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Sharing a Bed


"I slept with Michael," my wife confessed. Well, duh. Sonya's sense of humor, while playful, tended toward puns and a lack of subtlety. We had just got back from a real estate convention, and due to a mix-up at the hotel, we had been forced to share a room and a king bed. Sonya had provided the 'buffer' between the two men, clad chastely in a long flannel nightgown with panties underneath. So in a very real sense, she had 'slept' with Michael, but then so had I. Of course, I had a reputation for being able to sleep anywhere and through anything. As I was soon to find out, it was a reputation well deserved.

"Actually, honey, I guess it would be more accurate to say I was awake with Michael while you slept." Sonya paused nervously, gauging my reaction before continuing. "He made love to me the first night in the hotel while you slept right next to us."

To my astonishment, Sonya described how during the night she awoke to find a hard penis rubbing up against her bottom. Half-asleep, she assumed it was me, but it soon became obvious that it wasn't. "It was so much bigger than yours, dear, I couldn't believe it! I didn't know penis' came that big." Without thinking, she admitted to pushing her ass back against it, wanting to feel its hardness pressing against her. At this point, she assumed that Michael was still asleep.

When she felt him pulling her nightgown up, she knew she had been mistaken, but she did nothing to stop him. In fact, my wife felt herself raising her hips up to allow him to push the material up over her ass. Sonya felt the head of his cock pushing between her legs as Michael began to dry hump her thighs. "My God, Bill, his cock head was coming out the other side of my legs! It was such a turn-on, I had to feel it inside me! I couldn't resist!"

Without thinking about the danger, Sonya said she rotated around so that she was now facing Michael. Not saying a word, she pushed him on his back, hoisted up her nightgown, pulled her panties over to the side, and mounted him. "I don't know how long it took before I was able to fit the whole thing inside me. Christ, I came the first time when I was only about halfway down the damn thing! I wanted to scream each time he went deeper, but I couldn't. With you being next to me, I had to take it slow and quiet, but somehow that just made the fucking more erotic. It was so dangerous, you know." Hell, yeah, I knew! My wife was confessing to fucking another man while I lay sleeping in the same bed. Even knowing what a sound sleeper I am, she must have thought she was going to be caught, but she was too far gone to care. I had never thought Sonya was capable of that level of sexual passion.

My wife continued to ride Michael for quite some time—"he must have lasted at least a half an hour, maybe more. He just let me ride and ride, getting all the pleasure I could get. I've never felt anything like it. I came twice more, plus a little one when I felt him finally come inside me"—before they finally released one another and went back to sleep. Sonya said she fell asleep right away, "feeling more satisfied than I can ever remember. I wasn't even thinking about what was going to happen the next day."

Well, the next day had come and gone, but I could see why she hadn't confessed at the convention. Now we were back home, and Sonya was waiting to see how I reacted. Oddly, she had a huge grin on her face instead of a contrite look begging for forgiveness. As I started to say how disappointed I was that she would cheat on me like that, she interrupted me. "Oh, don't give me that bullshit, Bill. You're not disappointed, you're actually turned on by it, aren't you? Look at this hard-on you've got." She reached down and grabbed my crotch, giving it a hard squeeze. I looked down, surprised. I was hard! And, I realized, I was overcome with the desire to make love to my wife right then!

"Since you like fucking so much, you little slut, then that's what you're going to get!" I grabbed her, pulling her to me and gave her a passionate kiss. "You're about to get your second cock of the weekend, lady!" She giggled as I fiddled with her blouse. "I can forgive you for fucking Michael like that; those kind of impulsive one-time things can happen before you even think about it, I guess. I'm just kind of surprised that you succumbed to something like that . . . surprised and turned on, baby!"

With the blouse and bra off, I was nuzzling her breasts when I heard her voice saying something about " . . . not a one-time thing . . ." I pulled my face from her cushy chest and looked her in the eye. They had a mischievous glint, and it was clear she had more to tell me, and now rather than appearing nervous, Sonya seemed to be enjoying herself as she related to me what she and Michael had done yesterday. Twice during the day, instead of going to workshops, they had slipped back up to our room to make love. While I was diligently listening to information concerning short sells and industriously taking notes to share with both of them, Sonya and Michael were on our bed banging each other! My wife referred to both of them as 'quickies' ("though, honestly dear, he did last longer both times then you normally do") and they returned to the workshops as soon as they were finished, but somehow this infidelity stung more than the first. We had been struggling with finances, as had everyone we knew in the business, and the whole purpose of the conference had been for us to gather up ideas for how to further our business. Yet my wife had chosen to spend much of the time fucking another man instead of taking care of business. I had no idea who I was married to after 17 years!

Of course, Sonya couldn't help but point out that my cock was still hard, "so you must not be too upset. You're still dying to fuck me, aren't you Bill?" I couldn't very well deny it. "I bet you'd rather fuck me than that pretty Panamanian maid you were eying over the weekend." She rubbed her breasts against my chest. "What do you say, Bill? Am I sexier than that little maid, or not?"

Despite everything, I was more turned on than I had ever been. The young girl had been a pert cutie, but I couldn't deny that right now I would rather be inside my wife than anywhere else. "Yes, damn it, you're sexier then she is! God, I have to fuck that cheating cunt of yours!"

Laughing tauntingly, my wife said "Not just yet, babe. You haven't heard everything yet. First of all, your little girlfriend walked in on us the second time we went to our room. We forgot to put up the 'Do not disturb' sign, and she caught us right in the middle of me giving Michael of a blow job. Honey, I know you won't believe this, but I didn't even stop! As she watched us I tried to stuff as much of that big fat cock into my mouth as possible. Michael was so turned on, he almost came right there!" Sonya giggled. "What was funny was that before she closed the door, she gave us a smile and said something about 'muy grande'. I don't know if she meant it looked grand or whether he was very large, but believe me Bill, both were true! I doubt she would have said the same thing if she had caught you and I making love."

Sonya no longer was acting like she was worried about getting me to forgive her; now she was enjoying teasing me with the knowledge of how superior Michael was as a lover. She continued on, saying "Of course, we also made love again last night, with you sleeping right through it all again." Christ, another man had made love to my wife four times in 24 hours—a number we rarely reach in a week anymore--and I had no clue! Twice I was even in the room, and still I was unaware my wife was cuckolding me? Could she have been doing this for years and just choosing to tell me now? Who knows: certainly not I!

Sonya related how this time, after allowing me sufficient time to go to sleep, they had both slipped out of bed to make love on the chair. After eating her to a quiet orgasm, Sonya returned to the favor with another blowjob before mounting him. She rode him for awhile face to face, but eventually Michael had her turn so he was fucking her from behind. "He wanted me to look at you while he fucked me, Bill. He said it was the nastiest thing he'd ever done, fucking a guy's wife while the guy was just a few feet away. He doubted he'd ever had a chance like it again, and he wanted to remember it."

I commented that it didn't seem like the kind of thing anyone would ever forget, and my wife giggled in agreement. "You're so right, honey, especially with all the dirty things Michael was whispering in my ear." I asked her what kind of things, and though Sonya pretended to be reluctant to tell me, I could see she was excited by the prospect. She was loving how she was able to turn me on and belittle me at the same time.

"He would stick his dick in a ways then tell me to let him know when he got to where you normally reach. Once I did, he kept saying 'This part of your cunt is mine! Bill's dick will never reach this!' He made me repeat over and over again how much better he was than you, and how much I loved his cock." My wife stared into my eyes and rubbed my dick as she said this, gauging my reactions. When I said nothing, she continued. "He told me that he was going to fuck me whenever he wanted, and that he would soon stretch my pussy out so much I wouldn't be able to feel you. When I replied that wouldn't take long, he made me promise to fuck him at least twice a week from now on. He told me some of the places he was going to fuck me, including in the office, and at some of the houses we're showing. When he started talking about fucking me in every room in our house, he lost it, honey. He shot his load up into me as he talked about taking me in our own kitchen. Damn, I thought he got so loud then that surely you would wake up, but I guess you really can sleep through anything."

I was so turned on I would have fucked her through a chastity belt. I pulled Sonya to me, saying "I guess I'd better fuck you now while you can still feel me then! Come here, you slut!" To my disappointment, she pulled away from me tauntingly and walked over to her cell phone. "Who the hell are you calling?"

"Seeing how well you're taking this, Bill, I've got to try a fantasy I've had for years. I'm calling Michael and telling him to come over. I want to feel that cock of his filling my pussy the way it needs while you fuck my asshole! I don't think one cock's going to be enough for me anymore, sweetie."

I told my wife to make the call.

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