tagLoving WivesSharin' the Librarian Ch. 01

Sharin' the Librarian Ch. 01


My wife has worked at the public library for the past 15 years. She is a prim and proper lady who has the demeanor of a professional...hair pulled back, plain blouses that completely cover her cleavage all accented by flattering glasses. This is the image she presents at the library. But what few people know is that she is a naughty slut who enjoys being shared.

I'll skip the saga of how I convinced her to be shared. Because she works in a public place, she is very careful about not being "discovered" by any of the local patrons. This is a bit of a challenge, but so far we've been successful.

Our "play" usually involves going to a hotel 20 or more miles away to lessen the chance of running into someone we know. Then we ask around to find the popular places that offer live music and dancing. These tend to be where couples and singles go to meet and have a good time. Barb has generally done lots of research on this at the library and already knows the hot spots before we arrive.

In the afternoon we go shopping for something for Barb to wear that night. We look for tops that accent her 34DD tits and cute butt. She is 5'6" with a nice rack and firm ass which she keeps in tip top shape with regular exercise and a good diet. I'd like to say that she does this for me, but I know she also does it so that she'll be able to attract men's attention. On this Saturday we found a low cut sundress. I urged her to skip the bra and panties, but she insisted on a thong and pushup bra that put her tits on full display. She looked hot...

Our plan is this: At the club she takes a seat at the bar while I find a spot nearby. It's never very long before a guy buys her a drink and asks her to dance. Meanwhile, I scout around for a woman to dance with. If successful, I'll try to move around on the floor to get close to Barb and her "date" in order to check out the action. Barb gives me a "thumbs up" sign if she likes the guy and wants to get him back to the motel room. This can take as little as a few minutes or several hours depending on the crowd, her mood, etc.

After they return to the bar, Barb becomes more assertive and explains how she is on vacation with her husband, and that we like to "play" and have a good time. I'm not sure of the exact words she uses, but she rarely scares the guy off. Then she gives me a signal to join in on their conversation.

I approach and say that we have a hotel room nearby and that we'd like to invite him over for a drink and to relax with no inhibitions. If he is with his wife or a date, so much the better. This has happened several times, but is not part of this story. On this evening, Carl was a younger man in his early 30s whereas Barb and I were in our early 50s. He is just under 6' about 175 lbs with blue eyes and short brown hair.

We chat for awhile at the bar until everyone is laughing, at ease and feeling comfortable with the arrangement. Having all night, we normally continue to dance and have a good time. Barb told me that after our conversation, Carl pulled her close on the dance floor and let his hands roam over her back, tits and ass, which got her really turned on. He also gyrated his erection into her as they danced.

When we felt ready, I suggested that Carl and Barb go in his car (truck, as it turns out) and that I'll join them in a few minutes. Our agreement is that Barb will tell me every detail of what happened while they were together. This is what she told me.....

They started kissing as soon as they get in Carl's truck. Barb ran her hand over the bulge that had formed in his pants and stroked him through the fabric. Then she unzipped him and took it out. She said that he was already hard. He groped her tits while she was stroking his cock as they drove to the motel. Carl cautioned her to take it easy because he didn't want to cum in the truck. He pulled up her sundress and felt her pussy through the wet fabric of her thong. Barb said she, too, was more than ready for some good fucking.

As soon as they got into the motel room, Carl kissed Barb passionately while he unzipped her sundress and let it pool at her feet. At the same time, Barb helped him out of his shirt and pants. He literally picked her up and threw her on the bed. This got Barb really excited. Her mind was miles away from the library as she proceeded to go into full slut mode.

She spread her legs, massaged her pussy with her hand, looked Carl in the eye and said, "You want to fuck me, Carl? You wanna fuck my pussy?"

Barb said that Carl joined her on the king size bed, put his head between her legs, pulled her thong aside and proceeded to give her fantastic head; sucking on her clit while inserting his fingers into her pussy. In no time she was lifting her hips off the bed and gyrating her pussy into his lips and tongue while she twisted and pulled on her nipples. She grabbed the back of his head to pull him tight against her pussy as her first orgasm overcame her.

She then told me that she had Carl lay on the bed so that she could suck him. She proceeded to lick his dick and balls before taking it deep into her mouth. She said that Carl put his hand on her head and started fucking her mouth while he said, "Suck it, you slut. Suck my dick." Soon he told her that he was about to cum. Barb said she kept sucking (he gave her little choice) until he shot his load in her mouth.

Meanwhile, as this is taking place, I'm still at the bar. We agreed that I'd give Carl and Barb about an hour or so at the motel before joining them. Barb was to take the Do Not Disturb sign off the door when it was OK for me to come in.

What happens next will have to wait for the second part of the story, if you are interested in hearing more about our adventure.

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