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Sharing Anna


Please read Watching Anna before reading this story as it will have more understanding.


All the stories I plan to write are true events of what my wife Anna and I have done to date. Some details and descriptions will be changed to hopefully make the stories more erotic. Your comments would also be appreciated on how I can improve the way I write or tell the stories.

I knew I wouldn't divorce my wife for her infidelity once I had received counselling and confronted her. The counselling was more to help me understand why I wanted to see my wife being fucked by another man and how to handle it. Of course I was advised on how not to cross the boundaries of marriage and this fantasy in particular. My wife was being advised on her cheating.

Anna confessed it was her first time cheating on me and that it was a mixture of alcohol and being turned on by this guy. I believed her as she admitted that she was sorry but the situation was such a thrill. She even confessed that she found it an added thrill now knowing I was watching.

In my own thoughts I knew from what she had said she would probably cheat again no matter how sorry she may have felt. I think she just had that nature of being naughty in her. Then I on the other hand wanted to watch.

We decided to make the marriage work as everything else was fine up until that point. We both now knew what really turned us on and we either dealt with it or divorced, which neither of us really wanted.

Everything seemed to get back to normal and we had booked a week's all inclusive holiday to Cyprus. Our sex life was better than ever and we had started watching porn together, sharing fantasies and telling each other stories as we fucked. As you can guess they always involved Anna taking some strangers cock hard and deep.

We already agreed that we would try and get some guy back to our hotel with us in Cyprus and Anna had bought some right sexy outfits. I couldn't wait.

We arrived at our hotel early evening so quickly got showered and changed ready for dinner. As it was our first night we dressed casual but Anna always looked hot no matter what she wore. Anna put on a sexy matching pair of white panties and bra with a red summer dress and sandals. After our meal we headed into the bar for a quiet drink.

After sampling a few cocktails two young Irish guys approached us at the bar and started chatting. They pulled up a stool each and we a good laugh. During the usual chatter holiday makers have when getting to know each other I could see these two guys paying extra attention to my wife. I could tell this was making her hot and I think they could too, but they were respectable about it. After a few hours we said our goodbyes and retired to our room where we had some hard drunken sex.

I was teasing my wife about the two Irish guys as I fucked her hard to orgasm. Very soon I was filling her pussy with hot cum before we fell asleep.

The next day we were up nice and early despite the cocktail hangover. We made our way to the pool where my wife had decided to wear a very sexy white bikini. It unhooked from the front so the style of it pushed her breasts up together giving an amazing cleavage which didn't go un-noticed around the pool. Anna wasted no time in going topless which is something she has always done. I knew that several cocks would be getting hard around the pool, including mine, as she squirted sun cream into her breasts and rubbed it in slowly. I laughed calling her a tease as she played the innocent act.

After a few hours by the pool our two Irish friends called over from the bar as they brought two cocktails for us. They didn't say anything but their faces said it all when they got a close up of my wife sunbathing topless. They pulled up a chair each and started talking about their morning on the jet skis. They were great guys very friendly and funny and although my wife and I knew what they wanted they were always polite and respectful.

Our holiday continued like this for a few days meeting the guys who were called Connor and Ryan for drinks. Or rather they would invite themselves. It made for great sex though as we both got turned on having these two young guys lusting after my wife as I sat with her.

We had confessed to each other that we both wanted these two guys to fuck Anna and we knew they would be up for it too. The fact it was two guys just turned us on even more. We tried to sort out how we could go about it as neither of us felt comfortable just making it obvious we were willing to swing. So for the last night we decided to check out the local night life and just see what happens.

When I came out of the shower Anna greeted me with a what do you think look. I have never seen her look so beautiful since our wedding day. She stood in a short white strapless dress with a string halter neckline that tied up behind her neck. You could see she had no bra on but her breasts sat firm and the material covered her nipples. The dress was about six inches above her knee and she was wearing white strap heels. The dress really complimented her tan. She smiled at me as she lifted the hem off her dress up revealing a sexy white thong. Dropping the hem of the dress she pushed her blonde curly locks behind her shoulder and placed a cigarette between her lips. I wanted to fuck her right there and then.

We got pulled into every bar we passed for free shots as we quickly began to feel the effects of the alcohol. We had several dances before and drinks before we decided to head back to the hotel.

When we entered the bar Connor was sat on his own and Anna walked straight over to him and sat on the stool as she ordered our drinks. I pulled up another seat just as Ryan returned from the toilet. The guys complimented Anna on how she looked which no doubt turned her on.

The bar was closing as we finished off our drinks and Connor invited us to their room for a goodbye drink. Ryan grabbed my wife's hand as she turned to me for approval; I just nodded and followed the three of them.

Once we entered their room Connor put on some music as Ryan made us all a drink. Ryan then grabbed my wife and started dancing with her as Connor sat beside me on the sofa.

"Hope you don't me saying but your wife is one hot gal." Connor said.

Laughing I assured him it was ok and I took no offence. Quite the opposite I thought.

Anna put her arms around Ryan's neck as he rested his on her waist. He soon copped a feel of her arse and when she offered no resistance he placed both of his hands onto her arse cupping her cheeks. I noticed Connor looking at me out the corner of his eye, probably looking for my reaction.

When the song finished Connor jumped up claiming it to be his turn. We all laughed as Ryan then joined me on the sofa. We sat there saying nothing as we drank our drinks watching Connor now feeling up my wife's arse. I looked at Ryan and could see the lust in his eyes as he never took his eyes from Anna. Connor was trying to grind his hips into Anna's groin but she kept giggling as she pulled away, but his hands remained firmly on her arse.

Again the song ended and I quickly jumped up and grabbed Anna as the guys sat and watched. Dancing with my wife I asked her if she wanted this to happen. I could see the two guys quietly chatting with excitement. As I held Anna close to me I turned her back to the guys and slowly pulled her dress up revealing her arse cheeks to them. They sat wide mouthed in shock as Anna whispered naughty into my ear. I knew they were staring at her beautiful arse cheeks with the thin white string of the thong disappearing between them. I dropped the dress and moved my hands up to cup her breasts through the dress. She was incredibly turned on and tonight we knew what would happen.

The third song ended and I made another round of drinks as Ryan took his place with Anna once more. I handed Connor his drink.

"Are you ok with this Dan? Connor said.

"Ok with what?" I said laughing.

He didn't say anything; instead he nodded at Ryan and my wife. I turned round to see Ryan with his tongue rammed down my wife's throat.

"She's a big girl and can look after herself." I said.

Connor stood up and walked towards them placing his hands on my wife's waist from behind. As Ryan broke the kiss both guys began kissing opposite sides of my wife's neck. My cock was now very erect as Connor began slowly pulling the string behind my wife's neck. Once it was untied he let go and ran his hands up the sides of her legs and under her dress. At the same time Ryan gently pulled down the top of Anna's dress revealing her firm 32C bust. All this was happening as both guys continued kissing her neck.

As my wife's dressed bunched up over Connors hands I could see one of his thumbs hooked into the side of her thong. I had no choice but to pull down my shorts and free my cock as Connor squatted down pulling my wife's thong with him. Anna gave out a loud sigh as she caught her breath and Ryan began caressing and kissing her breasts.

Anna looked so sexy and slutty with a guy either side of her. One kissing and holding her breasts as the other kissed the backs of her legs and arse as he held the dress up. The dress now looked like a thin white piece of material wrapped around her lower body as she stood in her heels.

The excitement was getting too much for me as I grabbed a cigarette to calm my nerves. I hadn't smoked in over four years and the nicotine rush hit me hard as I grabbed my aching cock.

Ryan then let go of Anna's breasts and knelt down on the floor pulling her dress with him before parting her legs slightly. Connor then stood back up and cupped her breasts from behind as Ryan slid a finger into her pussy and began to lick her clit. The sexual tension must have been too much as within seconds Connor was supporting my wife as she bucked on Ryan's finger and tongue.

Once Anna had composed herself Ryan stood back up and gently pushed down on Anna's shoulder. as she dropped to her knees both guys dropped their shorts and boxers revealing very hard cocks.

It was like watching a porno as my kneeling wife held a cock in each hand. Ryan was first to sample her skills as she took him deep into her mouth. She had her eyes closed as she moaned with his cock in her mouth. Both had a handful of her blonde locks and gently pulled her back and forth making sure they made good use of her mouth.

After a few minutes of this they led her to the bed and Ryan climbed between her legs as Connor knelt at her head throwing Ryan a condom. He couldn't get it on quick enough, but once it was on he rammed it straight into my wife's body. Anna groaned in pleasure as Ryan set about fucking her hard and had to take Connors cock from her mouth to gasp for air. Anna couldn't suck on Connors cock due to the pounding Ryan was giving her, so Connor positioned himself over her chest and she held her breasts together as Connor slid his cock between them. Both guys were now really assaulting her body and Anna started cumming violently. Her screams of pleasure filled the room before she asked the guys to swap.

Connor got Anna to roll the condom down his cock using her mouth before bending her over. Ryan lay on the bed for Anna to suck his cock as Connor slid into her pussy from behind. Connor fucked Anna with less aggression as she enjoyed the cock in front of her. I watched my wife enjoy another two orgasms from this position before both guys signalled they were going to cum. They quickly stood up and Anna sat on the end of the bed as Connor removed his condom. She sat rubbing her breasts with both hands as the two of them wanked furiously at their target. Connor unloaded first shooting a huge load covering most of both breasts. Anna smiled up at him as she rubbed the cream into her skin before Ryan closely followed with his load. He aimed a little higher, probably on purpose, as his first jet landed across her chin, mouth and cheek before coating her neck with the rest.

They both then took a leg each as they pushed her back onto the bed and I was ready cock in hand to fill her pussy. I took my position between her spread legs and pushed my cock in deep. I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could. With all the excitement of watching I quickly felt my cock pulsate inside her womb and we came together as I filled her with my hot cum.

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