tagLoving WivesSharing Karen While She Sleeps

Sharing Karen While She Sleeps


Since moving to Georgia, our sex lives have been hotter than all hell. But what happen the other evening was the hottest. Karen is a very sexy lady. You can see this just by clicking onto her photo.Karen stands 5f6, weighs 125 lbs, blonde hair and size 34c tits. Her legs are killer. Since we first opened up our sex lives, it has been none stop sex.

It was a super hot day here in Georgia. Karen had a rough night with our baby. It was around 7:00pm and still daylight outside. Karen had just taken a sleeping pill and was calling it a night. She had to be up early in the morning for her work. Karen did not like taking these sleeping pills. One pill made her sleepy, but two pills knocked her out cold. Because of her lack of sleep the night before, Karen decided to take two pills tonight. I assured her that if the baby woke up that I would take care of her.

Around 8:00pm I heard something outside our house. I looked out and it was the teen age boy from next door. His name is Paul. Paul had come over to do our lawn. I went outside and greeted him. I then told him how Karen had just laid down for the night. That seemed to depress him some. Paul informed me that he really needed to make some money and would not be able to do our lawn again untill the following week. I asked him to follow me inside so I could make sure that Karen was asleep and then he could go ahead and mow our lawn.

Once inside the house I made my way to our bedroom. I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I expected Paul to wait in our living room while I checked on Karen. I had no idea he was behind me. I opened up our bedroom door and looked inside. There was Karen sound asleep on our bed. Karen always sleeps naked. I went to back out of the room and backed right into Paul who was trying to look over my shoulders.

Oh my God, Paul said softly. I am so sorry. I thought you wanted me to follow you. I am so sorry. Wow, are you one lucky man Paul said, as I carefully shut the bedroom door.We both made our way back out to the living room. Once there Paul started saying how sorry he was. I told him to relax that it was no big deal. I asked Paul if he wanted a soda. Sure he said. Paul then said something that some what shocked me. Wow you sure have a pretty wife, Paul said. I thanked him and gave him his soda.

I bet you have all the girls chasing you too, I asked him. Paul was a good looking teen. He stood about 6ft,weighs about 195. Paul smiled and said, sure I wish. I broke up with my girlfriend over three months ago and I have not had any dates since then. I sat in my chair in the livingroom as we talked. So how come your wife is in bed so early tonight. I told him that Karen had to be up early. The he surprised me again. Man if I had a wife like that, I sure wouldn't let her sleep alone. God she is so fine, he said.

Again I thanked him. Then something inside of me made me ask him this next question.I asked him how much of her did he really see. Not much Bob he answered. Really I said. I saw her legs and thats about it. What I said next made Pauls eyes open wide. Well the rest of her is even better I told him. Sure wish I could see the rest of her he said softly. I laughed at him at first. Paul was not a very shy teen after all.

I came right out and said why not. Pauls eyes opened wider than hell. What are you saying here Bob. I again told him, do you want to see her naked. Oh god, shit yes he said out loud. I told him it would be okay, but that he had to be really quite. As we got up and made our way to the bedroom, I told Paul how Karen takes sleeping pills to help her sleep. But that he still had to be very quite. I did not want to wake her up or she might get really pissed off. Paul moved his head and said yes softly.

Carefully we made our way down the hall and inside of my bedroom. Sure enough,there was Karen laying on our bed bare ass naked with no covers on her at all. At first Paul just stood in the doorway. I motioned that it was okay for him to come closer to the bed. Paul was eyeing Karens body like there was no tomorrow. Softly he said, god you are one lucky man. Karen was laying on her stomach. Paul was getting an eye full. He was staring at Karen ass and her legs.

I softly asked him if he wanted to see more. Of course he said yes. I told him to stand back some. I was going to see if Karen was sound asleep or not. I touched Karen shoulder and called out her name softly. Of course there was no answer. I did it again and again. No answer! Those sleeping pills work relly good Paul said softly. I reached up and took Karen by her shoulders and carefully rolled her over. No sign from Karen that she was waking up either. She was out cold.

Once Karen was over, Paul had a clear shot now of her nice tits. Our house has air, but yet I swear I could see sweat on Pauls forehead. Paul then surprised me by asking if he could touch her tits. I figure what could it hurt. Paul made his way up by the side of the bed. With one of his hands, he reached out and cupped Karen right tit.
He carefully needed it letting her nipple run in between his fingers. I looked at Karen face for any sign of life. She was still at cold. By the time I looked back, Paul now had both hands on her tits and was squeezing a little harder now.

But I noticed that Paul was not looking at her tits as he played with them. Paul was looking at Karen pussy. Karen keeps her pussy trimmed nice and short. After a few seconds, Paul looked up at me. I can't believe you are letting me touch her like this, he said. I just gave him the thumbs up sign. And then he pointed to her pussy. I knew that he wanted to touch it so bad. So I went to the end of the bed and carefully parted Karen legs. All I could hear was a soft moan from Paul. Again I gave him the thumbs up sign. I didn't have to tell this boy twice.

Paul slowly moved one of his hands down Karen belly and onto her pussy. I thought he was just going to rub it. But no sooner was his hand down there and I looked and he had his middle finger all the way inside of Karens pussy. He kept it still, but it was all the way inside of Karen. Paul moaned softly again. Slowly Paul started to move his finger in and out of Karen pussy. Within mintues I could see that Karen juices were flowing now. Suddenly Paul stopped and pulled his finger out and up to his mouth. He sucked her juices from his finger and smiled at me.

I gave him the thumbs up sign again. Softly I asked him is he had ever tasted milk from a lady. He said no way. I then told him how Karen had milk in her tits from the baby. Paul looked down at Karen tit and lowered his mouth right to her nipple and started sucking like a newborn baby. As Paul was sucking, again I checked Karen to make sure she was still out cold. I noticed that as Paul was sucking, his one hand was still finger fucking Karen. But now he was fucking her harder and harder with two of his fingers. I swear that I heard a soft moan from Karen. But Paul just kept on sucking on her tit.

What seemed like ten minutes later, Paul moved and stood up. God Bob, she is one fine looking lady and that milk was so sweet. As he said this to me, I noticed that he took his one free hand and moved it inside his jeans. This boy was in bad need of a good fucking. I surprised Paul when I asked him if he wanted more.Of course he just smiled. I told him to stand back from the bed. He did so. I went to the end of the bed and I carefully grabbed Karen ankles. Karen was still out cold. Carefully I eased her down towards the end of the bed. Soon her legs were hanging over the end of the bed. I grabbed a pillow and carefully eased it up under Karen ass.

Paul watched my every movement. Then I grabbed a bottle of baby oil from our dresser and poured it onto Karen pussy. I must of poured half a bottle onto her pussy and inside of it. I wanted to make sure she was nice and wet. I looked over and Paul was undoing his jeans now. His jeans fell to the floor and he stood there in his jockies. I could clearly see that this boy was rock hard and waiting. I motioned for him to come to the end of the bed. In a flash he was there. Softly I told him, she is all yours. And with that I made my way over to a chair in the bedroom.

No sooner that I sat, I looked up and Paul was dropping his jockies to the floor and stepping out of them. This boy was at least 10 inches long and three inches fat. I thought to myself, he is going to rip Karen wide open. But it was to far along to stop now. Paul thook the oil and poured some on his hard cock and stroked it a few times. Then he placed his tip right at Karen pussy. Carefully this boy eased it in ever so slowly. Inch by inch I watched as all ten inches were soon buried deep inside of my sexy wife pussy. After he had it all the way inside of her, he slowly start pumping in and out of her.

I noticed with each pump he started to push harder and harder. The with his one hand, he reached down and started playing with her clit. Paul had his eyes closed now. I could tell this boy wasn't long before he shot his load deep inside of her. Of course, in our rush, I had forgotten to make this kid put on a rubber. To late now I said to myself. And sure enough, within seconds Paul was blasting his load of hot cum deep inside of Karen.With one big push he emptied out what he was saving for weeks.

Paul pulled out his hard cock and I could see His and Karens juices mixed together on his semi hard cock. Paul quickly pulled out and made his way over to his clothes. He was dressed quickly and walked over to me at my chair. God Bob, I head off to college next week and this is going to be something I will never forget. He thanked me and made his way out of our house. I went to the bed and I could see Pauls hot cum pouing out of Karen red and wet pussy. I grabbed a towel and wiped it clean. Carefully I pulled Karen back up onto the bed and covered her body with a sheet as I laid next to her.

The next morning Karen was in the kitchen making coffee. She turned and saw me staring at her. She had a smile on her face. Where you a bad boy last night she asked. I just smile and asked her what she was talking about. She said that when she stood up to get out of bed this morning all kinds of cum was running down her legs. I just smiled and told her that I couldn't help myself. She laughed and headed for the shower. After she headed for work I sat there and thought about what I did last night allowing this teenager to have his was with Karen. I must of jacked off three times that morning after she went to work.

Its been a week now and Karen still has no idea that Paul had his way with her body. The only thing that now worries me is the fact that alot of other teenage boys have suddenly been hanging up on our end of this street. I can only hope that Paul told them what a great time he had. My next plan is to have Karen awake when the next boy tries..I will keep you all up to date.

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