travelled along the large network of veins covering the tops of the old dyke's feet up to her ankles. She took the right foot first, rubbing and caressing the soles of Velma's feet.

Velma heaved a weary sigh. "Oh, honey, you don't have to do that."

"It's okay." Shari replied. "It's your birthday, remember? Just relax."

Shari spent several minutes sitting on the floor and rubbing the old dyke's feet. As she rubbed, she discovered that she adored the feel of the skin around Velma's heels. The girl turned her attention to Velma's toes, rubbing the spaces in between them before kissing the tops of her feet. When she was finished, the two of them reclined on the mattress together, kissing and enjoying the sensation of skin against skin.

Driven by the sound of Velma's ragged breaths, Shari pulled away and pushed the towering butch onto her back against the mattress. The gorgeous blond cupped the slight swell of her lover's breasts, feeling the nipples grow tight and the tips become wonderfully erect. In a matter of seconds, she was caressing and rubbing those firm little mounds.

Shari tenderly kissed Velma's right breast, taking the hardened nipple in her mouth. For several minutes, the girl nursed quietly, alternating between the right and left breast. Velma gazed up at the ceiling now. She seemed strangely absent as if her young wife's touch had put her under a hypnotic spell. Shari remained focused as she kissed and fondled the old dyke's breasts. The world around her disappeared. All that mattered was Velma Blount.

Shari began kissing her way down over Velma's rigid abdomen. She caressed her wife's feverish skin as she dragged her luscious full lips further down. Shari's tongue emerged now, licking around Velma's navel before dragging it down to her thick bush of pubic hair. Shari was fully absorbed in the task of pleasuring her powerful butch lover. Seconds later she felt a disturbance beneath her. Velma spread her legs apart. It was a silent invitation for the blond beauty to continue exploring.

The girl's taut little body settled between her lover's legs. She brought her hand up to rest on Velma's mound, stroking for a few seconds. Velma seemed to be lost in a trance now. Her breathing began to slow; becoming very deep and ragged. A soft moan prickled the skin around Shari's ear when she pressed her fingers against her lover's hairy outer labia, spreading her open to reveal the slick pink inner folds.

When she did this, the earthy scent of Velma's arousal became more apparent, more pungent. Shari applied a bit of pressure, pulling the petals of her wife's secret flower open until she had exposed the rigid little nub of Velma's clitoris. Shari leaned forward until she felt the butch woman's vulva touching her moist full lips. She pressed the tip of her tongue against the space just above the older woman's anus, dragging it upward and stopping just below her clitoris.

The skin around the girl's ears prickled when she heard a low, wavering moan escape Velma's lips. Shari paused for a second, and then she began running her tongue up and down along the folds of raw pink flesh. A sudden flood of wetness invaded Shari's mouth as she licked, rushing over the surface of her tongue. It was a little sharp and salty, and that powerful musky aroma began to overwhelm Shari a little, but she persisted.

Shari continued licking, dragging her tongue upward until she reached the clitoris again. Velma let out a sudden, sharp cry that faded to a whimper. The old dyke's body began to grow rigid and her hips began to gyrate, lewdly grinding against the girl's face. Shari began to assault the erect little nub with fluttering licks, making the towering butch gym teacher gasp and sob. Shari clutched her lover's hips, trying to keep her steady as she worked towards bringing Velma to orgasm.

A few minutes later, the old dyke's back began to arch upward, and soon the bedroom was filled with several loud, high-pitched cries of ecstasy. Shari pulled away and pressed her fingertips against Velma's heated mound as she rode out the last waves of her intense orgasm. After a few ragged breaths, Velma collapsed against the mattress. Her homely face was frozen in a mask of contented pleasure.

Shari got out of bed and went over to the night stand. She opened the drawer and took out a harness. Velma watched while the girl stepped into it and fumbled with the straps and buckles, adjusting the thing to fit around her slender waist. Once the harness was securely fastened, Shari reached back into the drawer and produced a rubbery vein-covered spear which she slipped through the gaged opening in the front. The girl was about to reach back into the drawer for some K-Y jelly when Velma stopped her.

"Come here, Shari berry...not sure I can handle something so big tonight. Not without..."

Velma slid off the bed and sank to her knees. Before Shari could respond, the old dyke cupped the girl's ass cheeks, drawing her closer. She held the shaft of the dildo and slowly wrapped her thin lips around the tip. Shari let out a loud gasp and tried to pull away, but Velma held her tight.

Shari never saw anything like it! Miss Blount, her former gym teacher, was on her knees, sucking on the dildo which hung lewdly between the girl's slender legs! It was an awkward, almost comical sight. The old dyke's head bobbed erratically as she attempted to take the full length into her mouth, gagging once or twice before deciding she'd had enough.

"Ugh...not too good at that, I'm afraid." Velma conceded. "I've never done anything like that before..."

Velma returned to the bed now and Shari watched in silence, wondering what the older woman was going to do next. She got onto her hands and knees so that her head rested against the pillows while her ass was raised up and spread slightly open. The butch woman grabbed the pillow, drawing it further under her head so she was more comfortable. The girl reached for the tube of K-Y jelly and lubed up her piece before joining her wife on the bed.

Velma allowed her head to fall against the pillow she was clutching the second she felt the girl's fingertips move slowly down into the crack of her ass, brushing over her anus which was already wet from her orgasm.

Shari stared at the slimy little corrugated hole of flesh. She never thought about it before, but suddenly she had the strangest desire to lick Velma's asshole. The idea of it was just so wrong,! She wondered what Velma would think. Would she try to stop her?

A sudden, sharp gasp escaped the old dyke as she felt Shari palming the firm globes of her ass cheeks before gently skinning them back, opening her up. The blond beauty paused for a second or two as she stared at her wife's asshole. She was completely fascinated. It was very tight, almost imperceptible, with a faint ring of light sand colored hair surrounding the rim. Shari moved her thumbs carefully to the crinkled outer flesh, pressing firmly down before trying to spread it. The asshole opened now, just barely, and she felt a stabbing surge of erotic sensation surge through her. She couldn't tear her eyes away from the sight!

"Ohhh...yes, baby!" Velma moaned as she savored the sensation of Shari Keefer's hot wet tongue licking what was, until now, Velma's most private place. In seconds, the towering butch woman was grasping at the sheets underneath her, bunching them up in her fists until her bony knuckles turned snow white. "Oh, my sweet little angel!"

Velma suddenly felt lightheaded; dizzy with a mixture of abject humiliation and erotic pleasure. This was certainly unexpected, but she welcomed every second of the blond beauty's tongue fluttering hungrily against her asshole. The old dyke clenched her pelvic muscles a few times, causing her asshole to pulse against the girl's tongue.

After a few minutes, Shari pulled away. She delivered a few butterfly kisses to the butch woman's ass cheeks before slowly inserting her false erection into the woman's pussy. The sensation was exquisite.

Another loud moan escaped Velma. "Ohhh—fuck!"

Shari's hips began to take on a life of their own. The girl lasciviously gyrated against the Amazon woman's backside, stabbing her with that rubbery tool. Each thrust was punctuated by occasional loud gasps. She clutched Velma's hips, trying to throw her weight into the thrusts. "Oh, oh, Jesus...please..." The old dyke was sobbing now, and her hips echoed the girl's movements, trying to meet her thrusts.

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