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Caitlyn had been hesitant about sharing what was on her mind. For months now an idea had been burning inside her, developing and growing and she finally gathered the courage to approach her husband, Miles.

See, the thing is Caitlyn and Miles don't have the typical 'vanilla' relationship. Actually most people would think their relationship would fall somewhere in the weird category. But it works wonderfully for those two, naysayers be damned.

Caitlyn got home from work as usual, about 30 minutes before Miles arrived. She changed into comfortable clothes and poured herself a glass of chilled white wine. She told herself the wine wasn't for Dutch courage but then decided maybe it was. A thousand times she went over in her mind how she would approach the subject, but when Miles came in all her planning seemed to fly out the window and she blurted out the whole story in one long streak.

"Can I invite my friend Sasha to join us in Jamaica? We have enough room and I know she would like it," she blurted.

"Whoa. Hello to you too. Let me change and catch up with you on the wine and I'll be right back," Miles said with a smile in his voice.

He joined Caitlyn on a bar stool at the kitchen island, their usual gathering spot, and said, "OK baby, start again, only slower this time."

Caitlyn realized she had gotten carried away because she was nervous. Gathering her wits and gulping down a healthy slug of wine, she started again, "I was wondering if I could invite Sasha, my friend from work, to join us in Jamaica next month. I know she has vacation days coming and I think she would really enjoy it."

"Of course baby girl," Miles replied, "what days would you like her to come? We will fly her down for a couple days for a nice getaway."

Sasha knew this would be the sticky part and looking down into her wine glass said, "Umm, I was thinking she could be there the whole time."

"But baby" he countered "you know how we enjoy our special time away. I don't think she would like having to disappear for hours at a time for our private play time."

"I would like for her to join us in that also," she replied. She definitely had his attention now.

Miles took a minute to digest this bomb shell and savor a sip of wine, then replied, "And how long have you been thinking about this? How long have you not been honest with me?" He looked deep into her eyes, waiting for her reply.

Caitlyn fidgeted, but only for a second, before answering, "It's been on my mind for months now but I wanted to be sure she would want to join us."

"And is she? Have you asked her?"

Caitlyn again lowered her face and answered softly, "No, I decided to see if it was OK with you first, but I think she would."

The silence between the two was deafening in the small room. This was the part of their relationship most people wouldn't understand. Miles and Caitlyn had a Dominant/Submissive relationship, but it was truly based on love and respect.

Caitlyn was the submissive because she loved to please Miles in any way possible. The dominant role was difficult at first for Miles to accept because of his respect for Caitlyn. His dominant role, shy of being a Master role, was what she craved and it made Caitlyn happy, so he adapted it well.

Finally Miles spoke, breaking the silence, "You know there must be a punishment for withholding from me?" Caitlyn nodded affirmatively. "Is there more you're not telling me?"

Caitlyn's eyes met Miles's eyes for a long second and she demurely nodded again. He again patiently waited for Caitlyn to continue. She swallowed hard trying to be brave and continued. Her whispered reply was gossamer like in the quiet room, "I like her, at least I think I like her, maybe more than like." Tiny starburst tears now glowed in the corner of her eyes, threatening to spill down her cheeks.

Caitlyn knew rules had been broken and there would be an exacting price to pay. She desperately loved Miles and would not purposefully hurt or disappoint him, but this was a matter she had to face.

"Tell me how this came to be and how we can resolve it," his words were not harsh now but more understanding.

Caitlyn launched into the story of Sasha coming to work at the same company as she and how they seemed to have so much in common, except for Caitlyn being happily involved in a relationship with a man and Sasha fresh out of a short unromantic and disappointing marriage.

Miles knew Caitlyn was a very private person and knew she did not make close friends easily, but the ones she did choose were always deserving of the title "friend". He frequently wished that Caitlyn did have a close friend to confide in but knew the nature of their relationship made it difficult. Who would understand?

Gathering Caitlyn in his arms and settling her on his lap he lifted her chin to establish eye contact and questioned her, "How much more than just "like" do you like her?"

Truthfully she answered, "I don't know. It's complicated. I don't even know if she likes me, but I think I'm attracted to her."

Nestling her closer in his embrace and maintaining eye contact, he asked,"You think you're merely attracted to her?"

Daring not look away but not sure her voice would persevere Caitlyn squeaked out, "No, I know I am attracted to her ."

"Do you love her?" he asked.

Caitlyn's embarrassment no longer enabled her to look in his eyes. Her gaze shifted to the floor as if there were something of interest there and he sensed her hesitance. He stroked her back and shoulders to comfort her and patiently waited for her to gather her thoughts and reply.

Caitlyn took a long minute to form her answer. Finally she met his gaze again and softly and honestly said. "I think I do love her, but not deeply like I love you. I think I want to make love to her." She was so conflicted with her emotions she barely had the strength to speak those last words.

Caitlyn's shoulders sank with despair thinking she had ruined their perfect bond, but after an interminable period of roaring silence and deep soul searching, Miles seemed to understand the predicament his lover faced.

"And us?" he quietly asked, "What have you told her about us?"

Her reply was, "She can tell we are happy together and is desperate to know our secret. I haven't told her anything about our life together but would like to."

Quietly again he asked, "Don't you think that will scare her off?"

In all honesty she answered, "I hope not."

"OK, explain it to her thoroughly and if she is to join us then she will join us in everything? Clear? Everything means absolutely everything. Don't sugar coat what can be quite harsh. If she still wants to join us she is welcome. Her vacation will be our treat."

Caitlyn turned to straddle him on his chair, wrapped her arms tightly around him and squealed, "Thank you, thank you!" Her elation quickly died when he reminded her a punishment was due, not for having feelings for Sasha but for hiding her true feelings from him. After all it had been Caitlyn's wish that the pair be totally honest with each other.

He asked her, "What would be an appropriate punishment for my pet?"

Miles knew how difficult is was for Caitlyn to choose her own punishment and that she always picked a more serious punishment then he would have chosen. A serious look filled her face as she scrunched her face up in thought. After a long and hard internal debate she finally answered in a firm voice, "I think it was a very serious infraction, so six stripes with the crop while wearing nipple clamps should do." Miles knew these were her two most hated forms of punishment and that she was trying very hard to make amends.

"Alright then, ready yourself, gather what we need and be in place, bent over the spanking seat in the bedroom and I will meet you in five minutes." There was a skip in her step as she bound to gather the instruments she loathed. At that point he realized how much Sasha must mean to her in order to suffer the consequences willingly. He smiled at her attitude but his heart saddened as he realized the pain he must inflict.

Wearing of the nipple clamps was a punishment that Miles saved for only the most serious offenses. Offenses that his pet could have avoided but chose not to comply. Part of his reluctance now was that he knew how much she hated the clamps, but her body seemed to relish the pain. Her perfectly smallish breasts were capped with very sensitive nipples that would almost bloom to bursting when stimulated, making them perfect for clamping.

To her dismay, for as long as she could remember, her nipples always seemed to choose the most inopportune times to decide to show themselves. They reflected her most deeply guarded secrets and betrayed her trust. They just couldn't be controlled. Mostly she hated how they always immediately stiffened at the thought of the ruthless clamps.

Exactly five minutes later Caitlyn was draped across the elevated leather covered spanking seat, perched on her hands and knees with her back arched and her toned ass high in the air. That in itself was a beautiful sight but Mile's eyes also drank in the sight of her luscious lower lips shining with her excitement. Her legs were spread just enough to give him a good view of her needy pussy and tightly clenched rosebud. She was extremely exposed and very vulnerable indeed but she had learned the pose well and welcomed the excitement of the exposure.

On the small of her back just above the cleft in her cheeks lay a silver chain with menacing clamps on either end. She knew Miles would help attach those. Her petulant nipples stiffened at just the thought of the clamps. Try as she might, she couldn't make her hard nubbins understand how much her brain despised the clamps.

Miles slowly approached the lovely offering in front of him. He softly stroked her upper thigh and buttocks where the stripes from the cane would be landing and his touch elicited a moan from her lips. Trailing his fingertips up to the small of her back where the clamps lay her asked her, "Are you ready pet?"

"Yes," she formed the words in her mind and tried to answer, but they never left her mouth because her throat was so dry at the thought of what was to come.

"Pet, are you ready?" he repeated.

"Yes, I'm ready," she finally croaked with some effort, forcing the words out.

"Kneel up then," he ordered, firmly but softly. And she did. Caitlyn looked away as Miles grasped one clamp between his thumb and forefinger and pressed the jaws open. The wicked clamp hovered but an inch from Caitlyn's rock hard and unruly right nipple.

"When you are ready," he murmured. This was the part she dreaded the most. Caitlyn knew what was expected of her as she tentatively leaned toward the wicked implement. She knew she must place her own blood engorged, sensitive nipple in the jaws of pain she feared.

Caitlyn could not understand, but accepted, that Miles called this tortuous device "her nipple clamps". Surely she would not own anything that gave so much pain. She also hated, but again accepted, that she must place her own nipple into the painfully hellish device.

Many times just the thought of complying with this demand was too much for her. The anticipation of subjecting herself to such suffering overwhelmed her and she could not see through tear filled eyes well enough to locate the hated jaws, or her hand would uncontrollably shake too much to place her own nipple in the juncture of the jaws. At times like these, Master would give her a minute to recover but then she must return to her task.

Her lower lip quivered with fearful anticipation and her eyes teared up as she cradled her smallish breast in one hand and both sets of eyes watched intently as she tried to position her distended nipple into the gap between the crushing jaws. Her hand started shaking as she neared the metal prison and she had to back away. She took a deep, calming breath and slowly approached the fiendish device again, her poor nipple, standing proud and leading the way.

"Now," she whispered and he slowly released the lever of the clamps to bear down on her proffered nubbin. Her breath caught and she silently swallowed a scream and willed herself not to squirm in pain, although her legs shook involuntarily. Through pain sparkled eyes she ever so slowly turned her body to repeat the painful process with her other breast.

Again she placed her most tender part into the spring loaded jaws. Fully clamped she very carefully knelt back over the spanking seat until her clamped breasts almost touched the leather covered surface, being very careful not to make actual contact which would worsen the pain.

Miles dutifully pulled the chain to almost taut and connected the latch in the seat to the chain. Caitlyn would not be further restrained but if she moved any at all to avoid the cane she would pay the price of the tortuous nipple clamps stretching and tightening on her already sensitive buds. It was not a choice she relished.

The caning seemed to go on forever but actually went rather quickly. Time can be misleading when enduring pain. Her beautiful ass cheeks clenched fiercely together as the swish and smack of each stripe resounded through the room but she endured all six as quietly as she could while remaining perfectly still to avoid pulling on her clamped breasts. Her stillness during punishment was somehow a badge of courage to her.

Despite the pain of the lashes the excitement between her legs was evident. Her legs were parted enough so Miles could easily see that her pussy seemed to blossom and glisten with each stroke. What he really wished was that he could plunge his cock deep in her core and pound her until they both were sated. But he did not and after six lashes delivering searing hot pain, Miles dropped the cane on the floor and soothed her by caressing her back. He unlatched the chain from the spanking bench.

"Can you kneel up?" he asked. Nodding, she slowly knelt up and proudly arched her back forcing her breasts to stand firm. "Are you ready?" he softly asked. Again she nodded as she sniffled back a sob. Miles placed one hand protectively around her waist at her hip and softly squeezed the jaws of one clamp open. Caitlyn again carefully cupped her breast in her shaking hand and raised her nipple from its clutch in the clamp and swiveled to offer the tortured nub to her lover's lips.

This was the other part of her punishment that she hated. She must willingly endure pain a second time.

Miles captured the point between his lips and sucked life and white hot fire back into the flesh as Caitlyn cradled him to her breast as she would a suckling baby. Pain shot through her soul and brain as nerves came back to life and blood rushed back in, but she did not pull away. She knew better. She endured. The process was repeated with the other nipple. Again white hot flashes exploded in her mind and coursed through her brain with the same painful result.

Caitlyn's body reacted differently than her brain. While her brain was registering searing pain, her body was becoming very needy. She knew she was literally dripping with her need to be ravished. Her pussy was a throbbing lake of intense need. She also knew there would be no pleasure for her following a punishment.

Caitlyn knew her fate before she suggested this as punishment. Miles had often told her the punishment was not worth being disobedient. Perhaps this time she was convinced, but she was so happy that he had allowed Sasha to join them, that it was worth it.

Without another word being spoken, Caitlyn knelt before Miles and requested permission to please him. He nodded approval and she reached up to open his trousers. She dragged down his trousers and boxers in one movement and was face to face with his angry looking erection. She reached behind him and grasped one cheek in each of her hands. No hands would be used to pleasure him this day.

Capturing his shaft in her warm mouth she tested her resolve by slowly lowering her lips down his shaft. When she reached the maximum depth she could handle she fought the urge to gag and waited for it to pass. Finally she again pulled him forward by his buttocks, deeper, until not one centimeter of his cock was left outside her mouth. Her pussy was now like a molten lake and screaming for relief that she knew was not to come.

He let her take the lead as she repeated this trip up and down his cock. Faster and faster she took him completely every time, much like he earlier envisioned pounding her pussy, until his body stiffened and he came, hard and deep and thoroughly. She swallowed repeatedly to accommodate his offering. Only when she was sure he was totally drained did she release him from her hot mouth. She had obviously succeeded in completely pleasuring him and she beamed with pride at her accomplishment.

Miles lifted her to her feet and said "Let's get you cleaned up and tucked in." She rested her head on his shoulder as they headed for the bath. Despite her ordeal she smiled. The happiness in her heart outweighed the pain of her punishment.

Later that week, over 'after-work wine' in a dark corner of a quiet bar Caitlyn invited Sasha to join them for a vacation in Jamaica and then spilled her heart out about her relationship to Miles. She explained that she had always needed someone else to be in charge but never realized it. With a red face and downcast eyes she disclosed to Sasha how she wanted to give herself to Miles, how she wanted to please him and how she craved to be corrected, or punished, if she failed.

She had always had a secret desire to be more sexually adventurous and needed someone to bring that desire to fruition. In reality it wasn't that Miles was making her expand her boundaries, it was more that she was allowing him to be the leader in that venture, and she was a devoted follower. Their love was truly based on mutual respect and total honesty with each other.

Carefully prefacing her next words by saying she would understand if Sasha were offended or repulsed, she divulged her attraction to Sasha. Caitlyn quickly added that they could go back to being just good friends from work if Sasha wanted. She couldn't explain why she was attracted to her and she had never held any attraction to any other woman before. Obeying Miles's orders, Caitlyn did not hold back and poured out her heart about her attraction and even told Sasha she wanted to make love to her.

Sasha had completely forgotten about her wine as she listened with mouth ajar to Caitlyn's confession. Sasha had remained silent so far, not having a clue how to respond anyway. As if poor Sasha hadn't been shocked enough, Caitlyn still had to explain the obedience aspect and especially the disobedience consequences.

Caitlyn was barely into her explanation when Sasha stilled her words by placing one hand over Caitlyn's hand and with the other hand lifting and totally draining her glass of Chardonnay in one motion to the very last drop. Sasha then raised her empty glass to summon the waitress and ordered more wine for both of them. It was the first words she had spoken since Caitlyn began her confession.

Only after the wine was delivered did she nod to Caitlyn to begin again. She did not remove her hand from atop Caitlyn's. As a matter of fact she unconsciously caressed the back of Caitlyn's hand with her perfectly manicured nails, enjoying the touch, all the while her crossed legs were feverishly rocking up and down beneath the table, as if fueling a fire only beginning to burn. There were both tears shed and smiles shared by the women over the next half hour.

Sasha may not have understood Caitlyn's desire to be submissive to Miles but she certainly thought it was sexy. Caitlyn explained how it was her idea for Miles to be more dominant and that she needed the structure in her life. She needed consequences for her misdeeds, and she needed them to be severe. After all, she was the one who defined what misdeeds were.

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