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Sharing Everything


Bill and Ben had lived next door to one another since the housing estate had been opened, some 15 years ago. They were the best of friends and spent all of their waking hours together. They were the same age – at least almost – their birthdays were only 5 days apart. They had gone to school together and been in the same classes all throughout their schooling. When it came time to leave school they both applied for their first jobs with a pizza joint and did the deliveries. They were inseparable.

They went out with their first girl, Heather, when they were 15. Heather was only 14 but seemed as though she was much older. When they had been to the pictures with Heather and were heading home through a park, Bill began to explain to Heather about their pact. He told her they had made a pact whilst they were still at school that they would always share everything! Heather asked what that meant. Bill simply said, “Heather, this means that if I fuck you, then Ben has to fuck you too!”

Heather was quite startled by this as she had the hots for Bill but not for Ben! As they walked along the path leading to one of the many shelter sheds around the park, Bill edged Heather into the darkened interior and sat her up on the bench which was usually used for eating meals when visitors came to the park. At least it was sheltered although the building only had 3 sides. Once Heather was sitting on the bench with her legs dangling over the edge, Bill moved up to her and, parting her legs, moved between them. He began kissing Heather and she kissed back. Soon they were becoming very excited.

He broke off the kisses long enough to begin undoing the buttons on her blouse. When they were all undone and her blouse pulled down her arms, she was sitting on the table with just her small bra on her upper body. He began kissing her neck and her chest just above the bra. He then reached around her and skillfully undid the clip on her bra. This soon followed the blouse. Now she was sitting there with her breasts exposed. They weren’t very large breasts but never-the-less they were very pert and pointed. Her nipples were very dark and not yet pointy.

Bill began kissing her nipples and breasts and soon Heather began moaning with passion. Next Bill reached around her back to her catch on her skirt. He undid the catch and pulled down the zipper. Heather was extremely turned on and moved her behind off the table to allow him to pull her skirt down her legs. Now she was sitting there with only a small pair of panties. Bill moved his hands up her legs and stroked her thighs until she increased her moaning and spread her legs further apart. She was very turned on now. Bill moved his hand to the elastic at the leg of her panties and wriggled his finger inside. He soon found her very wet cunt and quickly moved his fingers inside her. Heather was past caring what was happening to her now. Bill soon hooked his fingers in the top of her panties and pulled them off her body. Now Heather was completely naked in front of him.

After playing with her for several minutes, he moved back enough to undo and drop his jeans around his feet. His underpants followed his jeans and now he was holding his long cock in his hand while still playing with Heather’s clit. He took her hand and moved it down to his cock. Heather took it into her hand and began rubbing it straight away. As soon as it was completely hard, he moved between her legs, rubbed his cock against her pussy lips and when she was not stopping him, he pushed forward and his cock entered her cunt. Heather pulled him towards her making him enter completely and then he began his pumping until she screamed and tensed up and he shot his load into her cunt! He had fucked his first girl! Heather kept hanging on to Bill and kept telling him how much she loved him! It was to no avail. Bill pulled out of her and stepped back. It was then that Ben moved between her legs! Heather had completely forgotten about Ben being there watching them fuck. Ben’s hard cock was soon inside Heather’s cunt, even before she realized that was what he was going to do! She yelled for Bill to make him stop – it was Bill she loved and not Ben – but there was no way Ben could stop even if he wanted to, and he didn’t! He came into Heather with a great burst of speed and he too had had his first woman! Heather was very upset and told Ben just what she thought of him. Bill explained to her that they shared everything and that was that.

Heather refused to go out with the two boys again! She loved Bill but certainly didn’t want to share herself with Ben! Bill couldn’t have cared less – his mate was more important than any girl!

After that there was a parade of girls who went out with the two boys. The boys were very handsome young men and they had no difficulty in finding girls to go out with them. It was always understood that if a girl allowed one of the boys to fuck her, then the other was allowed to fuck her too. Many of the girls objected to this treatment but it didn’t matter to the boys. They just both fucked the girl whether she liked it or not.

Even when they found new jobs from the pizza delivery they were together and continued being together all the time. Later when they were a bit older they found a suitable flat and shared this together. They were always making fresh conquests and most of the girls thought it fun to share both of the boys. The boys were very tough on some of the girls and although a couple of them screamed rape, nothing came of it. The boys also refused to wear condoms. They simply told the girls that it was their responsibility to avoid getting pregnant. A lot of the girls were on the pill anyway but some of them had a worrying time until their next period began!

Their first car was bought between them and they shared the driving and the expenses. Once they had wheels they were able to collect more girls and again they shared every one of them. Some of the girls put up quite a struggle but they were still fucked by both of the boys.

Disaster struck one evening when they had picked up a beautiful girl at a bar they had been drinking at. She was a really nice girl and, when they offered her a ride home she somewhat reluctantly accepted their offer. It didn’t take long before it became obvious to the boys that she preferred Bill. She was sitting between the boys on the front seat and Ben was driving. Bill began playing with this girl, Helen, and soon had her blouse undone and was playing with her tits. She allowed him to feel her up and when he eventually managed to get his hand inside her panties, he found she was very wet and aroused. Bill told Ben to drive slowly and find a spot to park the car. Bill then, while they were still driving around, told Helen to climb over the back of the front seat and move to the back seat. She didn’t hesitate and soon he followed her. He had copped a good feel of her as she was climbing over the seat and at the same time he pulled her panties off her. He quickly removed the rest of her clothes in the back of the car and then she was naked. He played with her and soon she was begging him to fuck her! She wasn’t such a quiet girl after all. By this time he was quite hard and soon stripped his clothes off.

He didn’t delay the action with more foreplay; he simply laid her out along the back seat, spread her legs and entered her! She didn’t hold back and they fucked in real style! This was the first time Bill had fucked any girl while the car was moving and he thought it added to the excitement. Eventually Ben found a dark and isolated parking spot and stopped the car and switched the engine off. He then climbed over the front seat having first removed all of his clothes and dropped down on a surprised Helen! She vehemently objected to having Ben in the back with her and Bill and she screamed at him. He proceeded to explain to her that they shared everything and that included beautiful girls.

Bill, by this time had climbed back over to the front seat and was sitting there watching Ben prepare to fuck Helen! Although Helen screamed and yelled at Ben, she was no match for him and he soon had her legs parted and had shoved his hard cock into her cunt! She was screaming rape and fought him bitterly but it was no use, he just continued to fuck her!

When he had shot his load into her, he got off of her and told her what a stupid bitch she was making all that fuss about nothing! By this time, Helen was crying and sobbing loudly in the back of the car. Bill asked her where she lived and he would drive her home. He was becoming worried about her crying so much and screaming rape at Ben! She told him to drive her immediately to a police station and she would report Ben! Bill did his best to quieten her down but nothing he said would help.

By this time, Bill was very worried and Ben wasn’t feeling too happy either. They tried to explain that they shared everything but she wouldn’t listen to them. She kept on sobbing to herself. Eventually Bill found her purse and when he looked inside he found her driver’s license and her address. He then drove towards her home. When they arrived at the neat modern suburban home, they pleaded with her not to be silly but nothing would calm her and she told them she was going to report them for rape.

Unfortunately Helen knew both of their names and where they had their flat. She also knew the registration number of their car! They really began to worry. Helen would not give up crying and so they opened the door and she climbed out, now fully dressed.

Bill and Ben returned home – it was quite late – and started talking about what might happen. They wondered if Helen had just put on a performance to upset them and they hoped that was all it was. They learned very quickly about 30 minutes later when there was a knock at their flat door and they were confronted by two burly policemen. Ironically enough, they only asked for Ben! They explained Helen had only reported being raped by Ben. She had told the police she had quite happily had sex with Bill and was not upset about that, but Ben had raped her despite her pleas and now she was pressing rape charges against Ben! The two boys couldn’t believe it had come to this.

The policemen arrested Ben and told him her would be charged with rape. He was terribly upset and so was Bill. Bill wanted to accompany Ben and the police to the station but they wouldn’t allow him to go with them. He quickly got their car out and followed the police car to the station.

Once inside the charges were laid against Ben and despite the boy’s stories about Helen, the police wouldn’t drop the charges. It was there too they met Helen and her parents because they were there to lay the charge against Ben and also for her statements to be taken. She spoke kindly to Bill but became very upset when any mention was made of Ben. She told Bill he was in the clear and she wouldn’t press any charges against him! Helen’s parents seemed to be quite nice people and didn’t seem to have any grudge against Bill but they were helping to throw the full force of the law against Ben! In fact they spoke very kindly to Bill and seemed to make him welcome. Bill was bewildered as he didn’t know what to do. He liked Helen, even though her had only met her tonight, but he wanted to be loyal to his mate.

Sufficient to say the court case continued and Ben was sentenced to 4 years jail for the rape! The court was rather lenient with Ben because of the fact Helen had fucked Bill quite willingly beforehand! Bill was devastated at losing his mate for 4 years!

He visited Ben regularly but it just wasn’t the same – he had lost his mate!

Bill had nothing more to do with Helen. Despite the fact she liked him and told him she loved him, he couldn’t get out of his mind that she had been silly enough to have Ben locked up! It was the end of Bill and Helen.

Over the next 2 years, Bill continued to take out girls as regularly as he could but always a different girl. He was also very careful when he fucked them because he didn’t want any repeat performance like Ben. Most of the girls were willing to fuck Bill and he had many a good time with these girls but he couldn’t get Ben out of his mind. His visits continued and he was a constant visitor once every month (the most he could visit) and had to be careful how he told Ben about his exploits. It was obvious Ben wasn’t getting any sex in jail and he didn’t want to seem as if he was bragging about his exploits.

It was about this time that he met a different type of girl. This girl, called Beth, was a very quiet homely sort of girl and one he was immediately attracted to. He made no attempt to fuck her on their first outing. In fact, quite the opposite, he simply held her hand and talked for a long time. He didn’t even attempt to kiss her until he was dropping her off at her home. She leaned forward and they kissed a very soft kiss and she said goodnight and went inside. He couldn’t wait to go out with her next time! They became lovers after about the 3rd date and their love grew. Beth was a very good girl and hadn’t been around boys before. She was a virgin and strangely enough Bill didn’t want to fuck her until she was quite ready. It was really strange for Bill. Well the romance continued and after about 6 months they became engaged and had set a date for the wedding. It was to be a small affair and would only include a few of their closest friends and relatives for the wedding.

Bill had told Ben about his romance and Ben had been very quiet about the news. He was obviously very upset and Bill’s good fortune. Just a few weeks before their wedding day, Beth relaxed a lot and soon they were petting at a great rate. It led them on to more intimate dealings with one another and at last Beth asked Bill to fuck her! Bill couldn’t believe his luck and so they fucked very carefully in his flat. It was all his now while Ben was still in jail. They fully enjoyed their first sexual adventure together and this bound them even more closely.

At last the wedding was over and they left their friends and headed back to their flat. Their lovemaking was wonderful and Bill was so pleased he had found such a wonderful wife!

Bill didn’t want to take Beth to the jail to see Ben so he told her all about the problem they had had with Helen and what had happened to Ben! Beth seemed to understand and told Bill to go and see Ben by himself – she understood!

When Bill visited Ben, he found a rather different Ben! Now Ben seemed to be morose and didn’t want to hear anything about Bill’s wedding! He told Bill to shut up and didn’t want to see a photograph of Beth at all! He kept grumbling it wasn’t fair to be still in jail. He still had almost a year to serve and it seemed to be a very long time away! Ben also upset Bill by saying he had no right to be using their flat as his own and he and Beth should find their own place. He also ranted on about their car! He wanted half of the money for the car. This was very strange behavior by Ben – they had always been such good friends. Ben finally told Bill he didn’t want him to visit him any more and he would collect his share of things when he got out!

Bill was very sad at Ben’s outburst and it worried him quite a lot. When he returned home to Beth she could see he was upset. She tried to help Bill but nothing she could say seemed to cheer him up. Something deep was worrying him and she thought she had better leave it alone and hope it would go away by itself. They made love on a regular basis and loved one another very much.

They had both settled well into married life and were a very devoted couple. They loved each other so much they didn’t want anything to come between them. Gradually Bill seemed to come out of his depression and life seemed to get back to normal.

One Saturday morning when they had just finished their breakfast after their early morning sex session, there was a knock at their door. They were still in the flat because they hadn’t been able to find any better accommodation. When Bill opened the door, his mate Ben was standing there! Bill tried to welcome Ben by hugging him but Ben stepped back and wouldn’t have anything to do with Bill.

When he eventually moved inside, Bill introduced him to Beth and, although Beth tried to welcome him, he was very standoffish and wouldn’t communicate with Beth other than to grunt in her direction. Despite Bill’s attempts to talk to Ben, there seemed very little scope for civil conversation.

Ben demanded his share of the car and, as Bill was ready for that, he handed the car keys to Ben and told him the whole car was his! That didn’t seem to appease Ben much at all. He continued to demand some of the things which they had shared in the flat before his jail term. When it seemed that they were able to settle their shares of property, he then dropped his bombshell! Ben simply told Bill he was here for his share of Beth and it would be best if Bill simply left the flat for 2 days while he collected his share of her!

Bill was terribly upset by Ben’s demand and told him to piss off and never come back again! Ben wasn’t put off at all and reminded Bill of their pact made years before where they agreed to always share their women with each other! Bill wouldn’t relent at all and kept telling Ben to leave and he wouldn’t share Beth with anyone! Ben was becoming very agitated and Bill told him to get out! Eventually he did leave but told Bill and Beth he was coming back to collect and that was that! He would use whatever force was necessary to collect his share of Beth.

All of this completely freaked out Beth and she was very worried about Ben. She couldn’t understand how Bill could have had a rotten mate like that as his friend. Bill tried to explain how Ben had changed so much in jail but it didn’t change Beth’s idea of Ben at all. They both found they couldn’t sleep that night and Bill didn’t want to leave Beth at home while he went to work.

Unfortunately they didn’t have very long to wait for trouble. The very next evening while Bill and Beth were eating their evening meal, there was a loud knock at their door. Bill very carefully opened the door but it was shoved violently in his face when he released the catch and Ben and 3 other very nasty looking men came into the room! Ben sneered at Bill and told him he had a couple of his new mates from prison to help him take his share of Beth! Beth began screaming and Bill tried valiantly to defend his wife, but he was no match for Ben and his cronies.

They quickly grabbed Bill and held his arms behind his back. They produced rope and bound him up very firmly and placed tape across his mouth. They then grabbed Beth and held her too, but decided it wouldn’t be a good idea to tie her up just then, they would have to get her clothes off first! Bill fought bravely but to no avail. He was eventually hit over the head with a thick stick the men had brought with them and he momentarily lost consciousness. When he came to, he saw his wife being held by they 4 men and her clothes were being removed from her body. At present she was naked to the waist and they were removing her skirt. The men were playing with her breasts and squeezing her nipples, but she couldn’t do much about it because there were so many of them and they had taped her mouth closed! Her protests were ignored.

Bill attempted to protest but his actions were futile because he couldn’t move himself to help Beth. Ben came over to Bill and said, “Bill, when we made our pact to share everything between us, that was never revoked. Our agreement still stands! I have spent a long time in prison and have dreamt of sharing everything with you again. I didn’t know too much about your pretty little wife but now that I have met her, I am delighted to be able to share her with you! My friends have not come here today to fuck your little wife, although they may cop a very good feel of her luscious body – they have come here to make it easier for me to share her with you! They have now done their job and apart from a feel now and again they will leave her alone! You don’t mind sharing your pretty little wife with your best mate, do you? Well Bill, just sit back and watch me! I know I had to cop it when I raped Helen. She turned out to be a real horny bitch – she wanted to be fucked by you but not by me and she should have known we share everything!”

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