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Sharing My Wife


Last month, we had gone to a sea resort in south Orissa called Gopalpur. The idea was to give my wife a much needed rest from her daily cares and worries. So had we left our kids back home with their grandparents and had motored down to the place. It is a slightly out of the way place, not much more than a village, and there was not much of a rush. We felt that it would be the perfect place for us to let our hair down and enjoy ourselves.

We were having dinner in the dining hall of the motel we had put up in when my wife told me she was constantly being ogled at by a group of three boys, none of them more than 18 or 19 years old, who had put up at the same motel as us. I teased her by saying why not - she was, after all, a very attractive woman. To guys of that age, with her face and figure, she was probably the perfect dream boat.

She laughed and told me not to be silly, but she admitted that she felt very flattered by their attention. I had an idea. I asked her if she would like getting screwed by them. She pretended to be shocked at first but I could make out that the idea had turned her on immensely. She really rocked in bed that night.

Next day, even before the sun had arisen, we went to the beach to bathe in the sea. The sea at Gopalpur is rather rough, and the fun is in trying to keep one's balance as one is buffeted by the waves breaking on the beach. The three boys were also there. We got friendly and we learnt that they all belonged to good families and that they were all studying in a reputed medical college.

My wife was wearing nothing more than a nighty. It did not do much to hide the curves of her voluptuous 38D-34-40 figure. I could see the guys simply eat her up with their eyes.

I let the boys take my wife out into the water. I could see them quite intentionally fling themselves against her every time the waves hit them, and in the melee they would squeeze her breasts and other parts. When my wife came out, she pretended to be quite cross. She told me that the boys had squeezed her breasts so mercilessly that she was quite bruised. I could make out, however, that she was getting very excited.

I told the boys that we planned to visit that morning a famous temple that was located on a hill some distance away. I asked them if they'd like to join us. We would be back by late afternoon. They eagerly accepted our offer.

After visiting the temple site, we had a picnic on a field on the temple grounds. I had carried with me a bottle of malt and we opened it and drank as we ate. We began to learn all we could about the boys. They too had come to Gopalpur with the sole purpose of freaking out. All that they lacked was female company. I could make out that my wife was driving them absolutely crazy.

Emboldened by a few drinks one of them blurted out saying that they thought she was the most beautiful woman they had seen. My wife pretended to get terribly embarrassed and flustered and told them not to be silly. She then asked them if that was why they had pinched her so mercilessly when bathing in the sea in the morning.

The boys were terribly embarrassed. Then they apologised to her saying that they just could not resist themselves - she was so incredibly sexy. My wife hid her face as she laughed. She told them that they were all terribly naughty.

We all returned to the motel it high spirits. It was evening and we went our respective rooms to freshen up. When it was dark and the moon was up, my wife and I decided to go for a walk on the beach. I asked the boys if they would like to come along. They were willing. I then suggested why not pack dinner and some bottles of drink. We could sit somewhere on the beach and partake of them later.

We walked for a while till we were a far away from whatever crowd there was until we had reached a small jungle that hid us from the rest of the village. After a while the talk turned to the topic of girls and one of the boys said he wished they could get a woman to enjoy themselves with. Someone like my wife, he said.

There was an expectant, embarrassed silence for a while. My wife and I pretended to be shocked. My wife hid her face in her hands. Would they really enjoy it with my wife? I asked. She was not a young girl their age. That was precisely what made her so attractive to them, the boy replied. She was mature, and experienced, and very beautiful. There was so much she could teach them.

Should I allow it? I asked. After all she was my wife. They could have her only if I did, they said. After all they couldn't possibly force themselves on my wife, could they?

I pretended to think about it. Well, I said finally, I didn't really have much of a choice. If my wife would allow them, they could have her.

The eyes of each of the boys lit up in expectation. They looked at my wife, and then at their feet - daring hope against hope that she would agree. My wife decided to play out the little drama a little longer. She said nothing, just gazed at her feet, pretending to be thinking furiously.

She then stood up. Slowly she took off her kameez and let the boys see her breasts held up by her bra in the moonlight. She then took off her bra and let them view her perfectly shaped tits as they jutted out majestically in front of her. Then she took off her pajamas and panties and let them gaze at her splendid sexy body resplendent under the moonlight in all its glory.

She turned and looked at the boys and told them to come and take her. She was am theirs to enjoy. The boys were stupefied and gaped at her. They then looked at me in confusion. I smiled and told them to go ahead.

Those boys needed no further invitation. In a flash they had all quickly stripped and fallen upon her. They wrestled her to the ground and began kissing and fondling her tits and belly.

It was the first time they had been with a woman - so they needed some guidance. One by one my wife took them into her. They each didn't take long to cum, but they fucked her quite soundly nonetheless. They were blessed with the energy of young, randy men and soon they were well into the second round. My wife was by now screaming in unalloyed ecstasy. she had one guy fucking her pussy while a another her asshole while another played with and squeezed her tits

One after the other they took her again and again, at times singly, at times in pairs and at times all three together. My wife had never ever been fucked so thoroughly in her life, and she was enjoying every minute of this. As they took her by cunt and arse, as they squeezed and kissed and sucked her, she moaned and screamed in an unbelievable ecstasy of sheer delight.

The boys asked me if I would like to take her also. I said I would - later. For now they could have her all they wanted. I continued to sip the malt and watched.

I watched the boys, who were quite insatiable by now, take my wife and give her the fucking of a lifetime. The recuperating powers of their youth allowed them to recharge themselves again and again and they drove into my wife like demented madmen, fucking her like there would be no tomorrow.

Dawn was breaking when the boys finally said they had had enough. They went down to the sea and washed themselves and put on their clothes once again. My wife lay totally exhausted for a long time before she too entered the still cool sea water and let it assuage the pounding her cunt and arse and the rest of her body had taken. After long while she got up and put on her clothes.

We all sat or lay on the beach. My wife lay her head on the lap one of the boys while the others caressed her till she fell asleep. The sun was well up before she awoke, and then we all together walked back to our motel.

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