tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSharing Lotus' Fantasy

Sharing Lotus' Fantasy

byUncle South Loop©

(Author's Note: Story inspired by "Honoring Your Lingam" by Floweringlotus. Posted with her approval.)

I was walking past the row of townhouse condos, mentally replaying last night’s conversation with my secret phone lover, Lotus. She’d called, blocking caller ID as always, excited about acting out a new fantasy. We’d skipped the usual small talk and jumped into her vivid account of making love. She’d used the word lingam instead or penis or cock for her fantasy, easily arousing the two of us and kept us on the edge for thirty minutes before we both masterbated ourselves to release.

Lotus’ calls were more becoming more frequent, verifying her being the sexually insatiable woman she’d claimed to be. Having gained complete understanding of the other’s sexual being earlier, we enjoyed acting out our fantasies for our mutual self pleasure.

Albeit two people gratifying their physical desires on the phone, we were both delighted to have found each other. Only once, in a recent past call, did we briefly touch on the obvious. We knew that someday, our relationship would reach the point where we’d both want to meet face-to-face. Afraid of ruining all we now shared, we’d agreed to enjoy each other at a distance until the time was right. After last night, I hoped that time was soon.

My thoughts shifted when I neared the small lone flower bed in the narrow stretch of grass buffering the row of townhouses. I’d noticed when it first appeared weeks ago after Lotus told me she enjoyed looking at gardenias and azaleas she’d grown beneath her window. One of her fantasies was being naked in the window as I drive by and spot her.

Because I didn’t know where Lotus lived and wasn’t able to name all the different types of flowers I saw, I’d dismissed the idea that the flowers could actually be hers as foolish. It suddenly returned when I spied a naked woman, standing at the window, exposed to mid-thighs. I froze in my tracks. Though I stood in her line of vision, she neither tried to cover herself nor snap the blinds closed.

Her closed eyes explained why she remained, presenting her enthralling nude form for me to admire. I think her beautiful. The window frames her alluring figure as if a she were a living work of art – a priceless treasure depicting female grace and beauty.

Strangely, she matches the physical description Lotus had given me of herself. She is Lotus’ age, has her long brown hair and large breasts. I watch her right hand creep slowly down the center her smooth body and halt over her shaved (again like Lotus’) pussy. Her left hand is brushes and strokes her full, firm breasts.

My fear of discovery forgotten, I move closer to get a better view. I side-step the flowers and stop three feet away from the window. My eyes try to watch her face, both her hands and her enthralling body – all at the same time.

Her right thumb and forefinger pinch both her already swollen nipples, making them rosy pink. The folds of her pussy swell and darken from her strokes.. She inserts two fingers into her pussy’s entryway. Her fingers ply and probe for a few seconds before she pulls them out and raises them to her nose.

Again, her hand descends. Her fingers pry apart her twin puffy folds. I move closer. With my nose nearly touching the glass, I spot her swollen clit centered in the shiny pink inner flesh. Her finger tip cuts off my view to cover and swirl over and around her sensitive nub. She slips two fingers of her other hand into her vagina and starts a pumping, prodding motion.

Her body sways from side to side, responding to self-stimulation. Totally captivated, my eyes lock onto her sensual shimmering body as if she were performing for me and me alone. Uncounted seconds pass before waves of tension ripple through her shapely body.

The fingers of both hands still, the upper one pressing in and the lower two fully inserted. Several sudden jolts jolt her entire body. She wobbles, but regains her balance as the quaking force weakens to shudders.

Her body finally relaxes. Her hands fall away to hang limp at her sides. HER EYES OPEN!!!!!!!

I panic! I turn to run, but look back hearing her banging the window. She waves her hands signaling me to return. Suspended between embarrassment and her alluring nakedness, I stop in mid-step. Unable to resist her, I walk back. She smiles and claps her hands in delight.

She thrusts her naked body forward and slowly lowers her arms in a sweeping, palms-out motion. Realizing her motions are asking if I like her body, I lick my lips and bob my head to convey enthusiastic approval. Pleased with my response, her mouth forms a coy smile and she turns slowly around. Stopping for a few seconds, with her backside totally exposed, she glances over her shoulder. I blow her a kiss of thanks and she completes her rotation.

Her sparkling eyes snap down to my crotch and back several times. I realize she notices the bump of my hardened shaft tenting my pants. She points to her eyes, at me and frames a circle around her slit using her thumbs and forefingers. I tilt my head to one side and return a puzzled look. She rapidly repeats her motions until I give her a signal of understanding.

I glance up and down the street. Seeing neither a car nor other people, I unzip and free my raging hard on and balls for her to see. She stares down gleefully, licks and smacks her lips while clapping her hands in approval.

Next, she charades pouring something from a bottle into one hand and rubbing both together. Bending over until her head is level with mine, she looks into my eyes and swirls her palms-out hands in small, downward circles as if massaging my chest and stomach. I was suddenly shocked by the realization that enabled my complete understanding of her movements. She’s acting out the fantasy Lotus’ related to me last night!!

My amazement is tempered in trying to watch her and make glances in both directions, on guard for any cars or people that might chance upon us. My excitement outweighing my fear, I softly stroke my rigid cock. She straightens up, raises her eyes up from my manhood to look into mine and cups both large breasts with her hands. One at a time, following Lotus’ fantasy, she lifts them up to lick and suck on both swollen nipples. My arousal grows. I stroke faster and harder.

She presses her smooth fleshy mounds to the glass and drags them down. Backing away, she sways her twin globes several times, then pushes them inward as if to capture of my lingam between them. Her eyes close and she dips and recoils with strokes equal to the length of my erection .

Continuing Lotus’ fantasy, she releases her breasts and brings a hand around in front of the large, dangling pair. Her head bends forward her fingers form a circle as if my cock has penetrated the glass for her to grip. She strokes what she imagines to be my cock. My hand matches hers, squeezing and working the loose outer skin up and down my steely rod.

With a clear view of her mouth, I see her glistening tongue snake out to lap my stretched skin with rising fervent hunger. Again matching Lotus’ narration, her head rolls around devouring my lingam with her mouth. Holding her grasp, her lips purse and cheeks collapse. My own grasp tightens. I pump my engorged cock with abandon.

Seconds before my release, her eyes snap open. Her other hand rises and stops where my balls would be if I were truly in her mouth. Her fingers pinch and pull the space where my balls would occupy.

I erupt. My cum bursts forth landing on the brick wall beneath her window. Open-mouthed, she watches each spurt absorbed in my release. When my spurts end, I pump slowly to drain the last of my remaining cum. Her eyes meet mine and she mimes a swallow.

Standing back up, she rubs her pussy with both hands. Just as she slips two fingers inside, I hear the sound of a car engine and turn. A car is coming up the street. I frantically shove myself back inside my pants, point at the approaching car and wave my hand telling her to move away from the window. She jumps away just as the car passes us.

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