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Sharing His Student


Author's note: Welcome to my latest story! It's been awhile since I ventured into the fun world of group sex (my last story here was "Neighbor's Naughty Daughter" which placed in the 2013 Summer loving contest.) So seeing the fans here have been so good to me (it was my second Win and the previous was also in this section "Ashley's Special Gift) far be it from me to stay away for too long. Read on and hopefully enjoy! Lovecraft68


"Hmmm, you like that pussy don't you sweetie?" I asked, breathlessly watching the pretty little blue-eyed blond lying between my thighs.

"Y...yes ma'am," she whispered, her eyes wide and her lip trembling as she tentatively flicked her pink tongue across my swollen clit.

"Then show me honey," Reaching down, I grabbed her hair, "Don't tease it, lick it!"

Her reply became a muffled yelp, when I lifted my hips, shoving my pussy into her face, while holding her head still.

"That's it!" I moaned as her tongue started working against my swollen flesh, "Suck that pussy! Look at you, you naughty little girl, licking a married woman's pussy!"

"While she gets fucked by her husband." Rob said kneeling on the bed behind her.

"Oh, yes!" I licked my lips at sight of his hard thick cock that he was currently slapping against our little friend's ass. "Shove that cock in that tight little pussy!"

She squealed between my legs as Rob eased his sizable cock into her tight pink pussy. Her squeal turned into a series of yelps when he began to fuck her. She was squirming between my legs and doing more yelping than licking. That wouldn't do, so lifting my legs, I draped them across her back and crossed my ankles, pinning her face to my yearning pussy.

Rob removed his hands from her hips and grabbing my ankles, held them tightly as he started fucking her harder. "Take that cock," I moaned, "You know you love it honey, now be a good girl and lick my pussy, make us both cum for you!"

Whether my words turned her on, or she just wanted to try to get out from between my legs, our little blonde playmate stopped wiggling around and was now attacking my pussy with a vengeance. I moaned loudly as her tongue swirled across my clit and my hips rocked into her face.

"There you go baby," Rob called out, "Come for her, show us what a good little girl she's being!"

Rob was gasping and I could tell he was getting close as well. That was okay though, after we both came, it would be her turn; we'd lay her back and suck on her tits and pussy, fondle her and get her off, by then Rob would be hard again and would fuck me next and....

I gasped as I felt my orgasm beginning to race through me. Rob was really giving it to her good and her yelps of pleasure into my pussy sent me over the edge. I threw my head back and cried out in ecstasy as I came hard in that cute little face.

I heard a loud moan and saw Rob whip his cock out. He started pumping it and I cried out again as my orgasm continued while watching his thick white cum splatter that round little ass. I released a long moan as the last of the orgasm flowed through me and let my legs drop from her back. She sat up on her knees, her pretty face slick with my cum and with a smile asked, "My turn?"

I awoke with a start and lay there waiting for my heart to stop pounding. Despite the air conditioning, I was sweating and wiped a few strands of damp auburn hair from my forehead. I became aware that my nipples were hard and I suppressed a groan when the sheet rubbed across them. The dream had left me hot and I flipped the sheet down past my hips to cool off. I stretched my arms over my head, arching my back and realized I was not going to cool off like this.

As bad as it sounded the sight of my body turned me on. Not that I thought I was all that, but I looked pretty good for forty four. My large tits were still fairly firm and hadn't started sagging, well not too much anyway. My rose colored nipples were as hard as Rob's cock had looked in the dream I'd just had. Letting my gaze wander down, I took in my tanned stomach that while no longer as flat as it once had been still looked good.

The sheet was thrown back enough to see my hips, which although not wide, had enough curve to give Rob plenty to grab on to. I pushed the sheet further down and opening my legs took in the sight of my soft thighs. If I had to pick a word to describe my body, I would use lush. I was not exactly toned, but soft with curves in all the right places.

I thought my thighs were one of those soft sexy places and bending my leg, started caressing the inside of the right one. The edge of my hand brushed my shaved pussy and I let out a sharp breath at not only the contact, but how wet I was.

No surprise after dreaming of my latest obsession. Not that having another woman join us was a new occurrence; we had been doing that for years. Not often, maybe once every few months or so. We both wouldn't mind more often, but this kept it a treat and it was hard to find women we could both agree on and trust to be safe and sane.

A few months ago I had watched a movie where a couple in their forties sought out and brought home young girls to play with and since then had been dying to try it. Unfortunately they were difficult to find. We had careers and had to be careful and young girls; paid or otherwise, couldn't be trusted not to say anything.

Normally our sexcapades took placee out of town whenever we could get a long weekend. This avoided drama and gave us an extra thrill to look forward to. In fact last time out we did find a girl in her early twenties, but...I gasped as my hand caught my pussy again. There was no way around it, I wasn't going back to sleep until I came. Slipping my hand between my legs, I rubbed my clit while thinking of my dream.

I imagined a hot little barely legal moaning between my legs; she wouldn't have much experience and would be nervous, but eager to please. I would guide her along, telling her how good she was, while Rob stroked her pussy or fucked her. My hand stopped at the thought of Rob.

Turning my head, I saw him lying on his back, sleeping soundly. The sheet had been pulled from him as well and I took in his broad shoulders and solid build. Rob was a professor, but had been going to the gym several times a week for years and had kept himself in damn good shape.

His black hair had a few flecks of gray, but aside from that he looked several years younger than his forty five years. Rob was someone who never worried or stressed and it showed in a face still unmarred by lines or winkles. His blue eyes were clear, bright and always gleamed as if he was laughing on the inside.

They were the feature that had first caught my attention twenty years ago, that and the big easy smile that always seemed ready to spread across his face. At the moment however, my eyes wandered down across his stomach down to my other favorite feature, his cock.

The sheet had it partially covered, but I could see the rest of it outlined and saw that he was semi hard. I wondered if maybe he was having a fun dream as well. I flipped the sheet the rest of the way down the bed and licked my lips at the sight of his now completely exposed cock.

We had sex almost every night and tonight had been no exception. Rob had gotten me off with his fingers while sucking my nipple and after I'd gone down on him, I'd rolled over, put my ass in the air and let him take me fast and hard.

Why masturbate when I had this next to me? I'm sure Rob would forgive his sleep being interrupted by his wife's hot mouth and hotter pussy. Rolling over onto my side, I quickly bent over and placing my hands on his stomach, scooped his cock up in my open mouth and started sucking him hard and fast. Rob's hips jerked and my eyes rolled as his rapidly hardening cock was shoved deeper into my mouth.

"Damn Lynn," Rob gasped, "You're in over drive tonight."

I popped his cock from my mouth and asked, "You complaining?"

"Hell no," he laughed as his hand caressed my back and ran up through my long hair. Pushing on the back of my head, he added, "Do continue!"

"Just me?" I said, turning to look at him, "They name streets after you pal." I laughed and turning around, so my ass was facing him, swung my leg over his head and lowered my pussy to his face, "Want my tongue baby? Then get busy with yours."

Rob gave me a quick lick that sent a shiver through me then laughed again, "Talk about a midnight snack!"

I smiled just before I took his beautiful cock back into my mouth. Rob and I had always had an amazing sex life; we could be sweet and playful right up to hardcore nasty. No matter what mood one of us was in the other always seemed to be as well. That included my never wanting to completely giving up playing with women and Rob being okay with it.

Then again, as he always put it, he 'suffered nobly and took one for the team' whenever he was required to play with some hot woman as well as his wife. After all it wasn't cheating if we both played.

My thoughts trailed off when Rob pulled me to his face earnestly sucking on my clit. I moaned around his fully hard cock and Rob sighed in appreciation as I opened wide and took him all the way down. I pushed my tongue out and licked his balls as I held him deep in my mouth.

"Oh goddamn!" He gasped into my pussy, "Christ, you can suck cock!"

I giggled around him, then bobbed my head slowly, pressing my tongue to his shaft as I worked him up and down. I closed my eyes and moaned at how good his tongue felt on my clit and how much I enjoyed sucking him like this. There were times I would all but attack his cock until he filled my mouth, but right now I wanted to get fucked and was taking my time until he got me off. That wouldn't be long. As always, Rob was on the same page as me and was sucking my clit hard and fast.

Even as my husband worked my pussy I imagined some cute young thing back there. I would be between Rob's legs blowing him and she would be behind me licking. She would get me off, then slide up next to me and we would blow him.

Rob's favorite part of our little three ways was watching me share his cock with another woman; he preferred that even over fucking them, although he never complained about that. I took him deep again and thought of having a pretty little face next to mine. I would hold his cock, push it into her sweet mouth, and then watch her suck on it, before taking it back for myself.

My hips were rocking into Rob's talented tongue as my mind played out my fantasy. While I would suck his cock, she would tongue his balls. When Rob was ready to cum I always let him shoot it all over our 'guests' face or in her mouth, then lick it off.

My legs tightened and I squealed around Rob's cock as my pussy convulsed. I held him deep in my mouth as I shoved my pussy hard into his face while my hips gyrated and my legs tightened around his head. Rob's hands were still on my hips and he yanked me back further into his mouth.

After the last shudder of pleasure flowed through me, I removed his cock from my mouth and sitting up, ground my soaking pussy into him. After riding his face for another moment, I swung my leg back over him quickly reversing my position and straddled him again. I grabbed his cock and after guiding it to the entrance of my pussy, let my weight go. We both cried out as I impaled myself and bracing my hands on his chest, I started bouncing up and down.

"Holy shit!" Rob groaned as I rode him hard and fast, driving my sopping pussy onto his long thick cock. "Fuck, you're wild tonight!"

"I need it!" I moaned as I drove down even harder, "I need to get fucked baby! Give it to me, I...hey!"

I cried out in surprise when, grabbing my wrists, Rob yanked them up and over his head. I fell forward, my tits pressing against his chest and my head resting on his shoulder. Wrapping his powerful arms around my waist, he raised his legs and started driving his hips into me.

"This what you need?" He asked as his cock plunged hard into my pussy.

"Oh, fuck yeah!" I moaned, loving the feeling of his thick hard flesh pounding into me.

I let myself relax and yelped in his ear each time he slammed himself into me. Rob was fucking me like it was a race and within moments I could hear him gasping with each thrust.

"Give it to me!" I hissed in his ear, "Come for me baby, oh, yes!"

Rob groaned in my ear and I joined him at the feeling of his cock exploding inside me. Rob gave me several more hard pumps, each ending with another hot spurt of come. With a sigh, he stopped moving and I wiggled my hips into him, smiling at the whimper he released when I contacted my pussy and wrung a couple of more drops from his spent cock.

"Damn." Rob whispered, kissing my cheek, "That was fun."

"Always is baby." I told him as I rolled over onto my side and sliding my arm across his waist nestled my head on his shoulder.

"Wet dream I take it," he asked, while caressing my shoulder.

"Oh yeah." I nodded into his arm.

"Was she cute?" he laughed


"Blonde blue eyes?"

"Yes." I sighed. "And young."

"Still on that kick?"

"I want one baby!" I gave him my best pout, "Let's find one!"

"We did," Rob reminded me, "The girl down in Miami, she was only twenty."

"She was an escort we found on crag's list," I rolled my eyes, "That girl had more experience with women than I do. I want one that's going to be a little timid."

"Lynn, any girl who would be up for this wouldn't be. They're either pros or sluts." He laughed, "Hell, some of the stories I hear coming out of these sororities initiations aren't about sucking cock through glory holes anymore, now it's licking the other girls pussies."

"Aww," I teased him, "Those glory hole days were fun."

"I told you, if you really wanted too we could have a guy with us."

"And I know you're just saying that." I told him, "It's still appreciated, but you know its pussy I crave sometimes, you got all I need sweetie."

"I don't have a teenage pussy though." He laughed.

"No, and that's what I want next!" I propped myself up on my elbow and looked down at him, "Come on honey, its driving me nuts."

"You?" he asked, "Lynn I'm a professor! I see fifty to sixty girls a day that look like what we want. Trust me; I'm hard at the desk half the day picturing you licking them."

"Just me licking them, or them licking you?"

"I take it for the team." He replied with a straight face.

"So let's get one!"

"They're not puppies Lynn." He shook his head. "I have to be careful around here and when we travel we don't have time to be scoping around that much. So we go with the working girls," he shrugged, "maybe we could try an under twenty one club."

"Maybe." I nodded, "But we can't go away for awhile with my new ad campaign and you're teaching summer classes when the semester is over." I frowned, "Besides, those girls would be sluts and...."

"What do you want hon?" He asked, "A virgin? You want to scare some poor little thing? Twist her like that?"

"No," I said poking his chest, "You know I don't want to be mean. I don't want them scared or curled up in a ball. I just want a girl who's never been with a couple. I want someone who wants to have fun..."

"So kind of slutty." Rob interrupted.

"But," I continued, "Still not quite sure what to do, I..." I snapped my fingers, "Enthusiastic, but inexperienced! Kind of wild, but never been that wild."

"Okay." He rolled his eyes again, "How about we put an ad in the paper saying that?"

"Don't be a jerk." I said, "I just woke you up sucking your cock."

"Not being a jerk Lynn, just being realistic. It'll happen, but it's going to have to be just right and we can't do anything around here. I'm at Brown now and taught at Bryant. A lot of those girls do some escort work and God help my career if we set something up with one of them and they recognize me. So we wait until we go away in a couple of months."

"Okay." I agreed, laying my head back on his chest and closing my eyes, "But you promise me we'll find one?"

"Oh, I promise." He said in a tone that made me open my eyes again.

"What's that mean?"

"Nothing except I promise." This time he seemed to be trying not to smile.

"Do you know something I don't know?" I asked excitedly.

"Good night Lynn." He kissed me on the forehead and added, "Sweet dreams."

"Don't know if they'll be sweet." I muttered, but most definitely, they'd be wet.


Little teases, I thought as I looked out the window of the spare bedroom I had made into a home office. I was on the second floor and could see over the fence into the neighbor's yard. Like us, they had a decent size swimming pool, but unlike us had a nineteen year old daughter.

Currently the daughter, an adorable little brunette with big brown eyes and perky little tits was sunbathing along with one of her friends. Her friend was a redhead who was built like a brick shithouse and like the daughter was wearing a skimpy little two piece bikini.

The two of them were talking and laughing loudly, in my overheated mind, I saw them beginning to kiss and touch each other. A familiar warm feeling grew between my legs as I imagined them coming over in their bikinis and looking to play. The redhead had a nice body, reminded me of my own curvy form and our hair was a similar color, but the brunette was just so damn cute.

"Oh, that is so not fair!" I muttered as the redhead rolled over on her stomach, showing off her cute round ass.

Even more unfair was the brunette squirting suntan lotion on her back and rubbing it in. Leaning back in my chair, I slid my hand down into the waistband of my skirt and panties. I started lightly stroking my pussy as I watched the brunette rubbing lotion into her hot friend. Damn what I wouldn't give to feel that firm warm young flesh beneath my hands.

"You're out of control Lynn." I whispered even as my fingers found my clit.

Below me the brunette untied the redhead's bikini so she could cover her back and I began breathing heavier. Damn would it be something to see those big firm tits! I...I jumped as my cell phone rang and removing my fingers from my pussy, I grabbed it to see it was Rob calling and noticed it was already five o'clock, time flew when I worked from home.

"Hey honey," I answered. "On your way home?"

"In a few, but listen you home for the night?"

"Yeah why?" I asked, "Everything okay?"

"Better than okay honey!" Rob laughed, "I have great news!"

"I'm always up for good news!" I told him, "You get that research grant you've been pushing for?"

"No, but trust me, this is good news for both of us!"

"Well what is it?"

"Let me ask you a question first," he replied and I could practically feel the excitement in his voice, "You up for some company tonight?"

I felt my heart begin to beat faster, company was usually what we called our..."Of course," I told him, "Why? Who's...."

"I found her Lynn!" Rob laughed, "I found her and she's coming over tonight!"


When I heard Rob's BMW pull into the driveway I ran downstairs and almost knocked him over when he got in the door.

"Who is she, who is she?" I demanded like a little kid looking for a surprise from her parents.

"Easy, easy!" Rob laughed, giving me that huge smile I so adored. "Let's go sit and I'll tell you about it!"

"Oh, I love you!" I told him, and gave him a long deep kiss.

"It won't just be me you'll be loving later," he said, after I'd pulled my tongue from his mouth. "Wait until you see her!"

"What's she look like?" I asked as we walked over and sat on the couch.

"Hold on, I'll show you." Rob pulled out his phone and after scrolling through it, handed it to me with a wicked smile on his face, "Ask and you shall receive."

"Oh, my God!" I exclaimed, "She's just what I wanted!"

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