tagLoving WivesSharing My Asian Wife Ch. 02

Sharing My Asian Wife Ch. 02


Intro: The introduction to this experience is the same as Part 1 to provide a short bio and background to those who may not have read the first story.


I'm a 52 year old white male and I am very lucky to be married to an American born Asian (Chinese) woman. She is 18 years younger than me, which improves my good fortune even more! My wife does not have the absolutely most beautiful face in the world. I mean she is cute, but she is not going to sign up for a beauty pageant. But what she does have is a killer body. She stands 5' 2", weighs 105 lbs, natural and perky 34C breasts and a nice tight ass. Her lips are the type that look perfect when they're wrapped around a cock!

We have been married for almost three years. From the first time that we had sex it was hard not to notice that she can be a horny little minx once you close the bedroom doors.

During the weeks after the first sharing of my wife, our sex life was more intense than any time in our relationship. That first sharing made her constantly horny and she brought the topic up nearly daily.

But it was during sex that she would express her desire. She would get on my cock and start asking me if I wanted to watch her fuck someone. Prior to the sharing, her orgasms were very inconsistent, but afterwards she would frenzy herself to an orgasm nearly every time we had sex.

It was obvious that she had no regrets about being shared, instead it was completely the opposite. Although she never said it, I'm certain she wondered why she had never let it happen before.

Finally she asked me how I might be able to arrange a get together with someone. She actually said if it made it easier, she didn't really care who it would be. I reminded her that she had suggested Mike (not his real name) before. When I said that, her face lit up slightly. Yep, there was an attraction there.

When I planned her first sharing (even though she didn't know it was planned) that was over beers with my buddy (how else does someone plan something like that). So I figured beers would be a good way with Mike. I think alcohol helps that type of conversation!

Football season hadn't quite started, but pre-season was just about to. Personally, pre-season games bore the hell out of me, but it is a good excuse to meet friends and have a few beers. So I got in touch with Mike and asked if he wanted to watch the 49ers first pre-season game at Gordon Biersch that Friday night.

So he and I met that night and after a few beers the conversation loosened up a bit. I finally spilled on him what had happened only a few weeks before. He nearly fell on the floor when I gave him the details. Sometime during my retelling the events of that night he said something like, "Damn, why didn't you invite me?" I replied with, "you mean you would have done it?" He then said, "who wouldn't?" I reminded him that he's married, which he retorted that I was too.

I figured maybe it was just his beer talking, but I knew that at that moment it was as good a time as any to extend an invitation. So I asked him, "will you fuck her, I'm pretty sure she'd like that". He said, "if you're serious, there's no way I can say no".

So we started the planning. There was no secret, my wife knew why I was meeting that night and was very specific. She told me to arrange it two weeks from that night (she knew she would be horniest by then). It would be up to him to get away that night.

Now as for Mike, according to my wife he is an attractive guy. He's a few years younger than me, which still puts him about a dozen years older than my wife. He's a bit of health nut, which means he exercises regularly: not to the point of busted out of his clothes with muscles, but he's lean for a guy his age. Like me he's white and slightly shorter around 6' tall.

The day after I met him, he called me in the afternoon. Now that the beers had worn off, he was calling to make certain that the invitation was real and if this really could happen. I assured him that I was totally serious about things. He told me he would call me right back. About fifteen minutes later he called and said that he had told his wife that he wanted to get together with a couple of his colleagues two weeks from that day. That made it a Saturday. I told him that my wife would be very, very happy to hear that. I suggested that he come over in the early evening or late afternoon, he immediately said it would likely be the late afternoon.

When I got off the phone with him, I told her that things were set. Her response was she wanted to fuck me right then, but sadly she had started her period that morning. Funny thing, I'll let my wife fuck other guys, but I won't fuck her while she's on the rag... so I settled for a blowjob!

It seemed to take forever for the two weeks to pass. Turns out Mike couldn't get to our home until almost 5:00. Early that afternoon my wife was practically bouncing off the walls in anticipation. Around 3:00 I told her to have a glass of wine to calm down. More than once I tried to lure her into a quickie, but she stopped me because she did not want either one of us to use up our energies.

Around 4:00 she told me she wanted to take a shower. Obviously she wanted to be fresh for our guest. After showering, she asked me what I was going to wear. I really hadn't given it any thought. She told me that I should wear some sweats or anything else that I might be able to take off easily. I asked her what she was going to wear, she simply said "a robe". I asked if she was going to wear some pajamas or lingerie and clarified with "no, just a robe". There was to be no innuendo to the goal of the evening.

It was a few minutes before 5:00 and the doorbell rang. She had just finished her third glass of wine for the day, and although not drunk, it was obvious that she was comfortable with herself. Here we go. My wife, wearing just a robe, loosened the sash causing the robe to be open nearly down to the belt line. There was no mistaking that she was naked underneath. She turned to me and asked, "how do I look?" I said the only thing that I could say, "like you want to fuck". With that she went and opened the door.

I don't know exactly what Mike expected to see at the opening of the door, but I'm certain that he wasn't disappointed. When he walked in, she closed the door behind him and said thank you for coming and she wrapped her arms around him to hug him. He returned the hug, she lifted her face to his and their mouths locked onto each other. The one thing about an open mouth kiss, even for a guy, there is nothing better than the first one. As they kissed she was clearly forcing her body against his, grinding herself against his body. I watched her reach down to the robe's sash and giving it a tug to loosen the lightly tied knot. After a kiss that lasted almost three minutes, they finally pulled themselves apart from each other. When she did, her robe was wide open to reveal the cleavage of her breasts, but more importantly her beautifully trimmed pussy. All this happened like I wasn't even there.

She told Mike to sit down on the sofa and relax and insisted on giving him a Heineken (his beer of choice). She left for the kitchen, Mike looked at me like he couldn't believe this was really happening. Even for me, it was hard not to notice he had a hard-on, of course the same could be said of me. My wife came back in the room carrying his beer. Her robe was now fully open as she had removed the sash altogether; it was hanging out of the robe pocket. Her nipples were fully exposed and they were totally erect. I could have only imagined how wet she had to have been at that moment.

She handed Mike the beer and sat close next to him. As she sat down she pulled the robe so to fully expose her body. I was seated across from them. My wife, who tends to have very good social manners, discarded all etiquette and sat next to him slouched on the sofa with her legs apart instead of crossed. She actually started making small talk with him and reached to start rubbing his cock through his pants. He started to reach for body, but she stopped him. She told him that she wanted him to drink at least two beers first. She came right out and said that she did not want him to have any inhibitions about doing anything in front of her husband. She told him that he could take as much time as he wanted, but he had to drink the two beers. At the close of her little monologue he took the beer he was holding and downed the entire bottle. We all laughed at that.

She said, let me get you another. As she stood up she let her robe fall to the sofa. She took his empty bottle and sat it on the floor at his feet and walked naked to the kitchen. She walked like she was floating on air, and at the moment watching her prance around naked in front of my friend was fucking hot!

She returned from the kitchen carrying two more bottles of Heineken. She returned to the sofa next to him. She handed the beer to him, lifted her left leg onto his lap and left her right foot on the floor. I am certain this was partly for my benefit. Her pussy was wide open and I could see she was dripping. She rested her right hand on her knee and I could see a sheen as she had obviously been touching herself while in the kitchen.

As her left leg lay draped across his lap he went to touch her leg, but again she stopped him. She reminded him nothing would happen until he had at least two beers. The words were barely finished leaving her mouth and he tilted the bottle to his mouth and guzzled it. That brought another laugh.

She reached for the empty bottle and took it from him and held it in her hand. Leaving her right foot on the floor, she lifted her left foot up and over his head, resting the calf of her leg on the back of the sofa. She laid back on thesofa and turned her head to look at me. Speaking to Mike she said, "you can have another beer if you want, but it's ok if you want don't one". Apparently he did not want another beer.

He turned and his hand went straight for her wide open pussy. Still looking at me her hips squirmed at his touch. I watched him as he slid a finger into her easily. She closed her eyes, lifted her right foot onto the edged of the sofa and butterflied her legs as wide as she could. As he fingered her pussy, she brought the empty beer bottle to her mouth. She started sucking on the neck of the bottle as if it were a cock. Mike added another finger to join the first, and then a third and fourth. As he did this she literally started stroking the bottle as she sucked it. While he fucked her pussy with four fingers she started bucking madly.

This continued for about five minutes. All three of us (if you included the bottle, four of us) were mutually turned on. He repositioned himself on the sofa, removed his hand and leaned down as he was ready to taste her love hole. But before he got there, she stopped sucking the bottle, moved it between her legs and left it leaning against the inside of her thigh next to her pussy. It seemed she felt the bottle deserved a little treat.

Realizing her obvious desire, Mike moved back from his intent to taste her, took hold of the bottle and guided the bottle neck-first into her wet pussy. There was no resistance as her pussy was eager to accept this kinky little treat. He slowly fucked her with the neck of the bottle. Again she turned to look at me as I stared awestruck. As she watched me, she reached down for the bottle and took it from Mike. She pulled the bottle out from her and turned it around. Slowly, she slid the bottle bottom-first back inside her. She pushed the bottle inside her until it reached the curve of the neck. She stopped momentarily, took a breath, grabbed the bottle by the neck as a handle and started to fuck herself.

As she did this, Mike never took his eyes off her. He stood from the sofa and started undressing. My wife's visual attention was now on seeing what might be hiding beneath his clothes. It took only a minute and my friend was now standing fully naked over my wife. He was totally erect. To be honest, maybe because he was mister fitness, I presumed that he might be hung like a horse. Although he was fully erect he didn't look much larger than six inches. This didn't seem to deter my wife one bit. She reached out toward his cock. He moved over to where she could grasp it. She started stroking his cock to the exact rhythm that she was bottle-fucking herself.

She let go of the bottle and brought her knees together to hold the bottle inside her. She leaned up on her elbow and brought his cock to her mouth. She proceeded to give him a slow, sensual blow job. Because of his size, she was able to accept his entire cock inside her mouth. Her sucking was simply an introduction though as she stopped within a minute of starting. She laid back on the sofa, spread her legs again and closed her eyes.

Mike went on his knees to move close to her pussy. As she laid there, the bottle was slowly sliding out of her pussy. He gingerly took the bottle and started fucking her with it as she had done before. As he did this, he leaned to her pussy and his tongue had its first taste. She squirmed at the touchof his tongue. As much of a turn-on as it was to fuck her with a bottle, it was obvious he wanted to bury his mouth into her, because he pulled out the bottle revealing her stretched pussy. He grasped the bottom of her ass to lift her and proceeded to eat her pussy relentlessly. She lifted one leg over his shoulder and moaned with delight.

It was about this time I realized that my own hand had been down my sweat pants and I had been unconsciously stroking myself. As he ate her pussy I stood and undressed so I too could join the naked party. As I undressed, I could hear how wet her pussy was as Mike started alternating between licking and fingering (more like fisting) her.

His rhythm increased and as it did I watched as the leg draped over his back started to straighten and her body tightened. She was ready to cum. She nearly screamed to the point that a neighbor might hear. Her face and tits turned bright red which only could mean one thing: she was there.

As she came I watched him bury his face into her which only intensified her orgasm. She tried to push his face away as it was obvious it was too much, but as she did this he only forced his mouth on her even more. Her hand that tried to stop him dropped limp beside her. She told me later that it was on her top ten list of orgasms!

Mike pulled away, his face was smeared in her juice. He grabbed her legs somewhat forcefully and turned her dripping cunt to face his cock. Mike was caught up in a frenzy. He didn't guide his cock inside her, he rammed it inside her. Apparently she didn't mind, because she just said "fuck me!"

He started pounding her. As he did her feet lifted up into the air on either side of him and her toes pointed to the ceiling. As he fucked her, he said "do you like being a slut?" She responded with "I love it!" Until that moment, I had not really said it out loud, but she is a slut and I thought it was awesome.

His thrusts were becoming harder and harder. Judging by her moans and screams she would not have had it any other way. As he fucked her, her body started sliding farther and farther down the sofa and her ass was hanging completely off the cushions. At first his cock seemed to be the only thing holding her ass up until I realized he had a hand reached underneath her and a finger was shoved up her ass.

With her legs still splayed wide, he suddenly stopped. While his cock was still buried inside her, he reached for his pants lying on the floor beside him. He fumbled to find a pocket and pulled something out. I couldn't see what it was. As his back was between me and the action, I could barely tell what he was doing. He pulled his cock out and she looked down to watch what he was doing. Moments past while he struggled with whatever it was he had retrieved. He reached under her ass to lift her slightly. He reached down and clearly was guiding his cock into her ass. Until that day, I had never even been able to fuck her ass. But here he was making an attempt. She didn't say anything, she opened her eyes, glanced at me and then stared into his. As he pushed I saw her grit her teeth. Unlike the pounding she received moments before, he was being careful. I stood up because I wanted to see what I could see. When I stood, I saw that his cock was nearly half its length into her ass. She took in a deep breath and said, "ow, ow". These were sounds of pain. He told her to relax. (Afterwards, she confided in me that he had started fingering her ass when he was giving her oral pleasure. She said it was the ass fingering that made her orgasm even that more intense.)

Wanting to see this to fruition, I sat on the sofa beside her and I reached down to her pussy and started rubbing her clit. This seemed to help, because as I did she let out a moan. It was a moan of delight. I looked on the cushion next to my wife, and their lay a small tube of lubricant... Mike came prepared. Mike continued his slow journey to burying his cock inside her ass. As he did, I continued to massage her pussy. She reached over and returned the favor by stroking my cock. We were a three-way team.

Within a couple of minutes of the start his cock was fully buried in her ass. She let go of my cock, pushed my hand away and started fingering herself. Mike took this to mean "I'm ready". And slowly he started gliding his cock in and out of her ass. Unlike the pounding a few minutes before, his movements were careful and smooth. As she continued to pleasure her pussy, her hips started to rock. As they did Mike quickened his pace. She was now clearly pushing her ass into him. She was enjoying this.

She turned her head toward me, I leaned into her and we kissed. As we kissed I could feel her body moving faster. As she moved faster so did Mike.

She suddenly stopped kissing me and said, "stop, stop". I was concerned that she might be in pain. I think Mike thought the same because he immediately pulled out of her.

She caught her breath for a moment, held up a hand and said "wait". She looked at the tube of gel, picked it up, opened it and squeezed the contents into her ass. I clearly took this to mean she didn't want to stop.

She slid off the sofa and onto the carpeted floor. She got on her knees and bent over with her head on the floor but her ass in the air. She separated her knees slightly and didn't say a word. Her asshole stared at us wide open. I could see the gel dripping out of her ass to her pussy. Mike came up behind her and re-entered her ass.

His cock slid into her effortlessly. His rhythm returned. As he fucked her ass, he asked "do you like it?" and she replied in an affirmative "uh-huh". His pace quickened. He asked her, "do you like it hard?" and she muttered, "harder". Now his fucking intensified. I would not quite call it a pounding, but she certainly was getting a good fucking.

As I watched envy started building up inside me. I wasn't jealous, I just was desiring to fuck her ass since I never had been able to before. I finally said, "Mike, take a quick break". I mean for crying out loud, she is my wife, I should be able to have a little input on this.

Mike simply stopped and pulled out. My wife didn't move and stayed poised with her ass in the air. As I moved over to take over where he left off, he literally slapped my hand: a real tag team.

I came up behind her and my cock was rock hard. The head of my cock was soaked in pre-cum. She reached up between her legs, grabbed my cock and guided its head into her ass. I moved slowly and I suddenly realized this was frustrating her, because she propped herself up on all fours and shoved her ass against me. I'm probably about an inch longer than Mike, but this made no difference to her.

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