Sharing a Room Ch. 05


Hearing the gasps and grunts Terri let escape as she valiantly struggled to accommodate my girth, I was thankful for her earlier declarations of desire for the pain. No one thought it was going to be easy, but without knowing how much she wanted this, I would have been uncomfortable putting her through it. Knowing that we understood her position also made it okay for her to be honest about what she was feeling, without holding back in fear we would misunderstand and stop altogether.

It was slow going, though, and took a fair amount of time to work my cock all the way in. The look of exultation on Lisa's face when I was finally fully sheathed could only have mirrored my own.

"Is it good, lover?" Lisa asked me.

"My cock has never been gripped so tight. It is amazing."

Finally, Terri spoke, "My gosh, it is huge! Give me a minute to adjust. The other guys who did me back there didn't have the length you've got."

"He's got a wonderful cock, doesn't he?"

"Oh, yes, ma'am. It's perfect."

"Does it still hurt?"

"Yes, ma'am. Like it's supposed to."

"You can take it," my wife encouraged her.

"I sure can!"

"You've waited long enough, stud," Lisa turned her attention back to me, returning Terri to her role as sex toy. "Let's see how much she can take. Start slow."

Slowly, deliberately, I extracted my cock from her rectum, watching her reluctant sphincter relinquish the hard-fought ground.

"Uuhhhh," Terri moaned in a long, heartfelt groan.

"Oh, yeah, big boy. That's it. Long stroke." Lisa coached, delighting in giving me this experience. "You want it. Ooh, that's good! Back in now. She wants it that way. You're fucking her. You're actually fucking her ass. What does it feel like?"

"Oh, man, it is tight! I feel the ring gripping around my shaft all the way to the base. I feel like I'm pushing way up insider her. I'm only going to last a couple strokes like this."

"Do her ass, then! Butt-fuck her. Fuck that ass hard."

I grabbed her hips and started pushing and pulling really hard. Terri cried out at the demands I was making on her poor bowels, but I didn't care. She was my sex toy, a piece of ass I was rudely fucking for my own pleasure. I only had eyes for my darling wife who had graciously arranged this incredible experience for me and all my love and devotion was focused on her. In contrast, all my lust and uncontrolled rutting was focused on the astronomically sexy ass that was pliantly receiving my ravaging thrusts.

She was too tight for me to work up any speed that I could describe as pounding. It was much more like a slow-motion ramming. But the sensations were exquisite and I held nothing back from being vocal and facially expressive to show my appreciation to my wife.

"That's it, baby," she cheered. "Cum in her ass! Dump a huge load way up in her bowels! Cum for me, baby!"

With a roar, I did just that, the tingling starting way down in my toes and rushed up to my loins. I thrust hard and deep into Terri's behind, my hips pressed tightly into the muscular cheeks of her butt. I grunted out each pulsing gush as it raced along the length of my shaft and poured out deep in her rectum. And I watched the love and joy on Lisa's face while I did it.

"Stay right there for a second, lover," Lisa cooed as she rolled, still nude, from the bed. She returned moments later with two washcloths. One, steaming hot she handed to me to clean myself as I withdrew and with the other, cool and refreshing, she gently began to soothe away the tears streaming down Terri's cheeks.

"Is that what you wanted, dear?" Lisa asked the trembling girl, my cock still well up her butt.

"Oh, my gosh, yes!" she exclaimed. "He tore me up!"

"That's what you fantasized about?"

"Exactly! That's what an ass-fucking is supposed to be."

"You are an amazing little slut," Lisa giggled and then smiled up at me.

"Ahhh!" Terri sighed, as I extracted my cock from her tiny ass, wiping it with the warm cloth as it came. Her asshole snapped shut as my head cleared and I pressed the washcloth soothingly against it. Lisa continued to stroke her hair and rinse the tears and sweat from her face.

Glancing across the room to the other bed, I saw Ron, wide-eyed, watching us attend his wife. Judging by his expression, I guessed that he hadn't slept much, witnessing nearly the whole episode. Whether he got a nap or not, he didn't object at all to our treatment of his wife and his cock had certainly rejuvenated.

Turning around our conversation from earlier, I asked, "Terri, would you be willing to share your husband's impressive cock with my wife? I'm thinking she's the only one that hasn't climaxed yet today, and a sample of that meat between her legs might be just what she needs."

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