Sharing a Room Ch. 02


"We'll need you naked, dear," Lisa informed her.

I grabbed the ice bucket, ducked to the bathroom and filled it with warm water, returning with towels and a couple washcloths. Terri had removed the comfortable walking shoes and white socks she'd worn for the day. She hesitated, trying to decide what to remove next. In the Caribbean heat, she hadn't covered with much. The rest of us stood around gawking openly, appreciating the young women's beauty. The khaki shorts came down, revealing her shapely ass enclosed in cute little heart-covered panties and the thin, muscular legs I had admired so the previous evening. She hesitated again and Lisa encouraged her.

"Yep, it's all got to come off -- shirt, too."

Terri sighed and carefully drew the polo shirt over her head. She wore no bra and so the slight swell of her mini titties were fully exposed. Resigned to her fate, she did nothing to cover herself or shield her perky nipples from our probing stares.

"Mmmmm. Such beauty," I muttered for all to hear.

"You are such a lucky man, Ron," Lisa chimed in.

The encouragement visibly bolstered Terri and she drew her short frame just a tad straighter.

"Don't you guys have to undress, too?" the nearly nude nymph pouted.

"In a minute we are going to be holding sharp implements up against your private parts. I think you don't want us any more distracted than necessary," I reasoned. We all chuckled and broke the tension a little.

"Go on, babe," Ron said.

Terri turned her back to us and slid the cute panties down her slim legs. What a fantastic ass! Cute, with just the right amount of curve pointing back at us.

"Wow, I've always wished I had an ass like that!" Lisa breathed.

"Oh, don't sell your ass short," I countered. "I think you've got great buns."

"But they were never firm like that," she retorted.

As I'd hoped, Ron was puffed up with pride in his wife, no evidence of jealousy.

"Okay, turn around, dear," Lisa prompted. Slowly she complied, the fullness of her bush coming into view. It was a thick, dark triangle between her legs.

"Sit down in the chair and put your legs up on the arms." Lisa had draped one of the towels over the chair. Terri was reluctant but did as she was told and gently sat down on the edge of the chair. Then with another embarrassed sigh, delicately spread her legs and exposed her secret charms. Barely visible through the full bush, her pussy lips peeked at us -- full, engorged and in full bloom. Even without further prompting, Terri leaned back and spread even further, hooking each knee over the stuffed arms of the chair. Wow, what an awesome, sexy display. If you had tried to tell me a day before that I would be staring directly at the fully exposed pussy of another man's wife, with the encouragement of that same man and MY wife, I would have called you crazy.

Lisa produced a pair of scissors and began to delicately trim back the dark, curly hair. After a few moments, she offered the scissors to Ron, who eagerly joined into the operation, carefully cutting more hair back. Then he turned and gave them to me, giving me tacit approval to approach his wife in such an intimate way. I ran my fingers through her rich bush and over her mound, fluffing up several tufts and carefully snipped them off down next to her soft skin. It gave me such a direct and beautiful look at her privates.

Then, I handed the scissors to Terri herself, determined to make her a part of her own exposure. She fully understood the significance of the gesture and humbly took the instrument, leaned forward far enough to be able to see her own crotch and cut some of the hair back before passing the shears back to Lisa. We continued to take turns until the thatch was reduced to short stubble.

For the next phase of the operation, I pulled the washcloth from the warm water in the bucket and pressed it gently into Terri's crotch. I stood between her splayed legs for a few long minutes with my hand clamped tightly against her mound. What must have been racing through her mind as this relatively new acquaintance held her so intimately in full view of his wife and her husband?

Again taking the lead, Lisa squirted shaving cream into her hand and I relinquished my prime spot. Lisa coated Terri's pubis with the cream and flourished the razor. We again took turns, carefully drawing the blade across her mound, Lisa doing the delicate work of holding her labia out of the way as we shaved near her tender spots.

"You have a very beautiful pussy," I complimented, gazing at the budding tip of her clitoris peaking shyly out at us.

"She does, doesn't she?" Ron concurred.

Terri blushed, "Thank you, both."

"We need to make sure we get all the way back," Lisa instructed, handing me the razor. She moved forward, gently lifting and pushing Terri's right leg up. Ron joined in on the other side, folding Terri back until her knees nearly touched her shoulders. This rocked her hips up and exposed not only the full spread of her cunt but her complete ass and the puckered crinkle of her anus as well.

To be honest, given the way Terri had been sitting spread out in the chair, I'm not entirely convinced that we couldn't have completed the shave without this maneuver, but it was damn sexy. With her husband and new friend holding her spread wide for me, she was offered up as a sacrifice in the most vulnerable and lewd way possible. It had a powerfully erotic effect on all of us, Lisa and Ron holding her legs, me standing transfixed in front of her as the prime audience, and Terri herself, who looked up at me through humid eyes burning with arousal at the obscene way she was being exposed.

I carefully and gently shaved away the remaining hair, letting the tips of my fingers graze lightly, caressingly across her sensitive rosebud. She moaned ever so quietly, a sound filled with desire and burning need.

Without letting go of Terri's leg, Lisa took the razor from me and handed me the warm bucket and cloth. With Terri still stretched out wide, I wiped away the excess shaving cream and cleaned her up. This involved quite a bit of manipulation of her sensitive areas -- her mound, tender lips, sensitive clitty, and I certainly didn't neglect the tight pucker of her back hole. Both Lisa and Ron looked on approvingly with close-eyed inspection. Terri struggled to keep from giving in to the sensations and closing her sultry eyes, courageously keeping them fixed on my face.

"Trade me places, Ron," I ordered, ready to move on to the next phase of the evening. I handed the washcloth and bucket to Lisa and took Terri's firm leg in my hands. Ron moved around me to the outside and knelt between Terri's stretched open legs.

Lisa and I lowered Terri's legs so she was a bit more comfortable and we both settled down on our knees as well, face to face to groin with the girl. The action was sure to be up close and personal and we had better than front row seats.

"Lightly kiss the insides of her thighs as you approach," I instructed in Ron's ear. He kissed his way alternately up to her box. Terri moaned with pleasure at the delicate touches.

"Gently lick the very edges of her lips," Lisa guided his next actions. A gasp of delight from Terri.

Step by step we talked him through exploring her flower orally. Licking her all over, nibbling gently at secret, sensitive spots, sucking her nether lips fully into his mouth, tasting her sweet nectar, delving into hidden places inside her tunnel.

"Express your love for her through your lips and tongue. Show your devotion to her by pleasing her in this incredibly intimate way," I coached.

He proved a good student and all too quickly, Terri's breathing became ragged, the hard little nubs of her tits thrust out proudly from her chest, and her hips began to rock in the telltale rhythm. But I knew what Ron needed as well.

"Ron, get up, undress and go lay down on the bed, arms at your sides," I instructed sternly. Lisa glanced quizzically my way.

As in a trance, Ron complied, leaving Terri in quite a state, moaning with unfulfilled desire.

"Hold on for just a second, Pet," I soothed.

Once Ron was in place in the middle of the bed, his cock a rigid flagpole thrust up and trembling to his pounding heartbeat, I continued, "Go join your husband on the bed. Straddle his head and plant your needy sex right down on his face. He wants you on top of him. He wants to please you like this."

Lisa smiled knowingly at me while Terri moved with the frantic haste of her pending climax up onto the bed. Her lithe body was a pleasure to watch. She paused momentarily with her knees planted along either side of Ron's eager face, her fragrant pussy hovering inches above his lips. As Lisa and I watched from either side of the bed, Terri grinned in wonder down at her loving husband and then gingerly lowered her bald pussy to his waiting tongue.

An expression of delight and pleasure suffused her features as loud slurping emanated from between her supple thighs. Ron was obviously doing his best to bring her as much enjoyment as he could. It was a cherished moment shared in a loving and intimate way. Terri's pleasure was mounting quickly and she began to rock slightly against his face. I watched in fascination at the way her ass checks rolled down against his chin.

Lisa leaned in next to the girl's ear and instructed, "As soon as you cum, move back and push yourself down on his cock."

Even as she was saying this, I was breaking open the box of condoms and handing one to Lisa across the bed.

Ron groaned aloud and his hips bucked slightly as he felt Lisa's feminine touch on his manhood. She steadied him with a grip around the base (another groan) and expertly rolled the rubber down over his rigid pole.

"Ah, yes. Ah, yes, Love," Terri gasped, gripping the headboard with both hands to steady herself as she rode against Ron's upturned face.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she went rigid with his nose pressed tightly up against her clitoris.

Then she was moving rapidly down his body in an awkward backwards waddle, her butt thrust out behind. Quickly she positioned herself over his rod, deftly lined it up and sat down on it with a satisfying squish.

"Aaahh!" they gasped together as she sank home. She shuddered around his invading member, her whole body trembling in bliss. After several long moments, she slowly raised herself, his condom-sheathed prick glistening with her lubrications, and then slowly let him push his way back in.

"Hmmm," he moaned as we stared in fascination at their deep sharing and love.

She began moving again in rhythm to his need, obviously still feeling waves of pleasure emanating out from her core. He quickly climbed the heights despite the dulling effects of the condom and was soon grunting loudly, a sound we recognized readily from the night before as he got close. It was intriguing to see their actions and expressions so clearly, so close, things we had only imagined from the sounds the previous day.

Just before he hit the peak, his hands left their submissive place at his sides and drew up across her thighs, sensually over her hips, caressingly up her ribs, cupped and then squeezed her small but sensitive tits.

"AHH! Yes, Ron, yes!" Terri's eyes flew open in wonder. Her body flopped forward onto his, trapping his hands between them, her own arms wrapping around his shoulders, clasping him to her. She began rutting hard against him, her ass churning down, clasping his rock hard cock throbbing within her.

"Uhn! Uhn! Uhn!" he grunted as he came.

"Yeeesss!" she hissed in what I suspect was the loudest she ever really got during their lovemaking.

Gradually their movements slowed and stopped. Their sweat-sheened bodies glistened as they hugged in the most intimate of embraces.

"Wow, that was so good. Thank you, lover," she whispered almost inaudibly.

Across the bed I looked into the lust-crazed eyes of my own lover, my heart brimming with adoration for her and joy at what we had just shared with each other and this couple. Slowly, I began to undress.

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