tagGroup SexSharing a Room Ch. 04

Sharing a Room Ch. 04


We spent the day sightseeing, snorkeling, and generally enjoying the Caribbean island. Ron and Terri did the same, finding renewed romance in their time together.

When we got back together later, it was obvious the younger couple were anticipating a further foray into sexual experimentation. We obliquely approached the subject of even more intimate interaction and they pretty much dismissed any concerns by making it apparent they expected us to lead them and they were game for any experiences we introduced them to.

Ron had arranged for dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant just a short cab ride away, and insisted on paying the full tab, since "we're saving a bundle on the room." We again went dancing afterward and arrived at a place very quickly where we traded partners readily and did little to restrain our wandering hands regardless of who we were paired with. I actually enjoyed watching Ron and Lisa getting it on together. I loved seeing her feel free to enjoy herself and be admired.

Finally, after Ron dropped yet another hint that he was looking forward to enjoying Lisa's luscious tits in a little while, Lisa remarked, "You know, Terri, when we were talking the other day, you told me how much you enjoy blowing Ron."

Terri glanced Ron's way, smiled deliciously and nodded. It was evidence at how familiar we'd become that this was considered acceptable, friendly conversation.

"Would you be willing to help me suck Steve off tonight?" she asked directly. I nearly choked on my drink.

"Of course, Lisa! Whatever you want," the brunette demurred, her expressive brown eyes dancing with anticipation.

"Hey, what about me?" Ron broke in.

"We'll do you next," Lisa answered dismissively, "if you're willing to share Terri and wait for just a few minutes."

Ron was all grins.

"Just a few minutes, huh?" I challenged.

"Of course. Do you really think with two hot babes jointly wrapping our lips around your throbbing manhood you'll be able to hold your load back for more than a couple juicy strokes?" she countered.

"You keep talking like that and I'm likely to cream my shorts right here," I admitted.

"Ooh, don't waste it!" Terri pouted. "I want to see if it tastes different than Ron's."

We had the bar bill paid up and we on our way back to the room in no time. The girls were all over me in the elevator, first Lisa and then Terri giving me deep French kisses while they groped the stiff rod straining in my pants. Ron didn't seem much bothered by the attention being lavished on me, apparently content to being the audience at least for Act 1.

Back in the room, the girls undressed me while continuing to take turns making out with me. By the time they freed my stiff cock, they were down to just underwear themselves and Ron was busy shedding most of his own clothes.

"Okay, hold on a second," I interrupted the action, as much fun as it was.

Both girls paused, confused.

"The two of you promised to 'kiss each other around my manhood'. I think those were the exact words. Are you really ready to kiss each other – around my cock or not?" I interrogated.

They looked at each other, unsure. Maybe this hadn't been thought through.

"If you don't mind proving it for us, I'd like to see you kiss each other," I continued, hoping I wasn't pushing my luck too hard. "I can't speak for Ron, but I know I, for one, am really turned-on by the girl-girl thing. So no little lip to lip smooch, let's see a real, sensual, deep kiss."

Lisa shot me a look that told me I'd betrayed her into something she wasn't too comfortable with. Terri gave Ron a questioning glance, seeking some sort of guidance. Ron was completely nude by now and gently stroking his impressive erection. And being a guy, he was really into this as well. His leering grin was no help if she was looking for a way to dodge my request.

"Come on, girls, all the hyped-up porn on the web says that women are so much more sensitive with other women," I cajoled.

"All undoubtedly written by other men posing as women," Lisa sneered but nevertheless approached Terri with a gentle embrace. Man, my admiration for that woman has no limits! I knew instinctively she was doing this from pure love for me – another experience she was giving me this magical week.

Terri allowed herself to be folded tenderly into Lisa's arms and she shyly offered her lips to her suitor. Lisa accepted the offer with the most affectionate, delicate, and loving kiss I have ever witnessed. It was not passionate, but tender, exploratory, sensual. And was it ever sexy.

And it went on for several long moments, the girls obviously getting more into it as they went. They switched from a light-touch lip connection to a full-tongue oral exploration of each other. In the process, they also caressed each other's necks, shoulders and hair. We crude, sex-driven men could learn an awful lot from such tenderness and sharing.

Terri's hands trailed down Lisa's back and slowly unhooked her bra. Without breaking their kiss, Lisa shifted her arms forward and shrugged the silky garment off between them. Terri assisted, sliding the straps off Lisa's shoulders. All this proceeded with their eyes closed and firmly connected at the mouth. As they twisted and moved, threatening to break their lip-lock, they doggedly strained to maintain the intimate contact as if they were loath to separate.

Of course, Terri hadn't been wearing a bra in the first place and so both ladies were now clad in only their panties. The caresses continued across each of their naked backs and they slowly pulled together until their pointed nipples contacted each other and lightly rubbed up against one another in an erotic dance.

Reluctantly, the kiss ended – a slow, dreamy separation of moist lips – as their humid eyes fluttered open and they shared a gaze of secret intimacy. Genuine arousal and curiosity flitted through the expressions they grinned at each other.

"Satisfied?" Lisa challenged me, still staring directly into the deep brown of Terri's eyes.

"Wow. Uh, yeah. I think that settles that question once and for all," I sputtered, nearly speechless. "But as far as needing satisfaction...." I pointed lamely to my cock, thrust out parallel to the floor, throbbing in unrelenting need.

"Men!" Lisa chuckled still holding Terri's smoldering gaze. "Should we help the poor, suffering little boy out?"

Terri giggled and nodded, playing the cute school girl.

They mercifully shifted their attention to my raging hard-on, simultaneously dropping to their knees on either side of my cock. Lisa carefully took the base of the shaft in her warm hand and offered the tip to Terri. The young brunette smiled widely at the bulbing head, which was freely leaking a healthy drop of pre-cum. Extending her tongue like she was cherishing a delicious treat, she playfully licked the drop from the proffered tip.

"Mmm. How yummy!" she smacked her lips and wrapped her succulent lips around just the tip, encompassing not even half the head and sucking hard to draw out any nectar. Lisa obliged by squeezing the underside of the shaft, draining the tube of excess pre-cum. Terri smiled around the taste in her warm mouth.

Next, Lisa shifted forward to kiss the side of my cock right at the base. Terri positioned herself to mirror her action on the other side, nose to nose. They carefully, sensually enfolded my cock in their warm lips, widening the kiss until their lips actually touched, separated by the girth of my pulsating manhood. They stared into each other's eyes and began a long, leisurely slide up my length toward the tip. Pure bliss!

After several seconds of this glorious treatment, they began to trade off, first Terri taking the head in her wide-open mouth and sucking, while Lisa tenderly licked my dangling balls. With uncanny oral ability and what seemed like practiced timing, they slipped their way up and down my rod, trading positions. I have never, ever experienced a blow job like this. The sensations were awesome.

During one of the tradeoffs, Lisa informed Terri, "When it's time, he really wants to shoot off in your mouth. Okay?"

"Um-hm!" the younger fellatrice enthusiastically agreed, again stuffing her mouth with cock.

They played with me for long minutes, deliberately backing down when it was obvious I was near completion. They alternated from light and teasing to erotic and deeply arousing, striking a balance that teetered on frustrating but ultimately was wonderfully pleasant.

Then, with Terri's lips wrapped all the way around my sack, lightly tonguing my balls in her warm mouth, Lisa drove her mouth fully down on my shaft. She had never taken me so deeply into her throat in such an awesome way. I emitted a deep animalistic groan that signaled I had just stepped onto the erotic path of no-return. Lisa recognized it immediately and made a swift mental calculation of how many heartbeats she had until my load rocketed out.

With a simple guiding caress to Terri, she directed her away from my balls, which were quickly drawing up to my body in anticipation. Lisa's face was still impaled on my rod, her throat and tongue working the head and shaft in an incredibly arousing way. Terri shifted to the front, understanding my climax was eminent.

Reading my signs like an open book, Lisa bobbed deep onto my shaft once and drew off in a long, hard-sucking retreat. Her hand gripped the base hard, damming up the impending rush, and she smoothly sucked her way off my cock, simultaneously pointing the inflamed head directly at Terri's wide-open mouth.

The spectacle of these two beauties working over my cock, my wife manipulating and controlling my orgasm and the young nymph straining in wide-mouthed anticipation of my load pouring onto her waiting tongue was too much for my senses. Roaring, my climax overtook me so powerfully that my knees nearly buckled. My cock blasted a huge jet of sperm directly into Terri's expectant mouth.

Spurt after spurt cascaded in, expertly directed by my wife. She milked my rod like a pro, prolonging the pleasure and extracting every last drop which Terri dutifully took on outstretched tongue, the whole creamy load built up in a pool. As the throbbing in my cock subsided, Lisa pulled my cock over into her own mouth, sucking the last of my spending herself, something she rarely does, not truly liking the taste of my cum. The warm, enveloping confines of her mouth was heavenly. I could not have asked for a better conclusion.

Meanwhile, Terri remained devotedly on her knees next to us, mouth open, with my full load in a white puddle on her tongue. I became aware of Ron just off my right shoulder also gazing down lasciviously into her face, witnessing the scene. I had nearly forgotten him entirely.

In a deliberate, unhurried act, in full view of the three of us, Terri closed her mouth, swished the contents around for a moment and swallowed in a massive gulp. We all cheered.

Now that I was completely spent, the girls were determined to make good on their promise to Ron. I moved from between them and flopped down in the armchair, while he took my place as the center of attention.

Watching the girls work together on Ron was an erotic experience in and of itself. They had both taken the opportunity during the break in the action to remove their panties and so were completely naked while servicing him. They moved like poetry, seamlessly transitioning between jointly licking his shaft, sucking the head and delicately tickling his balls. All the while, caressing one another and sharing intimate, knowing glances and nods.

You could see just how proud Terri was to be sharing Ron; it was a little like a pornographic show-and-tell, with the young girl playing tour guide to Ron's secret erogenous zones and Lisa appreciatively acknowledging the guidance. For her part, Lisa appeared delighted to have Ron's remarkable cock at her disposal and to show off her own sexual skills and talents in pleasing him.

To my surprise, the ladies also seemed intrigued with each other's bodies – a gentle caress along an arm here, a quick pinch of a nipple there, an exploratory grope of the inner thigh in between. It was an extension of the familiarities we had been taking with each other's partners on the dance floor but raised to a new level in the bedroom and between members of the same sex.

Watching my wife's gorgeous body – the swaying of her breasts, the way her cheeks bulged out when engulfing Ron's cock, the delight in her eyes as her tongue extended out to tickle his hairy sack – was almost as much fun as watching Terri's lithe body – her flat, rippled abs, taut legs and oh-so-beautiful ass. I could watch that ass for hours.

Whether it was a few minutes or an hour I really couldn't tell you, I was so enthralled watching this spectacle. But all too soon for me, Ron reached his peak. As both girls sensed he was getting close, Lisa broke away to ask, "Do you think he'll want to shoot on my tits?"

"Absolutely, he'll love it," Terri responded, just glowing with delight at the prospect. It was truly remarkable how much she just wanted to share that experience without any jealousy or self-consciousness over her own bustline. Equally notable was how they excluded him from the conversation entirely, either assuming he was too far gone to be coherent or with the understanding that this was truly their game and not his. Both were true.

As Lisa positioned herself to be a cum target, Terri drove Ron to the very brink by bobbing rapidly on his hard shaft, her tiny mouth stretched wide around his raging cock. Ron's hips were involuntarily thrusting in rhythm to his need, stuffing his manhood further down his wife's throat. With expert timing, Terri slipped off and gave way to Lisa who shuffled forward on her knees, breasts pushed up and together as a fabulous tit-flesh target, a sexy valley of cleavage awaiting the cum offering.

I had long since left my spectator repose in the chair and was looking over Ron's shoulder at my beautiful bride, noting the pure lust in her eyes, the hungry desire in the curled smile on her lips, the proud, almost defiant way she thrust her ample breasts forward. She was obviously relishing this experience as much as I was and enjoying my enjoyment of it, basking in the pride that I am sure shone from my face.

Terri had slipped slightly to the side now, a spectator along with me, as Ron took over the job of furiously stroking his rampant cock as he barreled over the brink of his orgasm. Grunting loudly in pleasure, Ron aimed his cock directly at Lisa's exposed and abundant chest. His first blast shot high of the target, catching Lisa just below the chin. Ron quickly corrected his aim and by the second and third shots was pouring his tribute onto her ample bosom.

Lisa beamed with pride as Ron dumped his entire load on her in frantic bursts. Ron squeezed and shook the final creamy drops of his seed from his purplish member. Terri slipped in between her husband and my wife to engulf his sensitive prick in her hungry mouth, her cheeks drawing in with suction as she extracted the last drop of cum from him.

Ron moaned in pleasure and stumbled backward to collapse on the bed behind him. Terri followed along and finished him up bathing his privates in personal attention until he was simply too sensitive to take anymore. He firmly but lovingly pushed her away, too overwrought for any more sensations.

Now we were faced with a problem I hadn't considered until this point. My cum-covered wife still knelt on the floor in the center of the room. What to do about cleaning her up? Not to worry, Terri had that task well in hand. With her husband satiated and reclining on the bed, she turned her attention to her newest sexual partner.

Terri approached Lisa with a lustful hunger in her eyes, extended her hand and helped her up onto the bed, moving carefully so none of the cum splattered across her chest dripped. This girl apparently really, really enjoys the taste of cum. Without even a hint of hesitation, she moved to the upward slope of Lisa's chest and began licking at the pearls of Ron's cum found there. A look of amazement and desire that must have mirrored my own suffused Lisa's face.

Terri continued around Lisa's sensitized chest, even tracking down the errant first shot up her neck to the bottom slope of her chin. Lisa was obviously turned on by the attention and she closed her eyes, simply resigning herself to the delicious sensations as the girl licked her clean. When Terri latched onto a hardened nipple, Lisa gasped and clasped her friend's head to her breast.

I watched, entranced, as Lisa's body responded to the erotic demands the arousing sensations were placing on it. Her hips began to undulate involuntarily and her chest swelled up to meet the lascivious licks Terri bathed it in.

For her part, Terri straddled Lisa's leg and began a humping action against her thigh, her ass clenching and gyrating erotically. I began to believe my forcing an introduction to a little bi-sexual experiment might be paying off. In next to no time, both ladies begin moaning in pleasure.

Suddenly, Lisa sat up, shifting Terri to the side and taking control of the session. She pushed the younger girl down, straddled her head and planted her heated sex squarely in her face. The curly-haired brunette immediately began lapping loudly at Lisa's sopping cunt. Simultaneously Lisa spread the younger girl's legs and nestled her own face down into her crotch.

I absolutely marveled at the display of Sapphic love in front of me. My own wife, the one I knew so well, was furiously lapping away at another woman's cunt, while her own ass danced delightfully in the air to the rhythms of her lesbian lover's ministrations. Wondrous moments passed while they clutched at each other, the sounds of their heated groans and their wet sucking filled the room.

I recognized the sounds of Lisa's impending climax and watched the rippling muscles of her ass grow increasingly desperate in her search for release. Terri's legs were no longer planted in the bed as they had been moments before but were now shaking, wide-spread, in the air around Lisa's blonde hair. Terri's hands alternated between clutching Lisa's head down into her sex and gripping Lisa's heaving ass cheeks down into her own face.

Terri began moaning in the very throes of a climax, her legs shooting out even wider and then clasping down tight around Lisa's head. Her hips rutting firmly against her friend's face.

I glanced only briefly Ron's way, noting that he was apparently completely out, entirely spent from his previous exertions. I moved into place behind Lisa's sexy rear, knowing how much she needs to be filled during or just after her climax.

At my light touch on her hip, Lisa thrust her ass out behind, keeping her clit in contact with Terri's tongue but giving me full access to her drenched pussy.

What a sight! Lisa's sexy ass was pointed directly at me, her legs spread and her back arched in a way that thrust her pussy back at me. It was glistening and wet, smeared with her lubrications. All the way up and down, her thighs glowed with heated juice. And there, trapped between those thighs was Terri's pixie-like face, screwed up in a grimace of passion, going through her own mind-blowing orgasm.

Sensing Lisa's movements through her climactic haze, Terri's eyes flew open to see me intently watching her pleasure. My cock had been renewed by all this activity and bobbed and weaved hungrily just over her face. The expression in her eyes conveyed surprise and wonder and renewed lust even as her mouth continued to work my wife's sensitive love button.

Without any more delay, I brought my cock up to Lisa's exposed cunt. Terri's eyes widened even further as she realized what a front-row seat she was to have to this interaction. Literally under her nose, I pressed my hard rod against Lisa's proffered opening. A muffled moan of desire came from the other side of the bed. Terri's hands came around and helped spread Lisa's cuntlips wide while I steadied the gyrations of her ass with my hands on her hips.

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