tagLoving WivesSharing My Wife for the First Time

Sharing My Wife for the First Time


My name is David and I have had a fantasy for a long time now of sharing my wife with another man, or men. I am married to a very sexy 41 year old auburn hair MILF. She is 5'4 and 115 pounds soaking wet with auburn hair, long sexy legs, an ass to die for, sexy 34A tits with eraser-like nipples that are always at attention, and a sexy trimmed pussy. She dresses extremely well. She is always in a sexy skirt, tight top, or skin tight jeans or shorts. No matter what she is always showing off her hot body in one way or another. And I truly think it would be incredibly exciting to watch her being fucked.

Over the years I have noticed that the thought of sharing her has turned her on as well. Each time we are watching movies the scenes with 1 girl and 2 (or more) guys really gets her going. And when picking out a movie to watch she is always asking for a movie that involves multiple guys with a girl. Each time I mention to her that she likes the idea of being shared you can see the sparkle in her eye and her pussy gets wet. So I know she would love to be shared as well. And she has admitted it does turn her on, but saying it was only a fantasy. But I want to make this fantasy a reality and this story is my fantasy of the first time she would lose her inhibitions and finally let me share her with another man ....

It all started with my posting hundreds of photos of my wife, Teri, online on a photo sharing network website like Fotki.com. I loved reading all the comments men would leave about her, and even more about how they would love to fuck her. So I decided to make contact via emails to a few of the guys that I thought could help me make this fantasy a reality. After many discussions with several men, I finally decided upon a gentleman named Mark. So Mark and I set in motion a plan to finally make this fantasy of ours come true. First step was to let Teri in on my plan.

So that night while lying in bed we agree to watch a movie. I ask what she would like to watch.

"Pick up something with a husband who shares his wife with a guy or two," she says.

"How did I know you would ask for that?" I replied back.

Teri just gave me a guilty smile back, knowing that I knew it turned her on to watch those type of scenarios.

So I found us a movie to watch and we begin watching it. During the second scene the wife in the movie is being fucked by a friend of theirs as the husband watches. We are laying nude in bed, with her head down across my stomach. My right hand is caressing her soft skin of her back and shoulders, occasionally wandering over her sexy round ass. She is lightly tugging at my cock. I can feel her excitement rising. I slip my hand down between her legs from behind; I can feel the warmth of her pussy before I even touch it. My finger finds her slit already damp. With my touch her grasp on my cock tightens a bit, tugging with more lust in it. A sigh escapes her mouth.

"This movie getting you excited babe?" I ask her.

"Uh huh," is all she can moan out as she takes the head of my cock into her mouth.

"It turns you on thinking about another guy fucking you, doesn't it?" I ask her as I slide one finger into her wet pussy.

"Uh huh," again is all that can escape her breathlessly.

We proceed to fuck that night in a sexual frenzy. All the while I am telling her how much I would love to watch her being fucked by someone else and her telling me that it would turn her on as well. We share an incredible night of sex that evening. And as we lay there in bed afterward I continue to talk to her.

"So when are we going to turn this fantasy into a reality hun? I know the thought of being shared totally turns you on. Tonight was a complete example of how much it gets you turned on. So when can we make this happen?" I asked her.

"I don't know. I admit it totally turns me on to think of some stranger's cock fucking the hell out of me while you are there watching. But I don't know if I could actually ever do it," She says.

"Well how would you feel if I told you that I have been posting photos of you online in various states of dress and undress? And that guys have been replying to them of how hot they think you are, and how much they would love to fuck you," I asked her.

"What? You're kidding me, aren't you? You don't have photos of me online, do you?" she asks.

"Would that bother you if I did? Or would it turn you on to know all these men are looking at you and jerking off to you?" I asked her.

"No, I guess not. But I just can't believe you did that," she replied back.

"I have always told you how hot you are. That you are total MILF. And that every guy out there wants to fuck you. And these photos online are proof." I told her.

"Let me see them," she demands. "I want to see them. I want to see what these men have to say about me. Will you show me?" she asks.

We get out of bed and go to my office. Booting up the computer and brining up the website I post her photos on. At first I only show her the teaser albums where I just have sexy photos of her. Not revealing too much. Just sexy teases. Then she starts reading the comments to them from all the men.

All she keeps saying is, "Oh my gosh. Oh my. Wow. That's so dirty. Oh, that's hot." This is all she keeps repeating as she reads each of the comments these men have left about what they would want to do with her. I can sense her getting excited about this whole thing.

"So you like that all these guys are looking at you. Probably jerking off to all your photos, thinking of fucking you?" I ask.

"Yeah, I have to admit. It's pretty hot to think all these guys want me so badly. I like the attention," she admits in reply.

"Do you want to see the more provocative photos I posted?" I asked her.

"You mean you have more than this online of me? Yeah, show me what else there is of me on here," Teri replies with anticipation.

And with that I begin to show her the hundreds of replies to all the photos of her in lingerie, sexy positions, and even nudes that I have taken of her over the years and that I have now posted online for all to see.

"Well?" I ask her.

"Mmmm. I have to admit. I am getting really turned on seeing all these guys' reactions. I love reading how they would love to fuck me, especially the ones that really get into detail about how exactly they would fuck me. A lot of them even want me to suck them off. And just about everyone of them either wants to cum deep in my pussy after fucking me or they want to cum all over my face and tits," She says a bit breathlessly.

"I tell you all the time you are gorgeous and that guys everywhere want you," I say.

"I know, but you're my husband. I always just tell myself you are just saying those things because you are my husband. But it is pretty exciting to know that a lot of guys out there actually think it," she says. "But now I see they really think I am hot and want to fuck the hell out of me."

"Well, I have one more surprise for you," I tell her.

"Oh my gosh, what else, David?" she asks.

"I have been in communication with several of these guys trying to pick out just the right one to help us turn this fantasy into a reality. And I finally have it down to one guy, his name is Mark," I tell her.

"Mark? Which one was he?" she asks.

I begin to show her Mark's comments on her photos. Comments like ... "I want to look into those sexy eyes while she sucks my cock!" .... "I want to spank her sexy ass and then fuck her hard from behind." ... "I want to taste that sweet pussy of hers before I fuck her." ... "I want to rip those pants off and fuck you so hard." And many more hot and dirty comments from Mark.

"Getting turned on babe?" I ask her as I run my hand up her leg. As my hand reaches her pussy I find she is already running her fingers along her slit, spreading her juices all over her slit. "I take that as a yes," I tell her.

"Mmm uh huh. Getting very turned on," she says.

"So do you want to see some pics he sent of himself?" I ask.

"Oh yeah, show me!" she exclaims.

With that I begin to open up some of his emails that he has included photos of himself in.

"Oh wow, holy shit, David. He looks so young! And my God he is hung! That's a gorgeous cock!" she exclaims in a surprised tone.

"I thought you would really like him. He is 29 years old. And from all his comments and our emails back and forth, he really wants to fuck you bad," I tell her, pausing as my finger joins hers in her soaking wet pussy. "So what do you think, you up for making this into a reality?"

"Uh huh," she moans breathlessly into my ear.

"What baby, I have to make sure I know you really want this," I tell her.

"Oh God yes baby, I want Mark to fuck me. I want to feel that cock fucking me so good while you watch baby," she says. "Just make it happen fast before I lose my nerve. Now take me back to bed and fuck my brains out."

That night we had some of the greatest sex of your marriage. Teri was a wild woman telling my how much she wanted to fuck Mark and how much she wanted to taste his cock.

The next morning I had to get this plan rolling into action. I immediately emailed Mark and planned with him how we would meet up. We agreed to just make it simple and meet at a nearby hotel. We would get a nice suite, and just meet there and spend time in the suite versus meeting and wasting time at the restaurant and bar. And per her request we would do this very soon before she lost her never, so we decided why wait? Let's make this happen this weekend. After making the arrangement I filled Teri in on our plans.

"Are you sure you are still up for this?" I ask her.

"Well, I will admit I am a little nervous. But yes, I am still very excited about making this happen. What should I wear?" she asks.

"He really seemed to like photos of you in your miniskirts and boots or heels, so I guess one of those outfits." I tell her.

"Okay, I will be sure to pack plenty of very sexy outfits," she says.

The next couple days leading to the weekend seem to go in slow motion. And the sex leading up to that weekend is full of her and me talking about what we are going to experience this weekend.

The weekend finally arrives and Teri and I set out to arrive at the hotel and get settled into the hotel suite. Once we arrive at the hotel and get into our suite I phone Mark and let him know what our room number is. He tells me he will be there in just about 2 hours. So Teri and I take this time to get everything ready. We order a few bottles of wine from room service, and some beers. I prepare my camera equipment to take photos and even video the events that are about to happen. And Teri excuses herself to one of the bathrooms to prepare herself.

Before we know it there is a knock at the door. Our guest has arrived. As I go to let Mark in I tap on the bathroom door and see if Teri is ready. She says she will be out very shortly. So in the meantime I let Mark in.

"Mark, great to finally meet you in person," I tell him.

"Likewise David, very nice to finally meet you. And where is that sexy wife of yours?" Mark asks.

"She is just finishing getting ready for you, she should be out in just a minute. In the meantime let's sit down in the living room and have a few drinks," I tell him.

So we settle into the living room, each getting a beer and making small talk while we await Teri's appearance.

Teri finally enters the room; both Mark and I turn our heads taking in the sexy sight of Teri standing there in a very short denim miniskirt, high heel sandals with leather straps around her ankles, and a sheer button down blouse to which you can see the brown pushup bra she is wearing underneath.

Mark stands immediately, approaching Teri as she approaches him.

"I assume you are Mark," she says a bit nervously.

"Yes, Teri, I am Mark, and it is a true pleasure to meet you in person," Mark says. "You are even more gorgeous in person."

With the introduction Teri and Mark embrace in a hug hello. Lingering in each others arms just a bit longer than normal, both a bit nervous.

Mark asks, "Would it be okay with you if I gave you a kiss, Teri?"

"That would be very nice Mark," she replies.

Mark embraces her again. Kissing her softly on the lips. Lingering for more. He kisses her again. This time Teri responds by wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him in for a more passionate kiss. I can see their tongues seeking each others. Mark's hand running down her back, finally resting on her ass in her tight denim miniskirt, giving her ass some good full squeezes. Their kiss finally breaks, and they come join me in the sitting area of the living room. Mark taking his place on the loveseat across from my chair, and Teri sitting beside him.

"Well, it is so great getting you two together finally," I tell the both of them. "I, and Teri as well, have fantasized about this moment for a long time. I can not wait to watch Teri being in the heat of the moment being taken by you, Mark."

"Oh man, I am just so excited that you guys picked me to live out this fantasy with," Mark exclaims. "Teri is even hotter in person. If I can be blunt for a second, I can not wait to fuck her."

"Oh Mark, you are so sweet. Once I saw your pics I knew it had to be you. And reading all the things you said about me turned me on so much. And if I can be blunt too, I can't wait for you to fuck me," she replies.

With that Teri throws one of her legs up over Mark's knees leaving her legs spread for me to see her brown lace thong covering her dampening pussy. Mark places one of his hands on her leg, caressing it, enjoying touching her soft skin, running his hand further and further up her sexy thigh.

We continue to chat and drink while we get to know each other. His hand finally reaches high enough finding it underneath her skirt.

"May I touch you?" Mark asks.

"Absolutely Mark, I am all yours for the night," she replies. "Touch anything you would like to touch. David is looking forward to sharing me with you. And I am looking forward to being shared."

His fingers brush against the soft lace fabric covering her pussy. Teri breaths in deeply at this first intimate touch as this is the first time since we have been married that another man has touched her like this. Mark continues caressing her leg as we talk, each time lingering longer touching her lace covered pussy. Pressing into it more each time, Teri's breathing changing with each time he touches her. I can clearly see the desire in her eyes, and see her chest raising and lowering with her deepening breaths.

"Teri, you seem as if you are really enjoying Marks attention," I suggest to Teri.

"Oh yes, his touch feels so good. I want him to take me now I can't wait any longer," she replies.

"Well Mark, you heard my wife," I say.

Mark needs no further instruction as he turns to her, taking her face in his other hand as they begin to kiss passionately on the loveseat. His hand on her leg once again finds her lace covered mound, slipping the lace to the side his fingers find her dampening slit. He starts to run his fingers along her slit, pressing into the folds of her lips.

"Oh fuck David, Mark is turning me on so much. His fingers feel so good in me," Teri tells me.

"Go ahead baby, enjoy yourself. I love watching you" I respond to Teri as I grabbed my camera and began to take photos of the scene unfolding in front of me.

Mark and Teri are now in a passionate kiss, her legs spread wide for him to access her. His fingers deep in her pussy, his thumb playing with her excited clit. Mark begins running his kisses down her neck, nibbling on her ear. Whispering in her ear, "You are so hot Teri. You are so much more exciting than I could have imagined. I am going to enjoy being with you. I want to explore you entire gorgeous body," he tells her.

"Oh God yes please do," she replies.

With that Mark gets off the loveseat, kneeling in front of Teri, her legs still spread wide. He slides his hands up under her skirt grabbing hold of the waistband of her thong. Her ass rises of the loveseat to allow him to remove her thong. With them off, he brings them to his nose, taking in her scent.

"You smell so sexy, and you pussy looks even better in real life. I have been thinking of this very moment since I have been looking at your photos online," he tells her.

She slides herself forward so that her ass is right at the edge of the loveseat. "Well, I am really here in front of you now, Mark. Eat my pussy, it's so wet for you," she tells Mark.

Mark lowers his face between her spread legs. Pressing his face into her pussy. His tongue coming out to lick her slit's entire length. Over and over again. Tasting her sweet nectar. One of her legs goes around his neck, pulling him into her even more. His tongue now pressing between her lips entering her pussy.

"Oh God Mark. You fucking feel so good. Oh God fuck yeah. Eat me. Yesss." She exclaims. Her hand now on the back of his head encouraging him to eat her.

I continue sitting across from them, watching intently. Taking photos of the sexy action in front of me of my wife pantyless, legs spread, with another man feasting on her pussy.

Teri unbuttons her blouse, pulling it down her shoulders, then off her altogether. Now sitting spread eagle being eaten by Mark in just her shoes, skirt, and bra. Teri begins massaging her own tits. Squeezing them, reaching in the cup of her bra to tug at her nipples that are now standing at attention like two eraser tips.

"Oh yeah baby. You eat me so good Mark. It fucking feels so good. My pussy taste good baby?" Teri asks Mark.

Mark comes up for a breath, "Teri your pussy tastes incredible," he tells her as he comes up to her face offering his tongue to her.

Teri meets his mouth, tasting her juices on his tongue. "Mmmmm," escapes Teri's mouth as Mark stands in front of her. Quickly removing his shirt. Teri tugging at his pants, pulling them down as he kicks them off.

Mark is now standing in front of Teri in just his boxers, "Now I want you to suck my cock," he tells Teri.

"Oh my gosh, Mark. I think you are even bigger than you looked in your photos," she exclaimed as she looks at the head of his stiffening cock sticking out of the fly of his boxers.

"I bet you can make it even bigger with that sexy mouth of yours," he tells her.

Teri slides his boxers down throwing them to the side, his cock slapping her in the face as it comes free. She immediately gets it in her hands. Running her hand along its length admiring it. "Look at this sexy young cock!" she exclaims once again. "Oh my gosh, I am going to love having this huge cock fill me up," she says as she continues to stroke Mark's cock to full attention.

"Go ahead Teri, take it in that sexy mouth of yours. David says you are a fantastic cocksucker," Mark tells her.

"Oh, he said that did he?" she playfully asks as her tongue reaches out licking the head of his cock. Stroking the shaft of his cock with one of her free hands. "You have such a beautiful cock, I can't wait to have this inside me," Teri says as she engulfs the entire head into her warm mouth. Sucking on it, taking it out of her mouth to run her tongue along the entire shaft of his cock; leaving her spit all over it to lubricate it as she jerks it off and sucks down his head once again. Her head bobbing up and down, slurping noises being made for me to hear across the room.

Mark's hand is on the back of her head, running his fingers through her auburn hair as pushes her head down the length of his hard cock. "Oh fuck you were right, David," he grunts. "She is an amazing cocksucker. Her mouth feels incredible. Oh fuck yes, Teri. God your mouth feels so incredible on my cock. Suck it all the way in baby."

Her hands are on his ass as she deep throats the entire length of his cock. Taking it out of her mouth afterward, it is dripping of her spit. "Holy shit I love this cock!" she exclaims. "I have to have this thing in me now! Take me in the bedroom and fuck me Mark. Now!"

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