tagBDSMSharing Ch. 01

Sharing Ch. 01


A Gulfstream jet began it's descent into Kauai's airport.

"We will be landing in 15 minutes, Ms Carlye." The pilot said on the intercom.

"Thank you," as she finished her drink. Vanessa Caryle was trying to relax something she had never been successful at. Called the female Steve Jobs she had been forced out of the company she created. Like Jobs her personality grated on to many people. With enough money to live for the rest of her life, she left L.A and was hoping to figure out her next step in life.

The plane land and the blond with the model looks disembarked. Near by a red haired woman sat on the hood of a custom Porsche.

"Vanessa!" she waved.

"Amy," she ran over to her and embraced her former room mate. Amy who had developed some unique bio pharmaceutical had relocated here. When she heard what happened she urged Vanessa to take a vacation in paradise.

"Climb in, I'll have your stuff brought over."

Vanessa barely got seated before Amy floored her sports car.

"Are you nuts.!?"

"Life is to short, you need to loosen up. "Amy replied.

They arrived at Amy Lanai overlooking a deserted beach.

"I bought an acre and have an agreement with the state. No more development and I get seclusion."


Leading her to the sofa, "What about you.?"

I don't know." Vanessa replied. "I have no idea to put my energies. I can't believe they forced me out."

"As your best friend, " Amy told her. "I'm going to give you some facts. You are a control freak who has to have everything her own way.


"Quiet, you were the same way in school and that's why you could never make a relationship work."

Vanessa at down and started crying, "You're right!"

"You need to let go."


"Have you ever let someone lead and not make any decision."

"No of course not."

Amy grabbed her chin, "I was the same way. You are on vacation would you like to try something new?"



"Does that mean what I think?"

"Don't worry you wont be a slave permanently but for a short time you won't make decisions."

"Amy we have both gone both ways. But I don't think I could take you giving me orders."

"Not to start certainly, and I'm not sure I could. But I pay a discreet man to put me through my paces. After it's all over. I feel so much better." She looked at her friend. "You are going to drive yourself to an early grave if you don't do something."

Vanessa thought for a moment, "I'll try it."


Carson her Dom came in with a large satchel. The sexual magnetism he had was apparent. Bald he looked like a combination of Patrick Stewart and Yul Bruner.

"Before we begin Vanessa, I want you to understand the rules."

The blond nodded.

"You are giving me control of your body. All decision are mine, you will feel pain, I may tie you up and you will be serviced sexually and you will satisfy my sexual needs. You will be given a safe word incase it becomes to intense. You will address me as Sir or Master when the session start."

"Yes," she hesitated "Master.'

"I know this is new for you and I will take into account.. He looked over to Amy. "Are you going to participate?"

"Not to start sir," Amy replied. "Vanessa will feel more comfortable if I could put a stop to this."

"Very well, Vanessa strip.!"


Carson brought out a whip, "Don't make me tell you again slut."

Vanessa began taking off her clothes.

"Slower," he instructed. "Give me a show."

Vanessa slowly unhooked her bra and than step out of her panties.

"Spread your legs, hands behind your back." Carson began examining her squeezing her breast and playing with her hair. "You like that don't you."

"Yes sir."

"Not yet," He bent her over. "You still think you have control." He began spanking her.


"You forgot something," whipping her with the strap.

"Sorry Master."

"You re getting wet. But you are not to cum until I say so!" Carson began a figure 8 pattern.

"Yes Master."

"On your knees." He tied her hands. "Now rich bitch you are going to suck my cock."

"Vanessa saw it was enormous and began her oral servitude.

"That's it, payback for your faulty and over priced soft ware." He looked over to the red head. "Amy why don't you strip, I want to see your luscious body."

"Yes Master," as the red head obeyed.

Carson came on Vanessa's face.

"Thank you Master."

He untied her, "Now on your back, Amy you opposite her pussy to pussy."

"Yes Master", they chorused.

Carson position a large vibrator and taped it two them. Then stretched their arm and tied those as well.

" I am going to enjoy a glass of wine from your stock." He smiled ,"have fun girls."

Amy grinned at Vanessa, "Well?"

"This is intense, how long as he going to keep us like this."

"Until he decides we are ready" was her reply

"I am begging to see your view on this."

"Good, because I've missed having sex with a woman."

"You, but your rich and hot.. Surely...

"Come on," Amy sighed in satisfaction. "When you are in our position how do we know if someone wants us for our money or our selves. "

"That is why you have me" Carson came back with a glass of wine. Kneeling beside both. He gave a sip to both of his slave.. "Now cum!"

Their pent up wait caused them both to orgasm explosively.

"Thank you Master, thank you Amy for introducing me to Master Carson ."Vanessa said gratefully.

"You are welcome pet", Carson said. "Now I want you two to try something?"

"Which is." Paula asked.

"He held up a coin, "One of you is going to Dom the other. Call it."

To be continued.

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