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"Yes, we talked about it and he picked it up from the private sex shop. He likes to use it before fucking - to sort of open me up in a most delightful way. See that little lever at the base/, it can even change size to fit the need.

"Well I prefer to open you up myself"

"Yes, I know!" I replied

"But I'd love to use it now. We could have lots of fun. I use a pussy vibrator with Angela but it will be a delight seeing how it works with you, yes?"

He was getting me in the mood again and I felt the anal surge begin to pulse.

"Japanese isn't it Alex?"

"You mean the vibrator?

"Yes, and it even plays tunes, imagine fucking you to the sound of a heavy rock band. Those Japs know how to engineer the most delightful gadgets. They have even designed moulds so the disabled can enjoy sex in all angles.

Now how would I like you just now?. I can see your cock is willing so maybe I can combine the two, fuck your ass with this and deep suck you too, how's that?"

Wow! I nodded enthusiastically, this was going to be really something. He worked out that the best for us to enjoy this was for him to plant himself into the armchair and me to kneel outstretched with my knees on each arm, my hind arched up facing him so he had easy access to everything.

Sometimes I did this for Badger when he wanted to suck me up with squirty cream - but I'd never been fucked with a vibrator that way.

I found a good way to grasp the bench to keep me steady and it felt quite nice being all ass like that for Mike, I could feel his hot breath there and felt this was going to be a wonder final to our Thursday session.

He had the tube of lubricant to hand and I heard him sniffing me, running his finger tips under my balls and along the length of my growing cock. This was going to be absolute heaven and then I felt the first touch of his mouth brushing my asshole as he stretched open the cheeks.

It was glorious and he was unhurried, he was about making the very best of it and enjoying my ass to the full, and he certainly did that. As he sucked he started to squeeze my cock and tease my balls and all combined it was the most sensual experience one could imagine.

His head was buried deep into my ass and it was like he was eating me!

But then the squelching sound as he squeezed the vibrator into me, twisting, turning, pressing deeper as I yelled in ecstasy, feeling him sucking and licking me everywhere, and into my hole every time he took out the vibrator.

He grasped my hand, leading it to feel my opened hole and then to stroke the shaft of the vibrator as he plunged it into me once again,

Between each plunge he stretched his hand and ordered me to suck it mad it was all so very divine and magic.

He was having a fine time sucking and licking me and briskly fucking me, altering the size and angles of the vibrator. Those veritable variations making me go into a frenzy of sexual climax and all the time he was complimenting me on having the most fuckable ass and that he would want it again,

I slowly moved off my position on the chair, I arched for him on all fours on the floor and awaited the warm feel of his thick cock engulf me to the rim with a wonderful new fuck into my numb orifice.

All the sex and persuasion was there and when it all ended I felt perfectly fucked and gratified.

We ended a wonderful morning which had gone into the afternoon. With a beautiful slow sucking of each other experiencing of us both the sumptuous taste of sex post fucking.

"I think I better buy you a pub meal" Mike said after we'd cleaned up and dressed.

"I could go for that, Mike, thanks!"

"And then afterward, I tell you what, we shall come back here for another session, I would like to you to try that vibrator on me!"

Wow! Was there no stopping him?

And he was also talking about that threesome again - so long as his Mrs was game.

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