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Sharing Him


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They carried on their conversation as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on. As if she wasn't sitting on a chair, shirt undone, with her face inches from a semi-erect penis. As if there wasn't a nude man standing in our living room, his manhood beginning to swell. I saw her glance at his crotch a few times as they spoke, and I knew that although we were all aware of what was about to happen, it would need some help to get things started.

I moved to them, the sexual tension was thick, and they seemed to be trying to ignore it. I put my hands on her head, leaned down and kissed her full lips, then straightened and guided her to a place where there could be no doubt about what should happen next. She knew, and it was an amazing thing to watch. Her hand raised and lifter his penis, her eyes closed and she took him into her mouth. Silently she began sucking him. The moment was so powerfully erotic I had to look away or I knew I would cum. I moved away from them and collected myself. Once I was ready, I looked back and saw my wife seated on our chair, her eyes closed, with this man standing before her. It was beautiful, and natural, and so intensely erotic to see them joined that way. He stood looking down at her, his hands guiding her movement as he thrust slowly into her mouth. She held his thigh with one hand, and his low hanging scrotum with the other. Cradling it carefully as if she didn't want it to become unsettled. It was more than an acceptance of his manhood into herself, or a submission to him, she was a needing the connection, and loving the tender and gentle way he was touching her.

His cock slid free of her lips, bouncing upward, erect and shinning with wetness. The shaft was showing thick veins, and it strained upward as the dark colored head flared in reaction tot the sudden change in temperature from the warmth of her mouth to the cool air. He looked down with a kind smile and lowered his erect penis back to a place where she could take it in her mouth again. She did so with an excitement and need had seldom seen in her. She began sucking again. He began moving again. They were connected once again in a way only they could know at that moment. He closed his eyes and concentrated on her, on the sensations and warmth she was giving.

I watched them for a few more moments before going to her and sitting behind her, so she was between my knees, her back on my chest. I watched over her shoulder as they continued. Reaching around I unbuttoned her shirt completely, removing it and drawing a moan from her as my fingers brushed her nipples through the thin material of her bra. I released the hooks that held the bra together and cupped her breasts as the bra fell from her. The weight and round fullness were familiar in my palms, and I felt her nipples harden as I squeezed them gently. I held her against me, feeling her warm, bare skin on mine as he held her head, fingers in her dark curls, guiding her as he drove his cock into her mouth.

I heard a muffled gasp as she took him deep, his glans entering her throat, her chin pressing into his balls. He held her there for a moment, savoring the intensity of the true deep-throat. I moved my hands as her breasts flattened against his thighs. He moved back, sliding almost free of her lips before she took him deep again. This time they both moaned, as I knew he had to be close. She withdrew and grasped his cock in her hand as she worked her lips down the side of it to the base. The wide, flaring head came within an inch of my face as she moved to such and lick his balls. I saw the dark hole on the tip and the cock sprang upward as she released it, taking one of his balls into her mouth. I noticed his balls were pulled up tight to the base of his cock. He would cum soon. She pulled his cock back down as she worked her way up the shaft, then with a sideways glance at me she pointed him directly at my mouth, looked into my eyes and down at his cock, indicating I should act.

I swiped at his penis with my tongue, collecting the clear drop of pre-come that had formed there. I took the head in my mouth for one quick, hard suck, and then released him back to her. My hands found her nipples again and that's when I realized that not a word had been spoken. None needed to be.

She was pulling his hips forward now, encouraging him to move faster, deeper. He held her head and complied with her needs, her quick moans sounding like a repeated confirmation - "mm-hmm, mm-hmm" over and over as she seemed to be nearing the finish line in a race, her goal in sight. She sucked hard and just as he tensed, holding her still, his cock only half in her mouth, I saw her fingers press hard at the place behind his scrotum. Her timing was impeccable.

Hi cock jumped in her mouth. I could see it throbbing, releasing his semen to her. I counted seven throbs before he began to relax and started to withdraw. She turned her head, and moved closer to him so that his still erect cock came to me. I saw a drop of pearly white liquid on the tip and without hesitation I opened my mouth, took him between my lips and sucked the last few drops from him before he pulled back, and stepped away. I opened my eyes in time to see my wife turn to me offering her wet mouth to me. Just as I moved to taste her lips I closed my eyes, but not before I glimpsed what she had for me. Her mouth was glistening with his sperm, and I couldn't see her tongue due to the deep pool of white semen that filled her mouth. I was overcome with the excitement of what was about to happen.

The kiss was intense, deep and all consuming. My tongue searched for hers through a sea of warm, salty cum. Sharing his load with my beautiful wife was such an intimate moment - I never wanted it to end. We drank his sperm as our mouths pressed together, finally breaking the kiss when it was all divided. We looked into each other's eyes as we each swallowed. Leaning back into me, we stayed like that, holding her, until my need became too great. I turned her, lifter her, and positioning her opening at my painfully erect cock, slid inside her as she rested down on to me. Our coupling was so intense, so deep, that I felt her orgasm as soon as she came to rest, my penis fully inside her, our tongues seeking each other again. I had forgotten about our guest, and he came back into view as he stepped forward, offering his flaccid, but hardening cock to us, slipping himself between our lips. I felt myself shift slightly inside my wife, the sensation exquisite, as we began to kiss his penis, and each other. Sharing him, we moved along the shaft until meeting at the tip, she pushed him into my mouth with her tongue. He slid forward and buried himself in my throat. I opened my eyes and saw my wife gazing at me lovingly as I sucked her lover. He used my mouth and thrust in deeply, withdrawing until just the tip remained between my lips and thrust back again. He was in a frenzy, and I didn't know what had driven him to that point, but I was eager to help him with his need.

I had turned to allow him easier access to my mouth, and he had taken hold of my head, much like he had my wife. His penis was ragingly erect now and I was sucking it as best I could, not nearly as well, or as erotically as my wife had done, but trying to keep up with him as he drove himself to his ultimate goal. My wife smoothed my hair, and helped guide me to take him more effectively until he withdrew and pointed him self at me, stroking his cock feverishly. I opened my mouth to accept his spend, which seemed like the natural move, and as my wife reached up to hold his tightening balls, he cried out as the first stream of semen sprang from his purple, raging cock. The spurt slipped across my face, and was hot as it lashed my cheek. I quickly took his spurting cock in my mouth to capture the rest of his warm, white release.

He responded by holding my head perfectly still as he drained his balls onto my tongue. The salty liquid pooling there, making me want to swallow, but I knew I needed to wait. He completed his task and had delivered his sweet sperm to me, and withdrawing (after I squeezed the remaining fluid form his wilting shaft) left me alone with my wife. Her kiss was so sudden, so unexpected that I was surprised. We again shared his seed, and the kiss seemed to last for hours as she licked his spend from my face, and from my mouth. I hadn't been paying attention during the intense act of fellatio, but I realized the situation - my hard cock inside my beautiful wife, us sharing the semen of her lover, and that was all it took. I came hard and long inside of her, adding my load to the copious amount of sperm already in her at the moment.

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