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Shari Takes the Cake


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story takes place sometime in the past. As the reader, I leave it up to you to decide the year or decade. For starters, you might enjoy reading Shari Holds a Torch, the first story in the series. This story features large age differences, student-teacher dynamic, strap-on, and anal sex. If this sort of story is not your thing, skip this. For everyone else...please enjoy!


Velma Blount was worried.

The veteran gym teacher was distracted all week; disturbed by her young wife's apparent indifference towards her. Velma couldn't deny that she was busy—too busy to even take 5 minutes out of her already hectic schedule to check in. She was away from home, attending a tennis coaching clinic at Southern Illinois University. Her department head, Ike Linley, decided to send her with the blessing of Mr. Bowen, principal of Talcott High.

Shari told Velma that she didn't mind her leaving for a few days. Besides, it was summer vacation, and one of the top men's singles champions, Robert Velasco, was one of the keynote speakers. Velma figured she could use the time away to pick up some valuable coaching strategies for the upcoming season.

Velma's 55th birthday was yesterday. It was a day like any other day; nothing special except for Shari's indifference. Her beautiful ex-student, the impish young girl she now called her wife seemed distant and cold. Her otherwise chipper voice was lukewarm.

Years ago, Shari Keefer graduated from Talcott High and had been Velma Blount's former student. For the last five years, the alluring 28 year old taught Social Studies' at Walker High. During the last two weeks, the blond beauty had been acting kind of moody. Velma chalked it up to nerves brought on by the fact that her wife had applied for one of two open teaching positions at Talcott. Mr. Borland, one of the Social Studies' teachers, decided to retire, and Shari jumped at the unexpected opportunity to teach at her alma mater.

On the final day of the coaching clinic, Velma decided to call home. But almost as soon as she heard an answer, her stomach tightened up in knots.

"What's up, Vel? You look like you're going to be sick!" Miss Lusby observed. Velma's colleague, Diane Lusby, agreed to come along to the clinic.

"Oh nothing. It's just..."

The prodigious woman's voice trailed off and her eyes looked distant. Almost as soon as she'd said hello, the line cut off! She wasn't certain, but Velma could have sworn she heard the sound of another woman's voice on the other end of the receiver!

Who was that? Velma wondered as a sickening mixture of anxiety and jealous fury churned in the pit of her stomach. One thing was certain: Velma didn't recognize the voice on the other end of the receiver. Velma figured there was a possibility that someday Shari might grow tired of the relationship and leave. The gym teacher's eyes quickly glazed over and her vision was blurry. She stumbled past Miss Lusby and stood in front of large bathroom mirror in the motel room they both shared. She must've found somebody else, she thought.

Velma wiped her eyes and gazed at her reflection. For a 55 year old woman, she was in great shape! The extraordinarily athletic butch woman stood at an intimidating 6'2". Her well-proportioned body boasted the lean toned lines of a professional long-distance runner. Her light sandy hair was cropped in a sensible, very short pageboy style with blunt bangs that made the roughened, somewhat mannish features of her face look quite alarming. The Amazon woman looked over at her colleague sitting nearby on the edge of her bed.

"Diane...if I asked you something, would you give me an honest answer?"

"Of course! How long have we known each other, Vel?"

Long—too long! Velma knew it was a stupid thing to ask. She and Diane Lusby had been friends for decades. In fact, the two of them enjoyed going for long runs together, and often during those runs, they would confide in each other.

"Do you think Shari might be seeing someone else?"

Diane looked surprised for a second. "Oh I doubt it, Vel." She replied dismissively. "That girl loves you. She thinks the sun rises and sets on you!"

Velma recalled one day during Shari's senior year when they began to talk. Most days, the towering gym teacher's conversation was reduced to one or two word answers and sharp threats of gym make-ups or after school detention for the girls who refused to participate or show up to class on time. But as she got to know Shari Keefer, things began to change. Whenever Shari came to class, Velma felt alive. By 3rd hour, she had more pep in her step, and she was sure it wasn't from Coach Linley's coffee.

One Friday afternoon, the class gathered in the main gymnasium for dodgeball because it was raining too hard to go outside. Everything was going well until Shari thought it would be funny to lob a ball straight at Miss Blount. The ball struck the Amazon woman's chest with a loud thudding sort of smack. The impact caused Miss Blount to stumble backwards a few steps before collapsing onto the polished wood floor in pain.

"Geez, Shari," Eunice Pearson said. "Didn't know you hated Miss Blount that much!"

"She doesn't! It was just a love tap, wasn't it, Shari?" Rachel Renberg shouted. Rachel was one of the popular girls; head cheerleader on the varsity squad. Leave it to Rachel to try to make things worse!

Shari was mortified by what she'd done. She certainly didn't mean to aim the ball so high! "Oh my God!" She wailed. "I'm so sorry, Miss Blount! I didn't mean it!"

"Sure you didn't!" Rachel sneered.

Crippling outbursts of nervous laughter rippled through the crowd of girls who started to gather around Miss Blount. Shari stooped down and was about to ask Miss Blount if she was okay when the gym teacher suddenly sprang up onto her feet. Before Shari could react, the masculine giantess snatched a ball from Irene Olafson and lobbed it at the gorgeous blond senior. The girl fell backwards and landed hard on her butt.

"HA! You're out, Keefer!" Miss Blount shouted triumphantly. This was followed by another outburst of laughter.

When class was over, Shari approached her gym teacher. "Miss Blount? I'm really sorry about that." She said. Her voice was shaking and her cheeks were bright red.

Miss Blount wasn't really looking at Shari. It looked like the prodigious woman was avoiding eye contact with her student on purpose. She retrieved her clipboard from the floor and headed towards the girls' PE office.

"Well, I admit that it didn't feel too good." Miss Blount replied. "Bruised my ego a little, but I'm a tough old bird. I think I'll survive."

"Are you sure?" Shari asked. The girl sounded anxious. "I didn't mean to throw the ball so hard...probably hurt you pretty bad."

Now Miss Blount put her hand on Shari's small shoulder and gave it a squeeze. Suddenly, a sensual fire raced up the butch woman's arm and her breath caught in her throat.

"Yes, I'm sure." She replied. "Better hurry up and get changed now. The bell's gonna ring in seven minutes, and you know that I don't like giving out late passes."

Velma snapped out of her daydream. She noticed Diane Lusby had already finished packing and headed out to the car which was parked just outside. When she returned, Velma haphazardly tossed the rest of her things into one of the two overnight bags she'd brought with her.

"Well, everything's ready to go on my end," Diane said brightly. "As soon as you get your bags in the car, we can get going."

The dark haired gym teacher noticed the look on her colleague's face. She seemed strangely absent from herself as she zipped her bag shut.

"What's wrong, Vel?" Diane asked. "You've been acting really strange these past two days!"

"Someone answered the phone when I called home. It sounded like a woman...it wasn't Shari."

Velma's colleague looked confused. "When was that? We spent this morning playing passing shot after the final speaker and wrap-up."

"Oh...about an hour ago." Velma picked up her bags and put them in the trunk of Diane's car. The two of them quickly inspected the room to see if they'd left anything behind before leaving. Once they were in the car, Diane drove around to the front of the motel.

"I'll get us checked out, and then we'll be on our way." She said.

After several minutes, Diane returned and started the car. Velma looked positively nauseous; pale and sickly. Before her colleague could say anything, she spoke: "Diane...do you think Shari might be seeing someone else?"

Diane was about to pull out of their parking spot. Instead, she threw the car in park and waved dismissively. "Well...maybe she asked a friend to stop by, or maybe Mr. Bowen stopped by to let her know if she's got one of the openings she applied for!"

"Bullshit." Velma huffed. If Shari did get one of the open positions, Mr. Bowen or someone from the district office would call to let her know. They might even send a letter. There was no way Mr. Bowen would show up in person—even if he'd brought his wife along. Still, she knew that Diane was trying to make her feel better. She appreciated it even if she wasn't showing it.

"Diane...do you think Shari's getting tired of me?"

Velma's colleague mashed her lips together and sucked in her breath. "You know...I honestly didn't approve of you seeing her." Diane flatly replied. "That girl's way too young for you—and she was your STUDENT for heaven's sake!"

"Yeah, Diane," Velma replied softly. "That wasn't the wisest decision...was it? But I never acted on my feelings towards Shari. Not until after she graduated..."

"Well just the same, you have to think about your reputation, Vel!" Diane retorted. "I mean—you have to be careful! What you're doing is so...wrong!" Just then, Diane caught the anguished expression on her colleague's face. Immediately she broke eye contact. "I'm sorry, Vel." She said softly. "What I mean is that...most people wouldn't understand...you know?"

As many years as they've known each other, Diane Lusby spoke the plain honest truth and Velma knew it. She knew that same sex relations were frowned upon. People think that it is a disease—a form of malignant degeneracy that could only be cured through intense shaming and forced institutionalization. And although she had friends and colleagues who liked her quite well and supported her, she knew deep down that a few of them thought she was abnormal.

And Velma was aware of the way her own students looked at her sometimes, afraid she might get too close to them. The parents were even worse. The school grapevine can be cruel, and more than once she'd heard the rumors they'd spread about her sexual predilections. There was no escaping the obvious truth. Velma's chosen occupation, her physical appearance, and even the sound of her voice was considered by some people to be revolting—particularly her students.

The dark haired gym teacher patted Velma's arm and sighed. "But maybe I was wrong. You two are perfect for each other, and I know she feels the same way." Diane put the car in reverse and backed out. "We have a few hours' drive ahead of us, Vel. I know it's difficult, but try to put Shari out of your mind for a while...take a nap or something."

But Velma couldn't sleep. They drove in silence while the butch gym teacher endured the vicious cycle of worry—prepare—anger—prepare—worry. Intrusive visions of Shari spending time with another woman consumed her as the car sped down the highway. She imagined Diane dropping her off at home only to discover another woman in bed with the blond beauty she called her wife.

Velma Blount was fighting back tears now, and the endless rolling countryside was reduced to a blur of different shades of bright greens and browns. Is there something that I could have done differently? Velma wondered. Maybe I shouldn't have gone on this trip!

"Not that long, maybe a half hour or so." Diane pulled up to a gas pump and parked the car.

Velma got out of the car now. It looked like they'd stopped at a small truck stop. "I'm going to try to find a phone." She said. "I'll be back in a few minutes."

There were a couple payphones at the back of the coffee shop which was next door to the gas station. Velma fished a dime out of her shorts pocket, dialed the requisite numbers, and waited for someone to answer. She didn't wait long. After the third ring, the sound of an unfamiliar woman's voice burned the skin around Velma's ear. "Hello?" She said. The voice sounded masculine like hers and a little terse.

"Who is this?" Velma demanded. "Let me talk to Shari!"

"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you have the wrong number." The voice flatly replied before the line cut off.

Velma was furious. WRONG NUMBER? Bullshit! She jammed her hand down her pocket in search of another dime. With a trembling finger, she dialed again, slowly, with her eyes fixed on the numbers. She waited, but this time no one answered. After the 12th ring, she hung up and stood there for a minute or so, trying to collect her thoughts.

Diane walked into the coffee shop and discovered her colleague propped against the crummy looking wood-paneled wall next to one of the payphones. She suggested getting a sandwich and a cup of coffee before continuing on towards home.

"Eh...I'm not hungry, Diane." Velma replied. "Go ahead and get something. I've got to use the bathroom."

Diane Lusby looked really worried. "I think I better use the little girl's room too." She said. "You know, don't look so well..."

"Just...forget about it." Velma muttered. "I'm fine."

After using the restroom, Diane ordered a coffee and a turkey sandwich. Velma nursed her own cup of coffee in silence as her colleague ate. Those terrible visions of Shari alone in the house with another woman—the house they shared together—grew more intense until they metastasized into something resembling a mixture of bitter sorrow and revulsion. Her thoughts were interrupted as Diane lightly touched her arm. "Come on, Vel, let's go." She said. A waitress came by to clear the table...she looked an awful lot like Shari.


It was early evening when they arrived in Thatcher Blake. Diane said something about stopping somewhere for another cup of coffee, but Velma insisted that she drop her off at home right away. The towering butch woman favored her colleague with a sidelong stare.

"What's gotten into you?" She snapped. "We're almost home! Why should we stop for coffee?"

"I could ask you the same thing." Diane replied. There was an obvious frosty edge to her voice.

Velma heaved a gusty sigh and turned away from her colleague to stare out the passenger window. "I-I'm sorry, Diane." She said softly. "I suppose that was uncalled for. I'm just so worried..."

"I guess I can't blame you for that." Diane replied. "But we're almost there."

They drove in silence for the next several minutes. When they were less than a block away from Velma's house, they saw that there was an unfamiliar black car parked in the driveway. Diane's breath caught in her throat and she glanced nervously over at Velma.

"That's not Shari's car...is it?" She asked. "Who do you suppose it is?"

The mannish features of Velma's face instantly turned to stone and her icy blue eyes shot daggers at the car's back wheels. It looked for all intents as if the Amazon woman was trying to will both tires to go flat! Whoever it is, I'll kill her, Velma thought. She sat there in the passenger seat of Diane's car fuming, and her fists began to ball up. As God is my witness, I'll kill her, whoever she is—assuming it is another woman. Up until now, it hadn't really occurred to Velma that the car might actually belong to a man!

And what if there was a man inside the house with Shari? What if, after all this time, Shari decided that her relationship with Velma was just an experiment? Velma knew deep down that it couldn't have been easy for such a young and attractive girl like Shari to be with another woman—especially her old gym teacher! What would she do? The idea that Shari might be in there with another woman was a hard enough pill to swallow, but a man? For a second, the towering butch woman shuddered and she fought a sudden urge to sob. She knew that if Shari was with a man, she'd clean his clock before tossing him to the curb. As for Shari, well...she wasn't exactly sure what she'd do.

The car stopped and Velma bolted out of the passenger side. The prodigious woman made a beeline to the front door.

"Velma—wait a minute!" Diane shouted. The dark haired gym teacher scrambled out of the car and dashed after her colleague. "Maybe we should go through the back door instead!"

"No—front's just fine." Velma snarled. "You better come inside with me, Diane. I'm gonna need a witness..."

"Oh, dear..." Diane muttered, and a defeated groan escaped her lips. For a few seconds, Velma fumbled with her keys until she found the right one. Once inside, the two of them stood in the darkened living room. A savory, meaty sort of smell filled the space, reminding Velma that she hadn't eaten anything at all today.

Velma's chest was heaving as she looked around the room. Should she check the bedroom first? For some strange reason, Diane seemed unusually calm about the situation. The dark haired woman started to head towards the kitchen when Velma stopped her. "I just wanted to get a glass of water before I leave!" She protested.

Velma ignored her colleague. "Keefer!" She shouted. "Front and center...NOW!" She meant business. She was using her teacher voice, something she only did with the girls she considered to be her discipline problems. When no answer came, Velma decided she'd had enough. No sooner had she stepped towards the kitchen, she was stopped in her tracks.


The smile that spread across Velma's face was as much relief as it was excitement. There stood Shari, Jude Horst, one of the gym teachers from Kent Junior High and the Reverend Nellie Kling, Head Chaplain of Blake College. Reverend Kling was the officiant of Velma and Shari's commitment ceremony. It was obvious that they'd planned a surprise party complete with colorful streamers and plenty of food.

"Happy birthday, Velma!" Shari put her arms around Velma's neck and kissed her on the cheek. Gracious, she looked so beautiful! She wore a lovely little light floral print dress and matching dress flats that complimented the waves of thick light blond hair that tumbled just past her small shoulders. The girl held a small, beautifully wrapped package which she pressed into Velma's hands.

Velma was speechless. Her eyes scanned the kitchen counter, laden with food, before settling on the birthday cake. There were only five candles on the cake. There was no way they were going to try to put the correct number on there—not without possibly starting a fire! The towering butch woman chuckled softly at the sight for a few seconds before emotion got the better of her, and she suddenly began to sob.

"Here, why don't you have a seat, Vel?" Jude Horst led Velma to the small kitchen table and pulled out a chair. Velma slowly sat down and snatched up a napkin to wipe the few tears that had already tumbled down her cheeks. "We decided to put together a little party...it was actually Shari's idea."

"Perhaps we should've said something..." Reverend Kling said.

Velma looked up at the rather plump, jovial woman. Her voice sounded familiar. "Was that you who answered the phone when I called?"

Reverend Kling nodded. "Guilty." She held up her hands in mock surrender. "Lying is a sin, and the Lord knows that I'm not immune from doing it, but we thought you'd recognize Jude's voice if she answered."

"Well, in that case, I think Velma will forgive you." Diane said. "Just this once..."

"Blow out your candles and open your present!" Shari said.

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